We took Emma in for her four-month checkup ye...

September 30, 2003 by Adam in Emma

We took Emma in for her four-month checkup yesterday. She's 15 lbs, 6 oz, quite the big girl. She also got three shots, much to her displeasure. Like before, she was pretty good about the whole thing, crying for only a few minutes before settling down and smiling again.

I think we might start her on solid foods fairly soon, if only as a little experiment. The doctor gave her the green light for rice cereal so we'll see how it goes.

I think Emma's cold is finally over

September 26, 2003 by Adam in Emma

I think Emma's cold is finally over. She's been sniffly for the last week or so, trying hard to be cheerful but failing when her noggin is full of goo.

It's amazing how quickly she's been growing up. She's lately discovered the joys of her exersaucer, playing with all the different toys attached to it. There's a funny little dog that she keeps trying to stuff in her mouth. It probably looks enough like a breast that she gets overly excited, then later upset when it doesn't produce any milk.

She can sit up if you let her hold your fingers, and stand with some assisted balancing. She's definately a strong girl.

She also gets pretty excited about vocalizing, though her talent tends towards belting out noises rather than exploring different types of sounds. Mostly they all sound like "AAHHHH!" with very slight variations.

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