Emma's Teeth

December 16, 2014 by Adam in Emma

Here's Emma's awesome teeth. My dad says everything is just fine.

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December 18, 2014 11:44 AM by Sue
Bad picture of you, Emma. You lost way too much weight!

Christmas is Coming

December 14, 2014 by Adam in Family

We got the tree up yesterday.  Sam was at a wrestling meet where he lost quite a bit, but hopefully had an interesting experience.  Duncan had a sleepover, but returned late morning.  We headed to a nearby Christmas tree place and picked out a suitable tree.  I turned on Christmas music on Pandora and we cheerfully coated the thing with ornaments.  We all had a good time.

The rest of the day was fairly low-key.  We went to the pottery painting place, where they had a widespread power outage.  Fortunately the lights came on soon after we arrived.  Emma's turned out pretty amazing, and everyone had a good time.  Even I got in on the action, hopefully making something that will be cherished appropriately.

At the start of the day, Berry's computer's hard drive died.  I slowly brought it back to life, though I'm not sure I can recover the data from the old one.  I can't even format the thing.

We watched a quirky movie called The One I Love, which is best enjoyed without knowing anything about it.  Sam arrived around eleven, completely exhausted. 

This morning I whipped up my usual feast of sausages, eggs, omelet, bacon, waffles, and mocha.  Joanna and the little kids went to church.  Jamie came to pick up everyone else to decorate Christmas cookies.  I've been at home, enjoying the quiet.  Laundry is washing, dishes are being cleaned, and I occasionally leave my video game to do something useful.

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December 15, 2014 01:18 PM by Mom
For just a second, when the clip started, I thought Seraph was at your house. Is it just my imagination, or is Emma really Seraph revisited? And hugs to Sam and say things about building character.

December 17, 2014 10:18 AM by Joanna
I look soooo tired!

Far Cry 4

December 14, 2014 by Adam in Adam's Games

I ended up with two copies of Far Cry 4 after my recent hardware purchase.  Sam and I have been playing on occasion, fighting with the rebels against the evil overlord of an imaginary India-like country.  The coop has been fairly entertaining.  In general, it's a lot like Far Cry 3, with some slightly different window dressing and generally smoother gameplay.  I do still run into the occasional bug, which is always amusing.  How he balances on that pointy post, I have no idea.

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Mocha Friday

December 12, 2014 by Adam in Family

It was a typical fun morning. Sam woke up at the crack of dawn for his wrestling meet in Coos Bay. He's missing a full day of school and sleeping on mats in the gym tonight. Should be an interesting experience. Joanna continues to improve, perking up and starting to get all the Christmas stuff ready. Emma helped get Duncan out of bed this morning. Berry was drawing pictures of Raven from Teen Titans Go!, as she often does. Honoka was quiet and self-sufficient, as usual.

I'm slowly approaching the "shopped out" phase before Christmas. I don't think I can get any more stocking stuffers or quirky gifts. I have lots of things to wrap and prepare, but I think we'll manage. Tomorrow we get a Christmas tree and finalize the decorations.

I bought myself an early Christmas present - a new monitor with an HDMI port. The good news is that it fixed my weird red pixel issue with my new computer. I think that's the last of the weird problems and it's now functional and awesome. Sam and I have been playing Far Cry 4 together, which has been pretty entertaining. I'm sure the girls will want me to play Terraria this weekend.

Life is good.

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Road To Recovery

December 09, 2014 by Adam in Family

A friend of Joanna's got her dinner last night.  It was incredibly convenient, as Joanna still isn't quite up for rushing about yet.  I asked if there was anyone else she could play the pneumonia card with to get free stuff.

Christmas is barreling down at us.  I feel a little prepared, though there are still all sorts of things that aren't figured out yet.  I have more presents to wrap, a tree to buy, Christmas lights to get, and so on.  I'm even behind on eating the chocolate covered espresso beans from my advent calendar.

My new computer is super awesome, except when it isn't.  Sometimes I get red sparkles on my monitor in the dark areas for no particular reason.  I ended up buying a new monitor (since it's time and Duncan has a tiny one).  If that doesn't work, I'll return my fancy video card and hope for the best.

At work they announced a cultural shift - every new job won't automatically be in Vancouver.  We'll see if that means I can hire back people we lost, or maybe I'll get the Functional Lead title after being functional lead for a few years now.

