Back into the groove at my household

March 31, 2003 by Betsy in Betsy

Back into the groove at my household. The boys and I had a great homecoming get together. We went to church on Sunday and everyone was glad to see them back. I told Patrick that I was lost without he and Will's love last week and he reminded me that our churh family always was there with love for all. He is so wise sometimes.

We picked up a DVD and as it was bitter cold Sunday afternoon we watched it, The Tuxedo, a silly Jackie Chan movie. We had Spanish Mackerel, caught by Patrick in the Gulf, for dinner and woke to a blinding snowstorm this morning. Got to love Ohio, if you don't like the weather, wait a couple of hours it will change! Love to all.

A very pleasant weekend has come and gone

March 31, 2003 by Adam in Family

A very pleasant weekend has come and gone. Sunday was beautiful, with Sam and I going for a hike at Hendrick's Park. The flowers were in bloom and we ran along the paths like maniacs. Later on, Jamie, Sam, Josh, and I all went to see the Two Towers in the theater. Amazingly, Sam watched the entire thing without any breaks. That's tough even for me at times. Of course he thought it was a great movie and even Jamie seemed to like it.

I'm not sure what the week ahead holds. Hopefully I can package up the taxes and get them out the door. We have a doctor's appointment Wednesday. I'm starting to feel that we're going to be having a baby sooner than we think.

We got a lot done yesterday

March 30, 2003 by Adam in Family

We got a lot done yesterday. I woke up, had a short time to myself, then Sam came down at the crack of dawn. We played about until Jamie made us breakfast and I expressed my frustration and the long list of things I had to do. Somehow we managed to wash our cars, do all the laundry, finish our taxes, power wash the driveway, clean my bathroom, mow the lawns, go food shopping, and have Dave, Kirsten, and Josh over for dinner. Whew!

Sam really loved having Josh over again, especially as he'd been gone for a week. Josh is slowly moving into the "I'm too old to play with a four-year-old" phase, but Sam still thinks he's the best cousin ever. Today we're all headed for the Two Towers in the theaters if the weather is marginal as promised. Even Jamie is going, as long as I get her popcorn. Personally I think that she's there for Aragorn.

i fully approve of the lessons- i'm hoping fo...

March 30, 2003 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

i fully approve of the lessons- i'm hoping for some direction on how to make soup in five hours. i figure if i know how to make soup, i'll survive grad school. best to all,

Not much news - just that we're being tenderl...

March 30, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

Not much news - just that we're being tenderly cared for by the fam. Adam, Jamie and Sam walked over for dinner yesterday. Poor Jamie, there is no place left on her body where she can get more pregnant. Seraph and I had been counting the days for her, but when I mentioned the idea last night, Jamie told me that if it weren't tomorrow, she didn't want to know. We had breakfast with Seraph, Robbie and Isa at New Day this morning; Isa is such a scamp - but really a kindly kid, too.

Dick and I have agreed that he will try to give me a practical education very quickly, and Seraph, Robbie and I decided this morning that we needed to have him do a little How to Install a Windshield Wiper workshop. He went through the basics of operating a VCR for me last week; just don't ask me to tape anything. The house cooperated by springing a leak under the bathroom sink, so tomorrow morning, it's Plumbing 101.

Adam said he had heard from the woman who was ill with leukemia; she has a ten year old daughter. That would be really hard. Dick and I can feel sad about him not seeing grandkids and Mike and Johnny's kids grow up, but we don't have to worry that they only have one parent.

Well, we're expecting Yayoe tomorrow with some Love Soup, and Hanni just came over with Weinerschnitzel(I just got on a roll with that word, and it was hard to stop!) and mashed potatoes, a cucumber salad and melon balls. Aaah, I'm going to get fat. Thank you all.

I am sitting at the office, impatiently waiti...

March 29, 2003 by Betsy in Betsy

I am sitting at the office, impatiently waiting for the boys. They were to return yesterday afternoon but there was some confusion on their flight and they missed it. So they got on a later flight that got them into Columbus around midnight last night. Mike took them home with him and now I'm waiting for them. I'm jittering around like a new bride!
I didn't get as much done as I wanted while they were gone but I got everything clean and started the primer coat on the woodwork that has been stripped. What fun!

It's Saturday morning in the Miller household...

March 29, 2003 by Adam in Family

It's Saturday morning in the Miller household, quiet and peaceful before Jamie and Sam awake. We went over to have dinner with mom and Dick yesterday, who were both looking quite tan from their trip to Belize. They brought back all sorts of goodies, including a t-shirt with a skeletal pirate for me. Sam insisted that I put it on immediately, as well as wear it the next day.

