I think the case modification madness is fina...

September 29, 2000 by Adam in Adam's Projects

I think the case modification madness is finally over. I wrote up a little piece on the experience. I think the moral of the story is to stick to pre-fab cases whenever possible. I just don't have the time for what it takes to customize a case and do a great job.

On the up side, DSL has been working great for me. The amount of things you can do with it is phenomenal. For those with high-bandwidth connections and an enjoyment of Matrix-like gunfights, I highly recommend The Killer Bean 2. Another good site is Ad Critic.

Well, I completely revamped the site

September 28, 2000 by Adam in Family

Well, I completely revamped the site. I now have the navigation on the left and rewrote parts of the database. It's all to support more people who want to post on the site.

Initially, this was just for Sam, Jamie, and I. Later, I included my siblings. Now, it looks like I'll be "web hosting" for at least my parents, and who knows who else.

Anyone else out there who wants their own page, let me know. I'll accept chocolate as bribes . . .

Well, Baldur's Gate II made it to my computer

September 27, 2000 by Adam in Adam's Games

Well, Baldur's Gate II made it to my computer. It's somewhat amazing that I'm even finding the time to type this. It is, as expected, basically the perfect game. The story is great, the engine is improved, and it looks beautiful.

My main character, Samuel, dual-classed to a Mage from a Fighter. Last night, his Fighter skills "reactivated", so he's casting spells and dual-weilding magic longswords. It just doesn't get any better than that.

I'm sick, sick, sick

September 27, 2000 by Adam in Family

I'm sick, sick, sick. It started Saturday, a little sniffle and head ache. Unfortunately, it never went away. With a magical combination of caffiene and advil, I've made it through work on a regular basis.

Serina's over watching Sam as I type. "What's that Serina" is repeated over and over. Jamie and I are going to make dinner together just like the old days.

Well, DSL has been working great for me

September 21, 2000 by Adam in Family

Well, DSL has been working great for me. Read all about surfing the net at warp speed here.

I've also written up a little piece on my computer case modifications and the woes associated with pushing the computer style boundaries.

Baldur's Gate II ships today

September 21, 2000 by Adam in Adam's Games

Baldur's Gate II ships today. I'd like to publicly apologize to my wife and child, who I won't see as much for the next couple months.

This is the one game that ever since I played the first one, I couldn't wait for a sequel. I bought the expansion pack and played through the game 2 1/2 times. I remember naming my main character Samuel, and playing the game while Sam slept in his car seat behind me. Ah, the simple days.

The only other game I'm waiting for so diligently is Neverwinter Nights. It's another game based on D&D (a familiar and fun rule set), but this time it's designed for multiplayer, has the latest 3rd edition rules, and is all 3D. All good. That won't be out until the middle of next year, though.

Well, fast Internet access finally made it to...

September 21, 2000 by Adam in Adam

Well, fast Internet access finally made it to our house. I tried the test on QWest's site, and it worked 4 times in a row. After my fiasco earlier this year, I was doubtful, but tried once again. I quickly installed the hardware, got the ISP information, and was soon cooking with gas (so to speak).

The difference is amazing. It's noticeably faster than work, which is over a partial T1 line (though shared by all employees). I've been watching streaming video with ease and web pages pop up extremely quickly.

I've still got to figure out what to do with this thing. I could host my own server, install a web cam, or do a number of other things I couldn't even consider in the past. We'll just see what diabolical things I come up with . . .

Well, I completed my first day as a teacher's...

September 21, 2000 by Jamie in Jamie

Well, I completed my first day as a teacher's assistant at Sam's preschool. I must have done well, as the teacher, Phyllis, asked if I could be her back-up (a paid position!) No one in my charge was seriously injured, so I feel pretty good about the effort! I am involved this year as a board member of Tiny Tots cooperative, and am managing our serach for a new location (since we are being gently booted from the Friendly Street Church of God). I am also doing some fun creative projects for a family reunion in Nebraska coming up in November. I am making the invitations and a memory album for my grandmother, who will be 90 this year. I have also almost finished my first knitting project, Sadie's scarf will be keeping her warm this winter if it kills me! I'm ready to begin a new project for "the baby" (Katiana..hint, hint)

Yesterday was a very good day

September 19, 2000 by Adam in Family

Yesterday was a very good day. We got a bonus at work, the new D&D book arrived, and I got fast Internet access at home. The difference is pretty amazing - it's faster than what I have at work. There are still some fiddling things that I need to do. Only one of my computers is set up, and I've got some security things to tighten up. Still, it's impressively fast.

Jamie's birthday weekend went well

September 18, 2000 by Adam in Family

Jamie's birthday weekend went well. Her official birthday is tomorrow, but we got a bunch of family together to celebrate. Brant and Jim were teaching Sam how to put the cap back on beer bottles. Seraph and Robbie were getting ready for their house warming party next weekend. Jenny, Darren, and Destin were heading out to a monster truck rally that night.

The Eugene Celebration was this weekend too. Sam and I went to see the parade, which utterly fascinated him. Anything with drums or trucks was amazing in his eyes.

It's a baby girl! The doctor thinks we have ...

September 14, 2000 by Robbie in Cortez

It's a baby girl! The doctor thinks we have an 85 to 95 percent chance it will be a girl. I am so excited, because that is what I wanted all along. Names that we have picked so far, are Isabel (no complaints), Abigal (they hate it, or love it), and Silvia (not a fan favorite). Jamie had a dream, woke up and came up with the name Katiana. Seraph and I really like that name, and so far everyone likes it too. Seraph said that I have the final say in naming the baby, and so far I like Isabel and Katiana. If there are any other names you can think of, please tell us (only serious names will be considered).
Thank you to all who came and helped us clear "the jungle" behind our house last Sunday.

