I'm in mid-term cleaning mode and I've spent ...

December 31, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

I'm in mid-term cleaning mode and I've spent the last 13 hours cleaning our house, and I'm not yet done!
I head back to Eugene tomorrow morning so Robbie and Hanni can have their night at the opera. Isa and I are planning on spending the evening watching movies, playing Barbies, and eating Taco Bell! We will probably pass out at 11:00p.m., only watching the New Years festivities for half of the world. I suppose I'm getting older when all of that sounds rather fun.

It's Mocha Wednesday for me

December 29, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's Mocha Wednesday for me. Well, actually the entire week has been filled with Mochas due to a Starbuck's gift certificate, but today is my last day at work this week.

Emma had a hard time sleeping last night. I woke up around one o'clock to hear her say "Mom. Milky. Tissue." It's funny how she just spouts off words when she's half-asleep. They were up when I left this morning. I peeked in through the window at Jamie and Emma in front of the t.v., still waking up.

I have lots of plans for my four day weekend. I'd love to go to the library, take a hike, see Sadie, and of course hang out with my family.

Emma's really fun to talk to these days

December 27, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma's really fun to talk to these days. She's making sentences left and right, producing such classics as "cheese triangle". She also said her first "love you" yesterday, which was fun to hear.

I was also lucky to get a phone call from her, though conversations are a little tricky. It had a lot of "um" and "okay"'s. One of her new Christmas toys was a pretend cell phone that she's enjoyed quite a bit.

Well, Christmas has come and gone

December 26, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, Christmas has come and gone. It was a little more exciting than normal, with everyone sick and Jamie visiting the ER in the morning. I think Emma's not feeling well now as she had a hard time going to sleep last night.

The trip back from Portland went smoothly and we unpacked all our goodies in short order. Within thirty minutes of arriving, two of our neighbors had given us Christmas cookies. I think we picked a good neighborhood.

Christmas at my mom's was the usual gathering of kids running about and adults trying to chat above the din. Jamie and Emma stayed home to rest while Sam and I jumped right in. The food was good and Sam ate a vast quantity of ham, something of a rarity in our household. Everyone loved the presents. I was particularly fond of my naked mole rat, which Sam insisted on sleeping with last night. We left a little early due to my upset stomach. I'm hoping some tea will settle it this morning.

I think today we're going to hang about the house and try to unwind. There's endless movies to watch and presents to play with. I need a short vacation to recover from my Christmas vacation. Tomorrow it's back to work for a few days at least.

I finally finished up my vampire game

December 26, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I finally finished up my vampire game. The ending was okay - not as satisfying as I would have liked, actually. The last few levels were very combat heavy which was not the game's strong point in my opinion. Still, it's one of the better RPGs of the year and I loved some of the characters and earlier missions. The haunted house and Janette are worth the price of admission.

While I might pick up another game for myself, I'll probably stick to my Dragon Age project for a time. I've been neglecting it and I've endless dialog to write and plans to make.

Jamie got a special Christmas treat this morning

December 25, 2004 by Adam in Jamie

Jamie got a special Christmas treat this morning. Her ears had been bothering her for a few days now, but they finally reached the point where she couldn't Advil them away. She ended up going into one of the local Portland hospitals, hanging out in the ER this Christmas morning. Fortunately the wait wasn't too bad and she got in to see someone pretty quickly. A hour or two later she returned home with antibiotics and stuff for her lungs. Merry Christmas sweetie.

It's Christmas Eve and we just finished up th...

December 25, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's Christmas Eve and we just finished up the holiday festivities at Jamie's parents' house. The kids got lots of books, clothes, and assorted toys. I ended up with coffee and a gift certificate to a computer store. It seems they know me well.

Sam had a good time with his cousin Jackson, who's about Emma's age. He alternatively followed and was chased by Sam, which they both seemed to enjoy quite a bit.

I've had a touch of an upset stomach the last couple days, a fitting end to the colds that I've been having. Hopefully this is the absolute last illness of the season. At least it's helping me avoid stuffing myself with all the cookies and other goodies that are laying around everywhere.

Sadie and I brought Isa and Dez back to Eugen...

December 23, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Sadie and I brought Isa and Dez back to Eugene, Dez strumming on Sadie's old banjo and singing "Fee, Fie, Fiddly-i-o" all the way to Eugene; they both need a pretty consistent director, but were as good as gold. We sang all the songs from Sadie's radio show. After a maddening number of phone calls, since Doc Scott is out for the week,I found someone at Scott's office who didn't have to do an MRI before giving me anti-biotics. I took my first batch, and am already feeling as though I might live.

We made it to Portland safe and sound

December 23, 2004 by Adam in Family

We made it to Portland safe and sound. We opened presents in the morning, a mini-Christmas of just my family. Sam got tons of Legos and the new Spiderman movie. Emma got some Pooh toys and a magnetic building thingie. Jamie ended up with a pencil sharpener, a new Trivial Pursuit, and three cashmere sweaters. I got a piece of paper with the promise that Jamie would redo my office, especially the computer desk that's wobbly and improving the storage overall.

Sam watched his new movie on the way up and put together his Star Wars Lego set when we arrived. We played non-stop with the thing while Emma hung out with Judy. Today is another quiet day. We'll try to get out of the house a little more and perhaps Sam and I can watch the extended version of Return of the King. It's over four hours long so it may be something we finish later.

Tomorrow is the big family gathering, then it's back to town. Busy, busy.

Well, it's Mocha Tuesday for me today

December 21, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, it's Mocha Tuesday for me today. I was woken up at five in the morning and handed an extremely awake toddler. Emma was still up three hours later when I finally managed to leave the house and stagger in to work. Now I'm waiting for the hours to tick by so that I can join my family for a little holiday rest.

Sam and I had a good time last night reinacting various battles from Lord of the Rings. I think we're going to have to get nerf swords or something as we keep managing to whack each other by accident. Fortunately no one's put an eye out yet, though not for lack of trying.

Work today was fairly blah, sniffling my way ...

December 21, 2004 by Adam in Adam

Work today was fairly blah, sniffling my way through the day as I filled up my garbage can with tissue. Fortunately the tissue paper and tea are free, as I needed a lot of it today. One more day of work and then five blissful days of vacation.

Sam and I were rough-housing last night and I managed to get Sam's elbow stuck in my eye. It knocked out my contact and felt pretty lousy, but fortunately nothing popped.

Darn, I hate the dark season

December 20, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Darn, I hate the dark season. Thanks to the kids communicating directly or indirectly that I was acting pretty drifty, I've cut out my anti-depressants except for a mild one at bedtime. (The doc I saw for sleep problems told me to try Trazadone at night, and I think I got overmedicated.) I can't ever figure out whether, without mother's little helper, I'm seeing life though the gloomy glasses of depression, or whether real life is as bad as it appears. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to spending time with Dez as we head to Portland bright and early tomorrow. I thought we'd stop in Salem for cocoa. I had so much fun last term taking Dez to his art class and then to swimming lessons.

I abandon these blankets of snow and -2 degre...

December 20, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I abandon these blankets of snow and -2 degree weather at 3:00 am tomorrow morning, thanks to a generous co-worker. I still have today to take care of work things, but email will stalk me wherever I go. It's still nice to like my job.

Oh, hey, I have a front page article in the Williams College newspaper about what I do! The quotes make me sound like a chipper charity provider instead of a driven agent of social change, but you can't win 'em all.

I can't wait to see my Eugenean loves. All of my high school friends are decending on mum's house for brunch on the 26th, before heading to a bar for our five-year high school reunion. Akward situational comedy, here I come!

Emma had a dream last night, according to Jamie

December 20, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma had a dream last night, according to Jamie. When she woke up, she said "Mom, dream." She then proceeded to tell what the dream was about - "Earring. Josh. Dave." At least that's the theory.

Emma's vocabular continues to amaze. Sam was running around saying "awesome", presumably picked up at school. After thinking about it for awhile, she piped in with her own "awesome". She also says "Yes" very distinctly, quite a bit different than the "ya" of previous months.

The weekend is coming to a close

December 20, 2004 by Adam in Family

The weekend is coming to a close. Jamie had a good time hob nobbing with the elite of Eugene last night, telling all about the three fountains, swimming pool, huge kitchen, and big screen televisions. I only hope she's happy living in our home now that she's seen what she's missing.

It was another day playing with kids and managing my cold. I ran out to do some Christmas shopping early in the morning, only to find the store completely empty. I've been wanting to get Jamie something special and it was nice to actually think up a gift that I'm happy about.

Jamie spent some time with Angie, going for a long walk and enjoying the brief blue sky. Angie also charmed Emma and brought excellently wrapped presents for all. Emma wanted to just keep on opening presents after this first Christmas present she opened herself.

It looks like we have a couple more days of work before I have my little vacation. I'm very much looking forward to it.

The cold has hit in full force

December 19, 2004 by Adam in Family

The cold has hit in full force. I've been sniffling and snorfeling all day, along with the kids who seem equally goopy. Mostly I played with kids doing art projects, running around in the basement, or watching shows. Emma slept forever around noon and Sam and I watched part of the second Lord of the Rings movie.

Jamie's been getting ready for a Christmas party with her friend Sharon. She went over to Victoria's house this morning to try on clothes and ended up buying some knee-high boots with high heels to finish the outfit. It's pretty rare that she gets all gussied up, so it was fairly amusing to see her put it all together. I made her pose in front of the Christmas tree before she headed out.

Fortunately Dave and Kirsten are helping me watch the kids tonight. Fresh bodies are great for both the kids and I.

Hello all! I'm posting from work where we ar...

December 18, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Hello all! I'm posting from work where we are finishing up a physical inventory of the store. We are also celbrating the graduation of one of our co-workers. Wierd to think that some day this part of life will pass!
We head down to Eugene tomorrow to pick up Isa and see the Nutcracker. I'm hoping it's one of those high point experiances!


December 18, 2004 by Jamie in Wielesek

So. what would it cost me me to file as "emotionally and financially bankrupt for '04"? My immortal soul may not be out of the question ;-)

I just posted a box of cookies to Anna

December 17, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

I just posted a box of cookies to Anna. I fear they won't reach her before she leaves for home, and, given the noise they made sliding around in the box, she will return to find a box of stale crumbs waiting for her. I'm trying to finish up last minute things at the office. People need to be divorced by December 31 to be able to file their income taxes as individuals, rather than as married, filing separately. Much love to all, wherever you may be, and warmth and lights.

I spent a fair amount of time at 5:30 this mo...

December 17, 2004 by Adam in Family

I spent a fair amount of time at 5:30 this morning trying to track down where a mysterious beep was coming from. It turns out that the fire alarm in the basement that's hooked into the main power also has a backup battery. It was thoughtfully letting me know that it was out of power. I think there's some law of physics stating that fire alarm batteries only die in the middle of the night.

It's mocha Friday, that blissful brew sitting next to my on my desk. My cold is still sniffling away, more annoying than painful. Christmas is sneaking right up on me and I still have a few things to take care of.

I've got another cold, sadly enough

December 16, 2004 by Adam in Adam

I've got another cold, sadly enough. Winter seems to be the season for all the viruses that get passed around. Fortunately this one seems quite mild in comparison, though Jamie's been apparently hit hardest by it.

It's icy cold outside, making me want to bundle up and eat lots of gooey Christmas food. I successfully avoided the cinnamon rolls in the break room this morning. When I went home for lunch, Emma fed me a huge salad. It was fun but very messy.

I'm looking forward to taking some time off for Christmas. It looks like we're visiting Jamie's parents some of next week which hopefully means a little relaxation as the grandparents play with the kids. Maybe I can coax a dinner out on the town with Jamie, which would indeed be a treat.

A note of clarification: Anna finally wieghed...

December 15, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

A note of clarification: Anna finally wieghed herself, and only lost ten pounds, though on a petit little thing like her, it's hard not to notice. But she greatfully got the flowers from mom; she claims that they are the first flowers that she has ever recieved (what kind of girlfriend am I, right?).

I finally saw The Incredibles with my friend Tenaya and laughed my bum off.

Work is great, juggling a bunch of different projects and happy as a clam. This afternoon I had a rousing discussion over lunch with the international grad students at the Center for Development Economics about when governments can institute the Islamic law of cutting off a thief's hand. Most participants in the discussion said yes to hand cutting once soci-economic equality was reached in the country. God bless the future economic leaders of the world.

I stayed home from work today so that Jamie c...

December 15, 2004 by Adam in Emma

I stayed home from work today so that Jamie could teach at Sam's preschool. Emma and I got to hang out together just by ourselves, which is pretty rare these days. We decided to go for a walk to the park, where Emma stared at another little girl and went on the swing.

She also ate a ton of spaghetti noodles while I wrapped Christmas presents. Unfortunately she's now getting pretty cranky because she was up for four hours last night. Hopefully Jamie will be home soon to put her to sleep.

I'm home from work today

December 15, 2004 by Adam in Family

I'm home from work today. Jamie wanted me to watch Emma while she went to school and taught a lesson on dreidels at Sam's kindergarden. Ironically, I've also come down with a bit of a cold, though it seems pretty mild in comparison to what I had before.

Emma was up for four hours last night. Jamie had the first couple hours and I had the next. Emma was wide awake so we played with toys and read books while I struggled not to fall asleep.

I also picked up a new pair of glasses, my first in a decade. They're pretty tiny and make me look far too intellectual. I suppose they'll do if something goes wrong with my contacts.

I continue to play my little vampire game

December 15, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I continue to play my little vampire game. I hit another annoying bug, preventing me from taking a minor side quest. Still, it's one of the better roleplaying games I've played in a long while so I'm excusing a fair bit of problems.

I just made it to Chinatown, which I can't wait to explore. Supposedly there are some mysterious vampire-like beings from the far east that have taken up residence. I suspect there will be some ass kicking and bubblegum blowing required . . . and I'm all out of bubblegum.

Well, it's nice to have Robbie and Isabell ho...

December 15, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Well, it's nice to have Robbie and Isabell home, although I don't feel like I've gotten to see them much. Actually, I did get to hang out with Isa a little this morning, as we decided to keep her home due to a nasty cough.
Robbie is doing amazing things with all his kids at school. I doubt the parents will ever let him leave after this weeks activities that include homemade snowglobes and had print felt ornaments!
I have my fourth of five finals tonight. So far so good as I've passed the almost to the end mark. Only one last6 project to put together by 8am tomorrow! All will be good so long as the coffe keeps flowing!
We're starting to put together our holiday plans, wich may include having Destin to stay for a few days. I must say I'm rather looking forward to the idea of a house full of kids!

Hi, I do exist

December 13, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Hi, I do exist. This last weekend was fun, going out to the farm on Saturday to get a tree and greens. My tenants, a friend of Sadie, and her boyfriend, seem very happy there;
life in the country is hard, cold and wet in the winter, and they have coped well.
On Saturday, I went to the aging Democrat party (where I fit right in), with a real date; well, sort of a real date - my friend Carol's ex-boyfriend, who asked me, via postcard. "Carol and I busted up and I need a date." He was, in spite of the non-romantic request, a great party date - filled my drink, and let me flirt with all the guys. It was fun!
On Sunday, Jenny, Darren and the boys came over to make wreaths and help set up the tree. They overlapped with Isa being here, and the kids had a great time playing together.
I talked to Sadie, who was visiting Anna. She says Anna has
lost about 20 pounds. I'm sending flowers today from the family, and an e-mail urging her to eat and sleep.

Robbie and Isabell came to spent the weekend ...

December 13, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

Robbie and Isabell came to spent the weekend in Eugene. Seraph had to stay home to work on her finals project.I had cooked a wonderful beef stew in the crockpot and made some garlic bread, which lasted us all through the weekend, as I had counted on Seraph coming to help us eat it. Saturday morning we spent shopping for Robbies' school project. Then headed out to the tree farm where we met Sue and Adam for our usual tree cutting. The rain had actually stopped for us, so we had a wonderful time searching for our perfect tree. Isabell at first was intimidated by all the mushrooms around the trees,thinking they were evil spirits, Adam and Robbie encouraged that thought in her, mean guys! But she soon got over it and had fun squashing them with her feet. On our way home we stopped by our favorite little restaurant and had hot chocholate and the best hamburger I had in a long time. Now we had enough energie again to unload our trees when we got home and even had time to set up my tree. Isabell was in heaven helping to decorate. She also set up a little tree in "her" room on her table, Which she decided to take home with her. It was a very fullfilling weekend, thanks to little Isabell.

Emma's been really enjoying Christmas

December 13, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma's been really enjoying Christmas. She oohs and aahs at the lights and tries hard to fiddle with the tree ornaments. We had one accident where she managed to pull down and step on a glass ball, fortunately avoiding any injury to herself. Everything breakable was promptly moved up another foot.

Jamie also related an interesting story about Emma from a week or so ago. I had Sam at my mom's house and Jamie was home with Emma. Suddenly she got a call from 911, asking if there was a problem. She replied that there wasn't, then called me to make sure everything was okay. After eliminating other possibilities, it sounds like Emma must have called 911 while playing with the phone. Yet another thing we should probably move up a couple more feet off the floor.

Sunday is winding down

December 13, 2004 by Adam in Family

Sunday is winding down. It was a bit too exciting in some ways - Sam got another bad nose bleed and everyone was feeling sick. We're getting more serious about Sam, setting up a humidifier and applying petroleum jelly. Hopefully his dry nose will improve soon.

Jamie's dad arrived early and we quickly put up the decorations. He also brought down a few early Christmas presents, mostly decorations for the season. Dave, Kirsten, and Josh also came over and hung out for most of the day. If we weren't feeling generally cruddy it would have been one of the better days of late. Still, I suppose we make due with what we've got.

Saturday has come and gone

December 12, 2004 by Adam in Family

Saturday has come and gone. Sam got a particularly messy nosebleed, which took some cleaning up. We had planned to all go out to get a Christmas tree with my mom, Robbie, Hanni, and Isabell, but it ended up just being me. After carefully selecting a couple trees that would fit on top of the car, I cut them down and strapped them on. It was fun to just go out to the farm for awhile. It's quite beautiful in a soggy forest sort of way.

The afternoon was mostly spent watching kids in the basement. I worked on putting together my mom's new laptop - installing patches and such. Jamie went to pick up Thai food, which everyone really enjoyed. Everyone finally got to bed and seems to be sleeping fairly well. It's nearly eight o'clock this morning and they're still not up.

Jamie's dad is coming over this morning to help trim the tree. Hopefully we can take it easy for the rest of the day. Everyone still seems to be a bit sick, so some rest could do us good.

Well, I just crawled in from a long day worki...

December 12, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Well, I just crawled in from a long day working at school. I don't think I've seen Sat. Night Live since I was in highschool!
This was a crazy day for me. I headed out to school at 8:30 this morning. Unfortunatly, a block away from school, I realized that I had forgotten a crucial part of my project. By the time I took the train home and back again, I finally got started at 10:30a.m. At 10:30 p.m. I crawled out of the school, not yet finished (though close!) with the same project! I lurked around downtown searching for a place to get a burger and a beer. Unfortunatly a Sat night in the city usually requires a cover and stringint ID check. I did finally find something that did not require either of the above, and was able to get some dinner before catching the last train home. (NOTE: to all my family who will panic that I was a lone female out late at night, I just want to point out that weekends in a large city are actually SAFER then all those times I'd walk home at night from downtown Eugene to Whitiker.)
I'd better turn in now. I need to head out again early in the morning!

Sam was playing in the basement with his frie...

December 11, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Sam was playing in the basement with his friend John while I was upstairs with Jamie and Emma. I heard some noises and went downstairs with Emma only to find Sam surrounded by blood spatters and a bloody face. So there I was, holding Emma and pressing a paper towel against Sam's nose. Jamie came down and immediately went to clean the carpet in the basement while I waited for the bleeding to stop. Eventually the carpet got relatively clean and we mopped up the puddles of blood.

It looks like he just got a bloody nose, probably from his cold but perhaps from playing with John. Sam's now sitting quietly and watching a movie, seeming much better now.

After all that butcher's work I can only laugh at the things they don't tell you you'll do as a parent.

Emma can essentially talk

December 11, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma can essentially talk. She sometimes puts two words or more together, but even then can still get her point across. I've lost track of all the words she knows, which is a pretty impressive list. She can even say "elephant", which is her word for a Dr. Seuss computer game that has an elephant in it.

She's got a few more teeth to come in and then we're done with this whole business. She's been trying out her new molars on nuts and granola and they seem to work well enough.

I started getting pretty sick towards the end...

December 11, 2004 by Adam in Family

I started getting pretty sick towards the end of work yesterday, feverish and upset stomach. I rode home and entertained kids while Jamie picked up John for the sleepover. Fortunately I never seemed to get too bad and was able to help at least a little with watching the kids.

The two boys had a great time, spending virtually all the time hanging out in the basement and playing. Later on they watched Mulan and ate Sam's dessert of choice, doughnuts.

We have a tentative plan to get a Christmas tree with my mom, Seraph, Robbie, and Hanni this afternoon. It will likely prove an adventure.

In my vampire game I picked up what's known a...

December 11, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

In my vampire game I picked up what's known as a "ghoul" - basically a normal human who drank my blood and then follows me around to do my bidding. So far she's given me some valuable items and money. The big surprise came when I returned to my lair only to discover that she's brought home some stranger for me to snack on. So thoughtful.

