Project Day Part 2

August 31, 2015 by Adam in Adam

Sunday was a slightly subdued version of Saturday, accomplishing all manner of tasks while Joanna and the kids were away.  First off I had a nice visit with my mom at the Glenwood, stocking up on pancakes for the day's efforts.

Laundry was a steady constant, taking care of things that were rarely washed such as Sam's comforter and clothes stuffed at the bottom of his piles.  I spent much of the morning cleaning his room and putting things away, something I do on an annual basis when I can't stand it anymore.  You can actually sit on the nice couch that Yayoe kindly gave us - all the piles of clothes are now put away or hanging up.

After lunch I headed outside to clean the back porch and spray paint the railings.  There was compost to toss, containers to tidy up, and miscellaneous junk to toss.  Eventually I got to power washing the patio, though I eventually stopped when the downpour hit.

I retreated inside to fold clothes and watch 1920's Australian Lady Detective shows on Netflix, along with drinking a little too much cider and munching on nachos.

Today I'm off to work, though likely getting to more cleaning tasks tonight.  I need to sweep and tidy our guest room before our French intern arrives.  And there's always more laundry.

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Project Day

August 29, 2015 by Adam in Adam

It's been a long day and I'm absolutely beat.  I took Joanna to the airport, waking up at 4:30.  She's been giving me updates as she flies across the country and I've been sending her pictures of my assorted efforts.

Today is one of those rare days with no one in the house, and I started in on my absolutely massive list of projects.  Mostly I did just one - cleaning up the front yard.  I pruned and dug up sod and put up the new trellis.  It was exhausting work and I spent hours doing it.  Eventually I stopped to go to the grocery store and pick up more bark o mulch.  It all looks pretty good now.

As for tomorrow, I'm having breakfast with mom and then working away at the rest of the things on my list.  I suspect it'll rain, so my outside painting projects will have to wait until next time.

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August 29, 2015 09:25 PM by Yayoe
The yard looks great Adam! keep up the good work. I see a future for you in landscaping.

New Orleans

August 29, 2015 by Lohring in Lohring

We've been having a great time in New Orleans. It's the 10th anniversary of Katrina, so everyone is remembering that including presidents. The weather has been perfect, unlike 10 years ago. We took tours, visited the WW II Museum, took a steam boat ride, listened to Dixieland jazz, and wondered through the French Quarter. What a fascinating place.

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August 29, 2015 12:57 PM by Adam
I've been hearing non-stop about New Orleans on NPR the last few days - sounds like a fascinating place. Glad you're having a good time.

August 29, 2015 09:26 PM by Yayoe
So pleased you're having such a good time. I've been listening to NPR too and it's all about the New Orleans recovery. It was wonderful to spend time with you folks at Jenny's home. Take good care

August 30, 2015 09:06 AM by Sue
Have fun, you guys!

Mocha Friday

August 28, 2015 by Adam in Family

The week has been generally pleasant and low-key.  Joanna and I worked all day yesterday.  Sam and Emma were excited to see me, so I played and chatted all night.  Sam reassembled the video card we cooked in the oven, which miraculously fixed the problem of lines on the screen.  Emma showed off her new glasses, reporting that she could see detail at distance that she couldn't see before.  Joanna made us a tasty dinner and bottled a new round of cider.  Later she walked down to the Vet's Club to listen to a band she's writing about for the Register Guard.

Sam, Emma, and I ended up sword fighting in the basement for a while, and then migrated to Creationary.  Even though it was Emma's idea, Sam got really into it.  I could see his childhood love of Lego building spring up once again - we used to spend hours with Legos when he was little.  I got Emma got to bed, Joanna made delicious custard, and we settled in to a little 30 Rock on Netflix.

Sam and Emma go off to their mom's for a six day trip to Bend, Sunriver, and Corvallis.  Joanna leaves tomorrow morning to get Duncan and Berry.  Tonight we're going to a winery for a friend's going away party.  I'm having breakfast with mom sometime over the weekend.  The plan is to cram in as many house projects as I can manage while everyone is away, though the first rains of fall may thwart me.

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Beach Adventure

August 25, 2015 by Adam in Family

Monday morning rolled around and Joanna discovered that she got the job doing "travel and leisure writing for a tech giant," which is apparently all she can say while under a non-disclosure agreement.  It's part time, and hopefully it supplements our income nicely without driving her too crazy.  It's all new, so we'll see if it works out.

We left Eugene early afternoon and headed to Florence, checking in at The Edwin K Bed and Breakfast.  It was a neat old house that was ordered from a Sears catalog a century ago.  As it was right next to Old Town Florence, we wandered around and ate at the Bridgewater Fish House and Zebra Bar.  Sadly we didn't see any zebras, though on our stroll back we spotted a Blue Heron and three otters playing in the river. 

This morning we were fed a massive breakfast, stuffed to the gills, and listened to tales of the house and Old Town Florence by the man who owned the B&B.  Eventually we bid farewell to our fellow guests and headed to Silcoos Lake to meet our river guide.

The trip down the river was amazing, with lots of wildlife and a generally tranquil journey.  The river was still and full of herons, Canada Geese, a Bald Eagle, and countless other birds.  There was a fantastic quality to the river, with sandy slopes and mossy logs poking up from the murky depths.  We carried our kayak over a small dam and down through the Plover nesting grounds to the ocean.  Unfortunately the tide was so low that the river turned into a thin sheen of water on the sand and you couldn't actually reach the ocean itself.

