A couple new, great games have recently been ...

June 30, 2000 by Adam in Adam's Games

A couple new, great games have recently been released: Deus Ex and Icewind Dale.

Deus Ex is like System Shock, with elements of Half-Life and the X-Files thrown in. It's very much a first person thinker game, with lots of ways to accomplish goals. In one case, I had to get in to a penthouse apartment. I could blow up or lock pick the back entrance on the apartment floor below. I could hack into the hotel's computer system and open up the service elevator to the roof. From the roof, I could break the skylight and jump in shooting, or bypass the security door.

Icewind Dale is more of a dungeon crawl using the Baldur's Gate engine. I played last night with Josh, my 9 year-old nephew, and had a great time. We gathered our brave band together to investigate why the supply caravan was lost. We found a group of orcs and avenged the lost merchants. Great fun.

We're having some troubles around sleep for Sam

June 30, 2000 by Adam in Sam

We're having some troubles around sleep for Sam. We've all been sick the last few weeks, so he ended up sleeping with us for lots of that time. Unfortunately, he's used to it now, plus his bed time shifted to 9 pm. It's pretty hard putting him to bed and hearing "Moma, up. No nap. Up please. Downstairs. No nap." between bouts of crying.

We're finally up and running with our new dom...

June 28, 2000 by Adam in Family

We're finally up and running with our new domain name, server, and news script. This should hopefully make life easier (before we had to break out various programs and be connected from home in order to post).

The funny story of the month involves a strange smell that came from our back yard. It was vaguely dead-animal like, so we hoped it would just go away. After another week, a plumber was summoned, who took a look under our porch and announced we had a "geyser of sewage". Evidently the previous owners had constructed a clean out plug out of an orange traffic cone, a wooden board, and some gravel. We happily shelled out $450 to get it fixed (we weren't too keen on wading around in raw sewage). The good news is that we had the best cherry crop we've ever had. Just doing my little part for recycling, I suppose.

Adam just created this very user friendly way...

June 27, 2000 by Jamie in Jamie

Adam just created this very user friendly way for me too add news to my section, so I PROMISE to be more timely with my news. For example, I have been supervising the addition of a new gate and front porch at my house this summer. So far, I've used food and beer to recruit many friends and family in this endeavor. It is going slowly, but I have a great vision for the outcome!
I have also been learning to knit, under the tutelage of Brant's girlfriend Wendy. A new thing that I have no time to do :-) (but very relaxing, I admit)
I am enjoying taking Sam to swimming lessons almost as much as he loves swimming...especially on these 100 degree days. Mostly, I am very busy keeping an 18 month old occupied all day. In fact, dinner calls...

Well, I finally purchased a domain name for o...

June 03, 2000 by Adam in Family

Well, I finally purchased a domain name for our site: www.adamandjamie.com. It's not actually hooked to anything, but eventually you'll be able to just remember that instead of the long weird one I now have. I'm also looking in to having a friend host our site. Should have lots more room.

Jamie's got her whole family here it seems. Darrel and her dad are over, as well as both her brothers and nephew. Fortunately, it coincides with Jamie's great gate building project, so it's working out fairly well for her.

Sam's doing well as always. He almost always talks in sentences now. A couple weeks ago he stuck his finger in the wading pool and said "gross dead fly". Too funny.

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