No exciting plans for the weekend. Jamie offered up "washing her car" as a fun-filled family activity, but that seems a bit of a stretch. Perhaps I can get to some of the projects that have been waiting around.

It's a Mocha Friday here at work

March 28, 2003 by Adam in Adam

It's a Mocha Friday here at work. For some reason, work has gotten awfully busy - it seems to happen around springtime for some strange reason. Perhaps it's the winter lethargy that's faded and people are trying to get things done in the final months before the next fiscal year. Gotta spend all that money if you want the same amount next year.

No exciting plans for the weekend, though I'm hoping to get outside if this nice weather holds. Jamie can't really move around much, so I was hoping to go see Spirited Away in the theaters. Unfortunately it's not showing in Eugene anymore, so I'm stuck waiting for the DVD which comes out next month.

Here's the plan

March 27, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

Here's the plan. We're going to try to go to Chicago, at least for a few days, fairly soon, so Dick can talk to his mom and visit with his family. Then, on April 18th, his doc will stick a tube down his esogauphus (I have yet to spell that the same way twice!) so he'll be able to keep eating food in the normal way. And then we're going to relax and enjoy all the rest of you. Many

Jamie passed out this morning while on the ph...

March 26, 2003 by Adam in Family

Jamie passed out this morning while on the phone with Seraph. She started to feel dizzy while sitting at the table and calmly announced that she was going to pass out. The next thing she knew the phone was somewhere under her chair, still connected to a freaked out Seraph. When she relayed the story, I made her promise to call her doctor. It's not that surprising - she has low blood pressure and similar issues when she was pregnant with Sam and earlier with this pregnancy. Still, this is the first time she's lost consciousness, which is not something encouraging.

Dick visited the doctor this morning, getting somewhat good news. He's more comfortable than he was, so hopefully those two days on his back at the hospital have helped. Also, the progression of the cancer isn't as rapid as feared, so it looks like he'll have time to go back to Chicago.

It's been mostly rainy the last couple days, so there's been lots of staying at home and watching movies. Yesterday Jamie called, bored and immobile on a rainy day with a four-year-old. I asked around work for advice and the best answer I got was "rub her feet." So, I went home early and washed her feet and rubbed them. It helped some.

Thank you, all

March 26, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

Thank you, all. We were met by a smiling Seraph at the Portland airport, and whisked down the valley, on which spring had descended while we were gone. Home to find the tulips blooming and the house spick and span, thanks to Jamie, who had come over and cleaned and cleaned, and Aaron (I know, Aaron Honn - he's up to my shoulder!) who had gathered the mail and fed the cat. Only Mischa was cranky; he's always really peeved when we leave for a day or two. I began to unpack and wash, but made the mistake of starting to listen to phone messages. I got as far as Megan's (Sadie's bud - she spent the summer after their first or second year with us), and just got too weepy.

Seraph took us straight to the lab for Dick to have blood drawn. He has an appointment tomorrow at ten with the gastroenterologist. (Imagine that doc's poor mom - she would probably like to brag about him but can't pronounce what he does.)

I am so sad about this war. I like the kids who are my kids age so much - where ever they are in the world, driving cab in Belize, working in a bookstore in Herare, or writing computer games. I don't want them to kill each other.

Thank you all, for your love and good thoughts. Sue/om

It feels like a few life times have past sinc...

March 25, 2003 by Seraph in Cortez

It feels like a few life times have past since we last posted. We are all back safe and sound, slowly adjusting to normalcy. Unfortuately we have all come down with different bugs. I think this is purely from all the running around the last two weeks.

We did have a wonderful trip and are nicely tanned. I think it has been difficult for Isabell to wear clothes again.

I head off to Portland this morning to get Mom and Dick. They fly in at 1:00 p.m.

Mom and Dick return home today, if all is well

March 25, 2003 by Adam in Family

Mom and Dick return home today, if all is well. I've been hearing from Seraph and Sadie, who are also back in their respective abodes.

Jamie's extremely pregnant and still sick, but doing better as each day passes. She discovered Afrin, which is evidently safe for women over 12 weeks pregnant. I think it's the only way she's been able to sleep the last few nights. It was sadly funny trying to watch her eat dinner last night. Her lungs are squished up, so she's not able to breathe well, plus her nose is plugged up. So, she'll take a few deep breaths, eat a small bite, then catch her breath again. Poor woman. I think she's very much looking forward to giving birth and getting her body back.

