Archeology Film Festival

May 22, 2015 by Sue in Wielesek

Last weekend was the Archeology Film Festival, followed by a conference on Archeology and the Media. I was a host to one of the presenters, a young (38) man from Pakistan. It was really interesting, and I couldn't help but appreciate, after a lunch with him and another film maker, from Iran, the freedom we have. His wife will be submitting her thesis to Cambridge University, and I agreed to proofread it for her. There must be a grammar and style handbook for Britain which is the equivalent of the one put out by the Modern Language Association. I'm looking forward to proofreading Joanna's memoir, and maybe she can take a look at Sarwat's thesis. Oh, how international we are. But I got to see a film of Pakistan, and it looks like an amazingly beautiful place.  Civilization started there in 7,000 BC. Then we went to the Museum of Natural History on campus and  saw the sandals from the "sandal factory" in Paisley Cave from 15,000 years ago. The guys in Pakistand had a better PR team!

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Mocha Friday

May 22, 2015 by Adam in Family

My mocha is gone and I'm settling into the work day.  It's been fairly uneventful this week.  Joanna's ankle continues to heal.  Sam and Honoka have been a little sniffly, but nothing too bad.  Emma's toenail fell off, the long-term consequence of her toe injury from a few weeks back.

Sam and I have both been obsessively playing The Witcher.  Joanna sent off an essay to The Sun and has been getting her book ready for publishers. She sent a couple more stories to Lane Monthly and wrangled a raise.  I've really enjoyed some of her recent biographical articles - this one in particular.

Berry and Emma were fighting over who was cooking what at breakfast this morning, a conflict I can get behind.  Hopefully they'll do the same over laundry and cleaning up after dinner.  Duncan was having some computer woes, but maybe it got resolved.  The life of an aspiring YouTuber is full of technical challenges.

Honoka is off on a catering trip for the next couple days.  Emma has a sleepover with Kate on Saturday.  I'm off next Monday, so hopefully we can all get some good hang out time over the weekend, maybe enjoy some sunshine for a while.  I need to do a library run tomorrow, and we've promised to release the frogs from Berry's science experiment.  The fun never stops.

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Wednesday Update

May 20, 2015 by Adam in Family

All is well.

I got a new hard drive at work, so I've been cracking open my computer and moving parts around.  It's a little weird, as I'm never sure what I'm allowed to do, but I knew how to do it and it all worked out fine.

Joanna's ankle continues to heal.  The crutches are long gone.  She's managed to limp around and do all the typical things, just slower than normal.

Duncan and Berry continue to go to track a couple nights a week.  I think they enjoy it still.

Sam's grades are slowly improving as he makes up work assignments.  We're back to two A's and a B for the things I can see grades for.

Joanna is slowly working on the various summer plans.  We have our Crater Lake trip booked, which should be an adventure.  My plan for the beach trip with everyone is to load up my mom's car with board games, clothes, and beach supplies.  I'll take people over in the minivan.  Can't wait to see everyone.

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Witcher 3

May 19, 2015 by Adam in Adam's Games

Both Sam and I picked up Witcher 3 on the release date.  So far, it's a pretty great game, with murky morality and interesting story lines.  I've been riding my trusty horse around, getting into trouble. 

Sam is far past me, of course.  He'll ask what quest I'm on, and we speak in vague terms so as not to spoil the other.

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Exciting Weekend

May 18, 2015 by Adam in Family

The weekend started with a bang, in this case Joanna twisting her ankle while playing with Duncan.  She managed to drive the kids home, then I arrived early to take her to urgent care.  It was the usual weird experience where no one could say how much anything costs, or even if they were definitively in network or not.  My mom swooped in to care and feed for the children, who enjoyed their outing to Tasty Thai.  Eventually Joanna and I made it home.  Sam went to see the latest Avengers movie with his friends and I stayed up late until he returned.

I was a little wonky Saturday morning due to fatigue and running around filling in for Joanna.  I played Castle Panic with Berry first thing, and then Superfight with Emma.  I took kids to chess and Emma and I went to the library.  Somewhere in there I got a haircut.  Sam went to work for my mom.  Pizza was purchased.  Honoka got ready for the prom and I took her and her friend to the Ford Alumni Center.  Honoka told stories of a little toddler one of the Prom Patrol people had taken with her, so I think Honoka mostly played with babies.   It made for another late night for me, though - Sam entertained me with more Metal Gear Solid and throwing things at me in the basement.

Sunday morning was pretty relaxing.  Kids were fed.  All but Duncan and Honoka went to see the Avengers movie.  Homework was done.  Emma and I puttered around outside.  Joanna slowly began limping around instead of using crutches.  I played more with Sam.  Everyone is getting excited for summer.

Life is never boring.

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May 19, 2015 01:21 PM by Seraph
If life gets too boring, start to worry!

May 19, 2015 08:16 PM by Sue
Honoka looks beautiful!

