It has been a week where everyday felt like i...

January 31, 2003 by Seraph in Cortez

It has been a week where everyday felt like it should be Friday. Last night Isabell and I danced wildly around the living room to the Lion King soundtrack. She loves it when I get out my old tap shoes and we just go crazy! I think Robbie and I will be digging around for a pair that will fit her.
This weekend is filling up fast with fun events! Tonight we are heading over to Jim and Deb Chapman's house for dinner, and tomorrow we are going over to Jenny's for Destin's birthday. Jenny called and let me know that there will be about 30 family members there... the usual small family function! If I survive, I maight start looking forward to Mondays!

I suddenly took a turn for the better yesterday

January 31, 2003 by Adam in Adam

I suddenly took a turn for the better yesterday. Though I'm a tad sniffly, I'm feeling much better.

I had breakfast with my mom this morning. I must be getting older, as I wasn't able to finish my meal. Plus all the heavy foods are a bit much for me - I'm snacking on carrots now.

It promises to be a pleasant Friday today. Things seem fairly low-key and I've sent off most of my work to customers to comment on. Hopefully a good weekend will follow.

I'm sick, sick, sick

January 30, 2003 by Adam in Adam

I'm sick, sick, sick. Fortunately my runny nose has been quenched through the power of medication. Now I'm just a little tired as I work away this morning. Jamie and Sam seem unaffected, which is a very good thing.

Hello all

January 30, 2003 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Hello all. I have just finished a wonderful book called "The death and life of great American cities" for landscape studies. After some rearranging, I am taking a landscape studies colloquiam on urban social spaces, a landscape studies survey lecture series, urban sociology, the sociology of the arts, and engineering, policy and development. Anna and I are taking the engineering class together, incidently, but as our strengths are complimentary, I don't anticipate any competative dynamics forcing me to whip her ass at her own discipline. But that is neither here nor there. All is well, and I am fully in the groove. Northampton had a small but lively protest for peace this afternoon, which I was lucky enough to join. Much love.

Well, I just had the "Mucho Gusto" pleasure o...

January 29, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

Well, I just had the "Mucho Gusto" pleasure of having lunch with Sam and Jam and Emma, who made her presence known at least in spirit. Sam and I had a delightful trip back to the office imagining all the things which might surprise Josh if they happened. I made Sam stop imagining falls into hot lava and being run over by a pickup truck. Sorry, Josh!

If pervious posting true- sorry about the bra...

January 28, 2003 by Jamie in Emma

If pervious posting true- sorry about the brains part, Emma! I'm blaming the TWO cavities I had filled this week to the human leech in utero ;-)

The week continues, fairly uneventful

January 28, 2003 by Adam in Family

The week continues, fairly uneventful. The big excitement of yesterday was the arrival of our new dishwasher. Sam was evidently entranced with the experience, asking the installation guy lots of questions about what he was doing.

I'm still a little sick, mostly sniffles at this point. There's a beautiful sunrise out my work window and all is quiet before everyone fills their cubicles.

What fun it was to see everyone at Isa's party

January 27, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

What fun it was to see everyone at Isa's party. This has to be the cutest bunch of kids ever. Everyone was there but Alex, Caroline, and Sadie, whom we put on a plane early Saturday morning. We had the pleasure of having Seraph, Robbie, Jenny and their kids over Friday night for a farewell dinner of roast and mashed potatoes on Friday night. Hugs to all.

Oh the weather outside is frightful! The met...

January 27, 2003 by Betsy in Betsy

Oh the weather outside is frightful! The meterologists perdicted 2-3inches of snow today with a low of 2 degrees tonight, well we had 5 inches by 3 p.m. and the thermometer is reading 1 below.

Mike brought the boys home and spun out on the way, hitting the guardrail and going in the ditch. they were able to get out without any problems and other than some aches and pains are O.K. God was looking after them.

It was great to hear from the family the other night. Thank you so much for calling. It really made my day and warmed up my evening.

In love and peace.

Well, I only got four hours of sleep for some...

