Basically all my free gaming time is spent wo...

June 29, 2003 by Adam in Adam's Games

Basically all my free gaming time is spent working on my Neverwinter Nights modules. It's incredibly time consuming, but hopefully worth it in the long run. I still get e-mails from people all over the world, which is a nice touch.

I did order a couple of cheap games over the Internet. One is Divine Divinity, which I've wanted to play (though I doubt I'll have time to finish). The other is I Was An Atomic Mutant, which had a really fun demo. That one's sort of for Sam, who loves these sorts of things.

We started off a bit rough yesterday morning

June 29, 2003 by Adam in Family

We started off a bit rough yesterday morning. I hadn't gotten much sleep after watching Emma until midnight. Sam had a breakdown at breakfast, crying and yelling. Fortunately, it was all short lived and the day shaped up quite nicely.

I went over to my mom's house to help go through Dick's stuff as well as get the truck for a St. Vincent de Paul run. We're cleaning out the garage and I managed to load up my stair stepper and a set of tables and chairs. Hopefully that's one more step on the way to getting things ready for the remodel.

Sam got a bunch of Legos (see his page for details), which kept him busy most of the night. I'm hoping things start cooling off soon, as the weather has been far too hot. We have to be very diligent about watering so that our poor tomatoes don't wilt away.

No big plans for the day. I'd like to do a Costco run to get the huge amount of cereal my body requires. I think half my daily calories come from some sort of cereal product.

Sam is the luckiest boy ever

June 29, 2003 by Adam in Sam

Sam is the luckiest boy ever. Yesterday, Jamie went to visit Angie and it turns out that a coworker was getting rid of all his Star Wars Legos. Angie found out and an arrangement was made. Sam came home to find a huge number of Legos awaiting him. He played with them most of last night and is fiddling around with them this morning.

We've realized just how big and mature Sam is now that Emma's around. He's basically self-sufficient at this point, dressing himself in the morning and getting snacks when appropriate. We're very lucky.

The days keep moving along

June 28, 2003 by Adam in Family

The days keep moving along. I was up until midnight last night, keeping watch over cranky Emma while Jamie got some sleep. Of course, Sam woke up around 6:30 in the morning, so it appears our kids aren't quite on the same time table yet. Gotta work on that before we both go crazy.

Sam and I went to the Amazon Pool yesterday, the first time I've been there since I was a kid. The first thing I recognized were the lockers, which I think haven't changed since my swimming lessons back in grade school. Mostly Sam wanted to ride the water slide, so we spent an an hour and twenty minutes waiting in line and ten minutes riding the thing (if that).

Jamie's getting exciting for our remodel, starting to plan such details as the countertop, paint colors, and the like. It's still months away, but should hopefully keep the dreary winter days more interesting.

Another message from Luke, now in Jordan

June 26, 2003 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Another message from Luke, now in Jordan.

Written 6/21/2003

Passports stamped ENTRY DENIED, the Israeli border police found it a
to visit Lebanon. Even more noteworthy, they find it a crime to convey
truth about the occupation, supporting the basic human rights of
Palestinian people; "your kind are not welcome in Israel, not now not

Now stranded with the wonderful people of Jordan, myself and another
of our delegation spent part of the last week visiting Palestinian
camps in Lebanon, and the southern part of the country that was
in May of 2000 after 20 years of Israeli occupation.

Several women working for the empowerment of Palestinian women refugees
articulated why they find the living conditions of refugee camps in
to be the worst of the entire Palestinian refugee population.
"We are denied rights of citizenship, Lebanese law prevents us from
in 73 professions (those where unions are allowed), after 55 years, we
don't have rights to water, electricity, to buy or inherit property."
In the Shatila refugee camp there are over 17,000 people living on 1
kilometer. Hot makeshift cinder block buildings rise up six and seven
stories. Many families live in small rooms with no windows to the
over one-hundred sharing one bathroom and kitchen.

Um Khaled, age 87, displaced in 1948 and living in the Shatila camp
"They told me I would be able to return to my home in Haifa in four
That was many years ago and now I fear I will die here, because I am
not so

While the state of Israel is responsible for creating and upholding
refugee crisis for over 55-years, the refugees in Lebanon have been
repressed and attacked from all sides; political factions from the
civil war, the Lebanese military, the Israeli military, and UN-RWA who
continues to reduce their services to the refugees.