I ran into my first bug as well, an elevator that stopped working. I went ahead and used the noclip command to fly up to where the elevator was stuck and bring it down. I also decided to install the unofficial patch that someone made for the game. Supposedly it fixes some of the most serious bugs until the game can be officially patched.

Still, I'm having a lot of fun with the game. I've been sent on all sorts of interesting missions. I just got back from a museum, for example, and I wanted to stop and look at each of the exhibits which had animals posed in interesting ways.

Mocha Friday once again rolls around

December 10, 2004 by Adam in Family

Mocha Friday once again rolls around. I've been a little out of sorts lately. I was really tired last night, slept in pretty late, and was a little snappy this morning. Hopefully I'm not getting what Sam had. He threw up a couple days ago, but has since made a full recovery and even went to school yesterday.

We all went over to see Dave's place, the first time for me since Brant moved out. It looks quite different without the dogs shedding hair everywhere. The kids had a great time playing with Dave and Kirsten, as well as Josh's old toys. The fireplace was cranking out so much heat that I almost fell asleep.

Jamie's tasked me with the job of organizing a Christmas tree cutting expedition, something I've so far been failing miserably at. Hopefully I can get in touch with my mom today and go out tomorrow to bring us back a tree. We also have John coming over for a sleepover with Sam and Jamie's Dad coming over to decorate the theoretical tree on Sunday morning. I can feel the holiday madness already creeping up on me.

It's good to hear that Destin is already a co...

December 09, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

It's good to hear that Destin is already a community leader at 8!

I'm working on a collaborative project between a local charter school and the public school's English language learner offices to create a 'Welcome to the Berkshires' video for new residents. The charter school kids will spend a day at Williams, taking tours and watching mini-classes, student performances, and athletic practices. It's part of the non-credit winter study course I'm developing that- eek- is starting in three weeks, two of which I will spend in Eugene.

The preparation for reflection sessions and community work is exhilarating, because the students will (finally!) have time to understand their membership in a broader community. I'm hopeful that the program will be a pilot for a bigger and better program next year, that the reflection we do will become integrated into the rest of our work, and that the program will foster student leaders that are sensitized to community organizing and social justice.

hello to all, i found i had a moment to post

December 08, 2004 by Jenny in Jenny

hello to all, i found i had a moment to post. Well over the weekend destin was in the springfield christmas parade and got to hand out candy along with all the other boyscouts. He had a great time and saw lots of people he knew, he was kind of mad at me for not going. Angela and i were on a five hour bus tour with 50 other people, for wine tasting at different vinyards, we did have a good day thought and learned lots about wine, and got to taste alot of different kinds of wine. Well jordan has finnally started to use the potty a little bit, but he enjoys most putting toliet paper in the toliet, flussing it down and saying goodbye. Well the big news for this weekend is that jordan has his big christmas concert at his school, should be cute. For all that want to attend it is this friday 12-10-04 at 6:30 to 8:00 with snacks to follow. Well hope everyone is doing well looking forward to seeing everyone at christmas. Seraph and robbie if you are here all weekend and want to get together to play i have the kids all weekend give a call.


December 08, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg


Well, the windows were installed yesterday

December 08, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, the windows were installed yesterday. It turns out that every single one had a manufacturing problem, so we'll be waiting for replacement windows. Still, Jamie reported that it was exceptionally quiet last night as the windows seem to block out much more noise. I suppose that's one measure of success.

Poor Sam was quite sick yesterday. He spent a lot of time watching television and sitting quietly. I did get him into a long hot bath, chatting about pirates and how I got each of the scars on my body. Hoepfully he's feeling better today after a good night's sleep.

It's hard to believe it's Wednesday already. I think we're going to go cut a Christmas tree this weekend and perhaps organize the last of the presents.

Hello all! I'm taking a few minute break bet...

December 08, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Hello all! I'm taking a few minute break between classes to post.
I'm plugging away at my final projects, but I'm making very little headway, even though I've completed four already!
Robbie and Isa have been wonderful - clearing out for hours on end so that I can study. They went downtown and did a lot of "Christmas in the city" things over the weekend, and we caught the Zoo Lights at the zoo. All quite fun!
We're hoping to make a trip to Eugene this weekend to get a tree and our decorations, although my attendance will depend on the amount of work that needs to get done.
At this point we (me!) miss our family and our old house and fireplace. Tis' the season!

It sounds like both Jamie and Sam are sick today

December 07, 2004 by Adam in Family

It sounds like both Jamie and Sam are sick today. Sam is proud of himself for being able to accurately diagnose his "feeling bad" as having a headache. It's nice when you can get that level of detail from a kid. With Emma, she just cries and we go through our list of things that might be wrong.

I ended up getting to work late this morning as Jamie handed me Emma, who was up far earlier than she should be. We're also getting new windows put in today. I'm somewhat nostalgic for the old upstairs windows, so Jamie's promised we can use them to make cabinets or some such thing.

I'm still having fun playing my little vampir...

December 07, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I'm still having fun playing my little vampire game. There's something special about being a creature of the night, summoning my supernatural strength, fighting demons, not to mention seducing women and feeding on their blood. Good times.

Mostly I've been impressed by the roleplaying opportunities. I like being able to lead my character down good or evil paths, ally myself with different people, and choose the tone I take in my dealings with the other undead in the city. I just got to LA tonight. So far the buildings are taller and the women tastier. Mmm.

My winter study project is going beautifully!...

December 06, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

My winter study project is going beautifully! The world is conspiring in my favor! And it's snowing.

Jamie had a funny thing happen to her today

December 05, 2004 by Adam in Family

Jamie had a funny thing happen to her today. She and Angie were going for a walk, talking about all the bad people in the world. Ironically, she looked down and found a wallet stuffed with cash. Soon enough they found a driver's license, discovered the address was a block away, and returned the wallet. When Jamie was explaining the story, she said that it was a good thing she was a good person. "Besides, " she added smirkingly, "Angie was with me."

We've had a pretty good day so far. I took Sam and Emma to the park where Sam drove his remote control car around. Emma had fun swinging, then discovered a puddle to get extra muddy in. Soon enough she was too cold and we returned home to throw her in the bath.

I think we'll be letting the rest of the day wind down with kid entertaining and some sweet and sour meatballs that Jamie plans on cooking up. Tomorrow, alas, it's back to work.

It was a good, uneventful day, filled with od...

December 05, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a good, uneventful day, filled with odd little moments. Emma dumped a huge amount of water on me when she was taking a bath. Sam didn't get enough exercise today, so we danced around the basement before bedtime. We did a family run to the store, returning with far too many Christmas presents. All-in-all, it was a good day with lots of laughter.

Well, I played a little more this morning and...

December 04, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

Well, I played a little more this morning and so far I've been quite impressed. There's a certain atmosphere for these sort of games that they nailed perfectly. Troika, the company who made it, also does a great job with dialog and presenting a variety of options to solve problems. Plus they've added a lot of nice extras, such as being able to dance in a local club. It has nothing to do with the main plot, but there's something cool about dancing with a bunch of vampire wannabees.

I should mention that I had a horrible time installing the game. Every time I put the second CD in to install the game, it would crash XP. I finally gave up and installed it on my second computer, then copied all the files over. Worked like a charm but I have no idea how normal people handle these sort of wacky computer problems.

I got Vampire: Bloodlines yesterday

December 04, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I got Vampire: Bloodlines yesterday. The premise is that you're a vampire, thrown into the vampire intrigues and politics of seedy Santa Monica. So far it's pretty fun, though I admit to being a sucker for stat screens and experience points. The one thing I've heard is that the game has some major bugs, though I haven't seen any yet.

Some of the graphics are pretty amazing and they did a great job with the general ambiance. When I first arrived in LA, I just hung out in my apartment looking out the window, listening to the radio, and watching television. Some of the radio dialog was pretty hysterical, reminding me of the Grand Theft Auto car radio moments.

At the moment, the family's still asleep, I have a cup of Chai tea sitting next to me, and hopefully a good hour or two to satiate my bloodlust.

Jamie got Sam a little toy kitten as a belate...

December 03, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Jamie got Sam a little toy kitten as a belated birthday present. It "wakes up" when you pet it, opens its eyes and purrs. Sam has taken quite the liking to it, announcing to Jamie last night, "I don't want to play any violent games with my kitty. I only want to play loving games with it." It's nice to see that Sam has a softer side - usually it's all action and excitement for him.

Hanni got back from Iowa safe and sound on Mo...

December 03, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Hanni got back from Iowa safe and sound on Monday night, and stayed through today. Isa has been sick and she stayed over so Isa could have a few days off school to recoup.
I'm baring down for finals right now. I spent a few hours after work doing a project that has the potential of being very cool, so long as I haven't bitten of more then I can chew!
Robbie had a nice birthday. He had cupcakes with his kids at school, and then his supervisor and the office manager surprised him with some cake. This was a year of movies for gifts, and we are currently watching Hidalgo.
Isa wants me to say to all of you: "I love you, na na na na!"

Happy birthday to the love of my life (Robbie...

December 02, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Happy birthday to the love of my life (Robbie)!

I can't believe October is over, and who know...

December 01, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

I can't believe October is over, and who knows what happened to November. I had such a good time of Thanksgiving
with everyone. The four older grandkids have pretty much worked out all the kinks in their relationships with each other, and have fun playing together. I give Emma about three months before she can hold her own in any group. I'm
making plans to visit Dad over the New Years weekend, and am also trying to make sure as many of the kids and grandkids as possible can visit with Dad over spring break.
It would be good for all us asthmatics to have a "sun snack"
as they call it in Europe. Many hugs!

December already

December 01, 2004 by Adam in Family

December already. I watched Emma for a bit this morning as Jamie took a shower. As I put on my coat and bike gear, Emma frowned and said "Work" in a sad little voice. It's nice to be loved.

I had the kids for a little bit during the day yesterday as Jamie had a short break and took a walk. They were lots of fun. Sam had on his new sweatshirt, the hood pulled down over his head to make him look vaguely like a Jawa or the Grim Reaper. Emma was chatting it up with everyone, dancing to the music in the business school's coffee place.

Work seems quiet for a change. I'm working on "nice to do" things at work, enjoying the peace before everyone arrives at 8 o'clock.

I think my cold is pretty much over, though J...

November 30, 2004 by Adam in Adam

I think my cold is pretty much over, though Jamie's still got the tail end of it. These days I'm mostly adjusting to the cold of riding to work these winter mornings. Work has actually been fairly relaxing as of late, with most of my major projects wrapped up. I've even had a chance to do some research on some future team projects.

In terms of life in general, things are going fairly well. Though the kids are a lot of work, it's been fun watching Emma learn to talk and Sam learn to read. My various computer game hobbies go fairly well. I've started planning a new adventure for a game that isn't coming out for a couple years, which is about how long the planning should take. We've also got the holidays to plan. Hopefully I can take a week or so off just to hang out with the family.

After four days of whirlwind family activitie...

November 29, 2004 by Adam in Family

After four days of whirlwind family activities, I'm heading back to work. Yesterday we all pulled ourselves out of bed, nearly everyone coughing but me. Sam played with his remote control car for awhile, then both kids ran around the basement as I played the music from Pirates of the Carribean. Evidently Sam couldn't help but run during the exciting parts.

We headed over to my mom's around noon for Robbie's birthday. Seraph was a trooper, making lunch and keeping everyone organized. Sam played with Isabell for a long stretch, then Destin once he arrived. Eventually we headed home with a Costco sized package of paper towels balanced on my head.

The rest of the day we tried hard to be fairly quiet. Sam played his new chess computer game a bit, though it was fairly hard. Emma and I took a short walk and admired all the people and animals wandering by. Before bedtime, I helped Sam read his second easy reader book. We'll have to hit the library and pick up some new ones for him to practice on. Fun stuff.

Well, I finished up Half-Life 2

November 28, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

Well, I finished up Half-Life 2. The plot was pretty skimpy, especially at the end. Still, the gameplay was great, nicely divided into unique sections of the game. The gravity gun in particular was fun to play with. Being able to pick up most things in the world and throw it about is loads of fun. Sam's playing it at the moment and has decided to toss everything not nailed down out the window.

I'll probably give myself a couple weeks before picking up a new game. Vampire: Bloodlines is likely to be good, though only after they issue some patches to fix a few major bugs. Pirates! also came out, which looks appealing to me. I also have some assorted games I've yet to finish and my own games to make. I just opened up a Dragon Age section for documenting my development on this new project of mine.

Saturday Thanksgiving with the Mellors has co...

November 28, 2004 by Adam in Family

Saturday Thanksgiving with the Mellors has come and gone. Sam got his last wave of birthday presents including a remote controlled car that Emma's afraid of. Everyone had a great time, with Brant and Wendy driving over from Bend, Darrel coming in from Washington, Ray from Portland, and the assorted Eugene folks making an appearance as well. The food was good and everyone liked playing with the kids. Emma in particular loved all the attention. Jamie was still sick, remaining quiet to avoid hurting her sore throat.

It looks like today we're going over for a brief leftover lunch and birthday combo for Robbie at my mom's house, then we'll try to recover for the rest of the day.

Despite the east coast weather, Thanksgiving ...

November 28, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Despite the east coast weather, Thanksgiving was wonderful. I am almost good enough at the banjo for a second lesson and re-tuning, and well rested enough to start a new project at work. Brian, the VISTA before me, is back for the weekend, and I'm excited to brainstorm with him about my progress and thoughts for the coming semester.

It was a fairly exciting Friday

November 27, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a fairly exciting Friday. Sam turned six and a stream of well-wishers came by for cake and presents. In between guests, he played with his Robotix toy, his new boots, and the game Jenny and Destin got for him. Good fun.

Josh was over for much of the day, something that Emma and Sam enjoyed immensely. Emma in particular seemed enchanted with him, wanting to come up and hug him all the time.

Sam also got a couple first reader books from Judy. Last night we tried one of them. He sounded out the words as best he could, quickly starting to recognizing some by sight. Though it took awhile, he read the entire book. When I left him, he was trying to read his second book by himself. Sniff. Our boy is growing up.

Thanksgiving with the Mellors is today. I think we'll have eleven people coming over. Poor Jamie is still sick, though hopefully she'll get well soon.

Sam got a couple early reader books for his b...

November 27, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Sam got a couple early reader books for his birthday, given to him by grandma Judy. I decided to forgo the usual bednight reading time and instead have Sam read to me. He worked hard at it, but managed to read an entire book. He was really proud of himself, almost as much as we were of him.

We finished tucking him in and he grabbed the second book. As I headed down stairs, I could hear him slowly sounding out the words as he read to himself. What a great kid.

Generic Heading

November 26, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

Happy Birthday Sam!

It's Sam's birthday today

November 26, 2004 by Adam in Sam

It's Sam's birthday today. Hard to believe that it was only six years ago when we brought the little critter home and our lives changed forever. He's been a great joy these last years, from his wacky sense of humor to his love for his family. Happy birthday kiddo.

We'll have family descending on our house starting around noon with the arrival of Jim and Judy. I think everyone else is arriving around 2 pm or so. It's day 2 of the four-day family and eating extravaganza.

Emma's working hard at making sentences these...

November 26, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma's working hard at making sentences these days. She'll say things like "Brush. Emma." when she wants to have the brush. There's also phrases that roll off her tongue as a single word such as "Holdyou" which means she wants to be picked up. She also says "yep" like "dep", which has resulted in the rest of our family picking up the expression, especially Sam.

It's a fun time, watching Emma learn how to communicate. She's getting increasingly good at it, using words, facial expressions, and hand gestures.

Thanksgiving Day is coming to a close

November 26, 2004 by Adam in Family

Thanksgiving Day is coming to a close. It's been a pretty packed day, with lots of kid watching and a big dinner at my mom's tonight. Fortunately Robbie and Isabell took Sam away to feed the ducks, giving Jamie and I a short break in the middle of the day. Then it was some wind down time before the big dinner. We all hiked over the hill to my mom's, though Jamie didn't stay too long. Her cough continues to make her feel lousy and she hasn't been able to talk much. Poor girl.

Tomorrow is Sam's birthday with Jim and Judy coming down from Portland to help out with everything. Plus we've got to do our cooking for Thanksgiving dinner with Jamie's family. Whew.

Happy Thanksgiving to all

November 24, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We do have much to be thankful for. I was thinking the other day about the big Thanksgiving do's at Grandma Jones house with the turkey cooked in a roaster on the back porch. I was at an auction a few years back and found the same roaster and bought it, except it had a stand. I love it for turkey as you can put it in the night before and slow cook it overnight. I made 5 turkeys for the church dinner last weekend and had an extra to take to some elderly friends of mine last night along with some homemade pumpkin pie. They are in their late 80's early 90's and I think Anna Belle secretly appreciated the chance not to have to cook.
I am sure you guys will have a big get together, the boys are off to Mike's farm for his family Thanksgiving and will be back late Friday night. The dogs and I will be busy however as some denegrate has brought fleas into the house so every square inch has to be cleansed and then exterminated. Creating a long drive with the cat and Red Dog in the car while the other dogs pace outside.
Will and Patrick have both been sick with a combination cold/fever bug with Will getting the worst of the cough and head cold. He is exteremly concerned he'll get his Grandma Tootsie sick and was practically hysterical before he left. Poor kid, some things he just doesn't understand.
All in all, Have a great Thanksgiving. P.

Ah, mocha Friday

November 24, 2004 by Adam in Family

Ah, mocha Friday. Well, okay, it's really Wednesday but it's the end of the work week. I think I'll be heading home early anyway as Jamie's feeling lousy and suggested I not dally at work.

I managed to efficiently get both kids crying last night as I accidentally dropped Emma on Sam, bonking their heads together. They recovered in a minute or two but I felt miserable. I think my "safety dad" license has been temporarily revoked.

Not much news on the home front. I learned through the grapevine that my old friends Jason Kronholm and Bridget are expecting a baby. Funny how parenthood is sneaking up on the old crowd.

My Half-Life 2 adventures continue

November 23, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

My Half-Life 2 adventures continue. The game seems to be broken down into levels, each one highlighting a certain aspect of the game. There's areas that let you play around with the gravity gun, picking up and throwing objects about. There's a couple vehicle levels. There's another level that's focused on AI. Once a certain style of gameplay starts getting stale, the player is quickly plunked into a new environment and faces different challenges. It seems to work out quite nicely.

Ah, I hope all is well with the clan

November 22, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Ah, I hope all is well with the clan. I wish I could return for Thanksgiving, but I still promise you Christmas. I have mid-tenure training next week in Littleton, MA with other VISTAs across the state, which should be helpful in jumpstarting next semester's work plan. I'd like to refocus on more fundamental but challanging directions. Poverty alleviation isn't quite as straightforward as it sounds, especially when required to go into an office every day and face the kiss of death that is email.

I've been working on reading comprehension wi...

November 22, 2004 by Adam in Sam

I've been working on reading comprehension with Sam lately. Though he protests that he can't read, he's actually gotten pretty good with sounding out words and recognizing common ones. The trick is to have Sam-appropriate vocabulary. Last night it was "The orc ate the cat. The shark at the orc. Sam ate the shark." Good times.

I also had a lot of fun taking Sam to see The Incredibles yesterday. He has a really well-developed sense of humor so he not only understands my jokes but often comes up with some witty repartee as well.

It was a packed Sunday, with kid playing in t...

November 22, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a packed Sunday, with kid playing in the morning then off to see The Incredibles with Sam around lunchtime. When I returned, Sam played with the neighbor boy Grahm for most of the afternoon while Emma and I went for a walk, watched Bug's Life (again), and generally played around.

Jamie unfortunately caught the horrible cough that we've all had for the last month. Hopefully she won't be quite as miserable as I've been.

It looks like Thanksgiving is slowly shaping up. It's going to be a busy one, with Thanksgiving at mom's Thursday, Sam's birthday party Friday, Thanksgiving at our house with Jamie's family on Saturday, and perhaps Robbie's birthday party in there somewhere. Hopefully I can find some time to relax too.

It was a good Saturday as Saturdays go

November 21, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a good Saturday as Saturdays go. We played with the kids all morning, then headed to Sam's friend John's birthday party. Jamie and Emma went to shopping for Thanksgiving while Sam bowled and ate cake. It turns out that the rest of the free world had the same idea so it was a bit of a madhouse. Sam had fun bowling for the first time, even getting a strike.

Strangely enough, it turns out that Sharon's sister is someone we went to the teaching program with twelve years ago (Sharon is Jamie's friend and John's mother). It's a small world indeed.

Emma loves Bug's Life

November 21, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma loves Bug's Life. She watches it every day and everyone else in the family has memorized nearly every line. Emma in particular seems to contemplate the movie when not watching it. She even managed her first sentence: "Hopper. Bird. Eat 'em."

Of course she says it so often that as soon as she says "Hopper," everyone else in the family finishes the sentence for her. Then Emma just looks at us and says "Yep."

Thought I'd post a quick note before heading ...

November 21, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Thought I'd post a quick note before heading off to bed (I'm pretending that it's still night and not morning)!
Mom and I had a wonderful little visit. I forget how nice it is to complete a sentance with out little ones around.
This afternoon I went to The Incredables with my co-workers (all animation mjors). Fab movie! One of the girls and I went to the Disney store afterwards and were very tempted to get T-Shirts and interative Edna dolls (you gotta see it to believe it).
I then headed back to school to work on some projects until closing time at 11:45. Now it's off for some sleep before getting up and working on a couple of shortpapers in the morning. By the end of the term the mear word "microfiber" may have me twitching!