January 27, 2003 by Adam in Family

Well, I only got four hours of sleep for some bizarre reason. Probably related to my mild week-long illness. The sniffles started this afternoon.

The only thing of any great importance was heading over to Seraph and Robbie's for Isabell's birthday party. It was nice to see everyone as it seems as if we've been more reclusive than normal these last few weeks. Sam had a good time playing with Isabell's train, and we also brought back our old changing table for Emma.

Emma is apparently getting pretty active. You can start to see the kicking. Jamie was taking a bath and you could see the tiny ripples in the water whenever she kicked.

I think I got about four hours of sleep last ...

January 26, 2003 by Adam in Adam

I think I got about four hours of sleep last night. Around two in the morning, something woke me up and my brain immediately started thinking. Thinking bad. I got up, went back to bed, then got up again. I ended up fiddling on my computer for a long time, making new things for Neverwinter Nights. In the game, you normally can't jump, so I added a "jump" animation for PC's. It's fairly entertaining leaping over crevases. Yippie!

For some reason, I'm exhausted tonight

January 26, 2003 by Adam in Family

For some reason, I'm exhausted tonight. Perhaps it was the two-hour hike with Sam up Spencer's Butte. Maybe it was an afternoon of playing with a four-year-old. Or the assorted housework and cooking. This must be what it's like to be a mom.

Jamie went off to visit friends this morning while I took Sam about. I got some time to work on my game a bit this morning, having fun making traps and such. Tonight I hope to finish up more laundry and exercise while watching Cowboy Bebop, my latest favorite show.

Well, Isabell turned 2 on Wednesday, and poor...

January 24, 2003 by Seraph in Cortez

Well, Isabell turned 2 on Wednesday, and poor Robbie had his hands full. He invited over seven of their play group friends (each kid with a parent), and he later said that he had now idea how quickly 7 felt like 70!
That night we snuggled into bed and watched video of Isabell when she was a baby. She thought it was pretty cool, and kept playing "peek-a-boo" with baby Isabell on TV.
I think Robbie has invited everyone over for cake this Sunday at noon. Please let me know if you need any other information. I will be attempting to make a cake that looks like Winnie the Pooh. I just hope that two year olds have low expectations!
Although yesterday was uncommonly sunny and warm, the rain continues today. I just hope it will water my flower bulbs for me. One thing I love about this area is that I just got my spring bulbs planted in January, and they will probably come out just fine!
We have started to get out our Christmas thank you cards. Late as always, so we will send out our universal apology. I'm trying to include cute holiday photos with them.

After a two hour drive home tonight I just lo...

January 24, 2003 by Betsy in Betsy

After a two hour drive home tonight I just logged on to the local T.V. website and there is no school tommorrow. Three days off this week!! It's in the 0 to 5 degree range and the wind is blowing and snowing. The kids are excited to have a "snow" day and it should be interesting.

Hope everyone is safe and well in warmer climes.

I've been sick off and on the last few days, ...

January 23, 2003 by Adam in Family

I've been sick off and on the last few days, sleeping poorly and with a pained stomach. Fortunately both Jamie and Sam seem to be fine. Sam just called me at work and they're off to ride bikes on the river path while the weather is good.

I haven't thought as far as the weekend. I keep wanting to head up and play in the snow, but it may still be too warm.

Server upgrade last night

January 22, 2003 by Adam in Adam

Server upgrade last night. It started at 7:30 pm and was scheduled to go until 9 am if necessary. The good news is that we finished up by 10 pm, though it took me an hour to wind down and get to bed. I still woke up at 6 am this morning, my biological alarm clock ringing away.

I was interviewed for my Neverwinter Nights modules. Evidently people really like the latest one. Speaking of which, I'm going to go work on my fire breathing dragon a bit more . . .

I had Christmas in Rochester with Danica and ...

January 21, 2003 by Dorothy in Danica Miller

I had Christmas in Rochester with Danica and family. It was fun. Haven't heard whether you all liked the things I sent - maybe not. We are having alot of cold and snow - I knew this would happen when I'm here most of the winter. I had a fall in my garage last week - spent time in X-ray and Dr. No fracture, but a hematoma. Also am in process of getting two teeth crowned. I hope that is the end of my disintigrating! Getting ready to go to Barbados in Feb for 10 days - with my sister.