Some of the worst atrocities brought upon Palestinian refugees are the
massacres of Sabra and Shatila, where in September of 1982 under the
supervision of Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon, the camps were
surrounded with Israeli tanks while the Israeli-allied Philangist
raped and killed up to 11,000 Palestinian refugees. We were taken to
visit the mass grave of those who were killed in the massacres,
of bodies lay there, no memorial, no names...

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are forced to struggle daily both for
civil and human rights within the State of Lebanon, and for their
fundamental right of return. Time and time again we are reminded that
rights of 6-million Palestinian refugees can't be ignored forever, "we
return to our homes."

In the spirit of justice,

Emma seems to keep growing, day by day

June 26, 2003 by Adam in Emma

Emma seems to keep growing, day by day. It actually takes a bit of effort to pick her up and move her about. She's been cranky in the evenings lately, probably digestive issues. The best solution seems to be playing music and dancing about the room.

Robbie is off on vacation this afternoon

June 26, 2003 by Seraph in Cortez

Robbie is off on vacation this afternoon. For Father's Day we got him 5 days at the coast by himself. His job may not include medical and retirement, but we thought it should include vacation time! After all, we don't want him to burn out.
Isa and I are planning a pretty quiet time. Hanni and Sadie are sharing the babysitting while I'm at work, and I've promised Isa she can help me clean the gutters this weekend!

As Edna would say, If it ain't the heat, it's...

June 26, 2003 by Betsy in Betsy

As Edna would say, If it ain't the heat, it's the humidity. Summer has finally arrived in central Ohio. After a cool wet spring the 90 degree days have settled upon us with a vengance. Patrick is at Boy Scout camp this week. Mike went up for the beginning; Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and I will go up Friday and bring him back on Saturday. Mike cheerfully said that Patrick has a tent to himself and I could camp out with him there and I kindly replied that a nice air conditioned motel room in the next town would do just fine. Getting soft in my old age.
Will started a reading program on Monday with a one on one tutor. He spends the afternoon with Bob's daughter Kris and her 4 year old, usually at the pool and farm. She helps him with his homework and he seems to be enjoying the down time.
I am plugging along, two months til campus turnover!!!!

We made it back from the coast, which was mos...

June 24, 2003 by Adam in Family

We made it back from the coast, which was mostly relaxing and occasionally stressful. The car trip there was wonderful and quiet. The car trip back was less pleasant, with much yelling and crying from the back seat (where I was crammed to keep the peace).

We did have some really fun moments. I think my favorite is when Sam and I headed down to the beach with a couple shovels. It was decided to construct a massive fortress against the incoming tide, hoping to keep the thousands of jellyfish out of a central pool. Towards the end, Sam was barking out orders, referring to me as a "fellow sergeant", and shoveling sand as fast as his little body could manage. All was lost in the end, though, as we learned the futility of fighting the sea.

It was nice having grandparents around to watch kids and Jamie and I snuck in a quiet walk on the beach while Emma slept strapped to my chest. On the way back, we visited a light house that had a ghost story attached to it. Sam was full of questions about the ghost, though he assured me that they're not real.

And so the work week comes to a close

June 20, 2003 by Adam in Family

And so the work week comes to a close. We're off to the coast tomorrow, which should be a welcome distraction away from the work at the house. Hopefully Jamie and I can sneak in a quiet walk on the beach.

The last week has been up and down for Jamie. At times, they're both angels. Other days, it's a bit of a mad house. My respect for her grows daily. This morning, she changed seven diapers between midnight and three am. Poor woman.

Well, life is moving along

June 19, 2003 by Seraph in Cortez

Well, life is moving along. We haven't been up to anything really exciting lately.
Robbie and Isa went with Hanni and several other of their friends to a child/teen model search. According to Robbie several of the people were eyeing Isa as a good prospect. I'm not sure if that was parental pride or not, but who knows.
Now, I'm off to take mom to pick up the truck, and then to a yummy dinner at Hanni's!

Sadie is off to the airport this morning for ...

June 18, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

Sadie is off to the airport this morning for her trip to Colorado. Her professor is flying out from Massachusetts and they will meet this evening and tomorrow with the Engineers Without Borders. She will be back late tomorrow evening. Morgan came over last evening to give her "appropriate technology appropriate attire" advice. I thought she looked most professional.

Emma's perched on my chest like a little monk...

June 18, 2003 by Adam in Family

Emma's perched on my chest like a little monkey as I type this. It's a bit before work and Jamie handed her off to me so she could get a little sleep. It's been better the last few nights and Emma's been snoozing fairly well.

