What a day

August 31, 2003 by Adam in Family

What a day. Sam's currently on the floor next to me, building Legos and whispering over and over the phrase "duck doger dot com". Advertising works.

We got Jamie and Emma off safe and sound. They evidently had a good trip up to Portland and the grandparents are fussing over them both. I think Jamie's really enjoying some quiet time, which is rare for her these days.

Sam and I started our bachelor weekend by climbing Spencer's butte in record time. My legs are still sore from the effort. We returned dusty and exhausted, but a quick shower and lunch helped a bit. After that, it was washing my car, inside and out, then heading off to Costco for huge quantities of cereal.

My mom stopped by to pick up some wedding vows I printed up for her. Evidently she's officiating a wedding tonight. Next Sam and I went to my dad and Yayoe's house for dinner and entertainment. Now it's time to get ready for bed. Whew.

My worker guy was up today to work on the dri...

August 30, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

My worker guy was up today to work on the driveway at the "Seraph's Way" house; he rented a jackhammer and has been fixing the concrete.
I'm doing a wedding for Gus, Stephanie and Rich's son, and Rhonda, his truly sweet girlfriend, tomorrow evening, and we had a rehersal this afternoon. Sadie and I went to the rehersal dinner this evening. She is nearly packed, but isn't feeling really great this evening.

Jamie came down this morning to announce that...

August 29, 2003 by Adam in Emma

Jamie came down this morning to announce that Emma has slept for nine hours last night. That's not typical, but it's pretty great when it happens. I think that having a pretty big baby helps, as she's got lots of room in there to stock up on food for the night.

Jamie and Emma head to Portland this weekend. Should be quiet around our house.

Last night I went over to visit with Adam, Ja...

August 29, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

Last night I went over to visit with Adam, Jamie, Sam and Emma and take Sadie's laptop over so she and Adam could put his Neverwinter Nights game on it. She is saying her last good byes. She helped Sam take a bath- a good reminder that
the perfect toy is a bathtub full of water, while I played with Emma. I think one of the most satisfying things I ever do is rock a baby to sleep.
After work today Jenny and the boys, Seraph, Robbie and Isa, and Sadie and I met for pizza. Jenny had great pictures from last weekend's camping trip in central Oregon, back at the cabin on the Williamson River. It was a wonderful but bittersweet trip; Dick and I used to go over once or twice a year, and it was
sad to be there without him. The stars were glorious, as was Mars.
Sadie and I rented Moonlight Mile a couple of weeks ago. We cried so much I thought the living room would fill up with tears.
Sadie painted my front door red. Is this the beginning of the family eccentricity strain?

Sadie came over last night, which was wonderful

August 28, 2003 by Adam in Family

Sadie came over last night, which was wonderful. The more people to entertain Sam or rock Emma, the better. Plus it was nice to see her one last time before she left. After I found out she was coming home for Christmas, it didn't seem like such a big goodbye.

Jamie's off with contractors today, picking out carpets, counter tops, and linoleum. Though she invited me along, I trust her judgement. One of the nice things about marrying Jamie is that we have pretty similar tastes in decorating.

Only a couple more days until Sam and I have a boys-only weekend. Hopefully I can fill the time in a way that's fun for Sam but doesn't drive me nuts.

The week moves along

August 27, 2003 by Adam in Family

The week moves along. It's sad to have Sadie leaving so soon and strange to think that she's no longer just moving away for school. No trips back for school vacations, but rather when she can get away like a normal person.

Emma's been very vocal lately. I was singing to her last night and she joined right in. It was lots of fun watching her smile and make "Aaah-Ooooh" noises. I see her every day and she still seems to be growing at a rapid pace. Sam and I were making fun of her massive head last night, pretending she could boss us all around with her mind control.

Sam's his normal self. The other day he told Jamie, "I think I'm getting the hang of Emma." After a couple months of adjusting to a new person in the house, we're starting to get more comfortable with the new routine.