This week is off to a better start I hope! T...

January 21, 2003 by Betsy in Betsy

This week is off to a better start I hope! The kids have today and tommorrow off school. The holiday off course today and tommorrow is a teacher comp day. The boys and I did a late start after chores and went into town to go to the Franklin Park Conservatory. It reminds me of the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh were we used to go on school trips and I think with Mom too. It was warm and tropic and moist. Just what was missing from a cold Ohio January day.

I told the office no calls and went in for only a half hour at the end of the day to mop up the worst of the tragedies.

I haven't decided what to do tommorrow. The Art Museum, the Center of Science and Industry or to go to the indoor water park in Sandusky. The waterpark is a definite draw although a 2-3 hour drive. I'll just take everyone's temperature in the morning.

Patrick has a ton of work to do for school so I'll probably let prudence (that old nag!) be my guide.

I hope everyone is safe and warm.

It was a fairly pleasant weekend at the Mille...

January 20, 2003 by Adam in Family

It was a fairly pleasant weekend at the Miller house. We sent Sam of to play with Dick in the morning, and he wanted to stay there all day and keep playing. Jamie and I had a great morning, watching The Importance of Being Earnest and lounging about. We went our separate ways, then came back for a taco dinner that I put together. And now it's back to work . . .

I've been making all sorts of odd and interes...

January 19, 2003 by Adam in Adam's Games

I've been making all sorts of odd and interesting things for my Neverwinter Nights game. I have players riding dragons and breathing fire down on pirate ships in the ocean below. It's pretty darn' cool looking.

My first module is still #1 at the Neverwinter Vault, with tons of people downloading it. Unfortunately, they're also finding bugs so I've been spending lots of time doing bug fixes. Life as a game designer can be somewhat grueling.

Whew! Quite the exhausting day - up early, t...

January 19, 2003 by Adam in Family

Whew! Quite the exhausting day - up early, then off hiking with Sam at Ridgeline trail. I hit the new library which is still cool, though a bit of a madhouse. I haven't really had much time to rest. In fact, I just realized that I need to make dinner pronto!

Sam's playing with his new Lego computer games, though he's having some problems with it.

Well, off for now . . .

My Neverwinter Nights module is becoming a bi...

January 17, 2003 by Adam in Adam's Games

My Neverwinter Nights module is becoming a big hit. It's currently the #1 rated module on the main fan site. Lots of positive reviews and people raving about it. A little less than a thousand downloads after just a week on the site.

I'm hoping to finish up the second one in the series within a couple weeks. I suspect I'll be bug testing this weekend, making sure it all works. Hopefully Sam and maybe Josh will help me out with multiplayer testing, which is equally important.

It's Friday, the end of the work day, and I'm...

January 17, 2003 by Adam in Family

It's Friday, the end of the work day, and I'm beat. Even my morning mocha seems unable to sustain me fully for the rest of the day. Work has recently gotten busy again, with back to back meetings for much of the day. But now it's the weekend.

I don't think we have any big plans, though it would be nice to go into the hills and play in the snow. Sam had a great time last year and I wouldn't want to disappoint. Jamie's looking seriously at a new dishwasher, which is the equivalent of a new computer for me. I gotta give her some payback for bearing my child.

A very quick note

January 16, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

A very quick note. What information do Biology majors get from DNA photos?

We got a Christmas box from Betsy yesterday with a beautiful wreath and lots of sweets and grandkid goodies. Dad and I had a chance to talk with Betsy last week. She sounded fine - we assume that the cows were well and cooperative at that moment.

We got Dad safely on the plane, and I talked to him on
his birthday. Thanks again to all of you for your hospitality.

Sadie and I are going to San Francisco this weekend, flying down on Saturday and back on Monday. She will be talking with a fellow Lohring and I knew 40 years ago. Wow, where did that half century go?

What a disappointing day! This was our first...

