Mocha Friday

August 22, 2014 by Adam in Family

My mocha is long gone, but the perkiness remains.  I took Emma to her annual checkup yesterday - she got shots and was generally poked and prodded. We've been watching her weight over the last few years - the numbers are improving, especially as she's taller than 95% of kids her age.  Her doctor encouraged her to continue the obsessive treadmilling.

She and I hung out after work, watching Sea of Monsters and making tofu rice.  I got to hear about all the differences between it and the book, and how far superior the book was.  Emma is coming back tonight for some more hang out time before she goes up to Portland with Jamie.

I keep hearing from Joanna, who does a great job keeping in touch despite the difference.  I keep finding little notes she's hidden for me to find, and get regular updates via text messages.  She got to see Duncan and Berry yesterday, which was great.  I miss those kiddos.

I've been getting ready for Honoka's arrival.  She'll be here in a few more days and we'll see her at the airport, sign in hand.  I did a little cleaning of her room and need to make keys for her.  Otherwise, all is well there.

Jamie and I have talked about some changes to Sam's schedule.  He'll be going to Jamie's after school Monday through Wednesday and coming home after dinner.  I think he'll generally be spending the night at my house too, unless there are weekend things they set up before hand.  Hopefully that works better for everyone.

I have a couple quiet days this weekend and have some big house plans.  I think I'll try to get a bunch of washing/painting done, which hasn't happened in many years.  It's a rare treat to have a brief opportunity to take care of things.

Back to work.  Trying to fix broken things yet again.

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Best Crab

August 19, 2014 by Adam in Family

Okay, some news of Sam and the family is starting to sneak out.  It sounds like they're having a good time in Alaska, staying somewhat warm and eating great crab.

Joanna is getting ready for her trip to Rochester tomorrow at the crack of dawn.  The next couple days will be pretty quiet, though I'm taking Emma to her doctor appointment this Thursday.  Friday night Emma and might watch Sea of Monsters, though she's worried it might suck.  I have lots of things on my "to do" list, getting ready for the arrival of all the kids and start of school.

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Off to Alaska

August 19, 2014 by Adam in Sam

Sam is on his trip to Alaska.  I haven't heard anything about how it's going at all.  Jenny sent a photo of Jordan hugging a totem pole in Ketchikan.  My mom sent this along.  I think this is from their stateroom.  Hard to say.

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Quiet Weekend

August 18, 2014 by Adam in Family

It was a pleasant, quiet weekend with our only child Emma.  She was here Friday all day as Jamie was out of town.  She and Joanna visited me at work, with Emma somehow charming the woman at the front desk to the point where I was sent home with a mystery package.  It had all sorts of odds and ends from the office, including a bracelet made of rubber bands and paper clips.  Quite impressive.

Saturday we went to the library to load up on books while Joanna went to the market.  Emma convinced us all to get into the pool in the afternoon.  It was quite chilly, but warmed up after a little while.  We ended up playing "Piggie in the Middle," the English version of Monkey in the Middle.  It was surprisingly good fun.  For dinner we had Tasty Thai, which Emma managed to eat for every meal the following day.

Sunday morning Emma used her Awesome Points prize to go to the bookstore, get a book, and have hot chocolate.  She returned with another Rick Riordan book, though one she'd already read before.  Everyone came home for lunch and we had a low-key day of swimming, gardening, and puttering around.  Emma spent hours on the treadmill.  I made a picture frame out of my old tablet, which is now showing random pictures in the kitchen.  Joanna continued to knit awesome things.

It's a weird week.  Joanna leaves Wednesday.  I see Emma for a little on Thursday and Friday night.  Emma, Sam, and Jamie go to Portland on Saturday.  I've got a couple days to get ready for Honoka on Tuesday.  Everyone is at home on Thursday.  School is the following Wednesday.  Exciting times.

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For ALS!

August 15, 2014 by Adam in Adam

Joanna informs me that all the hip people are dunking themselves in cold water for ALS awareness.  I'm not sure if this is really for a good cause, but Emma lured me into the pool and Joanna filmed me for her own amusement.

