Happy Birthday Isabell! Wow, how did we get ...

January 22, 2006 by Seraph in Cortez

Happy Birthday Isabell! Wow, how did we get to 5 years old alread? We had a nice birthday dinner last night with Mom and Bob at Kells Irish Pub (Isa's favorite) last night, and Isa was quite happy to hear from the waiter that having Kells as a favorite made her very "cosmopolitan."
Today we are having a party with Isa's friends from school, after which we have to run home to watch the Seahawks playoff game. Ahhh...priorities.

Writing from school this morning, Isa and Rob...

January 18, 2006 by Seraph in Cortez

Writing from school this morning, Isa and Robbie dropped me off on their way up the hill. It's only the second week of classes, and I'm already sleep deprived, which might just require a side trip to Starbucks here shortly (to study of course).
Isa is having a birthday party with the kids from her class this weekend. Thank goodness we're renting out a room at the community center, as the idea of 16 children and their parents stuffed into our place seems a bit of an overload.
Robbie and I have found that the most effective way to deal with the winter blues is to simply rearrange our furniture. I blame this part of my genetic code on Yayoe. On Monday, even with the homework piled high, we undertook a major reorganization of the living room. While the new setup is nice, it has left my office in terrible disaray, and there is little time for me to take care of it. For now I work at night among stacks of various documents, fearing to push anything to far out of sight for it just might be that vital tax form or million dollar check!

The rain here has finally beaten us down, and...

January 14, 2006 by Seraph in Cortez

The rain here has finally beaten us down, and we've decided to escape over the weekend. After scanning the weather reports for the next few days, and realizing that we'd have to drive more then 9 hours to find sun (not even warm - just no rain), we decided to venture towards Bend where there was a not so spendy hotel with an indoor heated pool! We head out tomorrow morning, carefully scheduled so we safely get there before the Seattle Seahawks game starts, and will only be gone for the night. Funny how something like a heated pool seams like the lap of luxury!

Well, we're back home after the holidays, and...

January 04, 2006 by Seraph in Cortez

Well, we're back home after the holidays, and the cat is still alive and the house didn't burn down. I was wonderful to see everyone and to spend time with Sadie.
Robbie and Isa have started back at school, with Robbie resolved to maintain a positive perspective on the rest of the year. We rearranged Isa's bedroom, and she's been happily playing away with her new loot. I'm back at school for work and new student orientation this week, and classes start Monday.
Mostly this year we're trying to stay happy and healthy. We've accepted that things will be really hectic and my only goal is to maintain sanity and then find a job. Robbie's hoping to cook healthy and organic foods even on the nights I'm not home! We try to keep our resolutions simple. Love and happiness in the new year to all.....

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