January 16, 2003 by Betsy in Betsy

What a disappointing day! This was our first day of rental for the fall and as we usually have 50 people lined up outside to start the day there were 4 today. We usually get about 80-100 applications and we got about 20 today. Further signs of the downturn in the economy.

I found out that one of my owners is thinking of gifting his investment to the Columbus Foundation, a local charitible organization, and I may not have the management then.

I dealt with my usual varieties of nutcases: the Columbus Police called about a possible suicide from a tenant, a guy in a heat paid building who isn't happy with 68 degrees, and a guy in a building that Mike and I own who got a dog and is allowing it to use the vacant commercial space upstairs for a bathroom. Ah! the life of a property manager is always interesting.

I got home to find cows dropping like flies, and while I was getting one up and full of Pennicillin a bunch went through the gate and are now happily munching corn out of the crib. Hopefully they will get their fill and head back over to the gate and I can get them back in late tonight. Ah! the life of a farmer is always interesting.

Got to get kids to bed, love to all, stay warm tonight.

Emma's Karyotype came in the mail today

January 16, 2003 by Adam in Emma

Emma's Karyotype came in the mail today. For those of you who don't have master's degree in biology, it's basically a picture of her chromosomes (which hold the DNA). They ran the test when we were worried about Jamie's hormone levels, and fortunately everything came out fine.

It's quite fascinating to me. Essentially it's a picture of both Jamie and I's DNA, as well as the instructions that will make up Emma as she grows. Can't you tell she's going to get Jamie's good looks and my brains?

Click the picture for a bigger view.

Jamie got me a Spiderman toothbrush with a ro...

January 15, 2003 by Adam in Family

Jamie got me a Spiderman toothbrush with a rotating head. She's so cool.

It was a low key day yesterday. Sam and I chatted and played his new Lego computer game. Then a quick bath and downstairs to watch the Crocodile Hunter. It was the episode where he got knee surgery at Sacred Heart hospital, so it was neat watching him go through halls that I know so well. That was probably the highlight of my day. Well, that and the toothbrush.

I woke up around 2 am with a headache

January 14, 2003 by Adam in Adam

I woke up around 2 am with a headache. No fun. I did have a dream that I was holding Emma and kissing her toes, her giggle bringing a wide smile to my face. It's things like that that make it all worthwhile.

I'm doing my mocha and Advil routine again, which seems to help. At least I feel exceptionally perky and can type really fast. Not sure if that makes up for the massive typos I make while typing. At least I hit the Backspace button quickly too.

Work chugs along, with gray dreary weather out my window. Everyone seems to be hibernating most nights, with our family cuddled together in the livingroom around the t.v., a fire going nearby. Can't wait for spring.

It's the end of a somewhat long Monday and so...

January 13, 2003 by Adam in Family

It's the end of a somewhat long Monday and soon I will be returning home. Our weekend was fairly good, though the poor weather was getting on everyone's nerves. Sam was pretty grumpy and it turned out to be contagious.

Sadie came over for awhile on Saturday, and we ate really good spaghetti (with vegiarian meatballs) and watched Men In Black II. Sam liked it, and he announced next morning that he had no scary dreams, which seemed a good sign.

Jamie's dad also arrived, bringing Christmas presents. We sadly never made it to his house over the holidays, so it was a bit belated. I got some solar lights for the garden, which are pretty cool. Sam got a tricycle, though he strangely just wanted to repeatedly stab the box with a playdough knife. I hope that's not one of the seven deadly warning signs of problem behavior.

The last week or so, Jamie's been putting my ...

January 13, 2003 by Adam in Emma

The last week or so, Jamie's been putting my hand on her stomach, trying to get me to feel Emma kick about. Last night, I finally felt an unmistakable wobble that I couldn't attribute to breathing or typical tummy motion. It is a pretty special moment and helps me feel like there really is a little critter in there. I can't wait to see little hands and feet trying to poke out, though I suspect Jamie may not be so thrilled.

My weekends without the kids, they were with ...

