Tech Support

November 24, 2017 by Adam in Adam's Games

I had an email about my old Neverwinter Nights games, someone having problems getting through a locked door.  I hadn't opened up the game in over eight years, so it took some effort to get it installed, my modules setup, and a workaround tested.  It was pretty nostalgic being killed off and hearing my own voice as Death as we chatted about the afterlife.

The game itself is somewhat aged at this point, but had lots of innovations.  I should play through it one of these days.

TV Tropes

September 29, 2017 by Adam in Adam's Games

Apparently my Neverwinter Nights Dark Waters mod has a TV Tropes entry. I think I'm flattered.

Virtual Adventures

September 14, 2017 by Adam in Adam's Games

We went to a place in town called multiVRse, which has a bunch of Vive VR headsets you can rent by the hour.  I took Sam and Duncan for our first VR experience.  

I think we were all somewhat flabbergasted by the experience.  Pretty quickly we forgot we were in what was essentially an office.  Soon we were petting robot dogs, firing bows at cartoon people invading our castle, and practicing robot repair in a Portal-themed universe.  Afterward we tried out Rec Room and went on an adventure with swords, bows, and giant roman candles, clearing out a cartoon forest of cartoon monsters.  The multiplayer aspect was pretty cool, watching the others dodge fireballs or crouch on the floor firing bows.  We finished up our hour playing paintball.  Duncan wants to go back again this Saturday for more.

Arma 3

June 24, 2017 by Adam in Adam's Games

Arma 3 is the latest in the realistic military genre.  Sam and I picked up some DLC called Apex Protocol, wandering through the island jungles of the Pacific fighting assorted low and high tech enemies.  We had a pretty good time, along with some comedic moments.  I captured the highlights for perpetuity.

Dishonored 2

June 03, 2017 by Adam in Adam's Games

I finished Dishonored 2 today, going for a semi-stealthy generally peaceful run.  I ended up with a lot of unconscious bodies piled about, sometimes in comedic ways.  I'm ready to try different games for a while, such as the space sim Stellaris that arrived in my Humble Monthly Bundle recently.  I hear the time-stopping Super Hot is good too.

X-Com 2

February 17, 2017 by Adam in Adam's Games

I finished up X-Com 2 earlier this week.  It was generally satisfying, with some interesting tweaks to a familiar formula.  These days Emma and I are playing through Divinity: Original Sin, which has great co-op.  The new Torment game that I kickstarted a couple years ago is finally coming out.  Hopefully it lives up to the old Planescape: Torment game from twenty years ago.

Another Game Update

January 16, 2017 by Adam in Adam's Games

I finished up Witcher 3, or at least got to the point where the main quest was finished and I felt pretty satsfied.  There were endless little quests scattered around, but none that felt that important.  It was a fine end to a great series.

The kids had fun watching me dig up Surgeon Simulator, mostly because I played so badly.  Emma and I played through Trine 3, which was great but far too short.  I picked up a Telltale game for cheap - Tales From the Borderlands.

Finally, I got X-Com 2 a couple days ago.  It's different enough that there are some surprises, yet still has that same feel.  I gave my soldiers names of everyone in the family, which means I have to reload when they die.

Video Game Round Up

December 14, 2016 by Adam in Adam's Games

I've been slowly playing Witcher 3, which is slowly wrapping up.  It's generally been pretty great, and I'm sad to see the series finally end.  Still, it's a good send-off, and I'm savoring it while it lasts.

The Jackbox games are a mainstay at our house.  Sam continues to work on his own video game, which is fun to help him with.

I've been spending a fair amount of free time learning things - Angular 2, advanced security concepts, and so on.  My brain does get full and need distractions occasionally.

Jackbox Games

November 13, 2016 by Adam in Adam's Games

We continue to play the Jackbox Party Pack 3 games, often bringing in various hangers on like Isa and Flynn.  This is probably the best of the party packs, as all the games are well polished and high quality.  My favorite is still Tee KO, but Fakin' It turned out to be well loved by the kids.  I had fun playing Trivia Murder Party, though I have an unfair advantage against the kids with my wealth of pointless knowledge.

I keep working through the Witcher 3 DLC. As Sam pointed out, it's mostly an interactive story with some light combat and roleplaying, but the stories are generally compelling. I think I have a little more time with the first DLC and then it's off to the next one which is considered the best of the two.

More Tee KO

November 06, 2016 by Adam in Adam's Games

We played more Tee KO tonight after dinner with the kids.  My shirt won - the art was Duncan's and the phrase was Joanna's.

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