Mocha Friday

February 05, 2016 by Adam in Family

Sickness has spread to our household.  Sam and Joanna appear to have been hit particularly hard and were both dragging themselves around a bit today.  Everyone else seems to have milder symptoms - hopefully we'll be better by the end of the weekend.

Isa has been over the last few nights.  She and Sam are pretty funny together - studiously working on homework side-by-side.  I'd help Sam with complicated trigonometry and then switch to calculus with Isa.  My higher math skills are really rusty, but I think I was helpful. 

Work continues to be nutty.  We're not getting many applicants.  I think we'll bring in a consultant, at least for a little while, but even then they'll need to be trained up.  I really want a long-term person who's going to stick around for a while.  We'll see.  I did manage to repair my tail light with office supplies, which was fun.  

Emma was her usual funny self last night, singing Adventure Time songs on her ukulele.  The little kids Minecraft away until dinner.

I'm looking forward to the weekend and hanging out with everyone.  Emma wants me to host another D&D session for her friends.  Yayoe is coming for dinner on superbowl Sunday.  Tonight is date night.  

Fun, fun.

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February 06, 2016 02:20 PM by Seraph
I always found your tutoring skills to be spot on!

Rear Ended

February 03, 2016 by Adam in Family

Well, I was rear ended in the parking lot today by a coworker.  She was apologetic and the security person who was with her was very serious.  I took a look and think the issue is mostly cosmetic.  The light seemed to work, which is a good sign.  I think I'll take it to Wayne's Garage and have them take care of it.

The week has been relatively uneventful, if pretty busy at work.  We finally got an interview with someone that sounds pretty promising.  Hopefully we can get that started.  It's weird working with Jonathan on his final days, trying to get everything done.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick around PeaceHealth - I need the stability at the moment.

We're planning on doing a Host a Murder Mystery game for Valentine's Day.  I think I'm playing the bad boy - I've been instructed not to shave for a couple days before the dinner.  Should be interesting.

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February 01, 2016 by Adam in Family

We just got news that Sam and Emma are officially Canadian.  All the passports and documentation I sent (and resent) have finally returned with their citizenship documentation.

What they'll want to do with it, I have no idea.  I suppose they now have a reason to celebrate Canada Day and can head north for free healthcare if they need to.

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February 01, 2016 by Adam in Family

Emma and Berry both were complaining of stomach issues this morning.  Emma went off to school, looking forlorn, while I think Berry is staying.  One of the things that's hard about parenting is deciding whether or not children are truly sick or playing up slight discomforts.

The weekend was generally pretty good.  Emma played a lot of ukulele and drew endlessly, mostly while listening to the Grease soundtrack.  Sam did his best to hang out with Isa as much as possible - going to see Hamlet with her and my mom and bringing Isa over for pizza and Mythbusters.  Duncan is bolder with his basketball playing, making his first basket on Sunday.  Berry was her usual self, occasionally grumpy and occasionally sweet.  Emma did her up in makeup and was generally a cheerful older sister.  Berry also had a great time hanging out with Sam and Isa.  

Joanna and I generally kept everyone on track, feeding the horde and entertaining them.  I did endless laundry and dishes, as always.  I fixed the lights in the basement, replacing the fluorescent tubes.  Somewhere in there I managed to play the latest Tomb Raider game, jumping and crafting as I adventure through an old snowy Soviet installation.

Everyone but Sam and Isa went to Mount Pisgah Sunday afternoon.  It was warm and sunny for the middle of winter, and it raised my spirits to see all the flowers about to bloom.  I took a bunch of 3D 360 degree pictures with my camera and showed them to mom on my Viewmaster Google Cardboard viewer.  She was pretty blown away.

Work continues to be busy, though I'm generally staying on top of things.  More interviews today.

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Mocha Friday

January 29, 2016 by Adam in Family

I'm doing strangely okay.  I think I've passed through the stress and insanity of being the last developer and achieved some sort degree of euphoric insanity.  Jonathan's here for a couple more weeks - he's going live with a bunch of different things over the next week and then hopefully fixing bugs that pop up the following one.  

All the kids are generally doing okay, though I think moving into puberty and adulthood is always a tricky process.  Emma and I had a good chat last night, and Sam keeps me updated on the latest with Isa.  I'm proud of their ability to talk things through.  Duncan continues to hone his sense of humor and continues to enjoy basketball.  Berry started counseling this week and seemed to really enjoy it.  She was funny and sweet last night, entertaining Sam and I.

Joanna finally got her interview with Lettuce, the funk band - you should be able to read her story in the Register Guard next week.  She continues to juggle her various jobs in addition to moving kids about and keeping us fed.  I do appreciate her.

I keep hoping we'll get a break from the rains and spend some time outside.  In the meantime we'll probably have a weekend of pizza, Mythbusters, and Drawful.  Presumably I can sneak in a little time with the latest Tomb Raider game, which is installed but untouched.  

Life is never boring.


January 27, 2016 by Adam in Family

Halfway to the weekend.

Work has gotten pretty crazy.  It turns out I can't really function at my job these days.  Pretty soon I'll be training people up and then I really won't be able to function at my job.  I've been debriefing with Jonathan, the last web developer.  The more I see all the great stuff he's built over the years, the more I miss him already.

Everyone else is going pretty well.  Joanna's interviewing a band for the Register Guard.  Duncan has been enjoying basketball.  The other day I helped him debug an issue with his Minecraft mod after a day of coding. 

Last night I came home from work, watched Sam play some Binding of Isaac, and we piled on the couch to watch funny shows.

8 Hours of Sleep

January 25, 2016 by Adam in Family

I got a full eight hours of sleep last night, which was heavenly.  With all the work stress, I'd been sleeping poorly and having headaches.  For whatever reason, the combination of doing nerd things with Emma and her friends, playing Zelda, or hanging out with my family cured my ills.  I'm still pensive and weighing options, but it doesn't seem as catastrophic.

The weekend was busy, but fun.  Emma asked me to host a D&D session for her friends, so I spent the morning getting ready, picking up and wrapping presents for Joanna, and doing the usual laundry, breakfast, and dishes.  There was a mixup with the cake, but I finally sorted it out and picked it up in time.  Sam, Emma, and Isa came over and my mom arrived in time for cake, presents, games, pizza, and Mythbusters.  It was a fun shindig.

Sunday morning I did some more nerdy preparations.  Berry and I played with electronics, flinging a spinning propeller into the ceiling with Snap Circuits.  Emma hung out with her friends, making D&D characters, and then I spent the afternoon leading them on an adventure and trying not to kill them all off.  I think it went well.

Sunday night had the "core" six members of our family all together.  We played a little too much Drawful that night, I tucked Emma to bed, Sam played Binding of Isaac while I watched, and then the evening wrapped up with the new X-Files.  It was unfortunately pretty bad in terms of the writing, but I've heard the third episode is relatively good.

Life is okay.

Birthday Girl

January 25, 2016 by Adam in Joanna

Joanna celebrated her thirty something birthday over the weekend.  There were a ton of people who showed and it was followed by Bidiot and other silly computer games.  We had a great time.

Half Birthday Girl

January 25, 2016 by Adam in Emma

Emma's half birthday was back in November, but we completely forgot about it. We finally made up for our forgetful parenting and she got a little pen thingie that she's been putting to good use making new tablet drawings.

Half Birthday Boys

January 25, 2016 by Adam in Duncan

Last week Duncan and I celebrated our half birthdays.  I got a cool ViewMaster version of Google Cardboard and Duncan got Joanna's old tablet.

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