December 17, 2018 by Adam in Jenny

Jenny and Jordan were in Annie this year, Jenny playing the mean orphanage owner and Jordan the wealthy adopter of children.  They were great.

Jordan's Birthday

August 24, 2015 by Adam in Jenny

We had a great time at Jordan's birthday party.  Water balloons were thrown.  Cake was eaten.  We all had a good time.


September 24, 2010 by Jenny in Jenny

Well on a sad note..Millers lost to Marist 32/26.this is our first loss of the season..those boys did an amazing job..we almost won..edge of ur set kind of game..Destin didn't see any playing time..but he was ok with only played the top 25..we have 42 kids on the team..crazy big.The boys just wanted to win..Well i just got done taken both boys to school..and getting ready to head to the gym for my fifth class of the week..ZUMBA is the name..Im sorry the hear that the Team adam is not feeling so well..I hope you are all taking multivitams..Jordan came home earily yesterday not feeling good..after two multis, a vit C..and a good night of rest he was off to school..I'm starting both kids on daily vit for the next 5 months. New RX is 2 x gummi vit & vit c 500mg daily..and lots of love..can't go wrong with that...hope every one has a great friday.


September 23, 2010 by Jenny in Jenny

Well my morning started off well. Destin finally has his own alarm he was up and in the shower at 6:30..Today is game day..We play Marist at 6: 00 pm if anyone would like to go...this is going to be a hard one..we are 2-0..They i came home after dropping Des off..then got Jordan up and sat down for breakfast..after dropping Jordan off at school..i went to the gym..fourth day in a row and took a kick boxing class..that is the best way to releave stress. Now i have to run over to the rental house and hang up curtins..Well just wanted to say all is good..wish us luck tonight..GO MILLERS..for those of you who don't know Destins football team is the MILLERS..good name.

Yea Destin

September 22, 2010 by Jenny in Jenny

Yea Destin..was typing..when i was working..what else is new..all i can say is WOW.the good news is he loves school.


September 22, 2010 by Jenny in Jenny all it's really me. I finally have some time on my So first off i want to say thanks to every one for the words of encouragement. I would have to say the first few day were rough.but with words from all my family and pampering from Jordan..i made it threw.. So to fill every one in..Let start with the boys. Destin 14 aka..the football rock at practice he got the ball and it took 6 kids to take him down. Jordan who still continues to go to his dad's house just got home..they have a new puppy..her name is peirre... (Destin speaking) jordan does school and not sports as usauall, he plays golf wich isnt even a physicaly demanding sport so i dont know about that. Im still pretty awesome, and handsome but i mean come on, when am i not awesome and devilishly good looking. im playing Miller Football wich is amazing like me and im amazing at it because i am. in my mind im the MVP but in reality i am to everybody just doesnt know it yet, but they WILL see. (wow i just read what my mom said at the top "LOL" really? i mean come on mom please something more creative maybe?) Im lovin high school the lunch is hot but the chicks are hotter. everybody loves everybody and its really kool, ALOT better than middle school if i do say so myself. I look forward to everyday of it and only look back on those best days. Oh and Adam, it would be awesome if i could have my own family link posty thing so i do stuff like this exept on my own koolio page. (Mom Speaking) Love to all im going to try to start posting more seeing to it that i have more time on my awesome hands that i should be feeding my favorite son with right now (:

Generic Heading

April 09, 2009 by Jamie in Jenny

I think Jenny meant to say Isa, not Emma ;-)

Hello to every one

April 09, 2009 by Jenny in Jenny

Hello to every one. Hey now that i have a new computer that works, things are good. The bad thing is that dad's computer doesn't work yet so he's always on here. Hey Seraph if you read this, Dad is leaving on 4-15-09. I was just wondering if you would be here on the night of the 14. If you are we would love to have you for dinner. Maybe dad could come pick u and Emma up and get the table. I also wanted to see if you and Emma wanted to come stay with me and the boys? We have plenty of room.

I got a new job, dr bob is in the past, i now...

July 14, 2007 by Jenny in Jenny

I got a new job, dr bob is in the past, i now work for dr huling, and let me tell u he is a its a wounderful is now relaxed so i'll be in touch. Seraph i would like to send dez up for a week over the summer let me know what works? All our love to sll. life is so great now.


January 23, 2007 by Jenny in Jenny

Well i'm glad to hear that bob made it threw surgery, please keep us update on things.

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