Jamie's been doing really well, I think. She has more energy and has been taking yoga with a friend, as well as going for more walks. Though she's still up once or twice each night, it's not as bad as it was a few months ago.

Mom and I had lunch with Ann Leong, whose hus...

August 27, 2003 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Mom and I had lunch with Ann Leong, whose husband also died of pancreatic cancer a year ago. She gave us wonderful advice on sewing quilts out of clothes and recommended Something to Crow About in Springfield. It was nice to be listened to by someone who had felt what mom and I are feeling, and then grew to understand why, which I think I am still at a loss about. She said that we are born and trained to problem solve, and this is one unsolvable problem that we are stuck with. A paradoxical slap in the face, if you ask me.

The grieving process has not dampened a love for Gregory Peck, however, and I rented Spellbound by Hitchock last night- wonderful! Way better than The Ring. Next pick: Notorious.

My new email address is sadiemiller@hotmail.com. Snail mail address is 55 South St. Apt. 2 Noho MA 01060.

We had a wonderful, yet tireing weekend campi...

August 25, 2003 by Seraph in Cortez

We had a wonderful, yet tireing weekend camping in central Oregon with Mom, Sadie, Jenny, Destin and Jordan. I think 2 two year olds may have left us all a little frazzled!

I think Dick would have been proud of us. We actually managed several Dutch Oven meals and the coffee was ready both days by 7:30 a.m.

After two nights listening to cows and cyotes Isa and Robbie went to the library today to pick up books on these wild and woolly animals!

I have a few days left until I fly back to No...

August 25, 2003 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I have a few days left until I fly back to Northampton, so today was a day of shipping off extra stuff. I have an eye appoointment and an appointment with Morgan Munro to say goodbye to Eugene on foot. I imagine we'll stumble around downtown reminicing about high school, then go to a movie. Hopefully I'll have time to play with everyone one more time before the east coast has me for good.

and the smith email account doesn't work anymore, so i'll keep you posted as to what email i decide to use.

The weekend is over and I'm back at work

August 25, 2003 by Adam in Family

The weekend is over and I'm back at work. Sigh.

Though we didn't do much, it seemed like a pretty fun weekend. Jamie took Sam to the ballgame last night, though I think Sam's favorite part is the cracker jacks. I did some landscaping Sunday morning and layed down some bark-o-mulch to make it all look pretty.

Sam was very good at the store and we allowed him to choose one toy. After staring at some Lego-like robot for awhile, he instead chose squirt guns. That of course led to endless fighting in the back yard. I have on video tape Jamie and Sam dueling it out. At one point, Sam had to go get the red washable pen to put "blood" all over himself. There was much showering required.

I had nearly 200 unread e-mails at work this ...

August 25, 2003 by Adam in Adam

I had nearly 200 unread e-mails at work this morning, 90% being return receipts from virus e-mails I didn't send. This latest worm sends e-mail forged from someone else, so it appears my name has been making the rounds. Yippie.

Emma is getting really strong

August 25, 2003 by Adam in Emma

Emma is getting really strong. Last night when Jamie and Sam went to the baseball game, she rolled herself over in her play gym. Moments later she spit up everywhere.

Later on when I got her to bed in her crib, I went to get a bowl of cereal. Five minutes later I heard funny noises from her room. When I went to investigate, there she was on her belly, looking around the room.

Emma's also gotten quite picky about wanting to be held these days. Both Jamie and I have sore legs from carrying her around, rocking her back and forth. It's a good thing I work out.

We spotted a deer in our backyard last night,...

August 23, 2003 by Adam in Family

We spotted a deer in our backyard last night, looking very cute. I'm not sure that counteracted the pile of deer poop and eaten tomatoes, however. Time to fix the hole in the fence.

It's finally the weekend and I'm puttering around while the rest of the family sleeps away. I'm hoping my headache is gone for good, as I feel pretty refreshed this morning. I'm still not sure what the weekend holds. I've got to return some overdue books to the library today. I also want to pick up some new ones for Sam's bedtime reading.

Cloudy skies today, for the first time in weeks. It looks like fall is slowly creeping up on us.