Life is frantically moving along

September 14, 2000 by Adam in Family

Life is frantically moving along. Our water heater is dying, so we quickly went out to replace it. We gave Sam too much sugar yesterday and he was bouncing off the walls. He survived a second time at preschool. I think he really likes it - he's been talking about it to me in the evenings. The new case mod is being flaky - not enough time to dedicate to it.

hello finial from us had a hard time gettting...

September 12, 2000 by Jenny in Jenny

hello finial from us had a hard time gettting this to work. Well news from us the wedding was great the day we had was more then we could ever think it could be. Well married life is treating us all very well. Darren is now working a side job and is working from 6:30 to 9:00 what a hard working husband but us at home miss him.Well destin is getting very grown up right before our eye's but kids have a way of doing that when you blink an eye, maybe time for a new baby destin really want's a brother, nothing yet on that news we will keep you posted.Seraph and robbie's chain saw party was great they are really going to have a nice yard with a few more party's needed.Well my body is very sore from that party and the couch is looking good. Destin and I are off to play chest before bed it's his new game he's into, he still win's (what a good mom to let him win-Ha-Ha) Well now that i have this posting thing working we will do it more.

Sam's starting preschool today

September 11, 2000 by Adam in Family

Sam's starting preschool today. We're a little nervous, but I'm sure it will work out. It's a parent-teacher coop. Sam will be going for 2 1/2 hours twice a week and Jamie's going to be peeking in the first few times. It'll be good for him to hang out with other kids.

I'm working on another computer case mod, this time putting everything inside a computer case. After several fits and starts, I have it up and running. A friend gave me an old sound card (I hope it fits) to finish it up. Unfortunately, the Legos are too fragile and Sam has demonstrated he can easily tear it apart. I'll keep everyone posted on the results.

Lots of excitement yesterday

September 07, 2000 by Adam in Family

Lots of excitement yesterday. Seraph called. They're 85% sure that the baby's going to be a girl. The next ultrasound might tell a bit better, which is happening in a month or so.

Also, I checked to see if DSL works for my house, and it seems to work. I tried it four times in a row successfully and spoke to a human being who said it should work. I'm checking in with my ISP, but with luck I'll be surfing the web turbo style!

After jaunting off to an Amherst class this a...

September 06, 2000 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

After jaunting off to an Amherst class this afternoon and being terribly dissapointed, I decided to instead take 20th Century Africa at Smith. The male to female ratio will be predictably low, but the class fits my interests and current needs far more than a two hour bus trip and a lackluster proffessor. Like dad as an undergrad, I have fully adopted the habit of tasting classes before diving in. In order to apply to the Botswana program for spring semester, I must take an African studies course. In order to finish Smith with a double major in sociology and psychology, I must work my ass off and think very seriously about taking my junior year abroad in a country where all psychology and sociology credits transfer to my major. So all of this planning and worrying throws me off not one bit from my mantra of balance- really. If ANYONE can give me words of wisdom about my life path at this moment, I would humbly appriciate it.

Sam is starting to get really funny

September 05, 2000 by Adam in Sam

Sam is starting to get really funny. Last night, he was crawling around the floor. "What are you doing Sam?" "Bein' a worm."

Well, we are certinally making this a "Labor"...

September 03, 2000 by Seraph in Cortez

Well, we are certinally making this a "Labor" Day weekend! Jenny and Darren have promised to come over a help conquer the backyard. It's really more of a massacer, and I feel guilty about all of the birds, squirrels and raccons we might be displacing. There's a troup of three or four raccons that have been rambeling around the neighborhood, and seem to like the big Royal Paulownia tree in our back yard, as well as munching on our apples.
We went to the Duck game yesterday, and cheered are ever fearless quackers to victory (39-7)! A little of that famous Oregon liquid sunshine and we washed them out of Autzen! Thanks again Mom and Dick for the tickets! We might send you out of town for the UO/OSU game, or for the Washington game! :)
Robbie and I are also hoping to throw a little house warming party later this month (some time after Eugene Celebration). We'll let you know!

Pretty quiet Labor Day weekend

September 03, 2000 by Adam in Family

Pretty quiet Labor Day weekend. I drank way too much coffee yesterday. Jamie made it extra strong (unknown to me) and I zipped around for a couple hours then collapsed like a wind up toy.

Sadie posted a bit about her new life. We're shopping around for preschools for Sam. Got a new dryer. I'm off to Home Depot to buy stuff to fix our leaky toilet. Ah, life.

The dream machine is complete

September 03, 2000 by Adam in Adam's Projects

The dream machine is complete. Both switches work now - one is hooked up to the rear fan. The other goes to the blue neon light.

I'm embarrased to say that I can't stop. I have the addiction. The next step involves taking my sister's old Packard Bell and a couple tubs of Legos to build a firewall (assuming I get cable some day).

The first few steps went poorly. I glued together some remaining sheets of Lucite (clear plastic). I decided that an entire case made out of it would provide no RF blockage as well as some poor heat dissipation/grouding. So, it's off to Home Depot to buy sheet metal, tin snips, and some brackets.

I'm successfully moved into my Morris single,...

September 01, 2000 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I'm successfully moved into my Morris single, and although everything is moldy from that "unexpected rain" this summer (which floded a few too many Smith basements), I'm settled and happy. I remain wary of crazy and/or neurotic people, because they throw me off balance- balance is my mantra these days. I want so much to keep the sense of wholeness of this summer that all my behavior is an intentional compensation for any bad Smith vibes. If that doesn't work, I'm applying to a Zimbabwe/Botswana abroad program for next semester, so I can just jaunt off when things get too crazed. My job is pretty' awesome, with much responsibility and time commitment, but I'm not too worried. Its just what I wanted to do last year- build house community and drag people out of the house to do cool stuff.

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