Last night was a bit crazy. The kitchen sink is plugged up, so I tried all my tricks and ended up spending hours trying to run a snake down to where the clog was. I never quite got it and so I gave up and asked Jamie to call a trained professional. Sigh.

It's also been crazy hot lately. Sleeping is hard. The only good thing about it is that I can ride my bike to work in short sleeves quite comfortably.

Well, I warned Adam not to go around bragging...

June 16, 2003 by Jamie in Jamie

Well, I warned Adam not to go around bragging that we have such a good look what he has done. Emma has decided that just lounging on the couch in her boppy is not going to cut it, and she will cry vehemently to be carried around in the front pack. I tell Adam that I am just not going to be able to do that all day, but he spoils her with snugli naps when he is at home. We have discovered that it is hard to get Emma to stay asleep in the morning, and impossible to wake her up in the late afternoon. Guess she is going to be a morning person like her dad. Sam, on the other hand is still sleeping at 9:30 after playing in his room for at least an hour after bedtime.
OK, this page was supposed to be just about ME, right? Well, I'm tired and would really like to go outside. Sam and Emma both seem to be affected by all this pollen, and even I have had itchy eyes and headaches (course, that may be lack of sleep, too) To all my friends out there, be patient. I'm sure I'll be able to talk to you again one day ;)
AND, I finally jumped the first big hurdle (for me)and have set up some appointments with contractors about our rec room remodel. My plan is to have it done by Christmas...a little gift to me and Adam...maybe we will be able to have a conversation once in a while?

It was a quiet Father's Day in the Miller hou...

June 16, 2003 by Adam in Family

It was a quiet Father's Day in the Miller household. I fixed breakfast for everyone on our nice china, scurrying around to get it done while keeping track of the kids. After we all sat down, Jamie made an embarrassed look and said, "Happy Father's Day". I hadn't realized it either.

We tried hard to stay indoors and away from the pollen, though by the end of the day we were all getting a little stir crazy. Sam and I went to the mall to walk around and check out all the antinque cars. He was in a pretty good mood - maybe the allergy medicine is finally paying off.

Poor Jamie isn't getting much sleep. She handed Emma over to me early this morning and I slept with her on my chest for a couple hours. That seems the best way to get her to sleep, though I'm always nervous she'll roll off with a loud thunk.

The weekend is almost over, it has seemingly ...

June 15, 2003 by Adam in Family

The weekend is almost over, it has seemingly gone by quickly, even though I had Friday off. Yesterday was pretty interesting, with my longtime friend Devon and his friend Lisa coming down for the day. In many ways, he was just like he was when I last saw him a decade ago. All those mannerisms stick with us for life, I guess. He and Lisa did a great job of entertaining Sam while we took care of Emma or threw together dinner. Lisa entertained us with stories about her time in Africa and the peace corps. Fascincating stuff.

Poor Sam's allergies continue to be pretty bad, and mine as well. Yesterday we walked over to my mom's house, but the allergies made his eyes hurt so badly that they teared up. We stayed for a couple minutes then headed back to the relative safety of our house. I think June will be an inside month for our family.

Emma continues to grow and become more alert. She does get fussy sometimes, though the front pack and dancing around my room with music blaring usually puts her to sleep. I think Sam and I are eager to have her start smiling at us in a more obvious way. Reinforcement of our good behavior would be nice.

I stayed home from work today, but it still e...

June 14, 2003 by Adam in Family

I stayed home from work today, but it still ended up being quite busy. Sam and I played together for most of the day, with the occasional Emma watching between feeding times. He still has allergies pretty badly, so our trip to the park was full of eye scratching. Hopefully the Claritin will kick in soon.

We had our first contractor visit today. The plan is to put in a rec room later this year. My office is currently getting pretty packed with Sam's toys.

I had fun babysitting for an hour or so while...

June 13, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

I had fun babysitting for an hour or so while Adam and Jamie went to West Bros. for dinner. Emma squeaked occasionally, and cheerfully played her role as the Pod Baby while Sam and I fought off evil beasts. One of them bit him on both knees. We healed him up with the great medicine we got from the old prospector on our mining mission on Mars. He told me I was as good as Geedu, which I thought was pretty high praise. Seraph, Isa and Robbie came over for dinner last night. We all laughed and danced in the living room with Isa, and I missed Dick. We have his ashes sitting on the hearth in a coal miner's bucket. I bought it when he and I took Baba to the coal mining town in southern Illinois where her father worked in the mines.