January 13, 2003 by Betsy in Betsy

My weekends without the kids, they were with Mike this weekend, are an endless haul of housework, farm work and trying to finish the house work. After 5 years with a confused kitchen it is all finally coming together. I got kitchen cabinets a year ago on my birthday, no countertop though. My stove was an old electric that had come out of a rehab (no natural gas in the country)and it sat in the middle of the room. In May of last year I got a Kitchenaid 36" drop in smooth top stove top, but still couldn't use it because I wouldn't have an oven. Finally I got a 2 oven built in stainless steel Kitchenaid convection oven and they deliverd it this weekend. After much adjusting and umph it is installed and I am cooking Chicken Terrazini and Beef roast in it right now. Had to sell a lot of cows for that one. But it is finally coming all together. Now I just need a countertop, sink and new dishwasher. Maybe by next year.

Other than that I was a beautiful but bitter cold weekend. The wind blows so hard here that I have considered a wind generator. I had to go into Columbus on work on Saturday and discoevered that there was no wind in town. You have fasten everything down here or your Christmas decorations end up in the gulley!

How'z by you? Looks like I last posted in Oct...

January 11, 2003 by Yayoe in Yayoe

How'z by you? Looks like I last posted in October 2002. So much has happened since then like 2003! Lohring will be gone for the entire next week. He works at Grants Pass and leaves for FLorida (another boat race) on the 15th and returns on the 20th. On February 15th he's going to Fremont, California for another race. Shortly after he returns I'll be leaving for Palm Springs from the 19-23rd. Compliments of United Airlines! My free ticket was the result of giving up my seat on the return flight from Florida last fall!I'm hoping to continue my airplaine mercenary job on the way to Palm Springs. Wish me luck. We've done it 4 times in the past several years!

Despite our pronounced slouch toward age 60 (ouch) we are busy, running in circles, having a good time and working. Lohring is thinking about working another day in Grants Pass but I asked him not to do it..We can apply for food stamps and I can work at McDonalds...We'll see what happens. My work referrals are slowly trickling in. I've seen 18 clients already and hope to have more this year. Remember to refer your Peacehealth friends who have parent/elder care questions/concerns to me!The services are free to any Peacehealth employees and their families!

Nothing else new to report. Oh yea,after reading about Jamie's new haircut and color highlight I'm thinking I'd like to be tall, blond and rich. Can you recommend anyone salon where I can go to achieve this goal? P.S. If anyone needs small plastic planter pots I have them! Don't buy them. Come to my basement store and help yourself!

Golly, when you look at our website you start...

January 11, 2003 by Jamie in Jamie

Golly, when you look at our website you start to think that Adam has this exciting life and all I do is sit at home and rest. I guess I need to provide some balance to this reporting, since this log will become part of posterity and all, probably will be studied by college classes in the future, etc. I got my hair highlighted and cut yesterday, which is like a trip to the spa with a scalp massage. I'm feeling better physically, though I still get tired around 2 pm...I'm used to it at this point, and so is Sam, which makes resting easier. Emma is doing a lot of tumbling in utero. Josh saves my life every day at 3:30 when he comes home and commences the lighsaber duel with Sam yet again. I'm selling tickets to the children's theater again this year (Jack and the Beanstalk) if anyone is interested, or knows families who would like to purchase some of the $3 tickets, let me know!

I had Sam for a couple hours on Friday

January 11, 2003 by Adam in Family

I had Sam for a couple hours on Friday. We had a pretty good time, going for a long walk through campus to the Natural History museum. Sadly, it was closed, but we turned our heads and found ourselves looking at a house being demolished. We quickly ran over, I put Sam up on my shoulders, and we watched this massive machine tear through the house. Sam's highlight was when the driver waved to Sam using the huge bucket at the end of the frontloader's arm.

I started getting a headache towards the end of the day, and ended up feeling somewhat blah throughout the night. I still feel it a bit this morning, though I suspect my morning coffee will take care of it. Only another hour or so until my favorite time of the week - family breakfast on the weekends.

I've been working hard to get my new Neverwin...