Last night, Emma amazed my mom by making a no...

August 22, 2003 by Adam in Emma

Last night, Emma amazed my mom by making a noise vaguely like "Hi" every time I said "Hi" to her. If I can train her up on a few more tricks, I figure we can hit the road and travel with a circus.

Jamie just called to report that she stuck Emma in front of the mirror and she began giggling hysterically. Emma, that is. Not Jamie.

The week has slogged along

August 21, 2003 by Adam in Family

The week has slogged along. My head is much better today after a somewhat achey day yesterday.

Sam was in a very grumpy mood last night. We finally got outside and ended up having a water fight with hoses and impromptu splashing instruments. There was so much laughing and giggling that he completely forgot his bad mood. Of course, we both had to change into dry clothes afterwards, but it was a small price to pay.

We hiked over to see Sadie and my mom last night, as well as check out their library for kid books. I still think I want to get Sam to the real library at some point and try to find all the great kid books from my past.

Tonight I'm dropping off both kids at my mom's house for an hour or two. A little quiet time with Jamie sounds very nice.

The garbage cans: ALWAYS put the cans in the...

August 21, 2003 by Judy in Hanes

The garbage cans: ALWAYS put the cans in the little shed by the house. The garbage service PROMISES to empty the can and put it back every week. I know this has been an issue

Massive headache today

August 20, 2003 by Adam in Adam

Massive headache today. My "Cafe Madvil" trick isn't working (that's a mocha and Advil). It's probably time to up the Advil dosage.

I'm slaving away at some JavaScript issues at work, banging my head repeatedly against the monitor. I can get things to work separately, but not all together. Sigh.

I finally finished up Splinter Cell while at ...

August 19, 2003 by Adam in Adam's Games

I finally finished up Splinter Cell while at the coast this weekend. It was relatively good fun, though the end was a bit repetative.

Strangely, the other game I played quite a bit of was Icewind Dale 2. While it struck me again as being mostly a dungeon crawl, there's something satisifying about controlling a large party and strategically planning battles. The combat is quite tough, even for a veteran of D&D games such as I. Towards the end, though, I became bored and put it away once again.

I'm still trying to work on my Neverwinter Nights campaign. Very slow going with all the other things keeping me busy.

We've returned both weary and rested from our...

August 18, 2003 by Adam in Family

We've returned both weary and rested from our beach trip. The drive over went pretty well, with Emma sleeping and Sam in a good mood. The in-car movie system was just okay, as Sam didn't seem too interested in watching movies for the full two hours.

The weather was just great, with blue skies nearly every day. Sam and I spent many hours on the beach, building sand castles and watching the tide wash them away. He also had a great time running about and leaping over little pools of water.

Judy and Jim were delayed, as Barbara (Jim's daughter in law) had some excitement with her baby. All seems well, though she may be stuck in the hospital for the next month or two.

Dave and Kirsten hung out with us as well, travelling to the Hecita Head lighthouse with Sam and I. There were also many games, dinners, and beach walls. All good.

The drive back was a bit much, with cranky kids all around. Still, we survived and are slowly widing down, preparing for a normal day tomorrow.

Anna arrived in the Metro Detroit airport wit...

August 18, 2003 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Anna arrived in the Metro Detroit airport with its power was off, so it took a few days to get her luggage. However, although the treadmill still does not work properly after the power was turned on, her family, on a whole, seemed to live through it. Perhaps a few more days and they'd have taken Seraph's/a few Iraqi's advice on taking to the streets. Sounds good to me, the corporate American deregulating neoliberal bastards.

As the power outage shuts down the North East...

