Ah, Corporations

November 07, 2023 by Adam in Adam

Work had layoffs yesterday.  I still have my job, though a number of my coworkers were not as lucky.  Not sure who I'll be reporting to starting today or what we'll be working on.  Having done this before, I'm feeling the expected survivor's guilt and trying to figure out my next steps.

Old Friends

August 29, 2023 by Adam in Adam

It was the late 80's and I was living with my girlfriend Rachel and our mutual friend BJ in a house by the fairgrounds.  We'd collectively hang out with Rachel's brother Jason, her friend Bridget, and a family friend Colin as we were all roughly the same age.  Though Rachel and I broke up, I kept her brother - Jason, Colin and I swam at Fall Creek, played Car Wars and Cyberpunk 2020, saw Akira in the theater, played early PC games, and generally had a great time.

Now Jason and Bridget are married with two girls.  Colin and his wife Suzanna live in Germany with their two boys.  Last night we descended on the Beer Stein for Colin's birthday to celebrate and wax nostalgic for old times.  Jo came along and patiently listened to our in jokes and references to mischief we got up to long ago.  Colin and BJ's parents were there too, the generation ahead of us, slowly getting older.  Some of them I haven't seen in thirty years.  It was a lovely, wistful night.


December 01, 2021 by Adam in Adam

I didn't take a picture of myself this time, but I drove out to a Springfield Wallgreens, waited forever, and got my Pfizer booster shot.  So far I feel fine, though I may try and go a little slow today.  Glad I got it taken care of.

Suck it, Omicron variant!

Second Dose

May 06, 2021 by Adam in Adam

And today I had my second dose.  I feel a little funny, but nothing too bad.  Same person at Wallgreens - he made some comment that everyone he was seeing today was getting their second shot.  It's nice to finally get to the end of this thing, though theoretically it'll be a couple more weeks until we can go out into the world.

Work's been a little stressful lately.  Our team has been asked to shrink by two people, which is quite a bit from our current five.  There are good openings within the company and there's a reasonable chance I'll stay where I am, but it still means our team is going to change.  I've really grown to appreciate the people I work with - work has kept me sane this last year and has been one of the few things that has been relatively stable and calm.

The Beginning of the End

April 08, 2021 by Adam in Adam

Just got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

Web Services Reunion

December 29, 2020 by Adam in Adam

My old friend and coworker Dave organized a Zoom call with much of the old Web Services Team from my PeaceHealth days.  It was great to catch up with everyone, though vaguely terrifying how much older everyone's kids are now.  Time passes quickly.  I also heard through Kate that Kai is moving back to Eugene with her family.  I still remember Kate and Kai hanging out around the house with Seraph when I was twelve.

Work Christmas Parties

December 18, 2020 by Adam in Adam

We had a Zoom Christmas Party at work today where we shared pictures of things we appreciated, followed by Jackbox games.  I posted a picture of Data being washed and looking resigned, which nicely summed up the year.  Jackbox was great fun and I enjoyed the creativity of my teammates.  Tim and I apparently think alike.

Beard Removal

November 30, 2020 by Adam in Adam

The cat woke me up Sunday morning, followed by my week-old facial hair keeping me from getting back to sleep.   That was the last straw and I promised Emma she could shave off my beard in ever-amusing shapes.  First was goatee and chops, then a simple goatee, then a series of moustaches.  Joanna thought the goatee was acceptable, but promised she'd shave off any moustache in my sleep.  Based on my inability to sleep, I'm not sure I'll have facial hair returning any time soon.

I'm Old

August 26, 2020 by Adam in Adam

I got my AARP card in the mail the other day.  I guess that means I'm now a stodgy old man who needs to hike up his pants and yell at kids to get off my lawn.  I haven't even picked out suspenders yet.

Virtual Face to Face

December 04, 2019 by Adam in Adam

Instead of traveling to Salt Lake City this week, we've been having a virtual face-to-face.  It's worked relatively well and I appreciate being at home.  This morning I was tasked with hosting a Jackbox session, so we played Bracketeering and TKO.  They both worked out quite well and the winning t-shirt used my art.

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