Sam's the one who's been exceptionally friendly and pleasant the last few days, even with two sick parents. His sense of humor is also top-notch. He was watching Raiders of the Lost Ark and I was trying to explain that one of the characters was an evil archeologist and Sam replied, "I guess that makes him an arche-evil-ologist." Not bad for a four-year-old.

i'm back from belize, without any flight comp...

March 24, 2003 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

i'm back from belize, without any flight complications, and even an early flight from chicago to providence that allowed an early arrival in northampton. smith is humming away- i have an engineering meeting in 45 minutes and a 20 pger to write by thursday- back to normal. i'm in a goodish mood, probably from the vitamin d and a little family face time under my belt. feels good to sleep in my own bed while dreaming of sunny beaches.

It will be hard to leave this beautiful spot ...

March 24, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

It will be hard to leave this beautiful spot - hibiscus, palm trees, and hummingbirds. I would definitely suggest this as a vacation spot. People here are gracious and accomodating, and all speak English. We will fly back to mainland Belize later this afternoon and then on to Houston this evening. Then into Portland tomorrow. See you soon!

Another weekend draws to a close

March 24, 2003 by Adam in Family

Another weekend draws to a close. I'm off to work in a few minutes, my stuffy nose not enough to keep me away.

I haven't been able to keep away from news of the war. On a positive note, Salam seems to be posting again, after a two day absence. He's in Bagdad, so that's about as eyewitness as it gets. I've also been reading the agonist daily, and sometimes even opening up a window on my computer with tv and have that going in the background. Crazy times.

Seraph and Robbie are back in the states, with mom and Dick returning Tuesday. I think Sadie's gone back to school, then coming back again. I'm not sure how that's all going to work.

On the homefront, things have been fairly quiet. We did a little gardening yesterday, pulling weeds and generally cleaning up. Jamie and I were still pretty sick, so poor Sam was stuck with boring parents. He's a great kid, though, and kept a stiff upper lip. Last night, I let him read Dr. Seuss's Fox in Socks book, which he was really excited about. We slowly made it through the first few pages, carefully sounding out words. He was so excited, but it was late and the book got increasingly more difficult. Time to get new reading books for Sam.

I'm stuffed up and tired, typing a short litt...

March 23, 2003 by Adam in Adam

I'm stuffed up and tired, typing a short little thing this morning. Devon e-mailed me the other day, trying to get in touch in person. Life's a little crazy at the moment, but it would be nice to see him. I might try to see if I can get him to come down some weekend and see the family, though that may be awhile.

After Sam went to bed, I spent the time unable to pry my eyes away from war coverage. It's like watching a train wreck - I'd cringe inside but I can't look away. In fact, I was just watching now and they had Oliver North reporting from Iraq. There's got to be some bizarre irony in there some where.

Everyone's feeling a bit better today

March 22, 2003 by Adam in Family

Everyone's feeling a bit better today. I think all the headaches are under control and now we're merely stuffed up and tired. Sam and I played a bunch this morning, including some Neverwinter Nights. After lunch, we we hiking out in the woods.

It's been raining off and on the last few days, so everything is really muddy. Sam's latest favorite thing is going off the trails and hiking through the undergrowth. It's a bit crazy, sliding through the mud and climbing over logs and such. Still, he had a good time, though I did make him strip down and put on clean clothes one we got home.

The boys left for Florida with Mike, Alice, a...

March 22, 2003 by Betsy in Betsy

The boys left for Florida with Mike, Alice, and Mikes' girlfriend Missy yesterday. They are staying in Appalachacola at a cabin they have rented. Patrick called and said he missed me and did I pack the bug repellant and Will said he was happy because the screened in porch had two chairs and an ashtray for his Grandma. Guess I know where they will be hanging out.

I took advantage of the situation and worked late last night and then stopped at the exit before ours and got a Frosty and a salad from Wendy's. I took the back road to the farm and the peepers were singing away in the remaining sections of the old canal. Guess Spring is actually here.

Patricks' dog has been moping around the past day and has been frantically searching the house for him. He is also confused because I'm taking advantage of the kids being gone to tear apart their room and clean and work on stipping the last of the woodwork. I have all sorts of jobs lined up for while they are gone, I wonder how many I'll actually get done??

Sounds like Belize is beautiful, and the perfect place to be right now. Thank you for taking to time to post Sue, my love and thoughts are with you guys.