August 15, 2003 by Seraph in Cortez

As the power outage shuts down the North East I thought this news bit from the internet might be worth posting. These were suggestions the Iraqi's had in resonse to the power outage:

Here is a top 10 list compiled on the streets of Baghdad:
—10: SLEEP ON THE ROOF. Without power — and hence without air conditioning — Iraqis have taken to climbing up stairs in the hot nights. Some install metal bed frames on rooftops, while others simply stretch out on thin mattresses. “We sleep on the roof,” said Hadia Zeydan Khalaf, 38, wearing a black head-to-toe abaya in the hot sun. “It’s cooler there.”
—9: SIT IN THE SHADE. Many Iraqis go outside when the power’s off. “We sit in the shade,” said George Ruweid, 27, playing cards with friends on the sidewalk. Of the U.S. blackout, he said: “I hope it lasts for 20 years. Let them feel our suffering.”
—8: HEAD FOR THE WATER. “We go to the river, just like in the old days,” said Saleh Moayet, 53. Several people said they had seen American beaches on television, and suggested they might be a good place to sit out the blackout. “They have so many beautiful beaches,” said Hamid Khelil, 44. “They should go where it isn’t so hot.”
—7: SHOWER FREQUENTLY. “I take showers all day,” said Raed Ali, 33. “Before I go up to the roof to sleep, I take a shower and I’m cooler.”
—6: BUY BLOCKS OF ICE. When refrigerators shut down, there’s no better way to keep food cool. Mohammed Abdul Zahara, 24, sells about 20 a day from a roadside table. “When it’s hot people buy a lot of ice,” he said.
—5: CHECK FOR BITTER-ENDERS. “They should go to the power stations and see what the problem is,” suggested Ahmed Abdul Hussein, 21. “Maybe there are followers of Saddam Hussein who are sabotaging their power stations. That’s what happens here.”
—4: GET A GENERATOR. Abbas Abdul al-Amir, 53, has one of a long row of shops selling generators in Baghdad’s Karadah shopping street. When the power goes out, sales go up. “I sell about 30 generators a day,” he said. “When the shutdown lasts I can sell even more.”
—3: CALL IN THE IRAQIS. Some suggested the Americans ask the Iraqis how to get the power going again. “Let them take experts from Iraq,” said Alaa Hussein, 32, waiting in a long line for gas because there was no electricity for the pumps. “Our experts have a lot of experience in these matters.”
—2: USE FOUL LANGUAGE. “When the power goes out, I curse everybody,” said Emad Helawi, a 63-year-old accountant. “I curse God. I curse Saddam Hussein. And I curse the Americans.”
—And the No. 1 suggestion among Iraqis for Americans suffering without power: TAKE TO THE STREETS. Some said demonstrations can be effective in persuading authorities to turn on the switch. “We held protests. After that we had fewer blackouts,” Ahmed Abdul Hussein said without even a hint of sarcasm. “I’d suggest Americans go out and demonstrate.”
Robbie and I have yet to fully understand the American thought process, in that people were going right back to work this morning in New York. Wouldn't the outage have been the perfect excuse to not call in to work(as the phones and answering machines were probably down) and take the kids to the beach?! I guess they can all die happy knowing that they at least made it to the office one more day of this year.

We're packed and ready to go

August 15, 2003 by Adam in Family

We're packed and ready to go. The coast awaits us and I'm very much looking forward to it. We picked up a power inverter and should be able to watch DVDs in the car to entertain Sam. Hopefully Emma will sleep and the two hours will go by quickly. I've brought my ancient Pentium 90 laptop so that I can type things.

We all have a cold, though we're pulling through. Hopefully the fresh sea air will do us good.

I got a call from my coworker Dave. He was travelling with his family and was stuck in the Detroit airport when the power went out. Anna was also travelling yesterday, though Sadie's not sure where she ended up.

I've been reading The Lion, The Witch, and th...

August 14, 2003 by Adam in Sam

I've been reading The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe to Sam at night. Afterwards, I'll lay next to him while he tries to get to sleep. This is a new thing since Emma was born, as he suddenly developed a fear of being alone.

Last night as I was reading, I heard a funny noise and looked up. Sam was giving himself hickies up and down each arm. I told him to stop and he asked me why. We got into a long conversation about how even though it doesn't hurt, it's still not a good idea to do it. This morning it looks like someone has beat him about the arms.