Yet another mocha Friday

November 19, 2004 by Adam in Family

Yet another mocha Friday. My cough is finally subsiding, which makes life seem so much better.

Jamie had a surprise for me yesterday, though she spilled the beans a bit early. Sam kept the secret too, which was also impressive. Our old refrigerator that came with the house was replaced by a shiny new one, something that Jamie's been wanting for awhile. Emma and Sam had a great time taking all the packing tape off and we're slowly adjusting to the new food locations.

I'm hoping for another quiet weekend before the madness of Thanksgiving begins. Hopefully Sam and I can make it to The Incredibles, which sounds like our kind of movie. It would be nice to get outdoors before real winter hits. We'll see how ambitious I really get.

I'm sending Robbie and Isabell off to Eugene ...

November 19, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

I'm sending Robbie and Isabell off to Eugene tomorrow on the train. While it will be a chance for me to get ahead on my homework and finals projects, it will be a fun adventure for them as well!
My birthday came and went, and I had a wonderful time catching up with old friends. Kai looks ready to pop, and the news of the evening was that Kate will be following suit!
We helped Raven and Cheikh celebrate the end of Ramadan, and have decided to put together a monthly potluck with them and some other friends.
Mom just called, and she'll be coming up tomorrow night so we can make a trip to Daisy Kingdom. It will be a fun to take a leasurly feildtrip.


November 18, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

1. I'm learning to play the banjo, and it's going well.
2. I'm going to Rev. Spalding's house for Thanksgiving, which should be wonderful- he lives in an old church and I might get to ring the bell.
3. Work is good, but slow.
4. I'm moving my radio show from 7-8 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays to 8-9, so all of you west coast kids up at five in the morning know where to tune in- www.wcfm.williams.edu. I'll play anything you want. Don't leave me alone with my murder ballads and death row blues.

Sam wacked his knee pretty hard the other night

November 18, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Sam wacked his knee pretty hard the other night. As usual, he's a real trooper when he first gets hurt. Of course, he's been using it as an excuse to avoid taking baths and doing exercise too. I suppose we can give him a couple more days grace before things return to normal.

In school news, Sam seems to enjoy the handwriting table. I wish I had more time to sit down and have reading lessons with him. With two kids, that and other things are a challenge. Hopefully his computer gaming skills will pan out.

Last night I was showing Sam the Google image search and he had a great time calling out things for me to search for. Eventually the requests got sillier and sillier until he called out "Search for poop!" I decided to call it a night.

I was up at 4:30 this morning, given a charmi...

November 18, 2004 by Adam in Family

I was up at 4:30 this morning, given a charming little baby as a wake up present. We've been playing for the last couple hours, waiting for Jamie to wake up and relieve me of my burden. Then it's off to work where I'll probably treat myself to a mocha . . . for medicinal reasons, of course.

I think my cough is a little better, though it's hard to tell. The inhaler isn't supposed to do much for a couple more days. It may just be that it'll improve on its own anyway.

I suspect I'll be continuing to rebuild my work computer. The new hardware should be faster and better but I find myself having to reinstall all the goodies I rely on.

Well, I can honestly say that Half Life 2 is ...

November 18, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

Well, I can honestly say that Half Life 2 is one of the best games I've ever played. I love the physics systems, the look, and the tone of the story so far. Lately I've been driving around my trusty airboat, doing crazy jumps and avoiding the evil Combine troops. Great fun.

There's a pesky stuttering that happens sometimes, so I think I'm going to have to take a closer look and see if there's some settings I can tweak.

Wednesday is wrapping up and life seems to be...

November 17, 2004 by Adam in Family

Wednesday is wrapping up and life seems to be looking up. My cough has been persisting for the last few weeks. The doctor visit went well and I picked up an anti-inflammatory inhaler to help a bit. My work computer died but I now have a very capable spare that should get me through the two months before my replacement.

Sam turns six in nine days. He seems so grown up these days that I forget he's only five. Reading is the next big skill we're working on. He does reasonable well if given the time and motivation. At this point he needs to build up his vocabulary and start recognizing more words at a glance.

Emma is quite the imp. She bit Jamie's leg the other day, then made puppy dog eyes and gave it a kiss. It seems to be a time for her to test the limits of what we'll do.

I give up

November 17, 2004 by Adam in Adam

I give up. I've had my cough for nearly three weeks now and I've decided it's time to see a doctor (with some prodding from Jamie). Hopefully I'll get some antibotics and get sent on my way.

My work computer is still dead. It's slowly being worked on while I try to accomplish things on this borrowed laptop. It's just not the same, though.

My work computer died today

November 16, 2004 by Adam in Adam

My work computer died today. I'm typing this on a borrowed laptop, but it's not the same. All the nifty utilities and files that I've accumulated over the years are gone and I'm stuck with only vanilla software. Sigh.

Hopefully I'll get it back later this day. I miss ol' Bessie.

I woke up around two in the morning, dreaming...

November 16, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I woke up around two in the morning, dreaming of Half-Life 2. At midnight this morning the game unlocked on my hard drive and was suddenly playable. I forced myself back to sleep, waking up at 4:30 am and delving into the game before work.

So far, it seems like the best first person shooter I've ever played. I love the physics gameplay, with exploding barrels, floating boxes, and falling debris. It's very much a thinking man's shooter, with plenty of real-life puzzles to solve.

For an example, there are these barnacle-like creatures that stick to the ceiling and trail a long sticky rope to grab anyone who comes by. I picked up a nearby flammable barrel, threw it down for it to catch, then set it on fire with a few pistol shots. By the time it pulled it up to the main body, it exploded and cleared out most of the barnacles in the area. Even better, the nearby ones picked up the debris and tried to eat it, giving me yet more room to run by.


November 15, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg


I happen to be sitting at Adam's computer whi...

November 14, 2004 by Jamie in Jamie

I happen to be sitting at Adam's computer while he and Emma play. I am going to make Adam's favorite Challah French Toast this morning because he has been whin...um, sick for so long ;-) I'm trying to add holiday preparations to my busy schedule...have found that procrastination is no longer an option in my life. I'm going to make a cake for Sam's birthday on the 26th. My mom is also coming down just for that day. I'm going to try to arrange an "at home" (in the grand Victorian tradition) when anyone who is around can drop by to wish Sam happy birthday. It is hard to plan parties for this poor boy with his birthday in the cold and holiday time.
I am hosting my boys and their entourages for Thanksgiving on the 28th. Happy Holidays!

Saturday went fairly well

November 14, 2004 by Adam in Family

Saturday went fairly well. We didn't try for anything too exciting, mostly just played with kids for most of the day. Sam and I managed to get a short hike in, climbing halfway up Spencer's Butte. The fog was thick all around us, giving it a magical quality. We also wandered off the path and came across a little altar made out of sticks, moss, mushrooms, and bark that someone had made.

When we got back, Emma and I wandered around outside for a bit while Jamie and Sam played a board game. I think the denziens of the garden call Emma "Snailbane" as she loves seeking them out and crushing them with her love.

The evening was a low-key continuation of the day. We watched Mission Impossible, gave Emma a bath, let Jamie have a little mud mask bath of her own, and quietly went to bed.

I managed to get a zipper related injury on m...

November 12, 2004 by Adam in Family

I managed to get a zipper related injury on my lip this morning. Unfortunately it's not as risqué as it sounds. I was unzipping my rain jacket when I got to work and zipped over my lip. Oops.

It's fortunately sweet mocha Friday, which I'm happily enjoying at the moment. I don't think we have any particularly exciting weekend plans, other than me feeling like I need to get cracking on shopping for Sam's birthday and Christmas in general. It would be nice to have a quiet, restful weekend as this week has seemed so very busy.

All the leaves are gone and it's snowing in w...

November 12, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

All the leaves are gone and it's snowing in wet, windless sheets. I'm staying in Williamstown for Thanksgiving and almost certainly for another year- a prospect that is comforting (I can't imagine leaving after having just learned the ropes of the community and college), but, looking out my window and reaching for a second sweater, also terrifying. I can only hope that x-country skiing grows on me and the townies I have gathered close will keep me company through the muffled isolation of a hill town winter. The college also lends vibrance to my life in countless ways- lectures, performances and good people. I will not be afraid, even as it, just now, begins to snow harder.

Jamie reported a funny story about Emma this ...

November 11, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Jamie reported a funny story about Emma this morning. Sam had crawled into bed with her and Jamie after he had bad dreams. When Emma woke up in the morning, she looked at Sam, said "shh", and gave him a kiss. Sam rolled over and went back to sleep.

Jamie and Emma were woken up in the middle of...

November 11, 2004 by Adam in Family

Jamie and Emma were woken up in the middle of the night by a car alarm going off. I soon joined them in the kitchen for an impromptu midnight snack. It's been a bit of a bumpy week overall, with the kids and I coughing away and Jamie looking exhausted. Hopefully everyone will perk up by the weekend.

No exciting news. Sam and I have been incorporating the cushions from the basement couch into a variety of games these days. I can't say how many rafts, forts, and lava platforms we've constructed as of late. Emma's been taking lots of baths and likes to play on the computer (though I usually have to use the mouse for her). Jamie does Xtreme unwinding when I get home, trying to escape from the children for a few moments. Ah, the joys of life with children.

Emma changes so quickly that it's hard to doc...

November 10, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma changes so quickly that it's hard to document anything. She can hold conversations of a sort and is very good at getting her point across. "What's that?" is still her favorite expression. She's very good at naming all sorts of objects around the house.

Her teeth continue to pop in. I think she's finally getting her back molars. The only way I can really see is to get her laughing and tilt her back so she opens up wide.

Emma and I have a new game together. She'll say "Drop!" and I'll go into the bed room and start dropping her on the bed. There's lots of variations, such as pretending to sneeze and accidentally drop her. This was a favorite of Sam's too as I recall.

Happy Birthday, Seraph! 'Thought I wake up ea...

November 10, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

Happy Birthday, Seraph! 'Thought I wake up early enough to call you before you to took off to school. But since you leave in the wee hours in the morning when it is still dark, 7:30 AM was too late. All of us had a wonderful weekend celebrating your 28. Birthday,( I think I can still mention your age ?)first at my house and then the next day, Sunday, with your whole family at your Mom's house. There was so much talking going on around the dining room table that Isabell held her ears closed and ask us not to talk so loud, when actually her voice was several octaves louder than ours when she was expressing her opinion. I guess it is hard for a small child, who is the happiest in a one on one situation, to sit among a large group of people who jabber about all kinds of 'nonesense' she could not comprehend. Just putting myself into that situation as a child I can understand why she felt that way.I have been in a situation among Spanish speaking people when they debated about some thing I didn't understand, and I got the impression they were all mad at each other when that wasn't the case, but I felt like holding my ears shut.

My annoying cough continues

November 10, 2004 by Adam in Adam

My annoying cough continues. It's become tedious at this point, no longer exciting in any way. It's also earned me a spot in the guest bed for a week now, as my coughing keeps Jamie from sleeping.

Jamie sweetly got me a new shirt the other day. It reminds me of the ones from the original Star Trek. Fortunately it's blue and not red. The red shirt guys were always the first to die horribly after they beamed down to the planet.

Ah, Betsy, I'll think of you when formulating...

November 10, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Ah, Betsy, I'll think of you when formulating my radio playlist tomorrow morning. Sometimes the blues is the best remedy for kickin' crack (or what have you).

Sam and I made up a couple fun little games t...

November 10, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Sam and I made up a couple fun little games the other night. The first one involved couch cushions being safe to walk on, while the rest of the floor was either lava or water, depending on Sam's mood. In any case, it got him exercising pretty well, throwing pillows about and jumping from one to the other.

I also got this funny motion-sensor lock from work (it was for laptops but was never used). I'd build a structure out of blocks, place two "jewels" inside, then put the lock on top of the whole thing. As a master thief, his job was to carefully remove blocks and extract the jewels without setting off the alarm. I think he played at that one for close to an hour last night.

This week has been soooooo bad that I'm consi...

November 09, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

This week has been soooooo bad that I'm considering dropping out of society and becoming a crack addict. Any suggestions?????


November 09, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg


Listen to my show from 7:00-8:00 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

It was wonderful to see everyone this weekend...

November 09, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

It was wonderful to see everyone this weekend! Somehow the next best birthday gift, since the earlier request didn't come through, was just hanging out with my family!
We're all back in our regular routine here. Robbie and Isa are looking forward to a slightly shorter week due to the holiday. I may put them to work baking for this weekends Church Bizaar.
I'm plugging away at school, and even pulled a compliment from my hard core perfectionist drapping instructor! We'll see if I can keep it up!

What a nice weekend! Seraph and I went shoppi...

November 09, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

What a nice weekend! Seraph and I went shopping at Goodwill;
her birthday present of cash stretched into two Jackie Kennedy coats and a number of shirts and sweaters. Also, we ran into Yayoe, that maven of second hand stuff, which was fun. Mr. Puente came for a few hours on Sunday morning and moved things out to the shed. He's back today working on one part of the garden. It was very fun to have everyone for brunch on Sunday, and I had a good long phone call with Sadie in the afternoon.

The weekend has come and gone

November 08, 2004 by Adam in Family

The weekend has come and gone. Sam's finishing up watching his Justice League episode, Emma's hanging out with Jamie, and I'm taking a short respite to relax.

Saturday was filled with playing with kids. Sam went over to his friend John's house, returning this morning after having lots of fun. It was pretty quiet without him. Jamie and I watched Pillow Talk, the classic romantic comedy from the 50's. It was a rare treat.

This morning we went to my mom's for Seraph's birthday. Everyone was in a good mood and Sam and Isabell played for nearly the entire time. As usual, there was plenty of good food and lots of conversation.

This weekend was Williams homecoming, a rowdy...

November 07, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

This weekend was Williams homecoming, a rowdy anti-intellectual drunken bash that students love and alums return for. As I discovered, no one actually watches the game, but three thousand people mill around the grassy parking lot, eating chili, drinking beer, and bumping into friends. It was a working weekend for all the networking I did at the game. I also connected with one of the Yes Men on Friday night (the best documentary activits event- www.theyesmen.org) and am going to sell some of their merchandise at a fair trade gift show on campus. Then I met this awesome awesome senior who is going to make benefit holiday gift cards with me. A good week, for all it's low points.

I played Myst IV a little more this morning

November 05, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I played Myst IV a little more this morning. I've been stuck at a certain point for a week or so, not realizing I had to pet the snake from right to left, not left to right. I think I'm slowly wrapping up the game. I decided the puzzles were too hard, even with the hints at hand. Mostly it's turning into a pretty movie.

I'll probably fiddle with Sims 2 a bit more after that and wait patiently for Half-Life 2 to get finally released.

Mocha Friday

November 05, 2004 by Adam in Family

Mocha Friday. I slept like a rock last night. Jamie said I coughed, but I must have been so tired that I didn't wake up. Jamie's been a real trooper lately. Both of the kids have been feeling poorly, plus her husband hasn't been good for much over the last few days.

Sam's going to stay overnight at a friend's house this Saturday. Evidently he's pretty excited about it and it's nice having the house quiet for at least a little bit. Sam and I don't get enough time to play together as it is, so hopefully we can get some alone time together.

Other than that, I'm feeling generally disorganized. There's a variety of obligations that I suspect I'm going to meet only partly or not at all. These days it seems that I have everything I want except for time.

I haven't chimmed in this week on elections a...

November 05, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

I haven't chimmed in this week on elections and and various events following. Most people I know are still walking around in a strange jet lagged stupor. I know a few people in Portland, including a columist I read that might be good resources for your political agenda Mom. Let me know if anythings starts to get put together.
I did want to post part of an article from one of the British newspapers I follow:

By Paul Majendie
LONDON, Nov 4 (Reuters) - When Queen Elizabeth opened a conference on global warming in Berlin this week, it shone a spotlight on her own efforts to keep Britain green.

Despite appearances -- the huge royal palaces, lavish state banquets and fleets of limousines -- environmentalists have praised "the Green Queen."
Without fanfare, she has tried to turn her many royal households into models of energy efficiency, they concede.
Already she has converted official cars to run on eco-friendly liquified petroleum gas fuel, switched to energy-saving light bulbs and has sunk a bore hole in Buckingham Palace garden as part of a low-energy heating system.
Now plans are being drawn up to build a hydro-electric plant on the River Thames which could generate enough electricity to power 900-year-old Windsor Castle without burning fossil fuels.
The 78-year-old monarch has always been notoriously thrifty, urging everyone in Buckingham Palace to turn out the lights on leaving a room. But officials say the energy-saving is not just motivated by money.
For royal spin doctors bidding to quell tabloid fever about the dysfunctional family's latest scandal, answering media queries about the queen's energy-saving plans comes as a welcome relief.
With a husband who headed the World Wildlife Fund for 35 years and an environmentally-conscious heir who has even admitted talking to his own vegetables, the family boasts solid green credentials.
"Some of the steps she has taken are extremely welcome," said a spokesman for the environmental pressure group Friends of the Earth which welcomed her opening, however symbolic, of the global warming conference during a state visit to Germany.
"Her participation sends a strong message around the world -- particularly to the United States -- on the need for urgent action on global warming," Neil Verlander told Reuters.

Maybe it's time to move back to my roots.

Thanks for all your blog support- I'm almost ...

November 04, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Thanks for all your blog support- I'm almost articulate again after finishing off a couple of bottles of wine and blowing off steam with friends last night.

Mom, if you need any help with that civil union statute, give a holler- I can rally my peers, and you know that Morgan is currently working with United Way in Eugene.

I'm tired of seeing gay people portrayed as media minstrels who can be embraced by the popular imagination as an entertaining vacation from normative society and then denied when they step out of that role to demand equal rights.

And I'm afraid for the supreme court.

May the world forgive us, for the American people clearly know not what they do.

Sweet blissful sleep

November 04, 2004 by Adam in Adam

Sweet blissful sleep. I finally got seven or so hours of sleep last night, though I kept waking myself up coughing. I gave in and drank the last of the cough syrup though there wasn't much left. Now I'm groggy but coughing less, slowly moving towards work.

Well, all the swear words have elicited my ca...

November 04, 2004 by Jamie in Jamie

Well, all the swear words have elicited my caretaker side. Please, please don't be disheartened with humanity, Adam's family. This is only an excellent excuse to become more involved citizens..which this country could use no matter the adminitrative bent, eh? I love you all, and support freedom and compassion for all. And I hope those with the power to manifest these values will make at least some choices for the greater good as opposed to the misguided masses. Call me.

Well, after all my family members used a vari...

November 03, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, after all my family members used a variety of colorful phrases to describe their election feelings, I'll probably have my site put on various blocking lists. You've all earned a mouth washing with extra soap!

I'm completely exhausted, having gotten very little sleep for two nights in a row. My mild cold has turned into an annoying cough that keeps me up. Cough medicine makes me spacey, which I counteract with coffee, and it's pretty much gone downhill from there. I hide at work to get some rest, knowing that I'll be swarmed by children when I arrive home tonight. I'd kill for a hot bath and a good book.

The family is well, with Emma being increasingly cute. She's getting really good at communicating using her hundred or so words. She's got the non-verbal communication down pat as well, with some really funny facial expressions. It's good these days to focus on the things that are going well.

Well, just piss and shit all over that

November 03, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Well, just piss and shit all over that. Betsy, you should have voted more. And I think your strategy is excellent; let's draft the twins. I talked with Floyd Prozanski this morning - he was out in his grubbies fixing that ratty old pick-up - we talked about working on a civil union statute.


November 03, 2004 by Yayoe in Yayoe

UGLY DISGUSING ELECTION RESULTS:I'm pissed and horrified with the results of the election and agree with Sadie 1000%. Hey Sadie, so glad you finally learned to use the F word..hope that was due to my tutelage and influence! Meanwhile, the scary part of the election is that half OR MORE of this country is shaped by the religious,self-serving right. I thought our forefathers fought for separation of church and state. We also lost the vote for same-sex marriage. Another crushing disappontment. I worked at the Kerry headquarters all afternoon yesterday watching dedicated folks of all ages walking in the pouring rain and canvassing neighborhoods that had not voted yet. They were able to bring in ballots of those who couldn't get to the drop box or who didn't have time to vote until the knock came to the door. Meeting these dedicated people was very inspiring. We were hopeful and optimistic as we listened to the exit polls and then BAM>>>bad news. Maybe a miracle will happen if the provisional ballots and other votes are counted. The thought of 4 more years with that idiot SMUCK is more than I can take. The supreme court is also going to be shaped by the election as well. I may have to overdose and buy an apricot pie and eat it all by myself to get over this nightmare. Do you think I should use real or diet icecream as a topper? Later...

If Jenna Bush were in Iraq instead of parting...

November 03, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

If Jenna Bush were in Iraq instead of parting with Paris and Nikki Hilton, we wouldn't be at war. The small town of Tornville has sent off most of our youth in some position or another. We can't take much more. Fortunately God has watched over them so far but it can't last forever, and yes I still believe in God, even though I'm doubting the Democratic process. Tighten your purse strings and harden your heart because we are in for a rough 4 years.

Mom, God hasn't blessed America, God fucked u...

November 03, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Mom, God hasn't blessed America, God fucked us with the fucking evangelical homophobic racist vote. Gay marriage bans across the nation? This democracy is a fucking joke.