January 10, 2003 by Adam in Adam's Games

I've been working hard to get my new Neverwinter Nights module, Dreamcatcher1 - Skyfall, out the door. The problem was that I needed to test the multiplayer aspects and make sure it worked. Fortunately, I convinced Sam to help me out. He was actually quite helpful, following me around without too much trouble. When we started having a terrible battle, he'd help out and following my yelps without too much complaining. I don't think he died once, though there was a close call when he stood in a Wall of Fire a bit too long.

Sam still loves his Star Wars game, though we've got some new ones coming out in a few weeks. I'm ready for a change, as there's only so many times you can run around dueling with lightsabers and firing blasters about. I'm still playing Icewind Dale 2, though very slowly. I find I'd rather work on my modules that play IWD2.

It's Friday, and I'm well Mochinated

January 10, 2003 by Adam in Family

It's Friday, and I'm well Mochinated. Sam's coming by my work late this morning, as Jamie couldn't find a babysitter for her haircut. If it's not too cold, I'd like to take him down to campus and maybe see the Art Museum. I don't think we have anything exciting planned this weekend. Maybe we can get out of the house and hike around, or perhaps hit the library again.

A big "hello" to Betsy for posting. It'll be great to hear how life is on the other side of the country. Last I heard, the cows were licking road salt off her truck.

Wow! This really works! Greetings from the M...

January 10, 2003 by Betsy in Betsy

Wow! This really works! Greetings from the Middle Earth. Patrick and I went to see Harry Potter this weekend and ended up seeing Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers instead. Some of the battle scences reminded me of the east freeway in the morning. (With all the roadkill.)
We are in process of doing homework and getting ready for bed. So while I go start the shower for Will and get him moving I will let Patrick post a very little with his "Little Red Dog" in his lap.
Wow this is cool,I will post things here so you can read it.
I just started typing and I like cats & dogs and I will post millions pictures of them. I will post pictures at the bottom of the page. Say hello to Cousin Sam.

No more real excitement with Emma these days

January 09, 2003 by Adam in Emma

No more real excitement with Emma these days. I've been trying to feel her kick, with margial success. Jamie feels it lots these days.

We did get a call that Emma doesn't have cystic fibrosis. Yet more good news. Still months to go.

Sam's come down with something

January 09, 2003 by Adam in Family

Sam's come down with something. He was sad and pitiful all day yesterday, mostly moping around the house. Unfortunately, it seems that I have it too. I woke up around two in the morning and stumbled my way over to the Advil container. I'm feeling better enough to head into work, though I'll probably do my infamous Cafe Madvil trick (coffee and painkillers).

Jamie's been on a soup making kick lately. A couple days ago, she made a huge batch of cream of potato soup. When Dave and Kirsten came to pick up Josh, we gave them all a bowl. All six of us weren't enough to finish it off.

Also, Jamie may have a cavity. Her first one ever. She went in for her checkup and the probe got stuck a bit in one of her little fissures. I told her not to worry, but I think her image of perfect teeth has been forever shattered. Let's hope she never needs glasses either, as she likes to point out her 20/20 vision to us almost blind people.

Sam woke up with a fever this morning

January 09, 2003 by Adam in Sam

Sam woke up with a fever this morning. He's so pitiful when he's sick like this. Mostly, he sits around and takes lots of naps. You'd think we'd be happy to have all the free time that it brings, but we mostly want to hover about him.

Right now, he's sitting next to Josh as Josh looks up computer game things on the computer. Sam just looks like he wants to sleep, but he wants to be around Josh so much that he's keeping himself up.

A busy fun holiday season has passed

January 08, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

A busy fun holiday season has passed. A very big thank you to the kids, Lohring and Yayoe for making Dad feel so welcome. He and Sadie just walked in from dinner at Lohring and Yayoe's. I took him to see Signs, which theoretically is about space aliens, but really is about family, and suddenly realized, as I had not when Dick and I saw it, how much I would miss his existence. He will be 88 later this month. Love to all, om/Sue

It seems like we've had a weird lull in every...

January 07, 2003 by Adam in Adam

It seems like we've had a weird lull in everything this last week. Work is still in that holiday slow stretch, though I expect things to change any time. Jamie's still pregnant, smack-dab in the middle when she's not too immobile yet doesn't feel horrible any more. Sam's just Sam - wanting to play Star Wars with me endlessly.