Adam and Jamie get well. Patrick had that horrible cold/flu thing with a high fever, cough and some congestion. It really tore him down and although it lasted about a week, he still was dragging when he left for FLorida. (Maybe part of that was staying up late and trying to catch up on missed homework.)
It's funny, Will was so excited about going to Florida that he kept packing his toothbrush everynight for about a week beforehand. Finally Patrick got ticked off retrieving his packed with Will's and told Will "the damn toothbrush has travelled more miles back and forth from the bathroom to the bedroom, than it will going to Florida!"
Much Love- P.

A quick hello

March 22, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

A quick hello. We've moved to the Caribe Island Resort. Dad flew out yesterday, and Seraph, Robbie and Isa leave this afternoon and get in tomorrow. We are pretending there isn't a war. Love to all, om

What a crazy day

March 22, 2003 by Adam in Family

What a crazy day. I'm sick. Really sick. I went to the doctor this morning and remembered the time wrong, so I showed up an hour early, getting increasingly frustrated as the minutes ticked by. After that got straightened out, it wasn't so bad. They gave me a chest x-ray, which I felt was a bit much, but they get a little worried about a recurring cough. Personally, I just think it's a new one. The joys of living with a disease vector named Sam.

I've been spending a lot of time looking at, which is updated incredibly frequently. The guy takes very short breaks for eating and sleeping, but that's about it.

Jamie's really sick too, sporting a fever at the moment. She went to her baby checkup and all was good, but the doctor said she'd probably be sick for a week like everyone else.

Sam has somehow escaped it all. I picked up three movies at Flicks and Picks, hoping to entertain him for the weekend and Jamie and I blah about. Ah well, now he's calling me, wanting to reinact scenes from the movie. Best wishes to all.

Here's another link for you: an Israeli's mo...

March 21, 2003 by Adam in Family

Here's another link for you:
an Israeli's mother's blog

I'm fascinated by Salam from Dear Raed below. This site seems to be getting linked to from all sorts of places, some questioning whether or not he's real. He updated again this morning - worried about the reports of B52 bombers flying towards Iraq.

The general news seems to be a bit one-sided and just plain odd at times. The informal Blogs seem far more interesting to me, though some are way too militaristic for me. I prefer the personal approaches, people reporting what they experience without too much commentary as to right and wrong.

For those of you who were interested in war n...

March 20, 2003 by Adam in Family

For those of you who were interested in war news, I thought I'd collect some sources that you might not run across otherwise:, a Bagdad resident's blog
BBC reporters' blog. Interesting stuff., a blog that summarizes news. Updates regularly.
Washington Post

On the home front, I had tea with Jamie this morning. She's got the pregnant woman glow, though getting around is a bit exciting. My cough has returned. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

Here we in our favorite little cafe - interne...

March 20, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

Here we in our favorite little cafe - internet cafe, that is. The weather is gorgeous, and Dad, Seraph and Sadie have rented a catamaran and are out snorkling. Dick and I have driven our little golf cart - no rental cars on the island,
so everyonegets into golf carts and drives like crazy - into San Pedro, where we are supposed to be looking for fresh fish. Also, I'm being stalked by this dog who discovered I'm carrying plantain chips.

We are trying hard not to think about war. It's easier to do that here. Much love to all.

War started last night

March 20, 2003 by Adam in Adam

War started last night. It seems very surreal and inevitable. I think the whole thing makes me feel sad, though I've heard so many arguments, viewpoints, and opinions that it's hard for me to say whether or not any good will come out of this. Strange times we live in.

I'm fretting about Dick and my mom these days, hoping their trip is going well and that Dick is comfortable enough.

In strange contrast, life at home has been great. Jamie's very pregnant and cute, waddling about the house as best she can. Her world has narrowed to a thin band at counter level, as she can no longer reach up or bend over particularly well. Sam has gotten quite good at fetching things for her. It's been great playing with Sam these days. We seem to find more and more things in common. Lately we've been playing Neverwinter Nights together, to our mutual pleasure.

Wednesday morning at a small internet cafe in...

March 19, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

Wednesday morning at a small internet cafe in San Pedro, the only real town on Ambergris Caye, the island we're staying on. An update on Dick - He is eating better and is not so yellow, so I can only assume that the stent is working. On the other hand, he is losing weight and moving as little as possible. Yesterday, Seraph, Robbie, Isa and I went to see the Mayan ruins leaving Sadie with Dad and Dick. Dad found some lady professor hanging around to walk down the beach and have a drink with, while Sadie and Dick visited. He seems weaker to me, but also determined to get to Chicago. He has a doctor's appointment a couple of days after we get back, which will help him to know a clearer prognosis. He is very willing to see an oncologist, but I don't think either of us want him to spend a miserable time doing chemo unless there is some reasonable chance of improvement. It has been wonderful to have this time together, and I appreciate all the people who helped us get here. We love you all, and are soaking up sunshine to bring you.

