Getting Ready for Halloween

October 20, 2014 by Adam in Family

The weekend seemed quite full of both play and work.

Friday night Joanna and I went to see Singing in the Rain, which I thought was charming, with some pretty good dance numbers.  Joanna thought the scene changes could have been tighter, and it was admittedly a little long.  Still, it was fun to have a night on the town.

Saturday morning was breakfast, library, and then off to the farm to get pumpkins.  Everyone was in pretty good spirits, and I think Honoka was excited to ride the horse-drawn wagon and pick her pumpkin.  It was a little hot and muddy, but we survived the corn maze and fed the goats too.  The apples we got afterward were excellent.  The evening ended with Emma going to a sleepover and the rest of us enjoyed pizza and Mythbusters.

Sunday morning I picked up a relatively rested Emma, who told of silly string battles with her friends.  Duncan and Joanna went off to church, with Duncan going to a friend's house until dinner.  Joanna also had her Girrlz Rock photo shoot at three, plus assorted projects.  I ended up hanging out with the girls a bunch, first playing Terraria and then setting up decorations.  I also managed a ton of laundry and some planter box repair.  By the end of the day I was fairly worn out, but managed some graphic novel reading time.  Honoka and her friend Megan cooked up something for class and made Emma eat it for photographic proof, much to her delight.

It was the usual Monday madhouse this morning.  Everyone has scattered to their various daily activities.  All is well.

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October 20, 2014 12:55 PM by Sue
Love the pumpkin farm picture. Have you noticed Emma's perpetual "Who are these people?" look? Actually, a pretty darn neat family.Honoka makes a nice addition.

Mocha Friday

October 17, 2014 by Adam in Family

It was a bit of a madhouse this morning, getting everyone fed, clothed, packed with lunch, and so on.  Berry had a minor melt down during picture day, not wanting to wear a clean shirt and instead the one she wore the day before.  I eventually escaped the chaos to sip my sweet mocha.

Emma was over last night, which was a treat for me.  We played Terraria with Berry.  I taught her to swing dance in the kitchen.  She insisted on leading, which caused me to be flung about the room into Joanna and Honoka making sushi for dinner.  It was great fun, though.  Later that night she told me that she liked school and didn't mind going.  She has a sleepover at a friend's house this weekend and the next.  I think she's doing just fine.

I'm meeting with Glen, my old boss, for lunch today.  I miss the old crew and our sense of camaraderie. 

Tonight Joanna and I are being cultural and going to a play.  I do like hanging out with her, so I'm excited.

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Crusader Kings II

October 14, 2014 by Adam in Adam's Games

Sam's gotten me into Crusader Kings II, which is a medieval dynasty simulator.  I'm playing the Kaiser of the Holy Roman Empire and Sam was playing a Countess in Italy.  He schemed and imprisoned his way to become Queen of Italy, while I slowly but nicely expanded my empire and birthed a couple heirs.  Eventually Sam turned against the Pope, got excommunicated, and lost a war because his character was old and infirm.  After complaining for awhile, I had his character imprisoned and executed, which cheered him up immensely as he could then play the son of the Queen, who people generally liked.

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Santa Fe day two

October 13, 2014 by Lohring in Lohring

The Balloon festival was disappointing. Early in our visit the rain seemed to threaten the festival so we visited the Balloon Museum. On Sunday, the wind prevented launches. We watched a few brave balloonists inflate their balloons and Ana car shopped for the Elio Motors small car.  The dead creature balloon represents the last half of the day.  Ana got a urinary tract infection and we spent 4 hours at urgent care then another hour at Walgreens getting the prescriptions filled.  She feels much better today.

Santa Fe day one

October 13, 2014 by Lohring in Lohring

Well, the trip to Santa Fe had some good and bad points. The visit to Seraph and Robbie's was definitely the high point. We visited their house, used their internet connection to download things the censored Worldmark internet wouldn't, Visited the church in Chimayo, had a great lunch, then drove up to Los Alamos. Talk about different worlds. Chimayo reminded Ana of her home and Los Alamos is where the atomic bomb was developed and is still home to some of the most advanced labs.  Ana loves Robert Oppenhimer, but I'm more neutral.

Return of the Creature

October 13, 2014 by Adam in Family

Well, I feel vindicated.  Last night I was reading on the couch and heard something moving in the curtains.  Suddenly sure of what it was, I called Joanna over to film the reveal.

It was a tiny bat, the same one that woke me up several nights before.  Apparently it's been hanging out in the house and eating our fruit flies.

The rest of the weekend was less exciting, but fun.  Friday night Joanna and I went down to the Whit to hang out with the hipsters.  We ate pizza in a renovated shipping container and then wandered over to an outdoor shindig to eat ice cream and listen to music. 

