Sam's officially one year old

November 28, 1999 by Adam in Family

Sam's officially one year old. Not only that, but he just started walking. The house hasn't been the same since.

On other exciting news, we finally got rid of Jamie's old t.v. and bought something made in this decade. It's a bit on the huge side. I've got to get used to the fact that we're a "big t.v." family now. Weird.

Well, I'm a bachelor for the next couple days

November 23, 1999 by Adam in Family

Well, I'm a bachelor for the next couple days. I'm off work today and Jamie and Sam are up in Portland visiting Judy. I've become super-productive man. This morning I baked a cheesecake, made apple pie, spread massive amounts of wood chips over our garden, started a load of laundry, and all on only two cups of coffee!

The rest of the day involves shopping, getting Christmas presents ready, cleaning the house, dinner with family tonight, and a few miscellaneous projects. I'm hoping I don't collapse from exhaustion.

More big changes

November 05, 1999 by Adam in Family

More big changes. Jamie actually typed on her page today. We also put up our Christmas wish lists - you can see them on each page.

You'll also find the family tree completely redone. I've put up a more extensive tree and linked it to the photo album so that you can see pictures of the people. There's still a lot of scanning to do, but I think the basic structure is pretty close to done.

It's also a Friday. Jamie's mom is coming to town, so we'll be able to run around a bit. I think we may actually see a movie this weekend, for the first time in months. Jamie's brothers are also hosting wine night, so we're looking forward to that.

I guess the photo album is a big hit

November 04, 1999 by Adam in Family

I guess the photo album is a big hit. Our hits doubled in a couple days. Woo hoo - 34!

I scanned a couple more photos and put a link on the navigation bar. Also, there's some more Sam news.

I've been waking up at 4:45 or so each mornin...

November 02, 1999 by Adam in Family

I've been waking up at 4:45 or so each morning due to the time change. No fun at all! Still sick from a cold too.

On the bright side, I've been building a database to organize my scanned images and convert them to HTML pages for our site. You can take a look at the latest demo. Comments are welcome!

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