Okay, I admit it

July 31, 2001 by Adam in Adam

Okay, I admit it. I'm a Farscape fan. It's vaguely like an anti-Star Trek. The crew of the ship don't work together in harmony. They each have their competing agendas, but they're all interesting and likable. Good stories and special effects.

So, here's my short plug - get the Sci-fi channel or rent the DVDs, watch Farscape. It's good.

A good weekend so far

July 29, 2001 by Adam in Family

A good weekend so far. We went to the coast yesterday and puttered around Florence. Sam has been a wonderful kid. It may be that we're nearing the end of the terrible twos. It's been nice not to have anything terribly important to do lately. Relaxing after weeks of moving madness. Yes, there still is that leak in the bedroom ceiling, but I've given up and I'm calling a plumber on Monday.

Well I had everyone at work logged on to the ...

July 26, 2001 by Seraph in Cortez

Well I had everyone at work logged on to the web site today. Just don't tell Mom as she was out of the office at the time! Work has been good, even though Mom has been suckering me into working over at McMillan a lot this week. After a week home with Isabell, Robbie was ready to quite and be a stay-at-home dad. Who knows--maybe someday!

The "Fossil" case (as I've decided to call it...

July 25, 2001 by Adam in Adam's Projects

The "Fossil" case (as I've decided to call it) is slowly coming along. I bought a desktop computer case to use as a frame. I'm also starting to pick up the other components as deals magically appear. One of the nice things about this economic downturn is that you can get tech equipment for really cheap. I now have a case, a CD/CD-R/DVD drive, a 19" monitor, and a 5.1 speaker system on their way. I've only picked up the things that don't get obsolete quickly, and I'm waiting a few months for things like the CPU, motherboard, and graphics card.

Hopefully I can use the next few months to put the case together. Jamie and Sam are heading off to Nebraska for a week. Hopefully I can steal some of my dad's time to help me with the fun manufacturing parts.

Jamie and I had a wonderful evening to oursel...

July 25, 2001 by Adam in Family

Jamie and I had a wonderful evening to ourselves last night. We shipped Sam off to grandma's, then sat on our patio sipping wine and enjoying the weather. Every time we manage to get time to spend together, we realize how much we like each other's company. It's rare these days, but certainly understandable.

Ah, this is my last week of researching the M...

July 25, 2001 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Ah, this is my last week of researching the Mozambican revolution. Sending two months with my family was amazing, but I'm anxious to go to Africa. Somehow I can always feel two opposite things at the same time... letting go of everything- most of my clothes, my language, food, fresh water- is my goal for next semester. Yet I'd be equally happy finishing up school quietly, returning to the west coast, and reveling in the everyday indulgances of having a home. Such is life, I suppose.

We had a good birthday party for my mom on Sunday

July 24, 2001 by Adam in Family

We had a good birthday party for my mom on Sunday. The whole crew turned out to eat cake and reminisce. I spent the remainer of the day spray painting railings to the outside. Grueling work - about an hour per railing. I ended up really tired and my hands covered in paint.

Quiet day Monday. Went to work and played with Sam all evening. Lots of sword fighting with Tinker toys, a little kid computer games, some Legos, a bit of time watching the Disney Robin Hood movie, and generally acting like a two-year-old. Whew.

Yesterday was Jenny's baby shower

July 22, 2001 by Adam in Family

Yesterday was Jenny's baby shower. Everyone was there. We played all the usual baby games. Jamie and I are such a pro that we both won prizes! Woo hoo! Jenny's looking pretty ready to have this kid, so I think it will happen soon.

I also went to dinner with Sadie last night. It was wonderful spending time with just her, as it's pretty rare. I realized I hadn't spent tine alone with Sadie for nearly a year. I also realized that it's been a long time since I was twenty, though you'd think Sam would remind me often.

Jenny is looking extremely pregnant these days

July 20, 2001 by Adam in Jenny

Jenny is looking extremely pregnant these days. She's ready to push this baby out any time now. The doctor's say she's ready any time, though the official due date isn't for several weeks. Since second babies come earlier and Destin was two weeks early, the theory is that this should be coming quickly.