He also has a pretty bad cold, just like the rest of us. That, coupled with the Beach Boys blaring from the fairgrounds, probably kept him up so late last night.

I had a dream last night that Emma was huge

August 14, 2003 by Adam in Emma

I had a dream last night that Emma was huge. I was trying to carry her around and it took immense effort to lug around her massive body.

While Emma is getting bigger, it's not quite that bad yet. I think she and everyone else has had a cold for the last week. She's been a bit more cranky than usual. We have to work hard to earn a smile from her.

Hope this finds everyone safe and sound and i...

August 14, 2003 by Betsy in Betsy

Hope this finds everyone safe and sound and in the places they need to be. Meg called yesterday from Peterborough, Ontario to say they were doing well and having a good time. I leave with Will on Friday morning to pick up Patrick at Torch Lake, Michigan. It will be so good to see him.

So sorry to hear of BaBa's passing. She was a truly unique woman. Brave to start a life in the "New World".

All my love, Bets

The last few days have been pretty crazy work...

August 13, 2003 by Adam in Family

The last few days have been pretty crazy work-wise. The virus that's going around has been causing problems with e-mail, our Internet connection, and more. Yippie.

The last couple days have been pretty quiet at home. Last night, Sam wanted to make sock puppets. I dutifully sewed on some button eyes and we played for a bit. Emma was pretty fussy last night for some reason. Tummy troubles, maybe. I continued to read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe to Sam. We're about a third of the way through and Sam seems to enjoy it. It's quite a change from the smaller books.

I'm very much looking forward to our beach trip. Calgon take me away . . .

Well, the Blaster worm brought down our netwo...

August 12, 2003 by Adam in Adam

Well, the Blaster worm brought down our network today. Only minutes ago did our Internet connection get restored. Our desktop folks have been patching like maniacs all day.

It's been an odd day - a mix of twiddling my thumbs and rushing about trying to fix things.

We had a wonderful visit with Alex and Caroly...

August 12, 2003 by Seraph in Cortez

We had a wonderful visit with Alex and Carolyn last week. I know Isa is already missing them like crazy!

On Sunday we went to the Scandinanvian Festival with Hanni. The most impressive part were the folk dancers we watched. There was some great dancing reminicent of Fiddler on the Roof and The Nutcracker.

I just had a lovely lunch with Dad and Yayoe at the Oakway Mall. It was fun to catch up, but it made me realize how little we get out these days to see everyone.

We love you!!

Interesting work day

August 11, 2003 by Adam in Adam

Interesting work day. There's a new worm making the rounds and we've been seeing it sneak onto our network this afternoon. Ah, the strange new world of the Internet.

Sam and I had a bit of a miscommunication last night, leading to great frustration. Evidently Jamie had "cut a deal" with Sam involving flossing only half his teeth at one setting. Sam seems to think that Jamie and I think as a single entity and are always in perfect agreement. Sigh.

I'm in chilly San Fracisco, wishing very much...

August 11, 2003 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I'm in chilly San Fracisco, wishing very much that I was in Eugene. Not that Morgan and Luke haven't been wonderful, but they are good to me knowing that they stand in for the perennial good company of family. Seraph and I agree, losing two people in three months is bad for the spirits, but I keep reassuring myself that the process of grieving is an enriching one. I'm still waiting, though. Many hugs.

Sunday afternoon

August 10, 2003 by Adam in Family

Sunday afternoon. It's been quite the weekend so far, a whirlwind of entertaining children and family. Darrel and Ray have been down to chat and help with the remodeling preparation. We tore down some of the cabinets from the laundry room and put one of them up in the garage.

Sam went on a couple expeditions, one of which took us to the duck pond. I have memories of going there tons when I was a kid, so it was fun to take Sam there. We puttered around through all the college buildings, visiting the Urban Farm and climbing on some sculptures. Great fun.

