Emma's Potty Saga is finally coming to a close

February 22, 2007 by Adam in Emma

Emma's Potty Saga is finally coming to a close. After seven straight days of dry diapers at night, she switched to underwear all night long. The heavens parted and a host of angels flew down to join hands and do a potty dance around her.

Emma has another funny potty story

February 20, 2007 by Adam in Emma

Emma has another funny potty story. She was watching a movie and decided she had to go to the bathroom. Since she didn't know how to pause the show, she did the next best thing and hauled her little potty in front of the television. Fortunately I intervened in time.

Emma's friend Dharam Dev and her mom came over for a play date yesterday. This was her friend from school, though they recently moved to Portland. Emma doesn't really seem to have a best friend at this point (other than maybe Sam), which I suppose is pretty normal for a three year-old. She also seems to be a social butterfly, chatting with anyone who will talk to her.

Last night we had fun watching old movies of the kids. Sam was especially mesmerized at how cute Emma was. His first question was "When can we have a play date with Winnie?" Winnie is the only baby we know these days, and Jamie said she'd ask Angie if they could come over.

Emma keeps hitting milestones

February 15, 2007 by Adam in Emma

Emma keeps hitting milestones. She moved her little potty into the closet as she now uses only big potties. I think it got brought back out to be used as a stool, as reaching the faucet is still a little tricky for her. Not for long, though, as she's growing like a weed.

Jamie threw out the last bag in the diaper pail, which was beginning to mutate and become sentient. It makes a great garbage can and has worked its way into the kitchen.

Still, Emma continues to find her way into our bed most nights. Last night I was woken by her not-so girlish snore, finding Jamie had taken refuge on the couch.

Last night Jamie pulled me away and indicated...

February 07, 2007 by Adam in Emma

Last night Jamie pulled me away and indicated I should quietly look in the bathroom.

There, in the darkness, was Emma sitting on the potty, her face glowing with the light from her Nintendo DS. She was playing Cooking Mamma and decided to test the portability of her new gaming system.

It was incredibly cute.

Seemingly in the last week, Emma has become p...

February 05, 2007 by Adam in Emma

Seemingly in the last week, Emma has become potty-trained. She's quite proud of being able to wear underpants exclusively and go to the potty all by herself. She's also dressing herself and much easier to manage in many respects. I'm hopeful my days of changing dirty diapers are finally behind me.

Poor Emma does have some issues with growing pains. Last night she was groaning, complaining of her legs hurting. She climbed into bed and I massaged her legs until the Tylenol kicked in. I remember going through the same thing when I was a kid, and I'm trying to teach her how to stretch out her muscles as best she can. That's what helped me, finally. Warm baths only worked as long as I was in it, and I'm not too keen on giving her endless painkillers.

As usual, she's doing great at her French school. She's always singing little French songs around the house. Occasionally she'll say a phrase or two to us. So far I've been able to understand her mostly, though I bet she'll be vastly more fluent than I if she keeps in her French immersion school.

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