For someone almost ready to deliver, Jenny is doing really well. I think she's happy to be at home for awhile now that my dad's retired. She's been spending lots of time with Destin, visiting him at school and taking him around to various places. Darren's been slaving away at their house, remodeling in preparation for the new kid.

Well, my birthday was last night and my famil...

July 20, 2001 by Adam in Family

Well, my birthday was last night and my family descended on my house. Lots of good loot, gift certificates galore, as well as rockets and garden goodies. Plus, it's always nice to see my family. This weekend promises to be family filled as well. Tomorrow is Jenny's baby shower and Sunday is my mom's birthday. Fun, fun, fun!

Happy Birthday to me! Yes, today is my birthday

July 19, 2001 by Adam in Family

Happy Birthday to me! Yes, today is my birthday. I'm pretty sure I'm 32 today, though I admit I'm starting to lose track. Not a big difference from 31, except I'm no longer odd.

We took Sam to the playground a couple days ago, where he proceeded to bury himself in the sand (or at least try). Last night was swimming night. We had a great time and he still remembers to swim around while holding onto the tube. We can start swimming lessons when he's three, so we'll have to sign him up.

Our family has been completely healthy over the last few days, and it's amazing what a difference it makes. Jamie's been smiling and has a wonderful demeanor. Sam's generally good natured. I've been drinking less coffee and Advil concoctions. It's all good.

Well, Jamie's decided to take Sam to Nebraska...

July 17, 2001 by Adam in Family

Well, Jamie's decided to take Sam to Nebraska for a week in August. I'll be a bit lonely in our big new house, but I'm sure there are endless projects to keep me busy. I've still got to cut a hole in the ceiling of one bedroom to track down a leak. Lots of painting projects too. I'm hoping to start putting together my next computer case project, so that may be a good time.

It was a pretty typical day yesterday. Sam and I rented the Black Cauldron, which amazingly didn't scare him much. We puttered around until it was time to put him to bed, leaving Jamie and I to collapse.

It's been forever since we last posted, as ou...

July 17, 2001 by Seraph in Cortez

It's been forever since we last posted, as our lives have gotten pogressivly busier these days. Isa is doing great at school--though they're still working out some bugs with her feeding schedual. I've really enjoyed working again. It's nice to be starting part time though, it's giving us all time to adjust. This week Robbie and Isa are home. Not much of a vacation for Robbie I'm afraid, but they seem to be having fun. Our yard is progressing. The drive way is still filled with mulch and dirt, and our goal is to have it nice for the shower on Saturday. Right now Robbie dumps the mulch and Isa (in the frount carrier) and I spread it. It's slow, but that's how everything goes with a 6 month old!

Sam and I went hiking up Skinner's Butte yest...

July 16, 2001 by Adam in Sam

Sam and I went hiking up Skinner's Butte yesterday. We called it "Mount Doom" and Sam was pretending he was Frodo, throwing the one ring into the volcano. We had a great time until he slipped and bonked his hands on some rocks. Not too bad, but enough to turn us around. We were chatting it up as always by the time we made it to the bottom.

Out of the blue he announced, "When I get big, I'm going to go to Star Wars and be a Stormtrooper." I explained that maybe that wasn't a good ideas, as the Stormtroopers were bad. "Okay, maybe I'll be Luke."

Josh, Dave, and I went out to see Final Fanta...

July 15, 2001 by Adam in Adam

Josh, Dave, and I went out to see Final Fantasy last night. It was an amazing movie - not from the perspective from the story, which was marginal, but the visuals and technology behind them. Though you could tell it wasn't real actors, the ability to portray reality completely digitally is slowly coming closer. In a decade or so, I may actually have the ability to display those kind of visuals on my home computer, in real-time. Simply amazing.

Busy weekend so far

July 15, 2001 by Adam in Family

Busy weekend so far. We celebrated Josh's 11th birthday on Friday. He and Sam ran around the backyard at the boy's house, pretending to be all manner of creature. I think Sam only reluctantly came home with us.

Yesterday, my mom volunteered to take Sam away and give Jamie and I some time alone. Well, we took advantage of that alone time to . . . install a new faucet, put in a doorstop and towel hanger, repack a closet, and other miscellaneous repairs. Ah, the joys of moving into a new home.