It's 2:10 am

November 03, 2004 by Adam in Adam

It's 2:10 am. My cough woke me up, annoyingly enough. I just read the latest election results. Blah.

An election extra - Everyone I know is jitter...

November 03, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

An election extra - Everyone I know is jittery; Reta and I
parted this evening trying to decide whether the winner should buy the loser lunch tomorrow. I guess it's a good time to remember that the country has made it through 228
occasionally tumultuous years, and we will all still be Americans tomorrow, warts and all. God bless America, and make us wiser and more honorable as a country than we have often been. Love, the elder and getting elderier, mom

John Cass came down for the Oregon-Washington...

November 02, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

John Cass came down for the Oregon-Washington game, which Oregon won handily. After the game we went to the Etta James concert - what a voice! Just want you to know there are other old broads besides me still functioning. We tried to get together with Lohring and Yayoe, but as you know, your Dad was a bit poorly. Jenny and the boys came over on Sunday afternoon. Jordan was a Tigger, Dez a Ninja Warrior.
I then went shopping, one of my least favorite tasks.

Election day, finally

November 02, 2004 by Adam in Adam

Election day, finally. Hopefully today will mark the end of my obsessive analysis of polls and commentary. I'm really hoping the election isn't close at all as waiting for things to be decided in court would only prolong the agony.

I'm getting over a cold, now at the "scratchy throat/coughing" stage. I took some cough medicine last night and still feel somewhat spacy. Hopefully I can avoid the pink elephants and swirling colors on my bike ride to work this morning.

There was some excitement at work yesterday. Our smallish web services team suddenly doubled in size. A bunch of developers who reported to another manager now report to mine. Needless to say there was some concern about how it would all work out. Ah, the joys of reorganization.

Ah, Mr

November 01, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Ah, Mr. Pletcher! I'd love him, with his broken neck and one soft patch of natural fur left just under his bum. I'm still confused about what I did and didn't do to make my relationship work. Mom and I were talking about Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Gift From the Sea last night. Anna and I had become the colony of shells. How can you know, with all those good parts and complex memories and habits layering on top of one another, when the double sunrise shell goes? Or the moon shell? Maybe it's still there, but the vestiges of commitment and distance grew over it on the ocean rock and I can't touch it or break off the other muscles to find it. And you, my commited family, my colony of inseperable shells, how do you know when to choose the moon shell over the rest? At 23, it seems like the safest choice to make when the possiblity of making the same choice, too late in the game, terrifies me. Thank you for thinking of me at this moment, and for sending all your good thought to Anna, who is (naturally and justifiably) hella pissed that I, the commitmentphile, could be this much of a jerk so suddenly.

Halloween night is winding down

November 01, 2004 by Adam in Family

Halloween night is winding down. We're trying to get rid of the last of our candy as the kids are exhausted from daylight savings time. They both had a great time going around the neighborhood, Sam as a vampire, Emma as a bat, and Jamie and I as Sam's victims. Good times.

The trip back from Portland went fairly well. We stopped by the outlet mall and did a little shopping. Upon arrival, we unpacked, entertained kids, went shopping, made dinner, and prepared for Halloween. Now I'm looking forward to my quiet time when the kids are in bed and I get to have my bowl of cereal and watch a show. Hopefully not much longer now.

I clearly need to get it together and post mo...

October 31, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

I clearly need to get it together and post more often! First and foremost...Happy birthday Betsy, and happy Halloween! This is a favorite time of year for Robbie and I, even though all of our pumpkins have rotted, and I think we'll have to make a last minute run to pick up some more.
My mid-terms have snuck up on me, and I'm trying to cram in some studying today between church and trick-or-treating. Isa has dressed up as a witch for the various parties this week, but anounced this morning that she wanted to do the fairy princess thing again this year for trick-or-treating! Sigh...more pink.
We had a lot of fun with Adam, Jamie, Sam and Emma yesterday at the Zoo. Isa love running around with Sam. The only problem is that she is now so comfortable there, that when the crowds are small she wants to run off in every direction!
Robbie actually admitted this morning that he missed his school kids on the weekends. I think that leaving his class may become the hardest part of moving away from Portland after graduation. I did point out that that sentiment would probably make the parents happy!
Well, much love, tricks, and treats to everyone!
P.S. Sadie, all our love and thoughts to you and Anna. As great a lady she is, we promise that we'll keep you! Would you like us to send on Mr. Pletcher?

It was a great day yesterday

October 31, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a great day yesterday. We puttered around in the morning then headed to the zoo to meet up with Seraph, Robbie, and Isabell. It was occasionally a little drizzly, and it poured down rain just as we left, but it really kept the crowds down. What people were there were mostly kids dressed up in costume for the Halloween Zoo event. Sam was happy that he returned with a bag of candy and toys, keeping him entertained for the drive back.

The kids liked the various exhibits quite a bit. Emma alternated between amazed and frightened for a couple animals. When we went to feed the birds, they swarmed us and climbed on Emma's stroller. She didn't like that too much and had to be held. I took a great picture of Robbie the Bird Man, covered in colorful tropical birds.

The other animal Emma had mixed feelings about was the elephants. There was one where we could get close to and we watched it eat some hay. At first she wanted to climb into my jacket, saying "Scary." I wasn't sure I heard her right, so I asked "Scary?" She replied. "Scary. Uh-huh. Bye-bye." After a little, though, she calmed down and had fun watching the elephant pick up hay with its trunk and feed itself. When I asked Sam which part he liked, he picked the alligator, which mostly sat still in the water waiting to be fed.

The rest of the evening was fairly quiet. I drove over to Fry's and picked up a printer. Our current one is lousy at photgraphs, so hopefully this new one works a bit better. It was crazy busy, though. Ordering online and spending a few bucks for shipping makes more and more sense. The kids watched a little Shrek and went to bed later than normal. Hopefully Sam's recent bout of sleeping in will balance nicely with daylight saving's time today. In theory I woke up at 5 am, though my brain was telling me I had slept in a little.

I think we'll do a little shopping this morning, then head home. It's been a good trip, though I do miss our little abode.

Well, we're up in Portland

October 29, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, we're up in Portland. It was a fairly uneventful morning, except that I think I'm coming down with a cold. Lots of Advil, caffiene, and food seemed to help. Judy's entertaining the kids, Jamie's off at the store, and I'm puttering around with the computer.

I think we'll try to do OMSI or the zoo tomorrow, depending on how people are feeling. It would be nice to do a little Christmas shopping too, though I'm not sure if I'll really get the time to do that too.

Anna and I broke up today, unexpectedly for b...

October 28, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Anna and I broke up today, unexpectedly for both of us. I understand if you want to choose her even though you're my family- she's a great lady. I think we're doing fine, considering, but still not really sure what it means in the long run.

Other than that, the weather is beautiful, my programs are going well, and work is good.

It's been a somewhat weird work week for me, ...

October 28, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's been a somewhat weird work week for me, with all day meetings yesterday and today. Dave and Kirsten stopped by after work yesterday as well, entertaining children and having dinner with us. Emma in particular really loves those two, doing a funny little floor wiggle dance when she first saw Dave. There was also a full eclipse of the moon last night, so Sam and I stood on the balcony and discussed astronomy. Plus it was pretty cool looking.

I'll be heading off-site for all day meetings today, possibly coming home late. To be honest I'd rather hang out with my family than spend yet more time with work folks. We should be off to Portland tomorrow, which excites me greatly. Should be lots of fun.

It's almost here

October 27, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

It's almost here. If you have made your trip to JoAnn Fabrics or Kmart for the uncreative you better get cracking. Will has changed from a farmer to a plumber. Part of his latest fixation with the plumber who works for me. He even has his own shirt with plumbers logo. I haven't decided on my costume yet but it will come to me. Happy Halloween.

I spent a delightful half hour or so at Adam ...

October 27, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

I spent a delightful half hour or so at Adam and Jamie's after work, being generally entertained by Sam and Emma. Emma, like all my grandkids, has a wonderful sense of humor - or maybe humoring me, as we spent quite some time looking for pigs, cows, cats and dogs (complete with appropriate noises) in my purse. Had long phone visits with Jenny, who went up to Portland for a concert over the weekend with Jeanny and ran into Fred Swank, now back from working for the Sheriff's department in Florence and working in the Sheriff's office in Eugene. And to think we knew that boy when he smuggled fireworks in from Washington! Also talked with Sadie, who sounds fine!

I went to Sam's parent-teacher conference today

October 26, 2004 by Adam in Sam

I went to Sam's parent-teacher conference today. Well, to be honest I sat in the car with a sleeping Emma while Jamie went in to talk to the teacher. Evidently he's a bright funny kid who's doing quite well in school. He's made a couple good friends in school - Caden and Mattie. Caden is his "basketball coach" and Mattie and he take turns teaching the other how to be a boy or girl. I think "being a girl" involves jump rope, though I'm not quite sure what "being a boy" entails exactly.

Outside my window is a bed of bright yellow l...

October 26, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Outside my window is a bed of bright yellow leaves and endless rumpled students crushing them on their shortcut to class. I love the mornings here. I just finished my third interview this week, one for the North Adams Transcript, one for the college's publicity stuff, and then for the student newspaper. The student journalist was appropriately muckraking, the college journalist appropriately positive and easy-going, and the North Adams journalist was so lonely in his first week away from Philly that I quickly sucked him into my group of twentysomething friends here. So it's been an interesting week.

We all had a pleasant Sunday, somewhat uneventful

October 25, 2004 by Adam in Family

We all had a pleasant Sunday, somewhat uneventful. I took the kids to the library and movie store in the morning, returning with various Dinotopia books and movies. We also found a paper airplane book, which resulted in a long playtime of airplane building and testing. Emma also demanded that I read her library books immediately, several times for each of them.

Jamie managed to get out of the house a couple times, once to visit my mom and another to go for a walk with her friend Victoria. Sam became a gardening maniac and we weeded, dug, and pruned for well over an hour. Hopefully I can keep up this level of enthusiasm and get a new flower bed put in for next year.

One of the most anticipated games, Half-Life ...

October 24, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

One of the most anticipated games, Half-Life 2 is going to be released soon. It's also one of the rare big games that's being distributed electronically as well as on CDs. It's a massive download, over a gigabyte easily, and encrypted as well. I'm downloading it at the moment and once it's "released", I can pay my money and get it unlocked to play it.

It's an interesting way to do things and hopefully one that happens more often in the future. All the waste of cardboard boxes and CDs seems a bit silly when all you want to do is get it on your computer anyway. Interesting times.

Emma is beginning to learn how to use a mouse

October 24, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma is beginning to learn how to use a mouse. She's been obsessed with a computer game that Sam used to have. She calls it "aminals", because it has singing animals in it. Very cute.

Sam spent the night at my dad and Yayoe's hou...

October 24, 2004 by Adam in Family

Sam spent the night at my dad and Yayoe's house, something he decided to do mostly on his own and has been strangely excited about all week. They mostly hung out at their house, playing Battleship, doing some art projects, and reading a bit. Jamie and I had an unusually quiet evening and morning. We ended up doing a fair amount of outside work. I took in all the patio furniture, cut down an offending plant, and cleaned up the tomatoes.

We're tentatively planning a Portland trip next weekend, though we'll see how it goes. It would be fun to see Seraph and Robbie's place and generally take it easy for a couple days.

My favorite time of the year approaches! It ...

October 22, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

My favorite time of the year approaches! It started simply enough with me getting out my coffee mug with the witch on the side and has progressed into full blown decorating! I even have a garland of pumpkin things around my office door. I was a bit leary of the set up as Mike has the kids Halloween weekend and they don't have school on Friday. Our Beggars night is Thursday and I thought they would be with him but he changed his mind and so the kids and I will be going Trick or Treating!!!! Patrick is going as a killer rabbit and Will is going as a farmer. It will be great fun.

Sweet, sweet mocha Friday

October 22, 2004 by Adam in Family

Sweet, sweet mocha Friday. I'm feeling energized and ready for work, of which there seems a lot these days. Jamie and I went out to dinner last night, a rare treat. Dinner was late, but really tasty. I was worrying that the kids might be missing us, but they barely noticed our arrival. Dave and Kirsten did a great job entertaining them, one of the few people that Emma will actually let watch her without endless crying.

We're trying hard to plan for a Portland trip next weekend. Seraph and Robbie - drop me an e-mail if you're around to be visited with. This weekend is likely to be quiet. I think we'll be putting away our patio furniture for the weekend and that's about it.

Today is the beginning of the Service Week th...

October 22, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Today is the beginning of the Service Week that the student service council and my office have worked so hard on. I know that one-day events are important in context of the greater office of community service and the students' awareness of the work that we do, but it seems so silly to spend all my energy on a week of projects that don't actually expand our relationships with community based organizations. Nevertehless, I imagine that we'll do well with the winter clothes drive and the benefit concert. My back and hands are tender from shoveling hay from a barn at the Rural Lands Foundation a few days ago. It will be good to go there on Halloween and see the product of all our efforts to make a haunted barn.

I'm finding my feet in cultural theory this week, but haven't slept or eaten for five days because of it... I forgot that learning could be this intense. This too shall pass. I hope to get out both alive and with what I'm looking for.

The week is slowly moving along

October 20, 2004 by Adam in Family

The week is slowly moving along. I've been braving the dreary weather on my bicycle and entertaining the kids indoors due to the rain. Last night we had "dancing in our underwear" hour in the basement, along with a vicious pillow fight between Sam and I. Emma learned how to do sommersaults last night, much to everyone's entertainment.

I've been getting into the Fall's t.v. shows. Lost is on tonight, my favorite new series. I watched the Farscape finale Sunday and Monday night, which was a great ending. Tonight I'll watch the new Battlestar Galactica series which is also looking really good. Though Buffy and Firefly may be gone, there's a host of new shows that have popped up.

Jamie and I also voted, so we're feeling good about our civic duty. Now it's just nailbiting until November 2nd. I've become a politics junkie, visiting political blogs like Daily Kos every few hours. electoral-vote.com is another one, seeming to determine my mood as the graphs go up and down. What odd times we live in.

I heart service course requirements

October 20, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I heart service course requirements.

Hi guys, I have two baby gates

October 18, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Hi guys, I have two baby gates. Does anyone need one? I also have great worker guys. They put in a brick "patio" around the big oak tree at the office. The office is looking really nice. I'm buying a Dell laptop; Adam, someone named Travis will be e-mailing you a quote. Love to all.

Isn’t it interesting that Williams demands co...

October 18, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Isn’t it interesting that Williams demands community service as part of your CV to get into the school, but only pays for a part time staff member (Rev. Spalding) and a one fourth time staff member (Matt Boyd) to administer community service on campus? As an Americoprs volunteer, the college doesn't have to pay for me.

Strangely, the college can pay for eighteen assistant coaches.


Emma called me by herself this morning

October 18, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma called me by herself this morning. I didn't think anything of it at first, as Jamie will often call me up and put Emma on the phone. We exchange a few words and I say "hi" a lot. This time, there seemed to be a really long delay before Jamie picked up, so I ended up started working again. After a couple minutes, I heard Jamie say "Hello?" and she explained that Emma somehow managed to hit the quick dial button for me.

Somehow I suspect this is just the beginning of things to come.

It's been a very wet weekend, one of those wh...

October 17, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's been a very wet weekend, one of those where we barely left the house as we'd probably get soaked to the bone just stepping out the door. We did manage a few useful things over the course of the weekend. Saturday night we went over to my dad and Yayoe's house for some good dinner. Sam and I raked the front yard in the rain. There were a few grocery trips hidden in there as well.

Emma was up around 7 am this Saturday morning...

October 16, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma was up around 7 am this Saturday morning and Jamie decided to leave the poor girl with me. We played and played for a long while, then decided to make a movie together. It turned out pretty funny.

Emma continues to get new teeth. I think there's three that are slowly coming in. She's been sleeping better for the most part, though she was up a ton last night.

It's the end of a Friday and I'm very much lo...

October 15, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's the end of a Friday and I'm very much looking forward to the weekend.

Sam ran his Jog-A-Thon this morning, running an amazing 11 laps (nearly 3 miles). This was after he'd hurt himself this morning when he wacked his face against the foot of our bed. I haven't seen it yet, but Jamie describes it as "cool". I expect we'll have to give him an eyepatch and have him say "Aarg!" a few times to complete the image.

We're going over to my dad's for dinner tomorrow and generally puttering around the house. I'd very much like to have some quiet time to myself.

Alex and Carolyn arrived safe and sound yesterday

October 15, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Alex and Carolyn arrived safe and sound yesterday. I met with them, Robbie, and Isa after I finished up at school. We went to ice cream and later to dinner. Isa decided that their hotel was cool and wanted to have a sleepover. (What's that saying Mom? Independent as a hog on ice?!) When I talked to Carolyn this morning they had already hit Toys-R-Us and were going to go swimming!
Funny comment from a man I work with. He was listening to me take a call, and afterwards asked if I was from the mid-west. When I asked why he said that only his mid-west family said "m-bye" on the phone! I guess some language traits get passes down forever!
Lots and lots of love to my amazing family!

Myst 4 seems fun so far, though the puzzles a...

October 15, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

Myst 4 seems fun so far, though the puzzles are mind numbingly hard. Sam's been getting in on the action, doing the simpler puzzles and enjoying the general ambiance. The areas are so pretty and the music so pleasant that it's easy to forget how much your brain has to think just to get to the next area. There's a few things that annoy me - hunting through a dark screen for a lever to pull, for example. Still, it's classic Myst and fun for the whole family.

Well, Isabell and I had a long wonderful and ...

October 14, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

Well, Isabell and I had a long wonderful and busy weekend together. Seraph brought her to Eugene Friday morning and I took her back yesterday. We did a lot of learning and play projects. In fact we never took time out for a real nap, only resting time while we read books. Of course we made our trip to the library Saturday morning for the Children's Hour, but Isabell decided she rather look at books and bring some home. We visited our wonderful park every day and of course the highlight was our trip Sunday on the hayride to the pumpkin patch with her Grandma Susi. And Isabell got to spent the the rest of the afternoon and the night with her at her house. Sue even cancelled an appointment with a client the next morning because she promised Isabell before hand that she would take her for a hot chocolate in the morning, and Isabell never forgets. What we don't do for our grandchildren. Friday night I told Isabell that I had to take time out to listen to the debates and promised her that I would take her for a lang walk afterwards. It was pouring buckets after the debates, but there was no backing out. We put our rain gear on and walked four times around the block, while Isabell told me about all the animals that people eat and what other food items they provide. I have no idea how she even thought of that topic, but she never quit talking about it until we got to the front door.

Isn't the skirt Jamie Sim is wearing too dres...

October 14, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Isn't the skirt Jamie Sim is wearing too dressy to clean the toilet in, shorter than Jamie would wear, and why the heck is it the woman's job to clean the toilet anyhow?
Talked with Sadie last night...she was sounding as though her job is interesting. Her analysis of the last debate was insightful - she said Bush's closing was good. Love, the old and getting older, Mom

I fiddled around with Sims 2 a bit

October 14, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I fiddled around with Sims 2 a bit. Putting our Simoleans to good use, I added on to the house and dumped all the baby stuff in there for use for the next kid. I changed the hairdo of one of the twins as it was simply too hard to keep them apart. The birthday party went fairly well. After all the guests had left, Jamie was busy cleaning the toilet after the rest of her family went to sleep. At least she was thinking the party went well.

We'll see how long I stick with the Sim Millers. Raising children, even virtual ones, seems like a lot of hard work.

Oh, Seraph, I love your post so much! I'll be...

October 13, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Oh, Seraph, I love your post so much! I'll be voting for your birthday present and agitating all I can (unfortunately, as a federal employee, it's not much). I got to talk to two of our non-traditional babies on the phone last night- Emma said hi and Sam counted from 1 to 29 for me.

This morning I helped coordinate student volunteers to assist 20 6th and 9th graders taking an assessment exam. All of them had special accomodations, and despite the short notice scramble to get Williams kids, it worked out beautifully. I also got to talk to a cool kid from (in his words) "the North Adams projects". He lives a block away from his aunt, though- sniff.

I'm starting up a winter clothing drive, a task daunting because I am doing it solo (for now). Campus dorms, a dozen churches, and a few schools to coordinate with... but it's a beautiful, beautiful week, and I'm feeling good about the work.

A weekend brightened by a sleepover with Isa

October 13, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

A weekend brightened by a sleepover with Isa. Isa, Hanni and I met for lunch on Sunday, and then went out to Lone Pine Farms and the pumpkin patch. We rode the hay wagon with lots of other kids, parents and grandparents, picked out pumpkins, fed the goats, and played in the playground.
It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, and for a fleeting second I felt that wonderful feeling of contentment and peace which was such a part of my life when Dick was alive. I know it's out there and will reappear eventually. Isa was really good!
Saturday afternoon I went to mass as part of a Sweet Sixteen
(everybody mixes cultures here!)celebration for the daughter of a Latina friend, and on Saturday evening Jamie and I went to the reception. Lots of pretty girls and handsome young men, families, cute little kids, and a general fiesta state of mind.
It's 7:00 and time for me to go home. Many hugs to all, and
don't forget to vote. So far in the debates, Bush reminds me of a second rate attorney who knows he's second rate.

I couldn't help myself

October 12, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I couldn't help myself. I ordered Myst: Revelations, which should be arriving in a few days. I hear the puzzles are mind bogglingly hard, but the atmosphere and music are stunning. I've been wanting a game that Sam can play on his own for awhile, perhaps with a few hints from his dad.