The last few days have been pretty busy

June 12, 2003 by Adam in Family

The last few days have been pretty busy. Work has been pretty crazy, just trying to keep up, especially with all the time I'm taking off. I was at home yesterday, basically entertaining Sam the entire day. I think all the excitement was a bit much for him as he ended up somewhat cranky at the end of the day.

Emma has also gotten a bit fussy lately. She'll cry for a bit before she goes to sleep in the evening. Poor Jamie was looking exhausted when I left this morning.

Tonight Jamie and I are going out to dinner while my mom and Sadie watch the kids. Hopefully Jamie won't fall face-first into her meal from sheer exhaustion.

Emma's a bit less mellow than the first week ...

June 12, 2003 by Adam in Emma

Emma's a bit less mellow than the first week or so. For an hour or two this afternoon and then for a bit tonight, she got somewhat cranky. What's funny is that I think I've discovered something that tends to calm her down. If I hold her and dance around the room while blaring Scooby Snacks by the Fun Lovin' Criminals, she konks right out. I hope it's not a sign of things to come.

We had a lovely birthday soiree for Sadie yes...

June 10, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

We had a lovely birthday soiree for Sadie yesterday evening, with Mimosas, a great invention growing from the need to get rid of cheap champagne, Sadie's locust bombe (it appears about every seven years), chocolate and fruit, culminating in a group effort to start the old Subaru. It occurs to me that we are reasonably functional as a family except for dogs (remember Sam? Dusty? and the fabled Sobaka)
and sometimes, cars. Remember the ancient Volvo Adam sold to a lady for cash. About a week later, with nary a word, or
request for a refund, she brought it back and parked it in front of the house, resulting in the Jeff Kent, Federal Prosecutor of all things evil, comment to Adam, "Just like a lawyer's kid, hiding behind legal technicalities". Well, the Subaru is determined to extract the last pound of aggravation from us before it gets donated to St. Vinny's.

One of Adam's gaming friends who lives in Isr...

June 10, 2003 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

One of Adam's gaming friends who lives in Israel sent an email with his condolences for our loss. Robert emailed a month or so ago, and mom and I haven't gotten around to emailing him, so we thought he might like us to post our deepest gratitude for his email. We are sitting in our safe basement, typing away with full awareness of the uncertainties that he and his wife live with. We have friends who have chosen to work on kibbutzes, and other friends who are, at this moment, bearing witness in solidarity to the hardships of life in Palestine. We wish you peace and pray for you in our own little ways. Your thoughts are the greatest gift you could give us.

Sunday was pretty low-key

June 09, 2003 by Adam in Family

Sunday was pretty low-key. Sam and I went hiking for an hour in the morning. As usual, he wanted to take all the "crazy paths" and wander through the brambles. A few times I had to firmly say no, as I suspect he would have cheerfully walked into a crocodile infested bog.

Emma was pleasant as always, with maybe a half hour of fussiness before bedtime. A stroll through the house with her dad prattling on finally got her to sleep.

Judy, Jim, Dave, and Josh all came over for dinner and croquet. Sam was immensely pleased with all the new people to play with. I'm afraid we became quite boring after we no longer wanted to play characters with him.

I did discover that he really likes my 80's "surfer dude" voice. I started reading books to him, translating the story and interjecting with phrases like "totally awesome". He liked it so much that he wants me to talk that way all the time.

Today is my last day of solid paternity leave...

June 08, 2003 by Adam in Adam

Today is my last day of solid paternity leave and tomorrow I return back to work. For some reason, I thought I'd be eager to return, becoming tired of sleepless nights and changing diapers. Stragely, it's the opposite and I've found that these last couple weeks have been like a very long weekend.

At times, playing with Sam gets tiring. I can only use my exciting voice for so long, or think up new games to play. Still, it's also been fun to spend a lot of time with him. Yesterday, I found some old shark teeth fossils and we played archiologist and dug them up out of his sand box. Good times.

Emma got her first bath yesterday, which went...

June 08, 2003 by Adam in Emma

Emma got her first bath yesterday, which went fairly well. Her skin continues to peel off in big flakes, though the bath didn't seem to help with that much. Otherwise, she's doing just fine. Mostly she eats and sleeps, which makes taking care of her quite easy.

The weekend arrives, with hot days and allerg...