So, I'm back at home and enjoying the company...

July 13, 2001 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

So, I'm back at home and enjoying the company of family more than anyone can imagine, unless one has seen me in the euphoric stupor I wander around in after family gatherings. John Foran, my favorite sociology of revolutions professor, offered me up a research assistantship, so I'm reading about the Mozambican revolution right now. Thrilling. Sadly, one of my residents at smith died last week, and I'm still down from the news. Grief therapy was becoming a very real occupational interest, but I'm a bit uncertain now. We'll see. Preparing to head off to Botswana in a month... wish me luck.

A much better day today

July 13, 2001 by Adam in Family

A much better day today. Only minor coffee/Advil treatment was needed to get over my illness. I'm feeling much more chipper and I've had no headache or drugs this evening.

Sam and I were playing baseball in the back yard today. "Technically you don't throw balls at people," he said. I suspect the phrase "technically" comes from me. You never know how often you use a particular saying or gesture until a two-year-old parrots it back at you.

Jamie's feeling better. She picked up some new faucets to replace are aging leaky ones in the guest bathroom. Tonight she snuck out to visit a friend and browse at Barnes and Nobles.

When I came home from work last night, Sam wa...

July 12, 2001 by Adam in Sam

When I came home from work last night, Sam was in the back yard with only a shirt on. So, practically buck naked, he was wacking baseballs from his t-ball across the yard. Pretty talented for a two-year-old. Jamie watched on, obviously exhausted from watching our little creature all day.

Sam's still into Star Wars. We occasionally battle it out as Luke and Darth Vader using pillows from upstairs. I gotta get a recording of Sam saying "Give into your hate."

After much pain and suffering, I think I fina...

July 11, 2001 by Adam in Family

After much pain and suffering, I think I finally have my Internet connection set up normally again. If you can get it, I'd recommend cable instead of DSL. While there are some nice things about DSL, cable seems to work better for most folks.

On the downside, I'm sick again. What Jamie and Sam had finally made it to me. It's mostly a bad headache, so I'm going to go with my coffee and Advil cure that seems to take care of most of these things. I may go to work today, as I'm afraid of letting my week-old pile build up further.

Well, I've decided on my next case modification

July 09, 2001 by Adam in Adam's Projects

Well, I've decided on my next case modification. While in Portland, I ran across this suggestion box that was beautiful. Made of brass and hardwood, I've decided to use it an as inspiration for my new computer case. I went out and bought some accessories to begin the construction. Next stop will be to get an empty computer case and the right amount of hardwood. Plus, somehow convince my dad to help me out, as it would be nearly impossible for me to do it myself.

Well, we're at Judy's house in Portland

July 08, 2001 by Adam in Family

Well, we're at Judy's house in Portland. My suspicions were correct and we hauled Sam and our luggage north up I-5. Tonight we're staying here, then tomorrow we're off to a mysterious location. I'm betting it's a downtown Portland hotel, but I may be wrong.

We went to a bunch of antique places today. Jamie made a few good buys, but I came up empty. Perhaps later. I actually took a nap today, as I was pretty exhausted. Sam's had a great time with grandma and grandpa, especially as they bought him a bunch of Star Wars toys.

My druid went from level 15 yesterday to leve...

July 06, 2001 by Adam in Adam's Games

My druid went from level 15 yesterday to level 19 today. Pretty zippy progress. I have the first of my teleport spells, so I'm looking forward to some travel and adventure. I've been grouping with some people that have high-level characters to help us out. I'm also decked out in pretty spiffy gear. So, it's going well, though I still want to explore the game a bit more.

I downloaded the free expansion to Heart of Winter. It's pretty good quality, especially for the cost of free. No other game is capturing my attention at the moment, though I may play Max Payne later this month.

Another day of watching Sam yesterday, though...

July 06, 2001 by Adam in Family

Another day of watching Sam yesterday, though I think Jamie's illness is finally improving. Sadie came over and visited, which made watching Sam a lot easier. We spent much of the time constructing Tinkertoy swords and reenacting Star Wars scenes.

We head out for our anniversary today or tomorrow sometime. I'm pretty sure we're going to Portland, as Jamie wrote in her day planner "To mom's." Since she keeps encouraging me to read it, I don't consider it "snooping." Plus, Angie asked me, "So, are you excited to go to Jamie's mom's this weekend?" Angie is, of course, usually oblivious to secrecy.