We turned around and returned to the boat ramp, sore and tired after our seven mile journey.  Both of us are wiped out, despite our stop for espresso and steamed Chai.  I'm not sure we'll make it to dance class tonight.  Hopefully we'll recover for a final day of vacation tomorrow, perhaps riding bikes down to the river for a picnic.

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Vacation Time

August 24, 2015 by Adam in Family

We had a fun, low-key weekend with lots of Sam and Emma play time.  They arrived home Friday afternoon and we celebrated with an early pizza and Mythbusters.  I played a little too much Metal Gear Solid under Sam's supervision.  Saturday we woke up and went to the library, with Joanna picking up goodies at Saturday Market.  We headed over to Jenny's for Jordan's birthday party.  It seemed like everyone was there, and the kids and I swam and chatted.  Sunday we mostly hung out at home, with Emma helping with house maintenance projects.  Emma and I watched more RPGs with Wil Wheaton - it's inspiring her to get into board games. 

Sam and I worked on getting Linux installed on his machine as a dual-boot device.  His school elective is computers, and he's thinking about taking an online Linux class.  We've been both watching Mr. Robot and I think he's inspired.  I ended up purchasing a Raspberry Pi for him to use, though I may steal it away when he's done.  In a pinch, I can configure it to run a Minecraft server that Duncan can play with.

I'm also doing computer rearranging, trying to get a computer for Sam's use at Jamie's house as his laptop is crumbling a bit.  I came across an old video of a race I did - the little kids were super cute.

The kids are both off at Jamie's.  Joanna and I are spending the night at the coast.  Next weekend Joanna flies off to fetch the kids and I've got a weekend of house projects waiting for me.

Jordan's Birthday

August 23, 2015 by Adam in Jenny

We had a great time at Jordan's birthday party.  Water balloons were thrown.  Cake was eaten.  We all had a good time.

Mocha Friday

August 21, 2015 by Adam in Family

It's Friday.  A sleepy Emma is up, listening to music, but otherwise everyone is fast asleep.  It was nice having the kids around and we spent a bunch of time chatting and laughing through an amazing dinner that Joanna put together.  I might have spent a little too much time playing Metal Gear Solid under Sam's supervision.  Eventually Emma came down to look at me with puppy-dog eyes until I tucked her into bed.

We have an exciting weekend ahead of us.  Tonight the thermal paste should arrive, so I can reassemble the old video card I cooked in the oven.  Theoretically it fixes the issue with red lines on the screen, due to cracked solder.  We'll see if it worked tonight.

I think Sam is going to my mom's to work, and tonight is pizza and Mythubsters.  Tomorrow is a library run and Jordan's birthday.  I may have also ordered a couple foam swords for an occasional duel with the kids.

Off to work soon, then my delicious mocha.

Mid-Week Update

August 19, 2015 by Adam in Family

It's been a relatively low-key week so far. 

Monday my mom came over to do some DNA analysis and chat.  She has both recessive genes for a particular metabolic disease that makes it hard for her to exert herself.  Sam has one of the genes, and it's likely I have one as well.  It's hard to say what the issue is if we just have one - it's likely neither of us will be super athletes, though one of the best long-distance runners has the same one-off mutation.  Genes are tricky things.

Yesterday some of my old coworkers came over for lunch - Darin, Glen, and Mike - and we chatted about family and work and such.  It was nice to see the old crew - fewer and fewer are around these days.

Last night Joanna and I put on our dancing shoes and went to our Lindy Hop dance class.  I'm slowly getting the hang of things, but stumble on my footwork more than I'd like.  With more practice, I'm hoping I can figure it out.  Hopefully Joanna and I can cut a rug on future date nights.

There's an old computer that I'm slowly trying to resurrect, but it has weird lines on the screen.  Though I have a backup video card, it's weak and flabby compared to my old, more powerful one.  The apparent solution is to cook it in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees, which apparently fixes issues with soldered connections.  I'm going to buy some replacement thermal paste and give it a try.

Sam and Emma arrive tomorrow.  It'll be nice to see them again.  We got our first letter from South Eugene High School, listing all the expenses Sam has to pay for school.  It's hard to believe it's just around the corner.

Farewell Weekend

August 17, 2015 by Adam in Family

I'm sadly heading into work shortly.  It was a good weekend, all around - over far too quickly.  Saturday afternoon we wandered down to the park to play frisbee and fly drones.  That night was the usual pizza and Mythbusters.  Over night I analyzed her DNA, with somewhat interesting results when I woke up in the morning.

Sunday morning I scooped up Emma and we went to the hardware store to pick up a new light fixture for the shed and a dimmer switch for the dining room.  We replaced both - hopefully some of the electrical work will rub off on her for future projects.

The afternoon was pretty low-key.  Emma worked on a drawing of a house and watched Pitch Perfect.  Joanna had various computer projects she worked on.  I tried to resurrect the black computer, but it's still having issues.  We had delicious lasagna for dinner and the kids and I walked around the neighborhood afterward, stopping to gaze at the rubble of civic stadium.  The evening wrapped up with D&D Clue, as is the way of our people.

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