As it is, he'll either play FPS games or build houses in Sims 2.

The colds that gripped our household are slow...

October 12, 2004 by Adam in Family

The colds that gripped our household are slowly fading. Sam's cough still lingers a bit, but hopefully we'll be healthy soon enough. Jamie dropped off the kids this morning while she worked out. Emma pretty much ran the show, deciding where we were going around campus. I also showed off my new cubicle, which Sam decided was fairly cool.

Robbie and I had a nice aniversery near Mt

October 12, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Robbie and I had a nice aniversery near Mt. Hood with Raven and Cheikh. It was nice just to relax by the fire and play Scrabble.
School is back in full swing and I'm learning to live in the libarary again. Other than Fridays and weekends I don't feel like I'm home much.
I've decided that all I want for my birthday is a new administration. Please vote! I had just read an article about how the republicans were trying to make it difficult for new people, perticularly minorities, to registar. Sure enough shortly after Robbie and I sent in our forms so that we would be registared up here, Robbie received a notice about all sorts of additional information they wanted (two days before the registration deadline none-the-less)!
Sigh...unfortunately posting what I'd like to be my second birthday wish, if my first does not occur, would probably get me thrown in jail by the FBI, who no doubt monitors this site because of all of the radical, non-traditional, babies we're raising! Peace and love to all!

How many members of the Bush Administration ...

October 11, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

How many members of the Bush Administration are needed to replace a light bulb? The Answer is TEN:

1. One to deny that the light bulb needs to be changed.

2. One to attack the patriotism of anyone who says the light bulb needs to be changed.

3. One to blame Clinton for burning out the light bulb.

4. One to tell the nations of the world that they are either: "For changing the light bulb or for darkness"

5. One to give a billion dollar no-bid contract to Halliburton for the new light bulb.

6. One to arrange for a photograph of Bush, dressed as a janitor, standing on a stepladder under the banner "Light Bulb Change Accomplished".

7. One administration insider to resign and write a book documenting in detail how Bush was literally (in this case) "in the dark".

8. One to viciously smear #7.

9. One surrogate to campaign on TV and at rallies on how George Bush has had a strong light bulb-changing policy all along.

10. And finally one to confuse Americans about the difference between screwing a light bulb and screwing the country.

The kids and I managed to get out to Amazon p...

October 11, 2004 by Adam in Family

The kids and I managed to get out to Amazon park this morning, gearing up for the cold and having a pretty good time. Emma had a hard time taking turns with Sam riding his tricycle. After an hour or so, they started getting cranky and we headed home. Jamie and Angie went out on a walk and traded recipes, having a good time together.

The rest of the day was mostly spent in the basement playing. Sam watched Star Wars on DVD while Emma napped. We had Kirsten and Dave over for a couple hours. They did a great job watching the kids while I rested and Jamie made dinner. Dinner was an incredibly yummy tamale pie, time consuming to make but well worth it. Then it was the usual bath, bednight snack, making my lunch, and reading to Sam. Ah, what a weekend.

I think Emma's cold is finally getting better

October 11, 2004 by Adam in Emma

I think Emma's cold is finally getting better. She's only a little sniffly and slept really well last night. Every day that goes by I'm amazed at how much she's grown. Her ability to communicate is incredible at times, even though she only knows a hundred words or so. She's really good at adding in facial expressions, impromptu sign language, and simply grabbing our hand and putting it where she wants it to go. Fortunately she also has a great sense of humor and likes just being silly. Emma's also really sweet, hugging and kissing just about anything that moves.

We survived the toddler ages with the twins

October 11, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

We survived the toddler ages with the twins. It was pretty grueling, requiring careful juggling of sleep, potty training, feedings, and so on. They ended up pretty happy toddlers and we threw a birthday party to celebrate the event. Though we invited eight people, only three showed up. I think we've been ignoring people outside the household ever since we had kids. The bartender barely had anything to do (every kid's party needs a bartender).

Now it looks like I have two young kids running around the house. Soon it'll be time for homework and possibly . . . boys.

It was a pretty good day yesterday, though we...

October 10, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a pretty good day yesterday, though we didn't do anything exciting at all. The morning was a little overwhelming, as I entertained kids nonstop until noon or so. We did have a bit of fun at snack time with them making funny faces at the camera. Even Emma was pretty good at it.

After lunch, I slowly started getting into the swing of things. We played a made-up like Pictionary game that everyone could play. Emma was really good at recognizing pictures that Jamie would draw, even getting things like car, star, and ball without any problems. Sam got everything right except "electricity", though he came up with "electrocution" by himself. It's one of the fun games we can play as an entire family.

Jamie went off to a "Sweet 16 celebration" for the daughter of the woman who helps clean our house. She said it was really interesting, more like a wedding in the feel of things. I had the kids for the duration and managed to feed and distract them for the most part, though Emma cried for a half hour or so.

Hopefully today we can get the kids out of the house for awhile, though I'm not sure what we'll do exactly. It would be neat if I could get Sam on a hiking adventure, even with all the rain. We'll see how it goes.

The Sim twins are driving me nuts

October 09, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

The Sim twins are driving me nuts. I had hired multiple nannies to help out, but they were less than useless, not bathing the kids and wetting themselves (the nannies, not the kids). I dismissed them and took a lot of vacation time to spend some quality time with the children. It's doing better. I taught Emma to talk and Tess to walk (or the other way around - I can't keep them apart). Hopefully we'll get potty training for the both of them. They also grow up fast. I think it's something like three or four Sim days before they're a kid. Crazy.

Now it's time to spend some quality time this morning with my real family. I better right click on Emma and select "Teach Emma to Talk" or something. Oh, and check Sam's hunger levels while I'm at it.

Mocha Friday, posting from my new cubicle

October 08, 2004 by Adam in Family

Mocha Friday, posting from my new cubicle. I'm still getting used to the new setup, though my family pictures and plants help ease the transition. It was a beautiful bike ride into work, the crisp air of Fall and the sun rising over the valley. I'm looking forward to this weekend, even though I don't think we have anything particularly exciting planned.

The kids and I have entered into a weird ritual after work this week. They both really want to play on the computer (Emma with her Pooh and Sam with Far Cry or Sims 2). I find myself sandwiched between them, helping one or another. What's strange is that Sam has been ignoring the computer for months and Emma never really got into it until now. I suppose they really are my children.

Sadie's been e-mailing me questions about database development for her new job. It's nice to hear that she's getting herself a "real" job. Even more importantly, she seems to really like it.

Last night Jamie made some tasty pizza for dinner. When we all sat down, she started pleading to eat in the living room and watch the Surreal Life. If you haven't seen it, it's basically about all these washed-up celebrities from ten or years ago that live together. MC Hammer and the guy from Webster, for example. In any case, we all piled into our chairs watching the train-wreck-like qualities of Cory Feldman trying to find a date for a Playboy bunny (one of the other members of the cast). Bizarre.

I've moved into my new cubicle here at work

October 07, 2004 by Adam in Adam

I've moved into my new cubicle here at work. No longer do I get a window seat and I'm instead deep in cubicle territory. It's not all bad, though. I think I have a setup where all my plants can survive. My cubicle neighbor has agreed to put in a half-height panel so that I can see through his cubicle opening to the outside world. All my pictures of family and various Dilbert cartoons have been reapplied to the walls. My various computers are stashed away in whatever free space I could find. Now I'm just waiting for my phone to move over, which should be tomorrow sometime.

I think it'll work out.

I absolutely love the layers of performance a...

October 07, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I absolutely love the layers of performance and reality in Adam's reporting of your Sims life. Keep up the bazzarro lives.

Ah, you know my theory that we have four seas...

October 06, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Ah, you know my theory that we have four seasons here, Rain, Spring, No Rain, and The Season Before It Starts to Rain, when we all scurry about madly trying to get done everything which can't be done when it's raining. The Polk Street house exterior has been repainted, a brick patio laid under the solar eve, and a new lawn put in. Everything is done at the office except some bulbs planted on the other side of Centennial. I'm trying to encourage general beautification on Centennial; it would be fun if everyone planted daffodils, like Junction City.

I just have to add how ironic I find it that ...

October 06, 2004 by Jamie in Adam's Games

I just have to add how ironic I find it that Adam takes so much time from his day in the real world to manipulate Pseudo people based on his actual family. Have my anxiety and control issues pulled him over the walls of mental health into my own emotional prison? Oh well, At least we are together!

The Sim Millers are doing well

October 06, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

The Sim Millers are doing well. Tess and Emma turned into toddlers overnight. How quickly these children grow older. I also figured out that the trick to surviving twins is to have a nanny over full time. There was an odd game bug sort of thing that involved babies and nannies protruding from Sim Adam. Amusing, though weird.

Now the two critters are wanting constant attention, otherwise they splash around in the toilet. Soon the Sim days ahead will involve potty training, teaching kids how to talk, and getting them walking. If only real children had point and click interfaces.

As an aside, Sam asked Jamie the other day "When you wanted to have a baby, did you play in bed with dad?" He was present when I right-clicked on Sim Jamie and chose "Try For Baby". It was pretty tame, mostly the two characters moved around under the covers. I remember the story my dad told about how his parents bought him mice to teach about the birds and the bees. Now we have computer games. Strangely I don't recall a large green diamond above my head with fireworks shooting out of it when Sam was conceived.

Emma's still sniffly and I've been battling h...

October 05, 2004 by Adam in Family

Emma's still sniffly and I've been battling headaches myself. I did the mocha and Advil cure this morning, which seemed fairly effective.

I'm also getting ready for a cubicle move here at work. I managed to get a view of the window, though it's about twenty feet away and I'll be looking through a couple people's cubicles. Hopefully my plants will survive the transition.

I got this email from Isa (dutifully written ...

October 05, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I got this email from Isa (dutifully written by Hunni) months ago, but just came across it again.
I thought you would all like it.

Dear Aunt Sadie:
"Tell her I love her," "Snake and Wolf."
Isa wants me to tell you about the time our house burned because of a fire.
Isa wants me to tell you that she has been playing, and in Portland she likes to play with her dress up clothes and play in the park fountian. She has also been reading a lot of books.
She wants to make sure your contacts are ok and that you've been fixing your hair.
Love Isabell

In response to Raven's thoughts about leaving...

October 04, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

In response to Raven's thoughts about leaving the states to escape American politics, I think depriving the US of its best citizens would be terrible for the democratic struggle. Additionally, nobody can escape American politics. Mwa ha ha.

Work is intense. It's like, sooo intense.

We had fun seeing everyone this weekend, the ...

October 04, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

We had fun seeing everyone this weekend, the family exhibit, jenny curling Isa's hair, and Jamies mushrooms and garlic were well worth the trip! Isa is excited about going back next weekend (and so are Robbie and I). We are planning on going to Kah-Nee-Ta with Raven and Cheikh, though the details are still coming together.
I just finished my first class of the new term - color theory, and will momentarily be heading off to the students "luch with the president" (of the school that is). We love and miss everyone!

I think Emma's getting better, though it's ha...

October 04, 2004 by Adam in Family

I think Emma's getting better, though it's hard to tell. Sleep time is pretty rough, and she's still up tonight even as it approaches ten o'clock. Hopefully they'll manage to get a full night's sleep tonight.

The day itself was fairly uneventful. I played with kids nonstop it seems. Sam spent a lot of time with the neighbor boys while Emma and I chatted with the grownups. My dad came by and I unfortunately didn't have as much time to spend with him as I would have liked.

We did accomplish a number of small house projects, not to mention throwing a dinner party for everyone last night. It just sometimes feels like I need a weekend to relax from my weekend.

Sim Adam and Sim Jamie finally decided to tak...

October 04, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

Sim Adam and Sim Jamie finally decided to take the plunge and give parenthood a try. Since Jamie has reached the Mad Scientist peak of her career, she got lucky and managed to bring the dead to life (flowers anyway). It brought in a huge monetary bonus which clinched having children. We had moved into a new big house in preparation, so with real-Sam's prompting, we had kids.

It didn't start out very well. Sim Jamie threw up a lot. After a few days, though, she was happily painting portraits and enjoying the sunshine with her big belly. She also ended up eating and sleeping more than usual until we heard the exciting news . . . she was having twin girls. Soon enough the two babies magically appeared out of thin air and reality set in.

The first thing was to call a nanny, as two babies are ten times as much trouble as one. Most of the time was spent sticking the babies on the floor whenever anything needed to be done. So far, I've named one Emma and the other Tess. Hopefully the Sim Miller household will survive.


October 04, 2004 by Yayoe in Yayoe

WHAT DOES FAMILY LOOK LIKE PHOTO EXHIBIT: Thanks for coming to the exhibit. It was a huge success with tons of favorable heart warming comments. Brian Lanker, Pulitizer Prize winner, and father of Julie coburn, came to the exhibit today and said he liked it! Hurrah. The exhibit will go to Celeste Campbell Senior Center next week.

Meadville, PA...here we come! We're off to see Dorothy from October 7-12th! The fall leaves should be beautiful. We'll be back in touch when we return!

It was an exciting day yesterday, and an exci...

October 03, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was an exciting day yesterday, and an exciting night as well. It started normally enough, a delicious breakfast served by my lovely wife. There was lots of playing with kids and an outing to get food for dinner. A bit after noon, Josh arrived to hang out with us while Dave went to the football game. He and Sam had a great time playing together. They started by building a huge pit in the sandbox, then filling it with water until the walls collapsed. This was repeated several times. Afterwards, Sam got a shower and they went into the basement to play a wacky game called Clone Bandits. After that, they started inventing their own games, most of which apparently involved throwing stuffed animals at each other.

Around five, Seraph, Robbie, Isabell, and my mom came over for dinner. It was really nice to see them all. I had forgotten how much I missed talking to Seraph and was excited to hear about how well school was going for her. Isabell charmed Emma, though it took some doing as she's been in a pretty cranky mood. After a yummy dinner and ice cream, everyone faded away and we cleaned up and got the kids to bed as best we could.

Emma had a tough night. She was up for a long time with Jamie, then I took her for a couple hours in the middle of the night. She let me know that she wanted to play Sims 2 by saying "Kirsten", who is one of the Sims in the game. After that, it was a lot of Pooh games, looking at the moon, then finally to sleep. A few hours later she threw up and I was on assistant clean up duty with Jamie. It's now sneaking up on 8 am and everyone's still asleep.

Hopefully today will be calmer. I don't think we have anything planned other than taking it easy.

Emma's got a cold

October 02, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma's got a cold. She's been goopy and sniffly since yesterday, trying hard not to feel miserable. Mostly we follow her around with a box of tissue and remark on the pitiful faces she makes.

Emma also recently discovered the joy of computer games, and her Pooh one in particular. She'll happily watch anything Pooh-related for long stretches of time. Unfortunately she can't quite control the mouse, so I'm stuck clicking on things. I'm getting really sick of the repetition, though I suppose it's vaguely educational. She can almost say "opposites", one of the parts of her Pooh game.

Sam had Jamie in hysterics the other day while they were all driving to school. Sam would tell Emma to do something really crazy like "pretend your feet are on fire and put it out." Strangely enough, she would. We've already started spelling things around her as our secret grown-up code. Otherwise we could never talk about baths and ice cream without Emma getting excited.

It was fun having Robbie,Seraph and Isabell a...

October 01, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

It was fun having Robbie,Seraph and Isabell at my house last weekend. Saturday morning Seraph and I painted the back of my house and Seraph also washed the front posts that were only dirty and didn't need any paint. Isabell decided she wanted to help, so we gave her a small roller to paint. She did beautifully until she started to paint the white trim with the dark house color.That's when Robbie thought it best to take her to the library for the childrens hour.After we did our outdoor chores Seraph got on the computer and I folded laundry, when I heard Seraph screaming.Well she found her grades, 3.9, which she can really be proud of.Congratulation Seraph!!We are all proud of you!

Well, it looks like Mount St

October 01, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, it looks like Mount St. Helens just erupted. It looks like it's not going to be quite as bad as the one from the 80's. Fortunately Seraph and Robbie will be down in Eugene for the weekend, so hopefully they'll miss most of the excitement.

I don't remember seeing any ash in Eugene after the first eruption, but Jamie was further north at the time. There was quite a bit of ash all over everything.

Hopefully Jamie's parents aren't stuck cleaning their cars and houses over the next week or so. Could get messy.

Now Sadie, if only you could get those prof

October 01, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Now Sadie, if only you could get those prof.'s to wear Uncle Sam hats and beards! It sounds as though you have that great nack of cordinating all things important that was passed down from Yayoe!
Robbie has been chugging away with his kids. He has different music that he listens to depending on what group he has that day. He needs upbeat pop music for his mellow tue/thur kids, and lots of Enya for the more active Mon/Wed/Fri group. It think he really enjoys that commute time to himself.
I've started working at the student supply store. I'm scheduled to work about 10 hours a week. So far they say I'm a quick study, but I really think they are hoping to get in some responsible people before several of their seniors graduate this year. It's all good though - and we're all happy with our min. wage raise this new years!
We had Raven and Cheikh over for dinner and to watch the debates last night. We're going to try and get together for all of them, each of brings in very different views of the mid - to radical - left. I have tried to expand my views by watching the republican commentators afterwards, and trying to be open minded.
What is rather fringhtening to me is the number of my contemporaries who are saying they may move out of the USA based on the out come of the elections. I mentioned to Raven that it felt like we would be running away from the problems instead of staying and fighting for change. But, she made a strong point in that it's hard to fight against your own citizans - who don't want to change.
Anyway, enough rants from me....

I somehow managed to get close to nine blissf...

October 01, 2004 by Adam in Family

I somehow managed to get close to nine blissful hours of sleep last night. Jamie kicked me out of bed, probably due to snoring, so I spent my morning hours in the quiet guest bed. After the last few days, getting so much sleep is quite nice. I could almost skip my Friday mocha . . . not!

My bike is in better shape, with the back brakes working again. It felt nice to get that taken care of. I played with the kids quite a bit after work, with lots of sandbox time for Emma and pretending to be a stormtrooper for Sam. I'm very much looking forward to the weekend ahead of us.

Anna and I are also very excited to hear abou...

September 30, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Anna and I are also very excited to hear about Seraph's grades her first semester at school. That kind of performance while being who you are, Seraph, is just amazing. It means only that you are a determined mother and a very talented artist.

I'm working with the student service council to set up a service week at the end of October, and nearly have all of the coordination/set-up work finished. Now is the advertising campaign- convincing college administrators and professors to get their pictures taken saying "I want YOU to volunteer at Caretaker Farm," and get said administrator to go with them. I've already got one, and I think Rick, my supervisor and spiritual guide/chaplain to the college, will also help out. I think the colorful posters will improve our luck getting students to volunteer.

I'm also getting college musicians to run short, informal clinics with high school students. So far I have an African dance group, a singer/songwriter, and a film maker. The high school musicians will also be performing with Williams students at the Benefit Concert, which will benefit the Williamstown and North Adams PTOs.

Now, convincing a dorm room to help with Pownal Elementary School's haunted house...

Unfortunately this morning was a bit more exc...

September 30, 2004 by Adam in Family

Unfortunately this morning was a bit more exciting than I would have liked. Jamie woke me up around 4 am as she'd been up with Emma since an hour before. For whatever weird reason, Emma simply wasn't tired. We spent a long while reading, playing her Pooh computer game, and generally hanging out in the basement. A little before 6 am I wandered up and handed over Emma, sleeping for a half hour before zipping off to work.

The day before, my bike tire got a flat and I replaced the rear brakes. The tire was fine this morning, but the brakes didn't work well. I rode in very carefully on just the front brakes.

Hopefully this weekend will be relaxing and pleasant. Josh is coming to visit Saturday and I think we're having Seraph and Robbie over for dinner some night.

I'm embarrassed to say that I bit Emma last night

September 29, 2004 by Adam in Emma

I'm embarrassed to say that I bit Emma last night. She was holding an apple for me and I accidentally squeezed down on a tiny finger of hers. She looked shocked, then said "ouch" and had to go over to her mom. I sheepishly wandered over too, facing Jamie's glaring eyes. Fortunately Emma recovered quickly and we continued playing.

Emma's two molars are definately coming in. She'll point to her mouth and say "ouch". Feeling about with a finger shows two little bumps coming out of the gums.

Sam and I have been wrestling lately - the pr...

September 29, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Sam and I have been wrestling lately - the pro-wrestling sort of thing with fake moves and overly dramatic scenes. He was so distraught that he couldn't do it right before bed Monday that he cried and whined himself to sleep. Evidently he was so helpful around the house yesterday that he and I got some serious wrestling time after I came home. I was feeling lousy with headache and pulled neck muscle, but I managed to get into the spirit and soon we were both laughing and making dramatic grimaces.

Sam also went to the dentist yesterday. Perfect teeth. At least we know one aspect of our parenting skills are working out okay.

Wait, how could I have failed to note Seraph'...

September 29, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Wait, how could I have failed to note Seraph's brilliant performanc as a student! Just add it to all your other brilliant performances,Seraph, and a rousing "We're proud of you, we're proud of you" from the fam.

It's been interesting watching the new activi...