I had a bit of a cold on Saturday, treated well with pain killers and caffeine.  It didn't stop me from whipping up Dutch Babies for the crew for breakfast.  We had a short webcam with Sadie, Greg, and an oh-so-cute Simon.  I took Emma and Honoka to the bookstore where Emma picked up the last book in her favorite series.  She's been savoring it all weekend, afraid to have it finally end.  I replaced the bathroom faucet and ran network cable to Duncan's computer that afternoon, which was satisfying.  I also played some Terraria with Berry and Emma, and some Crusader Kings II with Sam.  The evening was filled with pizza and Mythbusters, and sending Honoka off to a homecoming dance.  Joanna stayed up late to ensure she returned.

Sunday was pretty low-key.  There was a mixup with the light switches and I thought it was broken.  It turns out Honoka had just halfway flipped the secondary switch when coming home the night before.  I played more Terraria and helped kids with homework.  Emma and Berry made burnt offerings to the Greek gods.  Sam and I played more Crusader Kings where he cheerfully fought the Pope and I kept the Holy Roman Empire together.  Around mid-afternoon he suggested a hike.  We all headed to Hendrick's Park to appreciate nature and play assorted hide and tag games.  We came home scratched up but highly amused.

Everyone seems in good spirits.  Emma was telling me that school is so much cooler these days and that she's excited to go.

Grrlz Mocha Friday

October 10, 2014 by Adam in Family

Joanna's going to be gigging once again, playing at Cozmic Pizza and the Granary in November.  Next weekend she's got a photo shoot with the rest of the musicians.  Such is the life of a rock star husband.

I left the kids at home this morning, not having to go to school today.  Berry wrote me into a comic book titled "The Adventures of Suction Butt and Super Adam."  I was touched, I think.

Lots of house projects pending this weekend, from replacing the bathroom faucet to running network cable for Duncan.  We'll see how much I accomplish.  I also need to get Emma to the bookstore to pick up the last in the Heroes of Olympus series.  She's been dying to read it.

I was terrorized a couple nights ago, waking up to a fluttering on my chest and crying out "BAT!"  I went to investigate the sound of something hitting the venetian blinds, only to have something fly by.  I closed the bedroom door and lay down again, eventually realizing I'd sealed whatever it is downstairs with the children.  I grabbed my camera, turned on the light and started recording.  The rest played out like a horror movie, but I didn't find anything.  In the morning when Berry and I were reviewing the tape, she saw a brief flash as something flew by (15 seconds in).  The next evening we found a tiny moth in the bedroom.

Time to finish up work and hopefully go home early.  Can't wait to hang out with everyone.

Things Fall Apart

October 08, 2014 by Adam in Family

Specifically the glass shade on one of the lights over the table.  It made a huge crash when it hit the table and shattered this morning.  I picked up chunks, swept, vacuumed, and mopped.  I thought we got everything, but apparently not.  Berry complained of a toe pain.  After I popped out my contact and looked at it with my super vision, I pulled out a tiny glass shared with tweezers.  Poor girl.

I'm hoping to make a dent in the long list of house issues.  I have a replacement faucet for the drippy one in the bathroom.  I've got 75' of network cable to take care of Duncan's flaky WiFi connection.

Sam's cold is getting better, but now Emma is sick.  At least her broken tablet was returned.  She seemed quite happy to see it again.

Seasons Changing

October 07, 2014 by Adam in Family

Fall is coming in fits and starts.  The weekend was beautiful and sunny.  We took the kids out Friday night to Off the Waffle, playing games and then hitting the Indie Game Con art show.  I wish I could just hang out and chat with people, though the sad reality is that the horde of children got antsy and wanted to head home.  I still felt very hip and cool.

The weekend was filled with the usual library trip and pizza and Mythbusters.  We had friends over, homework was done, and the pool was taken down.  I continue to do battle with the house and appliances within.  The fight is endless, though I take heart in the occasional victory.  Last night I fixed the refrigerator light switch by stabbing it repeatedly with a knife.  It worked briefly, but is back to it's normal dysfunctional self this morning.

We did play Flashpoint at expert difficulty Sunday afternoon.  I'm going to start calling it Arson Simulation, as things ended badly and we only rescued three people before the house collapsed on us.

Sunday night we had family dinner at the noodle place.  It was a good time and there were no dishes to deal with.  Good job to Joanna for winning it in a drawing.

Mocha Friday

October 03, 2014 by Adam in Family

I love my wife.

We had a great date Wednesday night, listening to live music at the Tap and Growler and chatting away.  This morning she dealt with a flooded toilet and got all the kids off to school.  She's a keeper.

It's been a productive work week and the family has been doing well.  Sam's been really tired lately, going to bed at 8:30 p.m. last night.  Emma was cheerfully showing off her musical skills, playing her flute for all of us.  Honoka joined the Origami club and will be going to that this afternoon.  Duncan and Berry continue to play Wizard 101 and talk about leveling up.  Joanna's been teaching fiber arts, trying out classes at the Y, and writing away for various projects.

Tonight I'm going to try to get everyone to the Indie Game Con art show.  Should be fun.

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