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August 15, 2014 07:56 PM by Joanna
You're apparently supposed to dump a bucket of ice water on your head then nominate 3 other people to do the same or make a donation to charity. I changed the rules a little (wouldn't be the first time).

Yayoe's Visit

August 15, 2014 by Adam in Cortez

Yayoe asked me to post a couple pictures of her trip.  Here's a brief update:

This is the living room of the Cortez home in Chimayo. The house is
beautiful and reflects the Santa Fe style of architecture. Everyone is
thriving and looks great. Had a wonderful time staying with Hanni and
taking scenic tours with the family. Santa Fe is beautiful. I can see
why they live there and why they love their community.

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Virtual Reality Mocha Friday

August 15, 2014 by Adam in Family

I ordered some pre-made Google Cardboard virtual reality goggle thing through a company called Dodo.  It arrived yesterday and immediately everyone wanted to play with it.  Basically you stick your phone in this thing and it provides a 3D view that moves when you move your head.  It's clunky in a lot of ways (I'm still waiting for the Oculus Rift), but it really shows the promise of VR.  The kids hogged it immediately, taking tours of strange locations and watching 3D, 360 degree movies.  Maybe I can play with it some this weekend.

Sam departs for Alaska today.  We have him packed with his passport and tons of permission papers.  Hopefully he has a great time.

Emma loves not having a cast and is excited to go swimming this weekend.  I think she's feeling a little lonely with everyone about to depart.  Soon she'll have more siblings than she knows what to do with.

I'm off to work shortly to enjoy my weekly mocha.  Work is interesting and fun, as always.  Looking forward to returning home, though.

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Back to Work

August 14, 2014 by Adam in Family

Work has been non-stop email this morning, the usual consequences of a few days off work.  I think it's mostly under control.

Joanna and I had a great last day on the McKenzie.  We drove up to Sahalie Falls and hiked along the raging river.  It was a little chilly but generally dry.  After eating the last of the leftover pizza, we wistfully returned home.

We shopped at the pool supply store and garden store, then worked away in the backyard all afternoon.  Honoka's room is getting close to finished.  Joanna pH balanced the pool and amended all our garden beds.  I did battle with the morning glory, which always wants to take over our garden.  Eventually we gave up in exhaustion and ate dinner.

Tonight Sam and Emma arrive.  Sam needs to pack for his trip to Alaska - I won't see him for a week and a half, which is weird.  Emma, Joanna, and I will likely have a quiet weekend of library trips, swimming, and bike riding.  In just a couple weeks, we'll go from one kid up to five.  Should be exciting.


August 14, 2014 by Seraph in Cortez

Happy birthday Jordan! Welcome to the big time. Make sure you learn all the secret handshakes :)

McKenzie River Adventures

August 12, 2014 by Adam in Family

We drove to our cabin in McKenzie Bridge yesterday afternoon. It ended up being much cuter than I expected, with a great enclosed porch overlooking the river. Joanna whipped up a tasty dinner and we went for a walk along the highway to a little park at dusk. It's pretty quiet around here, maybe because it's the middle of the week.

In the morning I got up to make coffee and eat bagels, soon joined be Joanna who was chatting on the phone with Duncan. We told him stories about when he was younger, to his amusement. After breakfast we headed out on bikes to the McKenzie River trail. It was great fun, something we hadn't done in a long while. More importantly, we avoided falling off our bikes into the river, even after the thunderstorm started. Eventually we turned back and made it home, tired, wet, and happy.

We ate lunch at a nearby fine and bought weird things at the general store. Next was Belknap Hot Springs, where we soaked in the hot pool. After we achieved the desired amount of happy tiredness, we crossed a little bridge and discovered these amazing paths through the forest. Most amazing was this secret garden behind this wall, an incredible thing of pools, flowers, and columns.

We finally made it back to the cabin and have been suitably hanging out. The only noise is the river and occasional screams of rafters going down the rapids.

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