I misses St

March 18, 2003 by Adam in Family

I misses St. Patrick's day somewhere along the way, completley forgetting to wear green. I had to explain to Sam that my lack of color wasn't an excuse for him to pinch tiny bruises across my body. Work was a bit easier. I explained to a coworker that while I could pinch him for not wearing green, I'd probably be sued for sexual harrassment.

No exciting news other than that. Sam was all smiles and giggles last night for some reason. He was being sweet and funny, which is always nice.

The weekend is coming to a close

March 17, 2003 by Adam in Family

The weekend is coming to a close. I'm not quite sure where it all went, though we did accomplish a few things along the way.

Saturday was project day, including replacing the wax rings in two of the upstairs toilets. Any day where I can claim to have siphoned out toilet water is a memorable day for me! Jamie got Sam's new car seat in place and put up a magnetic knife rack. We also climbed over the hill to take care of some things at mom and Dick's house. Later that night, I went to Jason's 30th birthday party.

I brought Sam along, his first surprise party. It was BYOB, which translates in this case to Bring Your Own Baby. Rachel and Gabe were there with their two girls and Caleb and his wife were there with their new baby. All but one of Jason's friends had their offspring in tow. Must be that time in one's life.

Sam and I also played lots of Neverwinter Nights on Saturday, as I was completely sick of Star Wars. He had a great time, fighting off evil goblins with his massive Fighter as I meekly followed around occasionally healing him. I haven't had that much fun playing a computer game in awhile and Sam did surprisingly well.

Today was more low key, trying to get things done as well as keeping Sam entertained. Sam and I did a really long hike at Hendrick's park while Jamie visited with Angie. We took a few crazy paths through the forest, at one point rappelling down a short cliff using a small tree as an impromptu rope. Sam thought it was the coolest thing ever. At one point, it began to pour down rain and Sam began to sing, "It's raining, it's pouring!" Great fun.

So, at the close of this Sunday, Jamie and I are pretty wiped out. The tax software is twitchy and I'm not sure I did my federal taxes right. Sam's winding down for bedtime. Another work week begins tomorrow. Such are the joys and hardships of life.

And so another week comes to a close

March 14, 2003 by Adam in Family

And so another week comes to a close. I just noticed that my mom posted from Belize. Gotta love this Internet thingie. Glad they're all doing well.

I'm not sure if we have any big plans for the weekend. I'm hoping to unwind a bit, as the last week has been extraordinarily stressful. I have a birthday party Saturday night which should be fun. Other than that, there are assorted house projects that I'd like to start in on. New wax rings for the toilets. Yippie.

Hello, fam and friends! We are here in beauti...

March 14, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

Hello, fam and friends! We are here in beautiful Belize, having met up with Dad in Houston just as though we were organized trip planners. We spent last night in a hotel at Belize City, had dinner under the stars, surrounded by those tropical plants which look like my house plants but really really Biggie Sized. Dick is doing okay - our trip yesterday was actually without hitches. When Seraph, Robbie, Isa and Sadie get in this afternoon, we will take a puddle jumper to Ambergris Caye.
Jamie, would you take the wet clothes from the washer and put them in the dryer. Dick's stent insertion hole leaked on the sheets, but seems to have sealed up fine. I can't think of anything else I forgot at home. Thanks to all for love and good thoughts, and giant hugs to Dez, Sam and Jordan. Love from the old mom

There was a storm last night, blowing the tre...

March 13, 2003 by Adam in Adam

There was a storm last night, blowing the trees all about and covering the ground with broken branches. I lay in bed at five in the morning, watching the lightning flash against gray clouds and listening to the gate slowly creak open and shut.

My throat is much better, and occasional cough that surprises me. Antibiotics really are wonder drugs for these sorts of things. If I was in medieval times, it probably would have killed me or hobbled me for life. Weird.

I think about Dick often, hoping this last vacation is a pleasant one for him. The sunny beaches of Belize sound peaceful, so perhaps it is the best place for him to be. He will continue to be in my thoughts, for the next few weeks and beyond.

Sounds like things are progressing on the Wes...

March 13, 2003 by Betsy in Betsy

Sounds like things are progressing on the West coast toward a vacation retreat. Here's hoping for warm sun and sand and beautiful tropical Breezes.

Patrick is on day two of a hideous flu. Although as I sit here in his room and post this, he is sleeping fitfully and his fever seems to have gone down some. It was 101 degrees earlier today. I have banned Will to Mike's, for fear of him getting it. He is a terrible patient whereas Patrick is just so sad as a patient.