Hello from Chicago

August 10, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

Hello from Chicago. Thunderstormsin the Ft.Worth area resulted in missing my second flight,but picked up the next one.John and his dad,who is one of my favorite people were waiting for me. Krysta, Kenny and Derek were all at the house, as were Debbie, Johnny and Mike; Donna went to cousin's wedding. It sounded as though Baba'slast few days were peaceful. Much love to all, and more later. Love from old mom

After weeks of feeling swamped, I'm actually ...

August 08, 2003 by Adam in Adam

After weeks of feeling swamped, I'm actually starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I haven't taken any days off for a couple weeks now, which probably helps. Plus I hunkered down for a couple days earlier this week and tore through a bunch of projects.

Free time in general is still a rare thing for me these days, especially at home. My longest stretch of free time is weekend mornings, where I sometimes get two whole hours to myself. The only catch is that I can't make much noise, as waking up sleeping babies or moms is frowned upon.

Last night, I was watching both kids while Ja...

August 08, 2003 by Adam in Emma

Last night, I was watching both kids while Jamie cooked dinner. Sam really likes it when I use my exciting voice, particularly my "crazy old man" voice. That's the one where I speak in gravelly tones using medieval language and saying things like "the orcs covered the hillside, like a black plague, their sharp blades glinting wickedly in the moonlight."

I decided to talk in my cutsy Emma voice to Sam, who glanced up at me and acknowledged my silliness. To be fair, I then used my crazy old man voice on Emma.

She started grinning right away, then broke out in giggles, especially when I started talking about orcs. Sam decided she must be a half-orc baby. Jamie lamented the fact that she lost another kid to "exciting dad".

All my thoughts and prayers are with the fami...

August 08, 2003 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

All my thoughts and prayers are with the family right now. Mom, please tell the Milosovic's how much I am thinking of them and wishing them peace.

As Grandma Sadie used to say, I feel a little low

August 07, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

As Grandma Sadie used to say, I feel a little low. Baba, for all her foibles, was a smart, hardworking person. Amazing that she had only a third grade education and one kid who was a Fulbright scholar and another who was Runner-Up to teacher of the year in Illinois. Baba could reel off the life stories of about 100 people, including when they were married. I'm going to fly back on Saturday and back on Tuesday. Seraph is going to take me up to Portland, I think, to catch the plane.
I got a call from Morgan's mom, and an e-mail from Sadie. They arrived safe and sound in SanFran. Love to all

Sam went to the dentist yesterday

August 07, 2003 by Adam in Family

Sam went to the dentist yesterday. Jamie reported that he was on his best behavior, polite and articulate. Plus his teeth are in good shape. He was excited when I got home and showed off his Stage 3 Snow White toothbrush. Pretty cool.

We went swimming last night, which was just great. The Easter Seal pool is so less crowded than the Amazon one, and only costs 50 cents more. For about twenty minutes, we were the only people in the pool.

Lots of excitement ahead for the next few days. Jamie's off with a friend tonight, we're having my mom for dinner Friday, then Jamie's dad is visiting Saturday afternoon. Next weekend we're planning on a beach trip. All great fun.

Sad news about Baba

August 06, 2003 by Adam in Family

Sad news about Baba. I still remember when Jamie and I drove across the country and stayed at her house. In the middle of the night, there was a huge thunder storm. Baba, being fairly traditional, had put us in separate rooms. We met in the hallway to thunder and lightning. Very romantic.

I've still been feeling a bit under the weather. Headaches and a bit of an upset stomach. Nothing that coffee and advil can't fix.

Hopefully Sam and I can get some swimming in tonight. That boy has too much energy.

A bad news, good news day

August 06, 2003 by Sue in Wielesek

A bad news, good news day. As Seraph said in her posting, Baba was not doing well, and died peacefully at 5:00 this morning. She and the rest of Dick's family all made me so welcome. Final plans for services are still up in the air, but if I can reschedule one trial, I think I can go back.

The good news came from Meg, who called to say that Dad was released from the hospital and is doing much better. I guess the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

A little update on family

August 05, 2003 by Seraph in Cortez

A little update on family.
Grandpa Steane has been in the hospital with Pneumonia. The doctor's think he's doing well and should be home soon.

