VR Sam

February 20, 2017 by Adam in Sam

Sam started his senior project today, a work study project at the U of O's psychology department.  Isa and Emma came along, to offer moral support and try out the VR demo.  We met Bill Troyer, who was setting up the psychology experiment - it involved the Oculus Rift and taking measurements.  Sam's going to be working with familiar Unity and writing some code to save data out to a file.

Bill let us all try out the demos, which were pretty cool.  There's a real sense of presence that's hard to describe.  Then we were put through the psych experiment itself, which was fairly disorienting.  Essentially moving our head did nothing to change the view, and then our view was moved around back and forth.  It was hard to stay upright.

Sam's 18th Birthday

November 26, 2016 by Adam in Sam

We threw a birthday breakfast for Sam this morning.  I snuck out of the house to get various goodies for his 18th birthday and Emma's half birthday.  We sung songs and then they blew out candles.

I think Sam liked his presents.  The big one was  a new phone from Joanna and I, an Isa collage from Berry, a BBQ making kit from Emma, and a dream journal from Duncan.

It's a little weird having an adult child, hitting yet another of life's milestones.

Hot Sauce

September 25, 2016 by Adam in Sam

Emma got Sam a hot sauce making kit for Christmas and we rediscovered it when cleaning up the kitchen this weekend.  Both Sam and Emma were enthusiastic about making some, so they worked away for an hour with the end result being three bottles labeled "Please Help Me God."  I was part of the tasting process and can attest to the validity of the labeling.

Sam's School Photo

September 10, 2016 by Adam in Sam

Joanna wrangled Sam's school picture off the Lifetouch web site and sent it my way. 

He's doing a little better with school, though the homework is somewhat crushing.  I think he's going to drop his computer class so he can keep up with all his AP classes.

Sam's First Words

August 13, 2016 by Adam in Sam

This old page of Sam's first words somehow got lost in the shuffle a few site upgrades ago.  I found an old backup and recreated it.  Sam and Isa had a good time listening to each of them this morning.  Afterwards they moved on to baby videos.


November 28, 2015 by Adam in Sam

Sam is officially 17.  He's been surprisingly cheerful as of late and occasionally providing wise advice to his siblings.  Sam keeps getting better with age it seems.

Joanna found a brain mold and made peanut butter cheesecake for him.  It was appreciated.

Farewell Istanbul

August 05, 2015 by Adam in Sam

I Skyped with Sam this morning, late in the day Istanbul time.  He and my mom and returning home tomorrow, waking up at 3 a.m. and arriving in Portland around noon.

It sounds like they finally got the hang of Turkey over the last few days.  After seeing the sights of Istanbul, they flew to a coastal town to visit an old Roman city and swim in the Aegean sea.  Sam reports that he swam with fish and found a sealed package of cookies in the ocean, which was exceedingly tasty.  I think the two of them had a great time.

Sam In Istanbul

August 03, 2015 by Adam in Sam

I haven't heard much from Sam and mom in Turkey the last couple days.  I presume all is generally well.  They were talking about taking a flight to a nearby town for a few days.  Either way, they should be flying back Thursday assuming all goes well.


July 29, 2015 by Adam in Sam

I Skyped with Sam and my mom in Istanbul last night.  They were all adjusting to the time change, despite some calls coming into my mom's phone the night before.  They had a full day in Amsterdam, visiting a couple museums and seeing some of the more famous paintings.  For their first day in Istanbul they spent it at the Mall of Istanbul, which has cyclopes and apparently a cartoon explaining the roller coaster in the middle.

It was nice to see them and chat away, reassuring my parental worry.  Sam's learned the Turkish word for SALE so far.  They were up and drinking coffee as I got ready for bed.  The air is warm and humid, though it'll be hotter in Eugene today.

Today they head into the old city, staying somewhere that hopefully has WiFi.  After a few days of seeing the sights, I think the plan is to fly over to a coastal city, making the jump from Europe to Asia.  I hope they have a great time.

Knee Updates

March 19, 2015 by Adam in Sam

I took Sam into Slocum this morning where he was generally given a clean bill of health.  It sounds like his knee continues to be sore in some situations.  The doctor was a little worried about the knee cap slipping again, but thought that continued exercise was a good idea.  I suspect carefully pushing himself for the next six months or so will take care of most of the issues.

He did drop his team sports class for this term and expressed an interest in running.  Maybe I can convince him to go jogging with me on occasion.

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