The Fourth of July was yesterday and I manage...

July 05, 2001 by Adam in Family

The Fourth of July was yesterday and I managed to visit virtually everyone. The day started a bit off, with Jamie still sick. Sam and I hiked over the hill to visit Granda Sue clean the the rugs at the rental. Yayoe came by with a tea kettle for us. I talked to my dad on the phone for a bit. Later on, Josh and Dave came by for a visit. We spent dinner time at my mom's house, chatting with my siblings.

The fireworks were incredible. We could see the ones at the Em's stadium from our balcony perfectly. Sam was pretty amazed as well, as they're the first real fireworks he's seen.

For those of you who want the latest pictures, I added some pictures to the photo album page.

Well, I'm never sure if a toy purchase is for...

July 03, 2001 by Adam in Sam

Well, I'm never sure if a toy purchase is for Sam or I these days. I spent most of today watching Sam and we made a Toys-R-Us run. Since Sam's been getting into both Legos and Star Wars these days, we picked up a couple Star Wars Lego kits. I couldn't find Darth Vader anywhere, but we picked up Luke, Han Solo, a stormtrooper, and a Tie Fighter pilot. It's really weird - the pilot and stormtrooper don't have faces. If you take their helmets off, there's nothing there. Creepy.

Well, I finished up Throne of Baahl a couple ...

July 03, 2001 by Adam in Adam's Games

Well, I finished up Throne of Baahl a couple days ago. Great game, lots of fun. Now I find myself in a bit of a lull. I'm still playing Everquest, but it's only really fun when I'm playing with people I know. If I beef my character up a bit, I'll be able to explore a bit.

Later this month, Max Payne is coming out. It's definately a "keep Sam away from this" game, as it's basically a stylized first person shooter. Looks fun and vaguely Matrixy. I'll have to check out the reviews.

I spent most of yesterday with Sam

July 03, 2001 by Adam in Family

I spent most of yesterday with Sam. Jamie wasn't feeling too good, so I took him hiking at Mount Pisgah. He had quite a bit of fun, but got tuckered out after a half hour of running madly over the paths. The rest of the day was a bit of a blur. I remember being exhausted and taking a nap (something I almost never do). Later, Sam and I watched the Iron Giant twice (acting out scenes in the tub with Legos in between).

Still lots of things to repair around the house. It's slowly coming together. I'm trying hard not to get too excited about gardening. It's easy to just start planting willy-nilly. As Jamie keeps advising me, I should be focusing on cleaning things up and planning out the garden carefully. Sigh. Those cute little flowers at Johnson Brothers Nursery keep calling to me.

Well, I'm tired

July 02, 2001 by Jamie in Jamie

Well, I'm tired.
That pretty much sums it all up. I realize how much I depend on knowing where everything is and knowing everything works to get through my day. I picked out curtains this weekend, which actually helped make the living room much more warm and comfortable. I'm working on setting up my office/craft room on the main floor. It is a mess of paint cans right now, but I can see a nice space somewhere in the future for knitting and scrapbooking and coloring with Sam. I also worked on the sitting room upstairs, which gets a fabulous view of the sunset over the west hills.
Adam and Sam went to Pisgah to hike this morning, and I have a sore throat, so I'm going to take a hot bath and have some tea.

Sam has been saying a few really funny things...

July 01, 2001 by Adam in Sam

Sam has been saying a few really funny things:
"Do you know what's my favorite thing? Lightsabres."
"I want to watch t.v. forever."
"Everybody has scary dreams sometimes."

It's the first of July and I finally have a D...

July 01, 2001 by Adam in Family

It's the first of July and I finally have a DSL connection from home. It's not final, as I'm going to switch back to the Pond (the demonspawn at Qwest switched me to their ISP). It's not perfect either - I can read but not send mail. Sigh.

My first two days of vacation have gone well. I did a bunch of yardwork and we continue to repair and unpack. Today we picked up some chairs for our kitchen table and some heavy curtains for the living room. The only bad thing that's really happened is that I somehow hurt my hip. I feel old.

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