Patrick has a minature dauschound that is his constant companion. He is the red short haired variety and Patrick calls him Red Dog. He is so protective of Patrick that as soon as I go over to check on Patrick he runs up and sits on his head to shelter him. Finally this afternoon he was relagated to his kennel. Another sad patient!

I will depart with much love to all, Bets

Just a quick update

March 12, 2003 by Adam in Family

Just a quick update. I visited with Dick this morning and they released him from the hospital around 9 o'clock. He was looking better and seemed fairly comfortable, so it looks like the procedure was a success from that standpoint. They had a doctor's appointment afterwards, so I let him change and shower and my mom picked him up.

A few minutes ago, I got a call from my mom. They're at the doctor's office and he thinks they'll be able to go on their Belize trip. Seraph is taking extraordinary measures to get passports figured out. Mom said they were in Seattle trying to get hers renewed and get a new one for Isabell. Hopefully it call all be straightened out and they can have a good trip.

Sam has said some really sad and really funny...

March 12, 2003 by Adam in Sam

Sam has said some really sad and really funny things as of late. I thought I'd collect them here so that I wouldn't forget.

I told Sam that Dick was dying last Saturday. He understands at some level, though he's still trying to figure out what it really means. We were visiting Dick later that day and he said to him, "You don't look as yellow anymore. Does that mean you're not going to die?" I had to explain that no, he was going to die, but not today. He accepted that and moved on.

A couple days later we were talking about Dick and how the procedure in the hospital should help. "But he's still going to die, right?" said Sam. "Yes, he's still going to die," I replied. Telling Sam has been one of the hardest things for me, as he and Dick are very close.

On a completely different note, Jamie was taking Sam somewhere in the car and he was entertaining himself with some variations of the song "Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah." The first one went, "Someone's in the kitchen with dina - mite." And the next followed, "Someone's in the kitchen with a sniper rifle." Needless to say, Jamie lectured me on the evils of video games while admitting that she had a hard time stopping herself from laughing.

As Peter O'Toole said, "Death is easy. Comedy is hard."

For all the things going on, it was actually ...

March 12, 2003 by Adam in Family

For all the things going on, it was actually a fairly quiet day for me yesterday. I ran back and forth to the hospital visiting with Dick and trying to stay on top of work. In many ways, he seemed his normal self. I stopped by a final time before I headed home and he had finished up with his last procedure. Supposedly he gets to go home this morning and I may try to stop by before he's released.

Not much news beyond that. I have a birthday party for a friend that I'm going to on Saturday. Jamie's going to let me be a big person and go without Sam. Jamie is feeling quite pregnant as usual. I was feeling Emma kick up a storm last night.

Just a short update

March 12, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

Just a short update. The drainpipe was sucessfully installed in Dick, and the doc has given us a green light
for Belize. We intend to sit in the sun and wax nostalgic.

We have had wonderful help from Kathy Carpenter, Gary's wife. Sadie, Dick and I are staying a couple of additional nights after Dad heads back to Florida, and Kathy found us
two nights at another resort on Ambergris Caye. What opulence!

Thank you all for the visits and messages. I wish I were going to wake up and find this was a cosmic joke and Dick just used too much Man Tan. But we will get by with a little help from our friends - and relatives- just like Rabbit, in Winnie the Pooh.

The garage door is broken

March 12, 2003 by Judy in Hanes

The garage door is broken. Don't open it -- under penalty of ????
Jim wants me to enter fake names into the monthly schedule, but I cannot see anyone falling for it. If he wants to have Elvis et al at the beach cabin, he can enter it himself! We're going to the basketball tournament games this week/weekend. Won't be down to the beach til the end of the month.

You know, that fortune cookie stuff is true

March 11, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

You know, that fortune cookie stuff is true. We spent the day at the hospital, with Adam and Marsha there to keep up our spirits, and Gary, master of the condo in Belize, arriving just in time for us to tell him that the doc got the drainpipe into Dick and systems look like All Go for the Belize trip. Then home to have Seraph and Isa stop by with my trial prep for tomorrow, and good conversations with Ilona and Yayoe.

Here's what I don't get. Adam said he was actually getting condolence e-mails from people about Dick, and I've been haunted by the letter to Adam from the young couple who have to have a safe room in their mid-east apartment. If there is so much love in the world, why are we having wars. Maybe it would be a far better idea to play computer games and win points, and spend our money trying to keep people alive, rather than be killing some other mom and dad's children in Irag.