September 29, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

It's been interesting watching the new activity on Mount St. Helen's. Isa has found it interesting too, although we have to give constant assurances that it won't errupt onto us. I just heard this morning that the lava dome is moving, and the earthquacks continue at about 1000 per day.
We've been enjoying the warm weather this week, with several trips to the park. Lately we've been collecting leaves and acorns for collages, and we found some edible chestnuts that we roasted up, yummy! Fall is here!

The hurricane has inched its way to our weste...

September 28, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

The hurricane has inched its way to our western weather, and it's rained all day- not the Oregon mist, but the torrential, Eastern kind of rain.

I had a meeting with an English as a Second Language assistant at the local middle school. She was so overwhelmed that she laughed histerically at her own predicament throughout the meeting. I've sent out my emails, made my calls, and while I think I'll be able to equip her with a couple of Spanish-speaking Williams students, it's so hard to see that kind of unmet need. But it's equally rewarding when our resources come together. And I think that's what's about to happen.

I think I'm going to see Howard Dean tonight. That means I'll have seen three of the Democratic hopefuls- Kucunich, Mosely Braun, and Dean. I feel so involved.

Much love.

I pulled a neck muscle during my sleep a coup...

September 28, 2004 by Adam in Adam

I pulled a neck muscle during my sleep a couple nights ago. It's been annoying me ever since, making it hard to sleep and generally move around. What I should do is take it easy and have some long hot baths. What I'm really doing is taking Advil and drinking Cafe Mochas.

Last weekend's computer upgrade has had some bumps along the way. I had three pages about it over the weekend, and spent much of yesterday dealing with fallout as well. Fortunately I think things are doing better and it's been fairly quiet this morning.

I also ran across a new television show that's quickly become a favorite: Lost. It first seems like a standard "plane crashes on deserted island" story, but quickly turns frightening and strange. Just my sort of thing.

I took Thursday and Friday off work to run a ...

September 28, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

I took Thursday and Friday off work to run a work crew at home and, over the weekend, at the Polk Street house; they sanded and painted woodwork while I wait patiently for the guy who said he'd refinish the floor in the bedroom to show up. The worker guys put in a patio along the front at Polk Street. Because the house has the big overhang for the solar heat, the area under it doesn't get any rain and nothing grows. I talked to Sadie yesterday evening. She sounded good. Love to all, om

It was a pretty low-key Sunday, now slowly co...

September 27, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a pretty low-key Sunday, now slowly coming to a close. We puttered around the house for most of the day, though I got paged a few times due to work-related issues. The garage got organized and cleaned. Jamie and Sam made some incredible pesto, which later got incorporated into a Mediterranian pizza. Kirsten and Dave stopped by after work and we ended up feeding them. Jamie discovered the "On Demand" features of our cable system, deciding it was incredibly cool, then later discovering it wasn't quite so cool. The kids and I played a lot, indoors and out.

In general, it was nice to have a weekend where we didn't have to rush around and do anything terribly important. I need more of those from time to time.

Well, Emma's teething alright

September 27, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Well, Emma's teething alright. There's a molar that's poked through. I think it's more than that, however. She's learned the power of whining and throwing a fit when things don't go her way. We're trying hard to steer her away that behavior to some degree of success. Normally she's quite a charming young girl.

She's also getting very attached to Jamie. She loves being around other people and playing with Sam and I. It's just that when she's tired, hungry, or bored, she'll start crying and wanting her mom.

Ah, the trials and tribulations of growing up.

It was a good Saturday, as Saturdays go

September 26, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a good Saturday, as Saturdays go. I was a little groggy as I stayed up late the night before playing on my computer. Nothing a lot of coffee couldn't fix. I had a little work to do as we had a big downtime at work. I earned my keep with five minutes of troubleshooting after something broke.

Later in the afternoon, Sam and I went to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It's not Best Picture material, but it's lots of fun. It's almost as if they deliberately included all the great pulp science fiction elements from 30's comic books. Great stuff.

WooHoo!! Small moment of patting myself of t...

September 25, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

WooHoo!! Small moment of patting myself of the back. I pulled a 3.9 gpa this term (3 A's and 2 A-'s). One of those A's came from the teacher who never gives A's!
See you all tonight.

I actually felt like I made some progress at ...

September 24, 2004 by Adam in Adam

I actually felt like I made some progress at work today. It's really helped to have another developer on our team again after the first one moved on. The morning coffee seems to help too.

I'm hoping this weekend is nice and quiet. There's a few projects I'd like to fiddle with, such as continuing to work on arranging the garage. Mostly I want to play with my family and just enjoy each other's company.

We head off to Eugene in a few hours

September 24, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

We head off to Eugene in a few hours. I'll be doing some work for Hanni, and Isa is generally thrilled about two "sleepovers" in Eugene.
Sadie, I too am shocked (but somehow not surprised) by the RNC. I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that reminded me of you: FIGHTING FOR PEACE is like SCREWING FOR CELIBACY. Hmmm...


September 24, 2004 by Adam in Family

Mmm . . . sweet, sweet mocha Friday. Nothing too exciting going on this misty day here in Eugene. Dave and Kirsten wandered by last night so we fed them in exchange for entertaining our children. Emma in particular is taken with Kirsten and is even able to say her name. We were happy to have a couple fresh bodies to ease the parenting madness for an hour or two.

Emma slept better last night, which I'm sure Jamie appreciates greatly. Sam's been rewatching the Lord of the Rings movies, so he's very much into roleplaying grand battles with orcs and elves.

I think we're going to take it easy this weekend. I'm hoping to go see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow with Sam. There's also a Finding Nemo movie at his school tonight, though it's a bit late. I'd also like to watch both kids as much as I can as Jamie's had a hard week with them. I'm sure a few hot baths would be greatly appreciated by her.

My little Sims addiction continues

September 24, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

My little Sims addiction continues. Sim Adam and Jamie continue to put off children, earning lots of money in their respective professions. Soon enough they should be at the pinnacle of their careers, whatever that may be.

They had their first house party, putting in a swimming pool for the occasion. There was also a stove fire while Jamie was cooking a turkey, but the firefighter showed up and put it out. Sim Adam was busy unclogging the toilet, so he wasn't much use.

An interesting bit emailed to me by Anna abou...

September 24, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

An interesting bit emailed to me by Anna about the "Little Guantanamo" set up on Pier 57 during the RNC in New York. Our friend Rishi was held there for 8 hours while peacefully protesting, if standing in the wrong place at the wrong time can be called protest.

The now-famous Pier 57 in New York, used as the jail facility for holding protestors arrested during the Republican National Convention, was leased by the Republican National Committee, according to the Certificate of Occupancy and the Fire Safety Inspection Certificate for the pier.

The implications of the Republican National Committee leasing the pier, and arranging for the NYPD to then use the pier as a detention facility for people protesting the RNC, are quite startling. The ramifications for both the Republican Party and for the City of New York (for entering into a partnership with an organization essentially operating a private jail facility), both legally and politically, could be serious indeed.

It was a little more exciting yesterday than ...

September 23, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a little more exciting yesterday than I wanted it to be. Sam got out of preschool early yesterday and Jamie forgot. The teacher ended up calling me at work to okay another parent taking Sam home. I cycled home in hopes of straightening things out, but by then Jamie had already picked him up. Oops.

Jamie also went out with a friend last night, leaving me to entertain the children for a couple hours. Emma gets distraught every time Jamie goes away, so Sam and I put all our effort into distracting her. We found some old foam squares with letters on them that link together, one of Sam's old toys. They make great forts and such, so we spent a lot of time putting them together in various combinations. For a brief, quiet moment I had boxed up both children. I think that lasted two seconds before they burst out of it as the foam connections aren't that strong.

Fortunately Emma seems to be sleeping better. Perhaps her molars have come in enough so that it doesn't hurt quite so much.

Guesss who I hate? U

September 22, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Guesss who I hate?

U.S. Seeks Cuts in Housing Aid to Urban Poor

September 22, 2004 By DAVID W. CHEN

The Bush administration has proposed reducing the value of
subsidized-housing vouchers given to poor residents in New
York City next year, with even bigger cuts planned for some
urban areas in New England. The proposal is based on a
disputed new formula that averages higher rents in big
cities with those of suburban areas, which tend to have lower costs.

The proposals could have a "significantly detrimental impact" in some areas by forcing poor families to pay hundreds of extra dollars per month in rent, according to United States Representative Christopher Shays, a Connecticut Republican. That extra burden could be too much
for thousands of tenants, "potentially leaving them
homeless," Mr. Shays wrote in a recent letter to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

I'm still not sure what's going on with Emma

September 22, 2004 by Adam in Emma

I'm still not sure what's going on with Emma. I think it's that she's teething, but I'm not certain. She'll be playing happily along and then suddenly start crying, calling out for her mom. Last night was more of the same. Fortunately she seemed to sleep fairly well. I vaguely remember he being up once, and then it was blissful silence for the rest of the night.

I continue to play Sims 2

September 22, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I continue to play Sims 2. Sim Adam and Sim Jamie are currently climbing their respective corporate ladders. Jamie's a Field Researcher and I'm an Astronaut. With all this time focused on work, the money's pouring in. Unfortunately that doesn't really leave time for kids, so I've been drinking Elixirs of Life to keep us eternally young. I'm curious as to what happens when we reach the pinnacle of our careers, so I may just hire a nanny when Sim Sam and Sim Emma come along.

I wouldn't say Sims 2 was the best game out there, but it's certainly different. One of the biggest strengths is its story telling ability. I could have an evil clown move in with the two of them if I wanted. I can even make my own movies and post them to the web. All very strange and funny.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE!!!! I finished up final...

September 21, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

I finished up finals last Thursday night, after which, I went with some of the folks in my class to the Red Robin and celebrated with a beer (or soda - for the kidos). It was really nice to have a weekend without any real responsibilities.
We went to the zoo on Friday, meeting Robbie after he finished work. We realized that rainy days are the best time to go. There are very few people there, and in Oregon there are always lots of sun breaks between showers. Amazingly a lot more animals were out then when it's sunny, so we actually got to see the tigar and the grizzly bear!
On Saterday we made trips to my school, the library, and and artisan street fair.
The weather has had us alternating between movies and trips to the park.
Today I started working at the student supply store. We will be spending the next two weeks getting the kits ready for the incoming students and generally reorganizing. As the boss is out of town much of this has fallen on the sholders of a few very organized students, and the few newly hired flunkies - of which I am now one. I think they are hoping that as an apparel design major I will know something about the supplies for my department.
Anyway, it's money, and thanks to the state minimum wage increase this Jan.1, school workers will be making a bit more money.
I will have October 18th off for Intitution Day, then the Thanksgiving holiday, finally finishing fall term on December 16th. I'm already looking forward to Christmas, and a bit more quality time with the fam! Hogs and Quiches!

Emma's been having some separation anxiety wi...

September 21, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma's been having some separation anxiety with Jamie lately. I'll be playing with her for awhile and she'll suddenly get distraught and start calling out for her mom. Last night was pretty crazy too. Emma seemed to be endlessly crying and Jamie was exhausted. I think we needed a vacation after our beach trip.

Other than that, she's doing pretty well. Her vocabulary is amazing and she's starting to string together a couple words at a time. She's also very creative in using the few words that she knows. Last night she wanted Jamie to do something while Jamie was still eating. "All done. Momma." Emma told her. We all laughed, which probably encourages such impish behavior.

We're back from the coast

September 21, 2004 by Adam in Family

We're back from the coast. Saturday went well, with a good drive over. Emma slept for a big chunk of it, even though we took the long way around to avoid some work they were doing on a tunnel. Once we got there, we lounged about waiting for everyone to get out of the Beaver game and drive over from Corvallis. Dave, Kirsten, and Josh even managed to come along which made it even cheerier.

Sunday was Talk Like a Pirate Day, not to mention Jamie's birthday. There were lots of beach trips, sand castles, and eating crab. Everyone seemed bemused by Sims 2 and all their Sims counterparts that I'd made for them.

Most people headed home Sunday evening, leaving our family and Jamie's aunt and uncle. It took awhile to get the kids to bed. Emma in particular has been quite fussy and wanting Jamie all the time. The next day we did a final beach trip, then slowly got ready for the trip back. As always, coming home is harder than going, and Jamie was a bit on edge the last ten minutes. Still, we arrived safe and sound and Angie surprised us by bringing us dinner.

Now I'm hoping for a long night of sleep before work begins tomorrow.

I'm missing a sleeping bag, green Coleman coo...

September 20, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

I'm missing a sleeping bag, green Coleman cooler, the inflatable raft, two pad sanders, and a short step ladder. On the other hand, I have in my tools a red caulking gun I've never seen before. Also, I piled stuff in the back drive way (not the junk next to the wood rack)for anyone I can foist it off on - a couple of big blue tarps, some strips of finishing wood, that little electric McCullough chain saw, boxes of screws, and enough washers in assorted sizes to fix every leaky faucet in Eugene.

I registered in Williamstown today, though I ...

September 20, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I registered in Williamstown today, though I still have a rapport with Northampton politics and will miss voting there. Remarkably, this week has calmed down a bit, and I have the time to breathe, clean off my desk, and start on a few new projects.

This weekend Anna and I will be driving to Providence, RI to roast a pig and drink home brew with my old friend Alan Bergland. Good times for a lovely fall.

Okay, I got Sims 2 and so far it's really, re...

September 18, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

Okay, I got Sims 2 and so far it's really, really fun. I forgot how entertaining it is to fiddle with your characters as they move through their comical lives. Sam and I started with a Sim Adam and Sim Jamie, early in their lives. They're getting by with a small house, just starting off.

Since I didn't want Sam to miss anything, I started up a new Sim. This one's a zombie looking character and his house looks a bit like a crypt. Early on in the game, he invited Jamie over and it seems they hit it off a bit too well.

Of course, things didn't always go well for Zed Zombie. He had a house fire that was pretty bad. He managed to put it out, but he now has a deep seated fear of fire.

Later on, Jamie comes over again. It appears they're playing some form of patty-cake. Should Sim Adam be jealous? In truth, science is Zed Zombie's true mistress. He spends long hours looking at the stars or studying mechanics.

I suspect we'll continue to have lots of fun with this one. I'm working hard with Zed to fulfill his science aspirations, which lets me open up all sorts of strange contraptions to add to my house. I'm shooting for the Elixir of Life to keep him ever-young and zombified!

I want another pickup! This darn little Honda...

September 17, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

I want another pickup! This darn little Honda is made so that it slopes away from the passenger compartment and I can't see the edges of the car. Wednesday morning I stopped at the Glenwood for breakfast, and drove over the edge of a concrete berm, wrecking my tire. Thank heavens Adam had his white horse handy, and after dinner hopped right on it and changed the tire.
Eugene Celebration this weekend. I'm marching with the League of Women Voters. Let me urge everyone to register, if you haven't.
I wish I didn't see America falling into one of those periods of fearfulness; we have done such terrible things
during those times - the McCarthy Era, the Interning of Japanese....

Mocha Friday

September 17, 2004 by Adam in Family

Mocha Friday. It was a wet morning and it promises to be a wet weekend. When we go off to the coast, I'll be sure to bring along plenty of indoor things to do. The kids have been spoiled by warm and sunny coast trips, so it'll probably do them good to see what Oregon weather is really like.

It's another crazy busy day here at work, though they did announce a fairly sizeable "winshare" bonus this year. Maybe Emma will get to go to college after all!

My Sims 2 game also arrives today. Maybe Sam and I will make up a version of all our family members and stick them in a neighborhood together. Hopefully Robbie won't set himself on fire like he did in the first Sims game. Seraph moped around their apartment for days, a little urn on the floor a sad reminder of his inability to safely use a stove.

Yesterday seemed incredibly busy and today se...

September 16, 2004 by Adam in Adam

Yesterday seemed incredibly busy and today seemed much of the same. I made some progress, but it was constant interruptions and new projects pouring in.

Jamie surprised me with the kids today, giving presents of chocolate, dried nuts, and a book of Sam's drawings. For some reason, Sam's drawing book stood out as the coolest. I had no idea he'd been spending so much time working on it. There were mountains, lakes, and lots of stick people holding swords. Great stuff.

It was a funny morning today

September 15, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a funny morning today. Right as I was about to walk out the door, Jamie came down with Emma, dropping hints about how tired she was and how Emma kept waking up all night. I dutifully tucked Jamie into bed and took Emma outside to look at the slugs and snails crawling on our patio. After twenty minutes or so, Jamie came out and kept me at home with the promise of coffee. I ended up showing up to work a fair bit later than normal.

Both the kids have been fascinated by snails lately. Sam had a few trapped in a plastic container to look at, giving them fresh leaves from time to time. A little baby snail was born, its shell still soft. The next day the wind blew it over and it was crushed. Sam wailed his anguish and freed the snails, becoming protectors of the local mollusks.

Emma has picked up this fascination and enjoys looking and poking at them. Fortunately they're pretty slow so she can keep up.

I'm getting through finals week - three down ...

September 14, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

I'm getting through finals week - three down two to go! Amazingly enough I think I may pull A's in all of my classes! But, I haven't taken my last two finals yet.
We're looking forward to possible visit from Alex and Carolyn this weekend. I may be working at the school supply store through the break, but spending the weekends in Eugene working at Hanni's and Mom's houses. Hopefully the exact dates and times will come together soon.
Robbie got his first batch of preschoolers yesterday. It sounds like only two kids (both boys) cried for their parents, and it was actually the dad's who had a harder time leaving them then the mom's. He admited that at one point he actually did what he said he would never do. He took one of the animal puppets, created a high-pitch voiced character and told silly stories to calm the kids. It worked, but I think these experiences are too humiliating for Robbie to continue with them!
Isa's been great lately. She and I enjoyed our weekend alone, while Robbie went to Eugene for the game. We went to our church's rummage sale (I got some great clothes for the Sadie, Jenny and Jamie to try on -- Skinny B--'s!), went "into the city" where Isa got to charm the other students spending their Sat. at school, and ate pizza and had a quick stop at the Sat Market before heading home. Considering we were without a car and doing a lot of walking, Isa was quite a trooper.
Love to all of my wonderful family!

School is going well for Sam

September 14, 2004 by Adam in Sam

School is going well for Sam. He seems to enjoy going, probably because it's far more interesting than hanging out with us. He's made a friend called Caden that he plays with on the playground.

As parents, we're really happy that this transition has gone so smoothly. Whew.

Emma's really been getting into snails lately

September 14, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma's really been getting into snails lately. We have a bunch that move around our house and Sam decided to collect several of them in a plastic container. Emma always wants to play with them, pointing out their eyes on the long stalks.

Last night we had them out, discovering a little snail baby magically appearing in the box. I took one out for Emma to play with, putting down leaves for it to eat. Emma decided to help it along, picking it up and shaking it over the leaves, making chewing noises. Very cute.

It's Sunday night at 8:30 and I'm seriously t...

September 13, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's Sunday night at 8:30 and I'm seriously thinking about going to bed in a few minutes. It's been a long day and I didn't get enough sleep last night. I watched Firefly on DVD late last night then was given Emma at six in the morning. I spent the first few hours pretty groggy.

Yesterday seemed a blur. I took the kids shopping for birthday presents for Jamie. We're still on target for going to the coast next weekend, something I'm very much looking forward to. We also watched Shaolin Soccer, which was hysterically funny. I'll have to start applying Kung Fu to computer programming.

Today I also seemed to have the kids a fair bit as well. Sam and I went on a long hike this morning to the top of Spencer's Butte. After lunch, Jamie went for a long walk with her friend while I entertained with drawing, playdough, and sand boxes. Jamie returned to spell me and I took a luxurious bath.

So, time to get ready for bed and sweet, blissful sleep.

I just wanted to uncharacteristically add my ...

September 11, 2004 by Jamie in Family

I just wanted to uncharacteristically add my two cents of encouragement to Sue, who has the guts to dream about what she really wants, and the freedom and means to make it happen. You go girl! But please reconsider the glass sink; not only is it breakable, but also a fingerprint magnet. Solid surface is the way to go ;=)

I'm on my second cup of coffee and feeling wo...

September 10, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I'm on my second cup of coffee and feeling wonderful. I get to break in eleven new first-year tutors this evening as practice for my big info session next week. They work with me as work study students. That makes them *officially* my minions for social justice. My empire comes together...

On another note, Anna is bringing my couch and kitchen table up tonight. I'm not moving anything until the new studio can be fung shui-ed by my friend Taneya. After the last place, I need to some serious Chi realignment.

I'll be riding off to work shortly, eagerly a...

September 10, 2004 by Adam in Family

I'll be riding off to work shortly, eagerly awaiting my Friday mocha. Then it's an hour of frantic work, followed by another day of all-day meetings.

Sam enjoyed his second day of school. He returned with a gingerbread boy made from paper, marshmallows, and raisins. He cut the paper himself, so it seems they're starting on the critical kindergarten skills already. He also made a friend on the playground, though he didn't know his name yet.

Emma slept better last night, though only relatively so. Several times I'd hear a plantive voice from her bed on the floor calling "Mama? Mama?"


September 09, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Hmm...a log cabin with moveable walls on Eugene's College Hill...
I saw a home improvement show recently where they sectioned off parts of a large room, into smaller rooms with curtian-like partitions that ran on tracks around the room. I actually looker pretty nice. Just think how much easier it would be to up-date the color or style of a room if you only had to invest in new curtian fabric! Plus you could push them all aside and mop/vacuum the whole house at once! Granted this idea only flys if you don't have looks of people in the house who are simultainiously (SP??) trying to sleep and listen to loud music!