I've recently gotten into watching Cowboy Bebop, a Japanese anime about bounty hunters of the future. Very well done, just oozing with style. They're pretty short, so I find myself watching one each day.

I also continue to work on my Neverwinter Nights modules. So far, I have 14,412 downloads of the first one. All five of them are up for the Hall of Fame, though I'm secretly hoping they doesn't win. Modules that stay near the top of the "top modules" list tend to get the most downloads. Once they're moved into the "Hall of Fame" area, fewer people see it. Right now, it's a close call for third place.

We haven't posted anything for ages, so a bit...

January 07, 2003 by Seraph in Cortez

We haven't posted anything for ages, so a bit of an update.
We had a great Christmas and New Years, and are now trying to get back into a normal routine. This has been very hard for Isa. Her sleeping schedule is thrown out of wack and she's been regressing into old habits of waking up every few hours. We're hoping this will slow down shortly.
We're starting to get excited about spring time, and garden projects are coming into my mind. Poor Robbie, another year of making him slave away!

It was another low-key weekend

January 06, 2003 by Adam in Family

It was another low-key weekend. Sam and I hung out a lot while Jamie puttered around. We had Seraph, Robbie, and Isabell over for dinner Saturday, which was nice. Jamie is converting the guest bedroom into a baby room of sorts, with the expectation that she'll spend most nights down there while Emma is young.

Not much happened other than that. Sam and I went to Barnes and Nobles where we picked up Ice Age for Sam to watch. We played quite a bit of Star Wars. Same ol', same ol'.

I managed to get everyone out for a short walk during a brief break in the weather. It was good for everyone, though I had to tell a long story to Sam about "Picklemeyer the Puppy" in order to entertain him.

Another weekend approaches

January 04, 2003 by Adam in Family

Another weekend approaches. I think we're going to take it easy after the excitement of the holidays. We have a tentative dinner date with Seraph and Robbie tonight. Last night, we were trying to figure out what to make.
"Indian food?" I suggested.
"Thai food?" was my second try.
"Cat food?" piped in Sam.

Well, I got my new digital camera

January 03, 2003 by Adam in Adam's Projects

Well, I got my new digital camera. So far, it seems pretty cool. 4 megapixels makes the images look much crisper when enlarged, though I've yet to try printing it out to see how that looks.

I'm still adjusting to the various buttons and dials. There's some high-end features that I haven't gotten around to yet. Supposedly you can take movies, record voiceover for clips, and so on. Here's a sample image that a coworker took to tide you over.

Sam woke up this morning and reported to Jami...

January 03, 2003 by Adam in Sam

Sam woke up this morning and reported to Jamie: "I had a dream that dad was protecting me from all the evil guys."

We took him to karate last night and it soon became clear that he was simply too tired. He kept falling down and had a hard time staying still. So, we'll try earlier in the day or Saturday mornings. Good class, otherwise. The teachers went around bonking all the kids on the head with big padded bats. The kids thought it was great fun.

The other day Sadie asked me, "So, what house...

January 02, 2003 by Adam in Adam's Projects

The other day Sadie asked me, "So, what house projects are you wanting to do?" My mind went blank and I realized the utter lack of interest in starting any major things around the house. It would be nice to put up a railing for the upper part of the stairs, but I haven't really gotten the energy up for it.

The only pseudo-project that I've done recently is to purchase a new digital camera. Hopefully it'll help with Jamie's scrap books and possibly improvements in the photo album here. We'll see.

Happy New Year to all! It's actually the day...

January 02, 2003 by Adam in Family

Happy New Year to all! It's actually the day after New Year's, as I spent most of the day hanging out at home. Sadie came over for awhile, which was nice. Mostly Sam and I played while Jamie had much of the day to herself. On New Year's Eve we all went to bed early, and woke up when the neighborhood banged pots and pans together, as well as endless fireworks.

As for resolutions, I'm not sure I really have any. This is going to be a challenging year, as new babies always are. I'm hoping to maintain the balance between family, work, and play, though I'm sure it'll be exciting.

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