Christmas is Coming

December 10, 2018 by Adam in Family

We're slowly getting ready for Christmas.  We have a tree, though it's not decorated yet.  I wrapped presents over the weekend, though I have a few more I'd like to get.  We gathered all the kids for a quick family photo, which is always quirky and interesting.

The weekend was generally good.  Saturday morning I picked up Emma after breakfast and she drove us home from her mom's house.  Later we went to the Beanery, drank coffee, and played Magic the Gathering.  As the day wound down, I got to chat with each kid a little.  Benny played a bunch of VR.  Sam and Skye played Kingdomino and 5 Minute Dungeon with me for a few hours. Duncan showed me his latest video.

Sunday was a little more busy.  The leak in Duncan's ceiling returned.  I ripped out the drooping part of the ceiling over the dining room table, getting it ready for patching.  I helped Emma study for her test.  There was lots of laundry to fold and dishes to wash.

The kids' grades came in, all pretty good.  Emma got all A's.  Ben had their usual good grades, with lots of nice notes.  Duncan's grades seem to be improving - I think he really likes science and did well in that class.

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Street Tacos

December 06, 2018 by Adam in Family

I'm back home, very sleepy after a delayed flight.  I climbed into bed around 1 a.m.

The trip was generally pretty good.  I got to hang out with my old work friends Maggie and Cory, who have since moved to other companies.  We made good progress on my project - managing to get both magic file types to pass the automated tests.  We might actually pull this crazy thing off.  We also did assorted team building exercises, including a cooking competition at a local culinary school where we competed to make street tacos.  I thought our team's vegetarian option was great, but sadly we came in last.  I also enjoyed just hanging out with my team mates - it turns out one is going vegan and another loves board games.  The weather was cold and snow was everywhere.  It's nice to be home.

The kids are all doing okay.  Benny burned off half an eyebrow working on a science kit - something about electricial sparks.  Fortunately the kit had safety glasses, and the next day in science they gave a short speech to their class about the importance of safety goggles.

Emma started new classes, fortunately still having three with her friend Tevi.  She's still withholding judgement about which ones she likes, though she seems excited about her Child Development class.  I think she's volunteering at some preschools and is excited to hang out with babies.

Joanna did a fine job holding down the fort while I was away.  The leak in the roof has been repaired - now I just need to fix the cosmetic issues in the living room.  Kids were fed.  Tea was made.  Life moves on.

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Off and Away

December 03, 2018 by Adam in Family

I'm packing up and heading to the airport shortly for a visit to Salt Lake City.  I hear it's cold, so I need to remember to pack a hat.

The weekend was good.  Emma and I hung out a bunch, getting her ready for school and stringing up Christmas lights outside.  We ended up playing a bunch of Peggle, and my old Peggle skills returned.  I kept surprising Emma with my ability to bounce balls around and make near-impossible shots.

Kevin hung out with Duncan and Benny.  Duncan had a good time.  Benny had a harder time with the visit, unfortunately and ended up back home a couple times.  Tonight Kevin's coming over for dinner, which hopefully is easier for Ben.

Sam hung out with friends most of the time, though he ate with us occasionally and played Duck Game and a board game with whoever was about.  Joanna got some gardening in.  I managed to get the advent calendars up in time, if just barely.

Mocha Friday

November 30, 2018 by Adam in Family

I'm starting in on the work day as the kids go off to their last day of school. Emma survived her finals and has some new classes next term - Earth and Space Science, Child Development, and a few others.  Duncan's new class is Robotics.

I had a nice coffee with mom yesterday.  My heart calcium test returned - I'm just fine as I suspected.  Joanna gave notice at her office and is thinking through her business' next steps.  Work is coming along nicely - I passed one of the two certifications for the first time, though admittedly it was just a test run and the easier of the two.

I've got to get ready for my trip this weekend.  There are also endless Christmas decorations to put up.  Duncan and Benny are hanging out with their dad over this weekend, which hopefully goes well.  I'm hoping for some library runs and hang out time.

Into the Weekend

November 29, 2018 by Adam in Family

It's not quite Mocha Friday, though I'm heading out for coffee with mom this morning.  It's been a pretty quiet week.  I took dad's car to the car lot to be sold, freeing up some driveway space.  We had the leak in the roof looked at, and we'll hopefully get the roof vents replaced soon.  The main floor toilet and upstairs shower knobs were replaced.  Joanna's been doing a good job maintaining our lovely and historic home.

Work is chugging along - I'm trying not to get too attached on whether or not we'll actually make our deadlines.  I snuck in some work on my old project as I wait for data for my new one.