Or maybe I'm just cheering on the ad in the Eugene Weekly from Sweet Potato Pie, a local clothing store, which said, rather simply, "F..k War". I could get on that train.

Good night, all, and much thanks from your lovin' old mom

Poor Dick spent most of the day flat on his b...

March 11, 2003 by Adam in Family

Poor Dick spent most of the day flat on his back in the hospital, waiting for them to begin their procedure. He and my mom came in at 7:30 to get ready, but they didn't actually start until around four in the afternoon. Seraph, Marsha, and I all wandered in and out of his room, telling old stories and generally making a nusance of ourselves. People at work have been quite understanding and so I spent quite a bit of time running back and forth across the alleyway to see everyone.

The good news is that the procedure seemed to go well and his jaundice should improve. There's a second one tomorrow, so he's staying in the hospital tonight. So far, things seem to be going well. My mom is thinking they can still go to Belize, and head through Chicago to see Dick's family on the way back. They're taking it day by day, though, so we'll see how it goes.

Sadie has arranged to be here for this next term and still graduate in May. Evidently she can use her IB credit and do some project classes to get it all worked out. I think the current thought is to visit Belize with everyone, spend another week or so at school, then return to Eugene.

So, thing seem to be going as best they can. I'll try to keep everyone updated.

Another fairly full day

March 10, 2003 by Adam in Family

Another fairly full day. After a morning of playing with Sam and hooking up a new exterior light, I headed over to brunch at my mom and Dick's house. The whole crew was there and it was a bit of a madhouse. Sam and Jamie steered clear, going to her brother's so that Sam and Josh could play together. It was nice to get the whole family together. It seemed like we spent huge amounts of time cleaning, cooking, eating, and chasing kids around. All-in-all, a fairly typical Wielesek gathering.

By the time I left, friends were coming in. Steve came to visit and by the time Jamie, Sam and I returned for dinner, he was still there, a number of beer bottles lined up against the wall. We brought over Thai food that was far too good, as well as more of Jamie's crumb cake that I made her promise not to make again. It was another of Jamie's creations that was extremely delicious. By the time we left, Ilona was coming in.

I asked my mom if we were tiring them out, but she assured me that having everyone around helped. Sam especially likes to play with Dick, but I do worry that he exhausts everyone. Heck, Sam exhausts me and I'm supposedly used to him.

Dick's going in for a procedure tomorrow morning that should hopefully make the jaundice better. It's a two-parter, so he may go back later that day or perhaps Tuesday. I'll be going to work as normal, then my mom's supposed to call. I'll let everyone know how it goes.

Please see this posting as the written backup...

March 09, 2003 by Betsy in Betsy

Please see this posting as the written backup of the incredible burst of love energy sent out to everyone from a little peice of God's earth in the middle of Ohio. Much love to all.

I know I've told my kids the Fortune Cookie s...

March 09, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

I know I've told my kids the Fortune Cookie story a dozen times. Once when I was going through some hard times, I got a fortune which said "You are protected by the silent love around you." I have had reason from time to time to remember that and appreciate the love around us. Thank you all.

Jamie was off at the play today, and is going...

March 09, 2003 by Adam in Family

Jamie was off at the play today, and is going to a concert with friends tonight. That means that I got to watch Sam for most of the day. This morning we ended up playing quite a bit, with Legos, toys, as well as dancing about for awhile. After lunch we headed over to my mom's house.

Sam spent a huge amount of time entertaining and being entertained by my mom and Dick. Dick was performing chemistry experiments for Sam, doing pH tests of various substances around the house. There was also a lengthy chess game as well as checkers. Sam was having such a good time that he preferred to play with them rather than go to the play.

I talked more with mom about everyone's plans. Dick goes in on Monday for a procedure that should take care of the jaundice. Hopefully that'll make him more comfortable. If it goes well, they're thinking about continuing on their trip to Belize, which leaves Wednesday. If not, they'll stay in Eugene.

We're all hoping for the best, wishing that things go as well as can be.

Things are very serious with Dick

March 08, 2003 by Adam in Family

Things are very serious with Dick. It turns out that he has a form of cancer that is inoperable and he has only a few weeks to live. It seems so unreal typing those words. He may go back in to the hospital again to have a different procedure done to deal with his jaundice. The trip to Belize is up in the air, and depends in part on when the procedure can be scheduled.

Sam and I are heading over to their house. We've been trying to reach Sadie, but haven't been able to yet. I'll try to update everyone later.

