Sam is loving swim class

January 27, 2000 by Jamie in Sam

Sam is loving swim class..wants to swim right out of my arms before he even knows how to hold his breath underwater! He definitely has not learned to fear the water yet. Last week when I handed Sam a cracker, he actually said "Thank You". I got so excited that now he says Thank You all the time. Probably won't last long :-) Sam is very active and interested in "helping" everyone (cooking, cleaning and of course getting into everything!) We are looking forward to playing outside this summer, and visiting the zoo. Sam loves his "Animals" book, and I know he will be excited to see all those pictures come to life.

Adam made a list of all the words Sam can say, and it looks like he's over 50, and only 14 months old! (I have a feeling this kid talks too much) He's begun making two word sentences, and he's getting better at imitating some of the harder words with many syllables (i.e. kangaroo) He loves swimming, so I have signed us up for swim classes beginning February. He also enjoys the freedom of walking outside, hands and face into big mud puddles, even.

We're taking Sam swimming today

January 15, 2000 by Adam in Sam

We're taking Sam swimming today. He's gone a couple times before, though this will be the first time I go with him. Evidently he has a great time, smiling and laughing and dunking his own head into the water. It's nice that Sam's starting to do things that we enjoy too.

Sam's been growing on all fronts. He knows even more words. He's better at manipulating objects and getting around the house. He seems to understand what we ask him much better. His bedtime has even moved from 7 pm to 8 pm. It's all pretty amazing.

New Years Day came and went

January 04, 2000 by Adam in Family

New Years Day came and went. Pretty boring altogether. Since I work in the world of computers, I was on call and everyone was on their toes. Nothing happened.

Sam's been growing by the minute. What use to be "ein" is now "I dn know". He's also developed quite a hunkering for tofu pate (which he calls "dip"). The other morning, he crawled out of bed, on to the couch at the base of the bed, down to the floor, down the stairs, and walked into the kitchen. He pointed at the refrigerator and asked "dip?" It's probably a bad sign when the first thing he wants in the morning is tofu pate.

On the computer game front, I've hit a bit of...

January 04, 2000 by Adam in Adam's Games

On the computer game front, I've hit a bit of a lull. I finished Planescape (quite good), uninstalled Ultima 9 (too buggy), and made it through Opposing Force (short, but sweet). At the moment, I'm just waiting for the next games to come out. High on my list are Diablo II, Icewind Dale, and Baldur's Gate 2.

I'm trying hard to get all my investments sor...

January 04, 2000 by Adam in Adam's Projects

I'm trying hard to get all my investments sorted out. I'm only 30, but it's pretty clear to me that investing for the future is where it's at. I may even start buying individual stocks.

Sam's so active these days

January 04, 2000 by Adam in Sam

Sam's so active these days. We've lost count of the number of words he knows. He's very good at understanding what you're saying as well. You can ask him to get things, push things, put things in other things, and generally manipulate the world. Great fun.

He definately goes through phases as well. For awhile, he just wanted to play with balls. Next, it was bubbles. Now he likes to push buttons on things (e.g. the remote control, his singing Ernie doll, and the microwave). He's discovered that there are all these things that his parents do, and he wants to do them too.

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