As I type, I'm sitting in front of my new com...

May 14, 2000 by Adam in Family

As I type, I'm sitting in front of my new computer. It's taken awhile to get things transferred over and ready to go. If you're interested in the details, check out my projects page.

Today is mother's day. I put together a little video for Jamie of Sam's first year and a half. My camcorder came and I'm actually doing some digital editing. It's tricky and I can definately tell I'm pushing the limits of my computer, but the quality is great. I taught Sam to say "Happy Mother's Day!" His verbal skills are pretty amazing. He's putting together multiple-word sentences, as well as using things like "and", "my", and plurals. What a super genius boy.

I think Sam and I will head out to the mall to pick up a present for Jamie this afternoon. We're all getting over being sick, so I'm trying to take it easy. Work is getting exciting - big projects are in the work. Life at home is good. I think Jamie and I are getting the hang of raising a kid. Maybe in a couple more years we'll start thinking about another.

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