Okay, I lied about my cough

March 07, 2003 by Adam in Family

Okay, I lied about my cough. It's still annoying me. This morning I coughed up a little blood, so I think I get to go to the doctor today. My guess is that I have a bacterial infection, just like Sam had. I'll probably be popping antibiotics by the end of the day. Yippie.

Yesterday was fairly busy at work, but quiet at home. Sam and I did our usual puttering around. He decided that he wasn't taking a bath, but instead was going "swimming." He put on his swimming suit and made me be the lifeguard.

Sam's also getting quite helpful around the house. He actually got out the vaccuum cleaner from the closet, pushed it into the kitchen, and helped clean up the crumbs from his messy eating. There's hope for that boy yet.

My cough is slowly getting better, though I'm...

March 06, 2003 by Adam in Family

My cough is slowly getting better, though I'm probably still driving my co-workers nuts with my hacking. Jamie's doing fairly well, though she's still tired most of the time. When I came home from work yesterday, she was crashed out on the couch while Sam and Josh played downstairs.

Sam and I hiked over the hill to visit mom and Dick last night. The adventure over was uneventful, except when Sam's pants fell down while running downhill. Tying drawstrings isn't a skill he has mastered quite yet. Mom and Dick seemed in fairly good spirits, though worried of course. On our way out the door, my mom handed us the book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which we read to Sam that night.

I managed to make it through a night without ...

March 05, 2003 by Adam in Family

I managed to make it through a night without cough syrup. I still woke up coughing, but made it back to sleep okay. It's been nice having Sam and Jamie back home again. Jamie seemed really wiped out last night, probably due to being six months pregnant.

I got a call yesterday at work from Sam announcing that his bathroom had flooded. I tried to get more details out of him. When I asked him if it were a "big emergency" or a "little emergency", he picked the little one so I didn't worry too much. He called later to let me know it was okay. Jamie informed me later that he was being overzealous with toilet paper use.

We're all fretting about Dick, hoping he's doing okay.

I'm back at work, still coughing but hanging ...

March 03, 2003 by Adam in Family

I'm back at work, still coughing but hanging in there. Jamie called this morning to say hello. It looks like they'll head back home today and the house won't be quite so quiet.

I got a fair amount of work done on Sunday, doing laundry, taxes, and mowing the lawn. I'm not sure I really did my taxes right - it looks like I'll be getting a big return, but I'm not sure I believe it.

I also headed over to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. It was quite the turnout and I ended up chatting with everyone until late this afternoon. I can't believe how long it's been since I checked in with everyone. Seraph is slowly looking for a new job. Destin is doing very well in school. Jordan's scars are healing up nicely. Isabell has become quite chatty. Ah, the joys of a big family.

Still no results from Dick's blood tests

March 03, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

Still no results from Dick's blood tests. Hope we hear something today.

Happy March

March 02, 2003 by Betsy in Betsy

Happy March. I keep thinking that it will get warmer some day but when I walked out of the house today it was snowing. It turned to rain and then slushy sleet tonight.

I am working Saturdays now so that doesn't leave much time for anything. I do cleaning and organizing at all hours and laundry is the night time task. Timm (my office worker) is burnt out and is making a lot of mistakes and being generally rude and unhappy. So I've taken the office hours on the weekends and extra time during the week.

The kids finally got over their colds and gave it to me. Bless their little hearts! They are going to Florida in a couple of weeks with Mike and his newer (1 year) girlfriend. We'll see if they make the entire week. She's nice but doesn't have a lot of common sense. Hope the kids can stay in one peice.

Belize sounds exciting, wish I could take a vacation someday. Only lost one cow in the past two weeks, although I'm not sure that I didn't lose others in the snow drifts. I had 8 foot drifts at the end of the drive.

Has anyone heard from Meg and clan? They got a lot of snow also.

Have fun, eat well adn don't forget the Jones creed, "Eating well is the best revenge." Hope your O.K. Dick.

Jamie and Sam made it safe and sound to the c...

March 02, 2003 by Adam in Family

Jamie and Sam made it safe and sound to the coast today. I'm still coughing and trying to take it easy, though I'm not necessarily succeeding. While the two of them were driving west, I did my Costco and food shopping, managing to spend over two hundred dollars. At least we have enough apple sauce and refried beans to last through next winter.

Sam and I spent most of the morning together while Jamie was helping out at the play. It was pretty tough as my throat hurt. I had to periodically go through a self-imposed ten minutes of silence, communicating with Sam through hand gestures and silly expressions. Around eleven we walked down to the preschool and watched the play. I'd rate it as unpretentious though lacking a certain je ne sais quoi. Well, back to folding clothes for me.

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