Flights Booked

May 18, 2015 by Seraph in Cortez

We booked our flight to Oregon last night!  We will fly in late on 6/15 (Monday) and stay over in Portland before heading to Eugene on 6/16.  We fly back to New Mexico on 7/2 (in the evening). 
We have a wedding to go to on 6/21, and we're starting to put together plans to see some old friends in the days leading up to the beach trip. We'll keep you all updated as plans develop!

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Mocha Friday

May 15, 2015 by Adam in Family

It's been a fun last few days, going on dates and hanging out with kids.  Joanna and I went to a simple sushi place, followed up by a Fred Meyer run to purchase Pokemon cards for an upcoming friend's birthday.  Joanna entertained me with stories of interviewing chainsaw artists.  Apparently bears and eagles are the most popular.

The kids have continued to entertain.  We had food from Honoka's catering program last night - the soup was really good.  Emma was working on a mandala and trying to write about her perfect Utopian society (I suggested a billion helpful robots with my brain uploaded into them).  Duncan continues to be all about Minecraft.  Berry helps me cook breakfast if she wakes up early enough.  Sam had me play more Metal Gear Solid while we worked on Biology last night.  All is well.

We're starting to nail down summer plans for the curious:
  • I'm taking Memorial Day off (May 25th)
  • June 23rd - 30th we're going to the beach for the big family reunion.
  • July 17th - 19th the plan is to go to Crater Lake.
  • August 8th & 9th I'd like to take the kids camping in the Sister's wilderness.
  • Probably between August 24th and 26th Joanna and I will try to get away for a few days.

I think tonight we're going to attempt to go to the Avengers movie.  The rest of the weekend is pretty low-key - library, chess club, and hopefully getting outside.  Should be fun.


May 13, 2015 by Adam in Family

The week is moving along, and it's date night tonight, which is always nice.

Sam got some C's on his midterm grades, and sure enough it's due to missed assignments when he was sick last month.  He's started to take care of things, though I need to make sure he talks to his teachers to get things accomplished.

Berry was back at school today after being sick a couple days.  Thanks to mom and Bob for keeping an eye on her yesterday.  Duncan dutifully went off to track by himself, which he seems to enjoy.

As for me, my evenings have been pretty quiet.  I've had a couple fun nights of hanging out with Sam and playing Metal Gear Solid.  I think he enjoys making fun of my lack of skills.

Mothers Day

May 11, 2015 by Sue in Wielesek

In spite of a cheery dinner with Jenny, Jeanie, and the boys, and equally cheery phone calls with Sadie, Adam surely won the Perfect Kid award this year. The hot water pressure in the kitchen sink has been diminishing over the last year or so. Finally I asked Sam to take a look at it, and so when Adam, Sam, Duncan and Emma came over bearing a lovely bouquet of fat roses, Adam said they'd  work on it. Then followed two hours of grunting, snarky comments by Sam interspersed with his commands to his Dad, "Let me do it", the destruction of yards of duct tape, and the use of the power washer. Finally the obstruction in the pipe was blown clean to Hell, and the guys staggered home. 

Happy Mother's Day

May 11, 2015 by Adam in Family

Happy Mother's Day to everyone, including all the related mother support staff.  I think we mostly hit up all the mothers and grandmothers in the immediate chain of command, though we still have a few gifts to send out.  

Friday night was pretty quiet.  I picked up Emma around bedtime and we all arose Saturday morning to dutch babies and bacon.  Emma and I went to the library and made our peace with the library mafia.  We may still have a few books out, but I think my balance is zero.  There were a few good books we returned with.  Meanwhile, Duncan and Berry went off to chess and then after to their track meet.  They had a good time and brought home some ribbons, which Berry in particular was quite proud of.  As the day rolled on, I picked up Sam and we had the usual pizza and science.

Sunday was the Mother's Day extravaganza.  I arranged for cards to be made and flowers bouquets to be assembled.  Crepes, strawberries, and whip cream were served and the hand-painted pottery was handed over. 
 I think Joanna had a good time and went off to church with Duncan while the rest of us puttered around.  I mowed the lawn and took out the compost, but otherwise enjoyed the weather and lazy morning.  After lunch I took Sam, Emma, and Duncan to my mom's to deliver flowers and a card.  While we were there, we ended up doing a bunch of plumbing - fixing one thing and breaking another.  Fortunately it's practice for me, as we have the same clogged tube issue in one of our faucets.

Yayoe took Berry shopping for her birthday.  She returned home with a stuffed seal that she carries everywhere with her.  Apparently Berry was very well behaved with Yayoe.  

We attempted to take Joanna to dinner at Off the Waffle, but it was annoyingly closed.  Instead we headed to Sizzle Pie, which was pretty good after a fairly long wait.  At least we got to see the entertaining people wander around downtown.

Now it's back to work, where I can hopefully relax a little.

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