I talked to both Sadie and Betsy yesterday; B...

September 09, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

I talked to both Sadie and Betsy yesterday; Betsy called me from the middle of a traffic jam because it was so late in Ohio only the west coast branch of the family were still up.
Jamie and I did talk about business - sort of. We talked about the house I'd like to build in front of my house, and
how I'd like to have a house easy to clean, with moveable walls. As I think about it, I realize I have in mind something about the size of the log house my grandmother
lived in when she was a kid. Now that's retro.

For some reason, Emma was up for a long time ...

September 09, 2004 by Adam in Emma

For some reason, Emma was up for a long time last night. It's as if her brain was in overdrive and she kept wanting to read books, see the pictures on my digital camera, and generally be entertained and informed. I ended up waking up really late, but fortunately our team is going out for breakfast this morning.

Her vocabulary is unstoppable at this point, as she seems to learn a new word every few hours. Her pronunciation is much better as well, and I can understand most of the things she says. Last night it was "pictures" whenever she wanted to look at the pictures on the camera.

She's also been very affectionate lately. Emma talked to me on the phone yesterday and Jamie reported that she kissed the phone. She also found a lady bug and carried it around, occasionally kissing it. Unfortunately her love was a bit too much for the poor little bug, who ended up looking a bit on the squished side.

Sam's first day of school was today, somethin...

September 09, 2004 by Adam in Family

Sam's first day of school was today, something he's been increasingly excited for. He dressed up in his school clothes, donned the backpack he picked out, and was ready to go. Evidently everything went pretty well as he seemed excited to go again. Emma didn't quite get the nap at the proper time, so Jamie's time with Sam in school wasn't particularly relaxing.

After work, Jamie went off to my mom's to conduct business. I think they finished in a few minutes and sat around shooting the breeze while I tried to distract grumpy children. Fortunately we discovered the neighbor kids playing outside so we joined them for a solid hour of play time.

Tomorrow could be a slightly odd work day for me. We have a new employee coming down that I'll be cross-training. As a bonus, we're eating out at the Glenwood. I'll probably end up drinking too much coffee and peeing all day, but such is the risks of my job.

Sam had his first day of school today

September 09, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Sam had his first day of school today. I didn't get a very coherent narrative from him, mostly just a collection of random stories. His teacher's name is Mrs. Staysack. They read a book called the Kissing Hands. He clapped until his hands hurt. He had homework that tested his reading, math, and other skills.

Jamie reported that there were two sets of twin girls in the class with him. It's also a pretty big class with 19 kids. So far he seems pretty excited about it. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

This picture, if you're curious, is of Sam's teacher who "seems nice" according to Sam.

I had a great time with everyone this weekend...

September 08, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

I had a great time with everyone this weekend! I must admit that I didn't get the homework done that I should have, but at least the term is slowly wrapping up, and there are fewer projects left to complete.
Robbie and Isa have been in Eugene, returning today. They've been revisiting some of their old haunts, and seeing old friends. Although their absence has made it easier for me to catch up with my school work, I'm very much looking forward to their return.
I'm thinking about begging one of my art teachers to let me volunteer in her studio. It would mostly be making slide lables and lugging around instalations, but it would look great on a resume. I'll let you all know if I can convince her that she needs me!

I finished up with Doom a few days ago

September 08, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I finished up with Doom a few days ago. The ending was pretty straightforward - very few surprises after awhile, though it sure did look pretty.

I went ahead and ordered Sims 2, as it's something the whole family can play. I suspect my first project will be to try and recreate our little family and see what happens. I had a lot of fun with the first Sims game and Sam seems to think it's a pretty funny idea. It'll be a nice break from the typical shoot-em-up games he tends to show interest in.

While walking to work this morning, a little ...

September 08, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

While walking to work this morning, a little too near to sunrise for my taste, the air was so Eugene crisply perfect. I came to the east coast for a little Robert Frost romance with nature, but I'm too wary of the weather to enjoy myself. The people are great and I like the rural bumped up against the culturally cultivated, but the weather... One can trust the weather in Eugene. One knows what to expect and the rain gods do not dissapoint. The east coast gives rain with humidity! Snow with bitter wind! Eugene would never do these things. Oh, how one grows to love Home when it's far away.

Work is like getting in a wave pool for eight hours without a floatation device, getting out, sleeping, and getting back in the next morning. Communist utopias call to me... Abandon your academic oppression, Sadie, Live naked in a tepee...

After work yesterday, we all piled in the car...

September 08, 2004 by Adam in Family

After work yesterday, we all piled in the car and headed out for Sam's ice cream social at his new school. It was a bit of a mad house, with many parents and kids running around. We peeked in to his class that he'll be going to today, checking out the toys and setup. Then it was outside to play on the playground, which seemed well stocked.

Hopefully today will go well for him. After we got home yesterday, he kept saying "I wish it were tomorrow", so I think he's pretty excited.

And a good time was had by all

September 07, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

And a good time was had by all. The kids were cute and funny, and the adults in good humor. The fish were biting, and we were reminded that there is nothing quite as tasty as fresh caught trout with breakfast. Hugs to all, Sue/old mom

Thanks to Leon, Anna's dad, for this great ar...

September 07, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Thanks to Leon, Anna's dad, for this great article on fascism, my personal favorite topic du jour.

Fascism Anyone?
Laurence W. Britt

[F]ascism's principles are wafting in the air today, surreptitiously masquerading as something else, challenging everything we stand for. The cliché that people and nations learn from history is not only overused, but also overestimated; often we fail to learn from history, or draw the wrong conclusions. Sadly, historical amnesia is the norm.

We are two-and-a-half generations removed from the horrors of Nazi Germany, although constant reminders jog the consciousness. German and Italian fascism form the historical models that define this twisted political worldview. Although they no longer exist, this worldview and the characteristics of these models have been imitated by protofascist regimes at various times in the twentieth century. Both the original German and Italian models and the later protofascist regimes show remarkably similar characteristics. Although many scholars question any direct connection among these regimes, few can dispute their visual similarities.

Beyond the visual, even a cursory study of these fascist and Protofascist regimes reveals the absolutely striking convergence of their modus operandi. This, of course, is not a revelation to the informed political observer, But it is sometimes useful in the interests of perspective to restate Obvious facts and in so doing shed needed light on current circumstances.

For the purpose of this perspective, I will consider the following regimes:
Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Franco's Spain, Salazar's Portugal, Papadopoulos's Greece, Pinochet's Chile, and Suharto's Indonesia. To be sure, they constitute a mixed bag of national identities, cultures, developmental levels, and history. But they all followed the fascist or protofascist model in obtaining, expanding, and maintaining power. Further, all these regimes have been overthrown, so a more or less complete Picture of their basic characteristics and abuses is possible.

Analysis of these seven regimes reveals fourteen common threads that Link them in recognizable patterns of national behavior and abuse of power. These basic characteristics are more prevalent and intense in some regimes than in others, but they all share at least some level of similarity.

1. Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism. From the prominent displays of flags and bunting to the ubiquitous lapel pins, the fervor to show patriotic nationalism, both on the part of the regime itself and of citizens caught up in its frenzy, was always obvious. Catchy slogans, pride in the military, and demands for unity were common themes in expressing this nationalism. It was usually coupled with a suspicion of things foreign that often bordered on xenophobia.

2. Disdain for the importance of human rights. The regimes themselves viewed human rights as of little value and a hindrance to realizing the objectives of the ruling elite. Through clever use of propaganda, the population was brought to accept these human rights abuses by marginalizing, even demonizing, those being targeted. When abuse was egregious, the tactic was to use secrecy, denial, and disinformation.

3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause. The most significant common thread among these regimes was the use of scapegoating as a means to divert the people's attention from other problems, to shift blame for failures, and to channel frustration in controlled directions. The methods of choice-relentless propaganda and disinformation-were usually effective. Often the regimes would incite "spontaneous" acts against the target scapegoats, usually communists, socialists, liberals, Jews, ethnic and racial minorities, traditional national enemies, members of other religions, secularists, homosexuals, and "terrorists." Active opponents of these regimes were inevitably labeled as terrorists and

Well, while you were all out bummin' at the l...

September 07, 2004 by Jamie in Jamie

Well, while you were all out bummin' at the lake, Emma and I were enjoying some gal time. I back packed her over to Victoria's new house to check out how all of her bold paint choices were working with the furniture. The kitchen is a cheery aqua, the LR golden yellow. Her BR turned out surprizingly great in lime green. And a bright orange bathroom? Not as bad as I feared :-) If you need some inspiration for introducing color in your home, this is a place to visit. Emma is teething, so I got about two hours sleep Sat. I'm trying to catch up this week.

Well, we're slowly adjusting to city life again

September 07, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, we're slowly adjusting to city life again. It seems like I spent almost all of yesterday playing with Sam or Emma in some combination. Jamie was very appreciative of me being home and she tried to get some time to herself before the week began.

In the morning with picked up Dave and Kirsten and went out to Lonepine Farms to get fresh produce and visit with the goats. Emma in particular had a great time exploring. The afternoon was mostly spent unwinding and hanging out at the house.

Tonight we have an ice cream social at Sam's kindergarten and tomorrow is his first day.

Oh, and click on the picture to see a bigger version.

Sam had a great time on our camping trip to T...

September 07, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Sam had a great time on our camping trip to Twin Lakes with the rest of my family, doing many things for the first time: camping, riding in a boat, fishing, roasting marshmellows, as well as being a "real fisherman". Now, the last item is important to him as he spent a bunch of time by the side of the lake catching tiny fish. We managed to bring one back preserved in alcohol.

Most of the time we spent outside exploring, checking out a nearby lake, and tossing rocks into the water. He had a really good time and was sad to leave.

Wickiup/Twin Lakes adventure: thanks to all i...

September 06, 2004 by Yayoe in Yayoe

Wickiup/Twin Lakes adventure: thanks to all it was a fun and delicious weekend. The weather was perfect, the skies were blue, and we had wonderful cabin neighbors. I really enjoyed spending time with the gang of 14 and over eating. Darren's fresh caught trout for breakfast and Seraph's pancakes were the frosting on the camping cake. I've never tasted such fresh fish and also never realized that Darren was such an outdoors person. He also brought a boat which facilitated the catching of those tasy fish! He was in heaven! I also felt a bit guilty coming home early..mostly so I could take a nice hot shower and get into my nice comfy bed! Hat's off to Sue for sleeping outside on the picnic table (now that's what I call roughing it!) and for taking Ducky and the grandkids on long walks. I also noticed that Lohring ate his weight in chips and cookies! I of course got hooked on the raisin bread and salad greens. Hanni came on Sunday with a big bottle of wine and her famous brownies. Special thanks to Robbie for buying the gold plated mayo...he learned about inflation at the country store...$3.50 for a small jar! Jenny was calm, relaxed and happy and Adam and Sam explored the lake like early pioneers. It was so nice to see Sam experiencing so many new adventures. I was amazed that Isabel turned down something to eat and said, "it's not my thing." Wow..from a 3 year old yet! And of course Destin remained the super hero with the kids chasing after him in adoration. Jordan was also in his happy-go-lucky element despite trying to escape from the cottage to explore the water. The best of all was Ducky, who was the primo watch dog. I don't know how Seraph managed to do any of her homework..she was busy cooking and organizing stuff and trying to sketch at the same time. Thanks to everyone for making this such a memorable weekend.

Just a reminder that we'll be in Montana next week. We'll be gone from the 16-20th. Glacier National park is on the agenda and then boat racing at Crazy Al's race!

We've arrived safely home after Sam and I's e...

September 06, 2004 by Adam in Family

We've arrived safely home after Sam and I's exciting trip. Sam had a pretty good time, as did I, though it was a typical Miller family gathering in many ways. There were delays and miscommunication, but we all managed to make it to the lake and enjoy each other's company.

The first day Sam and I mostly explored the area, wandering around the eastern Oregon dry forests. There were plenty of chipmunks and birds about. Supposedly most of the mosquitos were eaten by bats just days before. We spotted a bald eagle and a blue heron.

It was also a day of firsts for Sam. He went out on a boat for the first time, went fishing for the first time, camped for the first time, and roasted marshmellos for the first time. He got a little bored of fishing after a lot of time passed without any excitement, despite the fact that he claimed to have much patience.

Later that night, he found a dead fish floating in the water, an inch long at most. He grabbed it and ran all the way back to the cabins, naming it the "Little One that Didn't Get Away." He had lots of fun catching fish later on, including a half-pecked one that he stuck into alcohol for later study. A few other insects got dropped into specimin containers to be added to the collection.

Today was more of the same, with a boat ride across the lake and lots of walks. Sam seemed mesmerized by such a large body of water, tossing in rocks and looking at the creatures that swam around in it. The drive home seemed long, but we made it here by dinner time.

Jamie had had a hard night with Emma the night before, so she was pretty beat. Hopefully tomorrow we can all rest up for a week that includes Sam starting kindergarten.

Well, my bags are almost packed

September 04, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, my bags are almost packed. I've managed to include a variety of electronic goods, such as a laptop, a portable DVD player, a camcorder, and a digital camera (not shown). Since they don't have broadband up at the lake, I suppose it's not worth taking the computer.

I've got to finish packing clothes and then wait for the rest of the crew to wake up. I might try slipping out to Metropol to get some goodies for the day, as well as making sure the car has gas. The weather looks pretty dreary at the moment, but supposedly it'll be sunny and warm where we're going.

Mocha Friday with only a few minutes left at work

September 03, 2004 by Adam in Family

Mocha Friday with only a few minutes left at work. The sun is shining and tomorrow's camping expedition looks promising. Sam's getting excited and he and Jamie spent today packing in preparation.

It's been a good week in the Miller-Mellor household. We all went swimming Wednesday night, laughing and splashing our way to bedtime. Jamie went to the Farmer's Market yesterday and made a wonderful dinner with fresh vegitables. Ah, the joys of having a spouse at home.

I'm hopeful it stays sunny for our trip. Jamie and Emma will be spending tomorrow night in a quiet home, something that almost never happens. Sam and I are "roughing it", though that really means we'll be in a well-furnished cabin without a television.


September 03, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

1. i am writing this one-handed from my desk, eating lunch before going through logistics with all the orientation leaders.
2. i successfully moved into my beautiful new apartment.
3. i am gearing up for a busy four days of first-year orientation (140 first-years, 28 leaders).
4. all the amazing students had meetings with me this morning, and man, am i going to be busy for more than the next four days.
5. i love my job.
6. i miss all of you, esp. imagining the camping trip fun that's going to happen this weekend.

This week is slugging alon

September 02, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

This week is slugging alon. Although finals are not for two weeks, it feels like everything is due this week. I over slept two hours this morning, although Robbie rushed to the rescue and got me to school on time. I think what it really boils down to is that I'm really looking forward to the end of the week, and hanging out with my family - even if I have school work in tow.

Sam starts kindergarten in another week

September 01, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Sam starts kindergarten in another week. It's pretty amazing to contemplate, though I think he's fairly ready. The toughest part will be getting used to being around all those other kids. Sam seems to either get very shy or very wacky when around big groups of kids. Hopefully he figures out a happy medium.

Scholastically he should be fine. He can read all the letters, and has been practicing writing them as well. Most short words he can sound out with a little help. Plus all my Adventurer Bob story problems should help him with everything else.

It's been fun just hanging out with Sam this Summer. Last night before bedtime he was running back and forth in the yard. We made up an impromptu game where he'd rush at me and I'd find some unique way to dodge. After I leapt over him, hands on his head, we both collapsed on the grass laughing hysterically. Jamie just eyeballed us both and remarked, "I can't believe you just did that."

It's been really fun lately watching Emma's v...

September 01, 2004 by Adam in Emma

It's been really fun lately watching Emma's vocabulary blossom. She'll even string two words together on occasion. Words like "applesauce" and "pizza" come easy for her now.

Emma is also figuring out how to control the world around her to a larger degree. If there's something she can't do, she'll grab your finger and put your hand on whatever object she's having trouble with. Many doors are opened this way.

It's also pretty amazing to watch her personality develop. I was holding her yesterday and she gave one of my chest hairs a good yank. After yelling "ow!" and putting her down, she got this distressed look. After I picked her up again, she patted my chest and gave me a hug.

Labor Day is coming up, so girls, no more wea...

September 01, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Labor Day is coming up, so girls, no more wearing white shoes. (Or was the rule "No white shoes after Memorial Day).
Standards are slipping so these days.
It is actually raining outside; you can always tell Oregon is a farming state because any complaint about summer rain here is always followed by a guilty comment about how much the farmers need the rain.
I got the Polk Street house rented after some concentrated clean up. The good side is that I got to visit with Angie and Matt; they have done amazing things to the back yard of the 4th Street house.
I watched The Girl With The Pearl Earring - a visual video feast.
I have to take my jammies and do a follow up sleep test at the sleep lab in a couple of weeks. But the doc didn't seem concerned, so I think it's mostly they want to make sure any sleep problems don't exacerbate my heart problems.
Many hugs.

The week moves along

August 31, 2004 by Adam in Family

The week moves along. Yesterday the sewer pump was fixed, so all the downstairs plumbing worked again. Jamie cleaned my dirt-encrusted shower without any prompting, which I am very grateful for. Unfortunately all is not perfect yet again. One of the washing machine hoses seems to be leaking, so that's on our list to fix next.

Every night before dinner, I've got to come up with a clever way to distract the kids as Jamie wants them nowhere near the kitchen. Anything involving mud, sand, or water is a surefire hit, so we broke out the chalk and watering can. Within a minute, Emma was laying in a puddle of chalky water, splashing and laughing. Sam had decided that brown chalk makes great looking blood when mixed in the water. Needless to say it took awhile to hose everyone down and both kids ate dinner in the buff.

Jamie did her normal gym workout today, so I had both kids for awhile. Emma wanted to run around a lot and Sam got pretty tired of walking around towards the end. I can't wait for the museum of Art to open on campus, as that's sure to be a favorite destiation for our explorations.

The day seemed long, with many events going on

August 30, 2004 by Adam in Family

The day seemed long, with many events going on. We had a good breakfast and I had a chance to try out the jam I made yesterday. Quite tasty. Afterwards we helped tidy up the garage area, hanging pegboard and other organizational goodies. After that, the kids and I went to Fred Meyer while dropping Jamie off to help Victoria paint her new house. We had a quick pirate-themed lunch, then Sam and I went off to Parker's birthday party.

Upon our return, we found Jamie had done a good job rearranging the basement. I discovered I had all sorts of tools that I hadn't seen in years. The rest of the evening is a blur of kid watching. There were some memorable moments involving a treasure hunt, as well as the nude sandbox hour. We finally got them to bed and I had a brief break before I spent some frustrating moments trying to fix my mom's laptop.

At the moment, I'm exhausted and looking forward to sweet, sweet sleep.

PC Gamer is a big deal, sister Sue!! But my ...

August 29, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

PC Gamer is a big deal, sister Sue!! But my hope is that they are more interested in that fact that Adam is a good husband, father role model and all round guy.

It was a really nice day, though I'm not quit...

August 28, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a really nice day, though I'm not quite sure why. We had a whirlwind canning session, making two batches of Ginger Pear Marmalade. I tried a little and it tastes really good. Everyone else can expect to get some for Christmas, I'm sure.

The kids and I played a bunch, with Jamie going to help Victoria move for awhile. I picked up a bunch of good books at the library as well as some tasty Metropol bread.

My mom should be over for dinner shortly. Time for me to run off and watch the kids. Sam's been playing with Emma a bit too long, though they've actually had a really good time together.

I was welcomed home Friday afternoon by a flo...

August 28, 2004 by Adam in Family

I was welcomed home Friday afternoon by a flooded basement. Now, it's rarely boring in our little household, but periodically events seem to come about that makes things even more exciting. Sam in particular was thrilled, hoping he could don scuba gear and swim about in our basement.

It wasn't as bad as some of our previous floods. It turns out the supposedly lifetime pump died on us and won't be fixed until Monday. Fortunately the upstairs drains work just fine, so the only real hardship we have is not being able to do laundry this weekend. Shucks.

I just got to the Hell levels of Doom

August 28, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I just got to the Hell levels of Doom. If I wasn't creeped out before, now I'm crying like a baby. Anytime that everything you have is taken away and you're thrust into an unfamiliar environment is frightening. And if that environment happens to be, oh, HELL, then it's twice as scary.

Remember kids, eat your vegetables and pay attention in school, or else you might be thrown into a place of firey brimstone where the monsters are tough and ammo is always scarce.

Ooooh, I hate to be working at the office on ...

August 28, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Ooooh, I hate to be working at the office on Friday night when I should be drinking beer and recounting the day to someone!
Actually, I need to begin to search for a husband, or a wife, or maybe both. The first criterion is that he or she understand electricity and plumbing. You'll always be able to figure out whether I'm the one who put the Personal Ad in Willamette Week; it'll be the one starting with, "Race, creed, color, age, and whether or not your "height and weight are proportionate" immaterial. Must be able to change a washer or a fuse."
What I'm really worried about is that I'll get married to someone perfectly nice, but he'll still get on my nerves.
I suppose it doesn't sound like a very glowing epitaph for Dick, but he didn't get on my nerves very often.
Adam, I forgot to ask, did you get interviewed by some magazine more recently than when you were elected the all time Neverwinter Nights Cool Person a couple of years ago?
It does seem like a lot of people come to this site. I suppose only your old mom would think this, but maybe you are a good role model for young smart kids who want someday to be good husbands to their smart, pretty wives, good Dads to their sweet kids, and nice to their aged Mums. Just speculating...

