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The Mellors Hiking

Date: 1/1/1996
Location: Eugene, OR
Subject: Other
People: Adam Miller, Jamie Mellor, Brant Mellor, David Mellor, Josh Mellor, Tracie Toman, Wendy Krebs
Description: The young Mellors on a hiking trip to the Arboretum.
Baby AdamWedding Kiss
Lohring, Andy, and BenThe Steanes
Adam with Great GrandmotherRay Mellor
Christmas at Mom'sSue and Dick's Wedding
The Mellors HikingSam on Grandmaw's Lap
The Bank's first toastElegant Jamie
Adam on Grandmaw's LapSam on Dorothy's Lap
Destin at Jerry'sBill Steane on the Water
Baby DestinAdam at Bexel England