Time flies,it was a week ago today that I wen...

February 10, 2005 by Hanni in Hanni

Time flies,it was a week ago today that I went to Portland to visit with Robbie, Seraph and Isabell.Friday morning Isabell and I took off for Eugene. After arriving here we had to have lunch at Isabell's favorite place, Burger King.Since I also had to go grocery shopping,I had Isabell write the grocery list for me. I spelled the words for her and she wrote them down. Pretty impressive for a four-year-old. Saturday morning was a beautiful sunny warm day,so we walked to the park and played there most of the morning.In the afternoon we drove to Destin's birthday party,where the kids had a lot of fun. Grandma Susi took Isabell home with her after the party for a sleepover and also drove her back home to Portland Sunday morning. So we all had a wonderful weekend

Robbie and Isabell came to spent the weekend ...

December 13, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

Robbie and Isabell came to spent the weekend in Eugene. Seraph had to stay home to work on her finals project.I had cooked a wonderful beef stew in the crockpot and made some garlic bread, which lasted us all through the weekend, as I had counted on Seraph coming to help us eat it. Saturday morning we spent shopping for Robbies' school project. Then headed out to the tree farm where we met Sue and Adam for our usual tree cutting. The rain had actually stopped for us, so we had a wonderful time searching for our perfect tree. Isabell at first was intimidated by all the mushrooms around the trees,thinking they were evil spirits, Adam and Robbie encouraged that thought in her, mean guys! But she soon got over it and had fun squashing them with her feet. On our way home we stopped by our favorite little restaurant and had hot chocholate and the best hamburger I had in a long time. Now we had enough energie again to unload our trees when we got home and even had time to set up my tree. Isabell was in heaven helping to decorate. She also set up a little tree in "her" room on her table, Which she decided to take home with her. It was a very fullfilling weekend, thanks to little Isabell.

Happy Birthday, Seraph! 'Thought I wake up ea...

November 10, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

Happy Birthday, Seraph! 'Thought I wake up early enough to call you before you to took off to school. But since you leave in the wee hours in the morning when it is still dark, 7:30 AM was too late. All of us had a wonderful weekend celebrating your 28. Birthday,( I think I can still mention your age ?)first at my house and then the next day, Sunday, with your whole family at your Mom's house. There was so much talking going on around the dining room table that Isabell held her ears closed and ask us not to talk so loud, when actually her voice was several octaves louder than ours when she was expressing her opinion. I guess it is hard for a small child, who is the happiest in a one on one situation, to sit among a large group of people who jabber about all kinds of 'nonesense' she could not comprehend. Just putting myself into that situation as a child I can understand why she felt that way.I have been in a situation among Spanish speaking people when they debated about some thing I didn't understand, and I got the impression they were all mad at each other when that wasn't the case, but I felt like holding my ears shut.

Well, Isabell and I had a long wonderful and ...

October 14, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

Well, Isabell and I had a long wonderful and busy weekend together. Seraph brought her to Eugene Friday morning and I took her back yesterday. We did a lot of learning and play projects. In fact we never took time out for a real nap, only resting time while we read books. Of course we made our trip to the library Saturday morning for the Children's Hour, but Isabell decided she rather look at books and bring some home. We visited our wonderful park every day and of course the highlight was our trip Sunday on the hayride to the pumpkin patch with her Grandma Susi. And Isabell got to spent the the rest of the afternoon and the night with her at her house. Sue even cancelled an appointment with a client the next morning because she promised Isabell before hand that she would take her for a hot chocolate in the morning, and Isabell never forgets. What we don't do for our grandchildren. Friday night I told Isabell that I had to take time out to listen to the debates and promised her that I would take her for a lang walk afterwards. It was pouring buckets after the debates, but there was no backing out. We put our rain gear on and walked four times around the block, while Isabell told me about all the animals that people eat and what other food items they provide. I have no idea how she even thought of that topic, but she never quit talking about it until we got to the front door.

It was fun having Robbie,Seraph and Isabell a...

October 01, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

It was fun having Robbie,Seraph and Isabell at my house last weekend. Saturday morning Seraph and I painted the back of my house and Seraph also washed the front posts that were only dirty and didn't need any paint. Isabell decided she wanted to help, so we gave her a small roller to paint. She did beautifully until she started to paint the white trim with the dark house color.That's when Robbie thought it best to take her to the library for the childrens hour.After we did our outdoor chores Seraph got on the computer and I folded laundry, when I heard Seraph screaming.Well she found her grades, 3.9, which she can really be proud of.Congratulation Seraph!!We are all proud of you!

It was a great and busy weekend for evey one ...

July 26, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

It was a great and busy weekend for evey one in the family. Robbie, Seraph and Isabell came Friday, spent one night at my house, then moved to Grandma Susi's house for the next night. Robbie and I entertained Isabell while Serraph spent hours doing her homework. But we did get some conversation time in over dinner and big breakfast with Seraph. Of course the highlight was Sunday at Jenny's house for Sue's and Adam's Birthday party. Jenny really knows how to barbeque, It was delicious!!!

All went well Friday at Jenny's house

July 19, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

All went well Friday at Jenny's house. When I arrived at nine Yayoe was reading a book to Jordan, while Destin was in his room playing video games, and the cat was jumping merrily all over the house, just waiting for some thing to move so she can jump on it. A very quiet atmosphere. I kept Jordan occupied for a while with a wooden train puzzle I got for Isabell a long time ago. I was pleasantly surprised how well he did on his own without any help from me. He instantly reckonized where the shapes belonged. When I mentioned to Jenny later how smart I thought he was, she said:" I know, but he don't talk." Doesn't that remind you of a cereal advertisement ? When Destin got hungry for lunch he wanted chicken noodle soup. So, I hunted for a can of soup and found it. Even Jordan liked it. As you can see all went well, I didn't have to use my stick.Ha,ha !

It's been a while since you heard from me

July 15, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

It's been a while since you heard from me. Tomorrow, a week ago I came back from Portland, helping to take Isabell to summer camp. While there we found a very nice place for her to stay in the mornings, while Robbie works and Seraph goes to school. Isabell liked the place so well she wanted to stay. But this week she is going to summer camp at Robbie's school. Tomorrow Yayoe and I are taking shifts caring for Destin and Jordan, while Jenny works. That should be fun. Ha,ha!

It was fun having Robbie and Isabell here ove...

June 28, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

It was fun having Robbie and Isabell here over the weekend.
Isabell had so much fun camping out with her Daddy and old
friends at the Harry Potter outing at the Harrisburg church
ground. But they were glad to sleep in a real bed the next night.Both of them slept until nine Sunday morning. We finally took Isabell to the new playground by me. They have some amazing structures to climb on. After playing there we built up a real appetite and went to eat. Then it
was time for them to go back to Portland to see'Mommy'.

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June 21, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

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