Sam cut his third tooth on his 15 month birthday

February 27, 2000 by Adam in Family

Sam cut his third tooth on his 15 month birthday. It's the upper left front tooth. Hopefully it will help him with chewing, as he's been working with just the lower two. It should hopefully make certain sounds easier to say - like "f" and "s", which rely pretty heavily on those upper teeth.

Not much has been going on in the Miller hous...

February 05, 2000 by Adam in Family

Not much has been going on in the Miller household over the last month. Sam continues to grow - he's probably up to 100 words that he knows now. You'll see a few additions on the Sam's First Words page. You can have simple conversations with him. He's especially good with food things, such as "What do you want, Sam?" "More bread." He's also very active, and started to get a few scrapes and bruises that come with the territory. He's also fascinated by drawing. Sam likes to draw and identify things that others draw.

It's hard finding the time for projects these days. This Summer, Jamie wants to pave the driveway and possibly put in a porch. I picked up a really cheap scanner and CD writer (more on my page). Sam's sleep schedule has been weird. He's going to bed late and I'm getting up early. Doesn't leave much time in the evening for anything.

I'm looking forward to Spring. Just a few more months and all the plants will be coming back to life again. Hopefully, Sam will be able to "help" (or at least entertain himself digging in dirt).

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