June 07, 2003 by Adam in Family

The weekend arrives, with hot days and allergies in full bloom. It's also the last weekend of my paternity leave, though I'll be taking the occasional day off in the weeks ahead. Emma is looking more and more like a little baby instead of strange misshapen creature.

Jamie's doing really well for having just been through labor. All the aches and pains are slowly subsiding and she's far more mobile than a couple weeks ago. This morning we all went for a walk around the neighborhood which was quite nice.

I think Jamie's mom is coming down Sunday for a visit, otherwise we're just puttering around. I think there's a library trip in our future, then the plan is to just entertain our assorted children.

Emma lost her umbilical cord yesterday, thoug...

June 07, 2003 by Adam in Emma

Emma lost her umbilical cord yesterday, though it's still too early to tell if she's an "innie" or an "outie". Either way, she's pretty darn' cute. Her skin is still peeling off like she had a bad sunburn, one of those newborn things I suppose, though I don't remember it as much with Sam.

She seems even more alert these days. Yesterday I showed her a sunset and the moon for the first time. I'm sure she appreciated it greatly.

A message from Luke: Hello dear friends- ...

June 06, 2003 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

A message from Luke:

Hello dear friends-
I write to you on the 36th anneversery of the war that began on June 5th 1967, in which the state of Israel occupied the remaining Palestinian territories of Gazza and the West Bank, along with other lands in Egypt,Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

I have attempted each night to record the numerous stories and observations that I have taken in during the early days of my journey, yet after only four days the stories seem to collect at the tip of my pen faster than I can write, coagulating there while many slip from my mind before I get
the chance to commit them to paper. As you read the experiences that I relay to you, please keep in mind that what I write in my reports is but a small selection, a fraction of the stories that are shared with me each day.

All members of our small delegation have arrived safely in Jerusalem, each with varying degrees of interrogation by Israeli security, from 1 to 5 hours. Interrogation at the point of entry is a tactic used to exclude human rights, peace, and liberation advocates from the country. I made my journey from Amman to Jerusalem on the morning of July 1st. On the way to the boarder, I shared a taxi with a former Palestinian professor from Berzeit University near Ramallah. As we drove through the dusty hills, she recounted the way in which she was forced, by the conditions of the occupation, to quit her job as Professor. Prior to the reoccupation of the West Bank her home was but a 15 minute drive from the university, however after the rapid multiplication of checkpoints and settler-only roads, it became physically impossible for her to drive to class. She was forced to allow a 2-hour commute, walking through several checkpoints, down and up steep enbankments transferring to four different taxis, simply to go to
teach each morning. Some days she would be arbitrarily held at checkpoints, missing her classes entirely, other days half of her students would not be able to make it, and not infrequently she and her students would make the entire journey only to be met by soldiers at the university gate,
militarily forcing the closure of the University, denying its students an education in clear violation of international law. ³No one should be expected to live under such conditions. Those like you who have lived
all of their lives with at least the freedom of movement would certainly not do well with such treatment.² I could accompany this story about the inhumanity of checkpoints with at least a dozen others that I have heard in
my first days here. Most notably, in the afternoon of June 2nd on there way home to their families, several hundred Palestinians were forced to sleep on the street when the military closed the Calandia checkpoint near East Jerusalem. Checkpoints are one of the many forceful restrictions on Palestinian freedom that fills people¹s daily conversations.

Descending from the plateau in Jordan down into the valley of the Jordan River we passed a destroyed village, scattered bunkers, and row upon row of razor wire, ominous reminders of the war in 1967 where the eastern shores
of the Jordan River were not able to retain the tide of the Israeli military. Reaching the boarder, our bus was greeted by far more M-16 rifles than smiles. Dawning my tourist hat, I was able to cross the border with relatively little interrogation. With my first step into the occupied West
Bank of Palestine, I waited for a taxi with several Palestinian women with children who had been interrogated and held for over 6 hours. With my first breath of Palestinian air, it became clear that as a white male
and US citizen, I am awarded more rights and better treatment by the Israeli government than Palestinian people who have lived here for countless generations.

I have spent much time walking through the narrow cobbled streets of the Muslim quarter in the old city of Jerusalem; the heart of Palestinian society for several thousand y

We chopped off Isa's hair this morning

June 05, 2003 by Seraph in Cortez

We chopped off Isa's hair this morning. It's now shortly bobbed for the summer. I told her we'd do it tonight, but she kept insisting on "NOW."
She's really in to telling people about how she saw the eclipse a few weeks back. She was staying the night at Hanni's and they watched it together. Hanni explained to her that it was the earth shadow going across the moon.
She confused it a bit, later telling me that the Earth was going across the moon. I told her that it was the earth's shadow, and that we lived on the earth. She looked rather excited and said "I'm walking on the earth!" She then went over and put her hands on the patio, making a shadow, and said "I'm making an eclipse!" Wow!