I just got a call from Debbie Milosovic that Baba is not doing well. She is in hospice care and they don't think she will make it to much longer. I'll let everyone know when I hear anything.

Alex and Carolyn are in town and Isa, Robbie and I are enjoying the visit. I'll try to get Adam some cute pictures to post on the site!

There was a massive thunder storm that rolled...

August 05, 2003 by Adam in Family

There was a massive thunder storm that rolled through town this morning, killing my Internet connection for a couple hours and interrupting power for a little. Poor Jamie was trying to sleep through it all, but she just couldn't make it.

I've also been trying to beat this nasty headache and sniffle I picked up yesterday. I've been doing the Advil and coffee trick, which is working reasonably well. I yearn for the days when I could take the day off and lounge about the house in peace.

I felt like I got dumped by professor Donna R...

August 05, 2003 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I felt like I got dumped by professor Donna Riley last week. She stopped returning my emails. I called her office today, and, as I anticipated, it was not malice but mediochre communication skills that prevented her from contacting me. She isn't particularly used to having someone work for her, causing much confusion and frustration between us. Anyway, I'm pretty much done with the position as it stands. I wish I had known that it would turn out this way so I could have organized my summer differently. Not that I haven't enjoyed babysitting and cleaning, but perhaps volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul's housing dept. or poking around Eugene's planning office... oh well. The free time was theraputic.

I'm leaving for San Francisco with Morgan and Luke on Wednesday morning and returning on Tuesday or Wednesday. We're taking the weekend in L.A. and playing with various friends. Should be fun and relaxing.

It's been an exciting weekend so far, though ...

August 03, 2003 by Adam in Family

It's been an exciting weekend so far, though we're taking it a little easy this Sunday. Yesterday, Sam and I headed to Spencer's Butte, climbing to the top in a burst of energy. Sam was quite the trooper, though he was as exhausted as I was at the end.

Later that day, we headed to see the latest Terminator movie. It was a bit exciting, though probably no worse than Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. Lots of car chases and action scenes. Sam, of course, had a great time.

Then it was trying to get our various children to bed. Sam's been doing this thing lately where he wants to have someone next to him as he goes to sleep. I think it's that he's feeling our lack of attention due to Emma. A little adjustment is required, I suppose.

Today we worked more on the basement, tearing out some built-in tables in preparation for the big day. I have a funny feeling it's going to be an expensive undertaking, though we've yet to get the final estimate.

Not to be a big whiner, but work continues to...

August 01, 2003 by Adam in Adam

Not to be a big whiner, but work continues to be crazy busy. The pace of work used to be fairly relaxed, and I'd have the ability to turn around requests fairly quickly. Now I'm warning customers that it could be weeks or months until I get to things, which I end up feeling bad about.

It's been interesting having another critter in the household. It used to be that I'd have more leisurely evenings, getting some time to myself as Sam played with Jamie. Now it's nonstop kid responsibilities, which I don't think is going to end any time soon. They had some studies recently about the work of genius petering out after they have kids. Duh.

My hobbies have been narrowly focused to just the Neverwinter Nights games. Not much time for anything else. I'm trying hard to get our house refinanced while rates are so low. We'll see if I can get that all organized. Too many things going on.

Mocha Friday, and the end of a very busy week...

August 01, 2003 by Adam in Family

Mocha Friday, and the end of a very busy week at work. August is here already, with the hope of cooler weather ahead. I finally got the bed to myself last night, with Sam in his own bed. He was having problems getting to sleep, being afraid of some monster he saw on a typically benign t.v. show he watched that day. It's probably related to the new baby and the lack of attention we've been giving him, though we both did feel bad for him.

I'm hoping that this weekend is another quiet one. I'm looking forwards to a couple hours early in the morning to myself, followed by a hearty breakfast and playing with Sam. I still haven't seen Terminator 3 yet. Maybe I can drag him to that with me. Pirates of the Carribbean was a big success. Of course, I'll probably have to pretend I'm a robot for a few days after we go.

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