Getting Ready for Christmas

December 07, 2014 by Adam in Family

It's been an exciting last few days.  I decided to take Joanna to a doctor on Friday, so I spent the day interacting with our fine healthcare system.  First was Urgent Care, where we waited for a long while.  Eventually we got in where we did the usual tests, an inhaler, and eventually a chest x-ray.  Sure enough, she had pneumonia, so we were sent home with a prescription for antibiotics.  I dropped off Joanna at home where my mom and the little kids soon arrived.  I spent the next hour waiting for the prescription to be filled - shopping, visiting the bank, and filling up with gas in the meantime.   Once we got Joanna medicated, she started feeling better, though she's been coughing and tired ever since.  No fever, which is a good sign.

I'm in the process of moving things to my new computer.  Somewhere in the middle of it all, the hard drive started to fail.  I wasn't able to recover, so I'm currently typing on a fresh install of Windows.  It's still doing stuff, so the resolution is crazy lousy.  Hopefully that will get resolved soon.

We put up some Christmas decorations this morning, and I managed to get a couple kids upstairs to wrap presents.  Hopefully we can get a tree next weekend and finish the job.

Duncan is at a play date.  Honoka is doing homework.  Berry and Emma are playing.  Sam is watching a show.  Joanna is resting.  I'm flitting about, helping kids with homework, cleaning up, and getting my computer more functional.  Busy, busy.

Mocha Friday

December 05, 2014 by Adam in Family

I'm getting a little frayed around the edges, drinking my mocha a little later than usual.  Poor Joanna has been completely wiped out since she got back, running a fever for two days and generally staying in bed.  My mom has been great - helping pick up kids and buying pizza for dinner.  Honoka helped with dinner the night before.

Yesterday was pretty nutty as it was Sam's first wrestling match.  I managed to get four kids fed and out the door.  They watched the wrestling matches, Emma providing color commentary, and Berry holding up handmade signs.  Sam did pretty well, considering he's only been wrestling for a week.  There were a couple really intense matches, so I can see why people get into the sport.

This morning Emma complained about feeling unwell, but I managed to cajole her into going to school.  She and Sam are at their mom's tonight.  I think I'm going food shopping as we're running out.  Tomorrow I have a metric ton of laundry to do.  Busy, busy.

First Meet

December 05, 2014 by Adam in Sam

Sam had his first wrestling meet last night.  His was one of the first matches, and I thought he did pretty well considering this is his first week of actually wrestling.

Madness Returns

December 04, 2014 by Adam in Family

We're back to the usual levels of crazy.  Joanna's been deathly ill, living in bed since she returned from the trip.  It looks like she'll spend another day in bed today.  Yesterday when she heard my mom was coming over to help, she burst into tears.  I suspect we may ask my mom to help out again and pick the kids up from school.  We'll see how it goes.

Sam and Honoka have started their new classes.  Honoka is needing a fair amount of help with math, mostly translating math-specific phrases.  She seems to understand the underlying ideas pretty well.  Sam was looking up "Ye Olde" phrases for his English class - something about burning witches.

Duncan and Berry are back in the routine.  Berry's working on drawing her favorite characters, watching YouTube videos on how to do it.  This morning at the breakfast table she made a robot.

I talked to Emma briefly.  She got good news about her teeth - they appear to be coming out by themselves, so no surgery required.  I think she likes her one new class, and is cheerful as usual.

Sam has his first wrestling match at Springfield High School at six o'clock.  My plan is to come home early for an early dinner, and then head over with whoever wants to see it, then take him home.  He's much less sore today, and in good spirits despite thinking he'll lose horribly.

On Their Way

December 02, 2014 by Adam in Family

Joanna, Duncan, and Berry are slowly making their way home today.  Poor Joanna is sick, but hopefully she can survive the journey.  It'll be nice to have them home again.

Sam and Honoka start a new term today.  I think Honoka is a little nervous about her math.  Sam seems to think the term will be a little lighter.  He doesn't have a math class, which seems to constantly generate homework, and he has a free third period.  With wrestling practice every night, I'm hoping the lighter schedule maintains his sanity.

Emma is slowly working through her dental issues.  She has a couple sunken teeth that likely need to come out.  She had a Panorex yesterday and hopefully will get word of what to do soon.

I'm starting to get excited for the holidays.  There's a steady stream of packages arriving, and I've started slowly wrapping them.  The advent calendars are up, and I'm greeted by chocolate covered espresso beans each morning.  It's the little things that make me happy.

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