Sam adores Emma

June 05, 2003 by Adam in Sam

Sam adores Emma. "I didn't think that Emma would be so cool," he told me the other day. Sam will often go up to her, pat her head, talk to her, or sing her little songs. It's a bit of a surprise to Jamie and I, but a pleasant one at that. Having Sam's help with things is quite nice.

We haven't really had to warn him much about Emma's fragility. He's already very gentle with her. Sam tells Emma he loves her all the time.

Emma and I just got up from a little nap

June 04, 2003 by Adam in Family

Emma and I just got up from a little nap. She didn't sleep very well last night and was up quite a bit. Though Jamie bore the brunt of her sleeplessness, I didn't get enough sleep either.

Both Sam and I have been feeling the increased pollen in the air, so we've been a bit grumpy. Jamie too Sam off for a haircut while Emma and I lay down for a nap.

No big excitement today. The week slowly rolls along.

I wanted the family to know that Luke Newton ...

June 03, 2003 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I wanted the family to know that Luke Newton arrived in Jerusalem yesterday on a solidarity mission to occupied Palestine. To all those who pray, this seems like a good time to start.

Anna made it out safe and sound this morning.

Last night went really well

June 03, 2003 by Adam in Family

Last night went really well. Emma ate like a little piggy all day, then only got up once last night. We're both quite well rested and hoping this trend continues. Sam's off to school this morning and Jamie's running errands while I watch Emma. We're shooing for another fairly quiet day.

Sam and I both had runny noses yesterday when playing outside. I'm afraid we both have allergies. Jamie picked up some medicine for Sam, which seems to help some. We'll see if it continues.

The folks from Sam's preschool keep bringing over loads of food. It's pretty cool to have dinner delivered every other night. Our refrigerator is becoming quite well stocked. We'll be happy and plump parents by the end of next week.

Anna left for Africa today, so she came by for a final visit with Emma.

I finally signed up for an e-mail address! I...

June 02, 2003 by Seraph in Cortez

I finally signed up for an e-mail address! It's
We're working on getting internet access at home, but we're not there yet. Feel free to stick us on all the trashy e-mail lists!

Baby tired! I remember those days

June 02, 2003 by Betsy in Betsy

Baby tired! I remember those days. After Will was born he didn't come home from the hospital for almost a month, so other than his monitor going off in the night he was actually a fairly good sleeper. Patrick on the other hand was awful and sick the entire first year of his life. I spent most of the year sleeping on the living room floor with him.

Sounds like Emma is a gem. Wonderful parents, wonderful baby.

Worked so hard on the farm this weekend I feel like a pin cushion doll with so many aches and pains. Nothing like haying to put you in agony. Hugs to all!

Emma's slowly figuring out how the world works

June 02, 2003 by Adam in Emma

Emma's slowly figuring out how the world works. She hasn't been quiet as quiet as the first few days and kept Jamie up until 2 am or so last night. She goes through these bursts of feeding where she won't rest until her belly is full.

Her skin in particular seems to be growing really fast. It's peeling off in sheets. Perhaps she's part snake, which would explain a lot. Jamie and I are debating which side of the family it comes from.

Sam continues to think that Emma is pretty neat, wanting to kiss her and touch her. It's hopefully a good sign that he'll want to play with her as she gets older.

June is here and we're slowly getting into th...

June 01, 2003 by Adam in Family

June is here and we're slowly getting into the routine with Emma. Yesterday was pretty quiet, mostly hanging out at the house. Josh and Ray came by for a bit and we sent them to Costco for a purchasing mission. Emma's been a little fussier than the first few days, but not by much. We've all been getting a reasonable amount of sleep, though Jamie probably needs a nap today.

Emma's great, basically a tiny creature whose sole purpose is to grow as fast as possible. She's either eating or sleeping, and occasionally glancing out at the world for a bit. Sam seems so big compared to her.

Sam and I went for a hike this morning, making it to the top of Skinner's Butte. I'm very impressed by that boy's stamina. I think it also helped that a fellow hiker played along with Sam's game, pretending she was a troll trying to chase after us. Great fun.

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