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Grandma Black and her sister Stella

Date: 1/1/1982
Subject: Portrait
Description: Hand colored tintype Original image size: 2 7/16" x 3 11/16" Nancy Myrtle Lurhing Black was Lohring and Danica Miller's great grandmother. There is a paper accompanying this tintype written in Myrtle Black's handwriting. One side has a list of names with birth dates. The other has a list of names with death dates. At this point the only names anyone recognizes are Myrtle Luhring and her sister. (Dorothy surmises that the others might be cousins) Nancy Myrtle Lurhing - Sept., 19, 1879 Ora Estella Luhring - Jan. 26, 1878 On the outside of the envelope in Marie Black Brennen's handwriting is the inscription: "Grandma Black (Myrtle Luhring) and her sister Stella. Taken about 1875" This date is, of course, incorrect, as Myrtle wasn't born until 1879. My guess is it was taken around 1882 or 83, as Myrtle looks to be about 3 or 4. In an early attempt at recreating a matriarchy, Lohring Sherman Miller was named by his mother for his parents' great-great grandmothers. Of course it was their patriarchal family names that were used. Hard to buck cultural traditions even with the best intentions! Dorothy didn't think to ask about the spelling, which is how Luhring (evidently pronounced something closer to lo-ring than lure-ring in W. Penna.) was converted to Lohring.
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