Jamie's on vacation this weekend so Emma's hanging out with us for the next few days as she finishes up the term.  Kevin is in town, so Duncan and Benny were likely spending a fair amount of time with them.  I'm hoping Joanna and I can have some hang out time, as our date night was thwarted last night.


November 29, 2018 by Adam in Sam

Sam turned twenty earlier this week.  There's something special about the two decade milestone, though we couldn't think of anything special about the age from a legal perspective.  I got him some clothes and camping gear, which seemed to be well received.  Long gone are the days when I could just get him video games and Legos.

Back to Work

November 26, 2018 by Adam in Family

I've returned to work after my week off.  I kinda remember how to type on the keyboard and make things happen.  I've got a full week, then I'm off to Salt Lake City again next week.  

Sam and mom made it back home, both seeming pretty wiped out.  Joanna and I had our kissaversary yesterday, where I gave her a book I made from scratch, complete with pictures of us together.  I think I scored bonus husband points for that one.  We took Emma, Duncan, and Benny off on a hike through brambles and mud around Moon Mountain.  I've been trying to explore new places more often these days.

Sam is officially 20 today, dropping us down to two teenagers in the house.  It's funny to think that two decades ago everyone was hanging out in the hospital waiting room, eating turkey and waiting for Sam to be born.

Black Friday

November 24, 2018 by Adam in Family

My week off work is coming to a close.  Thanksgiving was a small, but pleasant affair.  Joanna cooked up a storm, feeding Jenny and her family, along with Bob who seemed in good spirits.  We ate and chatted until people had to go to their next event.  Joanna went for a walk and visited friends.  Emma and I continued our Lord of the Rings marathon and finished the Two Towers.  I think Gimli has grown on her.

Today has been pretty low key.  Joanna tried to do her normal exercise and work routine.  I fed kids breakfast and generally moved them through the day's routine, getting them doing homework as much as I could manage.  Finals are next week for Emma, so she has her final art project and various tests to study for.  She's getting all A's, but her AP US History grade is a little on the low side.

We have a leak right over the living room table, likely due to some issue with the roof and the recent storm.  Hopefully it's an easy fix.

Tomorrow I go in for a calcium test for my heart, as my doctor wants to decide if I should go on statins or not.  Such is the result of higher than normal cholesterol scores at my advanced age.  Hopefully it's fine and I can do nothing.

Sam and mom are in Utah, heading back from Thanksgiving with Seraph and family.  I think they both had a good time.  Sam reports really enjoying the landscape.  As his longest driving before now was just an hour, this should be quite a bit of experience doing road trips.

Prepping for Thanksgiving

November 22, 2018 by Adam in Family

I made a pie today.  And played way too much Hollow Knight.  But the pie made it a productive day.

I've been doing a mix of house projects and video games the last couple days I've had off work.  The weekend was hanging out with Emma, watching yet more Lord of the Rings, and having her drive to her mom's house for the first time.  Duncan, Ben, Joanna, and I went for a hike on Ridgeline Trail late Sunday - it was good to get the stick blowed off us.  Both Joanna and I were feeling under the weather, though I'm starting to feel pretty good again.

In terms of house projects, it's been nice to accomplish all the little things I never have time for.  I changed the bulb in the driveway light.  I cleaned out the basement closet, producing three big tubs of electronics to donate.  I went through all the nerd stuff that accumulated from a year's worth of Loot Crate and got it ready to give to Jordan.  Hopefully he enjoys it.

But I made pie, so it's all okay.

Mocha Friday

November 16, 2018 by Adam in Family

I'm working away at my morning mocha.  It's a short day for me - the Salt Lake City office shuts down and they're all going to the latest Harry Potter movie.  I could theoretically take anyone who wants to the movie, but enthusiasm seems to be low.  Maybe I'll go play cards with Emma in a coffee shop or something, as she gets out of school early too.  Next week I'm off work entirely, which will likely be a mix of house projects, video games, and hiking with Joanna.  Should be pleasant.

I talked to Sam last night.  He and mom and driving back after Thanksgiving.  Sam also accidentally dropped a pipe on his little toe, which he wasn't sure was broken - he may just tape it and do the usual ice/Ibuprophen route.  Otherwise he seems to be having a good time hanging out with Seraph and Isa and all.  He sleeps in a bed with assorted cats and dogs.  The door to the bathroom next to him apparently stops at his neck.  Apparently the houses they build a hundred years ago were all hobbit houses.

Ben and Emma were both working on homework until very late last night.  Joanna had a touch of a headache and I woke up at two with one as well and grabbed some Advil.  A week off work sounds lovely.

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