Adam: Yes, mom. I had a blurb in PC Gamer this month. There was also a link put in my work's online newsletter, which had a little blurb about who I am and what I do.

Mocha Friday

August 27, 2004 by Adam in Family

Mocha Friday. Mmm.

I had a pleasant surprise this morning with my DSL connection finally got upgraded to something much zippier. It also seems that mushrooms popped up in our garden overnight, probably due to all the recent rain. I don't think the two are connected, but you never can tell.

I think Sam and I are going to try to join my family for the Labor Day weekend camping trip, at least for one night. Hopefully he won't get too wonky and instead it will be a grand adventure.

Nothing too exciting is planned for this weekend. We've got a birthday party for Sam on Sunday and Jamie wants to help Victoria move. I think a library trip will happen somewhere in there too.

I was eating my cereal and surfing the web th...

August 27, 2004 by Adam in Adam

I was eating my cereal and surfing the web this morning, as I so often do. My eye came across a movie for an upcoming game. When I went to download, I thought "Ooh, 50 MB? I hope it'll finish by the time I leave for work." I watched it download for a second, realizing that the download speed read 145 Kb/s. I thought "That can't be right," then realized that I'd ordered my DSL upgraded.

So, my personal web surfing should be about three times faster. I think that means this web site should be faster too, though I'm not sure by how much. Still, it seems noticeably snappier so far.

I'm moving into the new studio on Tuesday, wi...

August 26, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I'm moving into the new studio on Tuesday, with much help from Williams staff, friends, and Anna. It will be an ideal fit. Work is busy, and I can't imagine how anyone can do what I do all day and then go home and take care of kids. My deepest gratitude to my caretakers and my amazement that all the neices and nephews are thriving. Under my charge, I imagine that the older handful would be street urchins by now.

We've been enjoying the rain at home, even if...

August 26, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

We've been enjoying the rain at home, even if it makes Isa a little crazy that she's not allowed to run around outside in a swim suit!
Robbie finishes up his summer programs today. He finished his last week with 7 boys! Amazingly he's been having fun, including renting a race car video to watch today.
The weekend will be spent getting ahead (I hope) on homework, and several of the term end projects.
I think Isa and Robbie will be heading down for a visit next week. We'll keep you posted.

The picture is terrific!! Gives me faith in...

August 25, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

The picture is terrific!! Gives me faith in family. I printed it and will send it on to Grandpa Bill, he'll love it!!
Days now are very busy, I'm so happy that PAtricks back. Maybe-- now that he's a teenage, he's evil!!!!! Love Betsy and the boys

I just got permission to post the picture fro...

August 25, 2004 by Adam in Family

I just got permission to post the picture from Saturday's photo shoot. Give it a click to see it in its full glory.

I broke out my rain gear for the first time in months, though the morning drizzle wasn't too bad. It's nice not to have to water the tomatoes quite so diligently.

For all the people who like gossip, I heard that Kai is expecting a child. Kai is a childhood friend of Seraph's and now lives in Portland with her husband. I remember when she was knee high to a grasshopper. Man do I feel old.

It was a fairly quiet day

August 25, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a fairly quiet day. I felt a little sick off and on, mostly in the evening. The kids are a little fussy and Jamie reported headaches, so I guess we're not completely better yet.

I had the kids for an hour or so during work. We hiked over to the graveyard on campus, which is one of Sam's favorite spots to visit. He really wanted to find a secret entrance, to where he didn't say. Emma practiced her words, such as "statue". We also popped in to the library for a brief visit, though the kids thought the accoustics were so great that they kept shrieking. We didn't stay long.

Work was a bit tedious. I spent several hours staring at a couple pages of code, trying to figure out why it wasn't working. Come tomorrow, I'll start in on it again.

Emma's been really trying out her language sk...

August 25, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma's been really trying out her language skills this last week. I was holding her and walking along the sidewalk with Sam when she suddenly said "Bush!" Sure enough, there was a nearby bush that had caught her eye. The "s" sound is pretty hard for her, so I was surprised it sounded so clear. She'll also say things like "house", "nose", "mouth", and a whole slew of other words.

This latest picture is from last weekend when the adults got a little carried away with the stickers. I don't think she enjoyed the removal process all that much.

I find that more and more people are coming t...

August 23, 2004 by Adam in Family

I find that more and more people are coming to this site, though I'm not quite sure why. My little family isn't all that interesting. Perhaps it was a link on my work's intranet along with that article in PC Gamer. Ah, the life of a web celebrity. Yet another reason for Jamie to roll her eyes at me.

The rest of the weekend was pretty good, other than Jamie and I getting sick. It wasn't horrible, just some stomach bug and headache that kept us slower than normal. Jamie's family descended on our house for a couple hours of entertainment. Sam played a ton with one of the neighbor kids while Jamie and I actually had a few moments to ourselves.

Hi There

August 23, 2004 by Yayoe in Yayoe

Hi There..thanks to everyone, especially to Sadie (who made a special trip home) and the kids, the WHAT DOES FAMILY LOOK LIKE photo shoot was successful. Julie says she got a good photo and didn't have to make any adjustments! If all goes well we'll be able to post it on the family website as soon as I get the OK from CALC. Then we'll figure out how to get copies to you. I'll let you know the date in September when the exhibit opens. CALC will invite all the 24 families to attend! It should be a fun event that also makes a political statement about the need to support the diversities of the families.

Meanwhile, we are looking forward to the family weekend at the lake. So here's our upcoming schedule for September and October. We are off to Montana September 16-20 for a boat race and a tour of Glacier National Park! Then we visit Dorothy from October 7-12th. Lohring's new work schedule is Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday with some changes as needed.

I'm still working on refinishing the deck (groan) and doing my volunteer work at 3 different agencies. The Assistance League's Gently Used thrift shop has incredible buys so be sure to shop there and check out the bargains. It's located across the street from Washington Mutual Bank on 11th and Willamette! My CALC work is self explanatory! So enough for now...so good seeing all of you on Sunday!

I'm plugging away at Doom 3, trying not to pl...

August 22, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I'm plugging away at Doom 3, trying not to play for too long at a time. I actually had my first Doom 3 related nightmare, so I guess I'm getting my money's worth. I think it's pretty close to the scariest game I've ever played.

At this point, I'm probably 30-40% of the way through, though it's hard to tell. Hopefully I'll finish up just in time for Half-Life 2.

It was a bit of a whirlwind day yesterday

August 22, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a bit of a whirlwind day yesterday. Dave, Kirsten, and Josh came over for lunch and Sam and Josh got lots of play time in. Josh is going to be living with his mom, so we'll be missing him. For the last couple years, he's been stopping by our house after school, so Sam's grown awfully fond of him. He'll be at Lincoln City starting in a few weeks, so we'll probably visit when we go to the beach house.

The afternoon was spent at Jenny's house, getting our picture taken for an article talking about diverse families. I suspect we had the most interesting collection of mental conditions, though I'm not sure how that's going to come across in a photo. The kids got a little wild towards the end, with making them smile a Herculian task. It turns out I knew the photographer too, as she graduated from South back in '87 like I did.

The evening was spent winding the kids down and getting them ready for bed. Emma was up a little late, running around on the patio playing with the watering can.

As I type this, the rain has stopped and the sun is peeking out. I think we'll have Jamie's family over today as Brant and her brother are in town. We might do a little more work on the garage as well, getting stuff put away.

I am waiting to hear from Patrick! Mike, Wil...

August 21, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

I am waiting to hear from Patrick! Mike, Will and Missy went up to camp to pick him up and frankly a month was just to long for Mom.
We had a fabulous vacation together during which Will proved that he could be a great camper even with physical limitations and I came to the realization that Patrick was beginning to act like a teenager. That's a scary thought.
Patrick happily raced off when we dropped him at camp and has sent one 3 line card since!
I am already in my really busy season and have no idea how I am going to make it through it this year. I have plenty of painters and cleaners and I am the only thing in short supply. Wish me luck!

After a hearty breakfast, we got ready for th...

August 21, 2004 by Adam in Family

After a hearty breakfast, we got ready for the fairgrounds. We met up with Isabell, Sadie, and my mom then proceeded to see all the sights. The kids liked the rides, though I was partial to the OMSI exhibit and the various art shows. Looking at all the award-winning cookies and breads made me quite hungry.

The afternoon was pretty quiet. We power washed the basement, Jamie helped Victoria move for awhile, and Sam watched The Sword in the Stone.

My mom pulled a sneaky one yesterday

August 20, 2004 by Adam in Family

My mom pulled a sneaky one yesterday. She invited us over to dinner, only to find that Sadie was there to greet us. Evidently she'd flown over for a few days to hang out with everyone and get her picture taken with the rest of the family on Saturday. It was wonderful seeing her and we'll be going to the fair with her tomorrow.

Today was pretty quiet at work. Three deer stared at me noiselessly from our front yard as I bicycled away. Very surreal.

The kids were pretty funny tonight, especially Sam. He set up an elaborate experiment involving toilet paper, cups, water, and a penny. After getting very wet and lots of toilet paper strewn about, we asked him what he learned. "Not to pour water really fast."

My life has moved from mid-terms to finals

August 19, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

My life has moved from mid-terms to finals. There are only a four more classes (only three classes in two of mine) before the term ends!
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend. It's also my high school reunion, so I will be running around catching up with old SEHS folks. It should be fun.
A little note to Adam and Jamie: Isn't it funny how, no matter how gender nutral we try to be, kids have built in genetic code that tells them girls do one thing and boys do another?
Little note to Adam: Don't expect Doom 4 any time soon. I read an article in the Oregonian about the guy and his company who created it. The last part noted that he and his wife are expecting their first child this fall. As you know, I just don't think he'll have quite the time to devote to game creation as he does now!

Emma has this crazy fascination with moles

August 18, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma has this crazy fascination with moles. She loves to examine and prod any funny patch on people's skin all the while saying "mo mo". She'll push Jamie's head out of the way to look at a little mole on her neck.

She also really loves dolls, which she calls her "baby". Seeing that instinctive nurturing is quite the constrast to Sam and his penchant for mass destruction.

The county fair starts today

August 17, 2004 by Adam in Family

The county fair starts today. That means we'll be listening to 80's heavy metal bands for the next few nights as our house somehow catches the music from the fairgrounds with perfect fidelity. I'm hoping to take Friday off to visit with the kids. I suspect Sam will want to go on some rides, though I prefer the art and animal exhibits.

Our little family is doing well. Emma got a few bumps and scrapes just going around in the world, though she seemed fine this morning. When I left the house she was taking a bottle to feed her baby doll. Her verbal skills are improving quite a bit, with words like "water" and "baby" complete understandable.

This morning I had the kids for an hour at work. We went to visit the ducks at the mill race and feed them some old bread. Everyone had a good time and the walk around campus did us good.

I saw a new studio apartment this morning, an...

August 16, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I saw a new studio apartment this morning, and am seriously considering a move. It saddens me to think of leaving my hall mate Taneya and her cat Mowgli, who I've been watching this week, but the new place smells much nicer. And while it looks a bit like a hotel in its off-white walls and standard size bathroom, it has a bathtub, counter space and kitchen cupboards. Additionally, a second floor flat on Spring Street is such a metropolitan move!

I visited www.findyourspot.com, and after an extensive quiz, Eugene was my number one spot. Ahh...

I kept remarking throughout the weekend how i...

August 16, 2004 by Adam in Adam

I kept remarking throughout the weekend how incredibly nice it was. We didn't do anything amazing, but everyone seemed in pretty good spirits, enjoying the sun and getting a few things done in the process. The time playing with the kids was generally entertaining and not too long. Sam wanted so much to play with me that it made our sessions reinacting computer games not so bad. Emma wanted to read, draw, and explore the outside, not to mention make lots of funny faces.

It's all good.

We all had a great time at Jordan's birthday ...

August 15, 2004 by Adam in Family

We all had a great time at Jordan's birthday party. Sam spent the entire time trying to catch a fish that was in a nearby pond, while Emma enjoyed visiting with all the people.

After we got home, we "ate and drank" according to Sam who's helping me type this. We also got both kids naked in the backyard on the slip-and-slide. They then moved to the sand box, getting very sandy, and it was baths all around after that.

This Sunday has been pretty quiet. Jamie and I had a breakfast with just Emma as Sam slept in quite a long time. The big project for the day was to clean out the garage, which went pretty well. We're about halfway there, as most of the contents of the garage are still in boxes. This afternoon I went to the library and played a lot with Sam.

I failed to mention the excitement that WAS P...

August 15, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

I failed to mention the excitement that WAS Portland on Friday. It was rather fun seeing all of the Kerry supporters craming the MAX going from Kerry rallies to Bush protests around town (yes, here were a few going in the other direction as well). It was strange trying to explain to Isabell that there were two very important people in our city, and that was why it took 1.5 hours to pick up Dad at work, instead of the usual 20 minutes. All she said was that she was bored...sigh, I suppose interest in politics takes awhile.

Good morning to all in Eugene! I missed you ...

August 15, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Good morning to all in Eugene! I missed you all yesterday, but it sounds like everyone had fun.
I've been holed up in the house for...well many more hours then are in a day! I'm slowly getting my two projects done, though I've discovered I have serious commitment issues with my art. Noting seems harder then putting charcol to paper!
We would love to go camping. I've heard Labor Day weekend floating around. I'm still in school, but have that monday off. Let us know!

hello two all, thank you to everyone for comi...

August 15, 2004 by Jenny in Jenny

hello two all, thank you to everyone for coming to the b-day party, which i think was a great success. I think everyone had a great time. Jordan is now playing with all his toys which are all over the house.We went for a quick swim then destin threw one of the diving ring to jordan who caught it with us lower lips which is now split open that was the end of the swimming for today.well our next big thing should be camping which i am asking everyone to attent. I sure missed you today seraph, so i hope that midterms are over so we can all go camping , and adam we really want you guys to go to we can teach sam to fish even if he doesn't want to eat them. dad is going and has volentered to put the worms on the hook. so to all thanks for all the great gifts. see you all soon.

It was a great morning

August 14, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a great morning. Jamie made up a tasty breakfast, though I forget the name of it. It involves mixing flour, eggs, and butter, then baking it for awhile. Very yummy. Sam slept in, so it was mostly a quiet breakfast.

We did some house projects so far, painting trim that we've left since Winter. We also ran out to Borders to pick up some presents. In an hour or two we'll be running over to Jordan's birthday party out at Island Park. Should be fun.

Friday the 13th and mocha Friday, both on the...

August 13, 2004 by Adam in Family

Friday the 13th and mocha Friday, both on the same day. I wonder if they cancel each other out?

I don't think there's any big plans for this weekend. I got some cardboard boxes from work in preparation for a big garage clean-up. Hopefully we can get something useful done.

I foolishly said to my friend Zach that we sh...

August 12, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I foolishly said to my friend Zach that we should seize a particularly beautiful Tuesday afternoon, and he proceeded to take me on a six mile hike! What a way to finish off a day, though. These wilderness kids know where it's at. He has to mark all the trails for the first-year outdoor orientation program, so I imagine I'll be going on a few more before the end of the month. Today is rainy and begging for woolen socks and soup. I have much to do, but nothing pressing enough to keep me from daydreaming about a bath and a good book. hmm...

The fig tree is gone, leaving a big part of t...

August 12, 2004 by Adam in Family

The fig tree is gone, leaving a big part of the back yard now walkable. It's quite strange, making the yard look quite a bit bigger. Already Jamie and I are having discussions about fruit trees. We'll see how it comes along.

I had the kids this morning again while Jamie worked out. They were cute and funny as always, eating their bagles then exploring campus with me. I can't wait for the Natural History and Art museums to open, as we're sure to have a lot of fun in them.

I'm also hoping to upgrade my DSL connection, which should hopefully make this web site more snappy. Unfortunately it may also mean that I'm down for awhile, depending on what QWest does exactly.

Quick note from class before we take our mid-term

August 12, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Quick note from class before we take our mid-term. Two today. Looking forward to this being over! I might send Robbie and Isa down this weekend for Jordan's birthday and stay home to finish up to major projects. One of which is an exact (down to the type of paper, media used, and scratches) reproduction of an old master drawing! Things have been a little crazy felling, but we're thinking of you all and miss you like crazy.

We all said our farewells to the fig tree in ...

August 11, 2004 by Adam in Family

We all said our farewells to the fig tree in our back yard. It's coming out today, along with pruning a couple of the other trees around our house. While figs are occasionally tasty, it's not something we regularly snack on. The tree also seems to take over most of the back yard, creating a big circle of branches and fig droppings where none dare to tread. The hope is that we put in an apple and pear tree, hopefully a hammock distance apart.

Everyone enjoyed the lake yesterday, with Sam having a good time swimming around. Other than that, life's pretty much the same as always. We pretended Sam was in superhero school, where he practiced bending steel with his bare hands, reading people's minds, and running faster than a bullet. So far, I think we're stuck with the Batman style hero, as he doesn't show any sign of superpowers. While that was going on, Emma played in the sandbox, fascinated at moving tiny grains of sand from point A to point B.

It's been so hot lately and Emma has been up ...

August 11, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

It's been so hot lately and Emma has been up late a lot. I haven't had a chance to play Doom 3 for a couple days. That's my way of explaining why I was sitting in the basement playing Doom 3 naked in the dark last night. While I'm sure people could read various things into it, it's mostly because of the heat, not to "fully experience" the game or some such thing.

It's still really scary and creepy. I ended up getting trapped in a pit with a ton of spider-like things trying to come after me. Lots of moments like that.

The week chugs along

August 10, 2004 by Adam in Family

The week chugs along. I somehow managed to hurt my arm yesterday, probably due to lifting weights. It's completely fine until I move it into some odd position that I can't replicate. I woke myself up last night as I was dreaming that my arm was somehow hurt.

The family's doing fine. Jamie and the kids went out to Fern Ridge with a friend of hers to hang out at the lake. Emma was up a lot last night, so I had a quality 5 am visit with her. Sam had a brief tantrum involving a chocolate chip cookie and not eating his dinner. Jamie forced me to watch the redneck comedians on Comedy Central and rub her feet.

I went to the Berkshire Humane Society for a ...

August 10, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I went to the Berkshire Humane Society for a visit today, and I'd really like a dog. Oooo, the geriatric poodles are so cute!

Another phone call from Sadie, still battling...

August 09, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Another phone call from Sadie, still battling the squirrels. I could hear the faint edge of hysteria in her voice as I passed on Betsy's suggestion of moth balls and pans of ammonia.
I went to a birthday party over the weekend - very fun. I appreciate these young whippersnappers who include me in their celebrations. (Bad sign when I think of someone who's
47 as a young whippersnapper!) Talked to Jim Edmanson, who, with his wife, was a delegate to the Democratic Convention.

The weekend is almost to a close

August 09, 2004 by Adam in Family

The weekend is almost to a close. It's been a pretty lazy one, with lots of playing with the kids and enjoying the sun. Sam in particular managed to wrangle quite a bit of dad play time with me, though Emma got her share as well. Both the kids were really funny this weekend, with witty comments from Sam and silly faces from Emma.

Jamie and I had a few moments to ourselves when my mom came over Saturday. We had lunch on the patio and then picked up figs from our yard that the birds had eaten. Ah, l'amour!

Emma's been very cute lately

August 07, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma's been very cute lately. She crawled into a basket and happily sat there for a long time.

She's also been really interested in drawing. I'll draw a quick picture of a baby or animal, then Emma scribbles over it, saying "bye bye".

She's also picking up lots of new words. Some are ones that she can't say, but understands, like the word "up". She can also say the names of all our family members, though "Emma" and "mom" sound very similar.

It was nice to have the rain make itself know...

August 06, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was nice to have the rain make itself known again in our little valley. The scent of wetness was all about when I rode in this morning. Mixed with a coffee and a visit from Emma and Jamie, it was a nearly perfect work day.

I'm hoping this weekend is quiet. We've arranged for some babysitting tomorrow morning, but it's otherwise looking fairly calm. Hopefully we can work in a movie rental and a library trip, which sounds like just the thing on a rainy weekend.

Well, Doom 3 arrived finally

August 06, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

Well, Doom 3 arrived finally. As promised, the graphics are incredible. It's amazing to see games slowly approach photorealism. I have mixed feelings about the gameplay itself, so far it seems like a pretty linear funhouse, with endless creatures jumping out at me. I stopped playing after an hour or so last night as I found myself clenching my teeth and needed to calm down.

They also have all these touchscreen monitors scattered around which you can easily go up to and interact with. It's done very nicely and looks incredible.

Anna is visiting for the weekend before she g...

August 06, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Anna is visiting for the weekend before she goes home to Detroit for two weeks. We saw an absolutely fabulous play last night called "Design for Living" by Noel Coward. Wowie! And the celebreties strutting around Spring Street are out of control. Hopefully things will calm down when the student return. ha ha. Love to all.

The week has been chugging along

August 05, 2004 by Adam in Family

The week has been chugging along. Since the release of my Neverwinter Nights game, I've been a bit on edge with the criticisms and bug reports. Jamie informed be that I was grumpy, so I'm making a conscious effort to be more mellow about things.

I had the kids this morning while Jamie worked out in the gym. We went over to the new business education building at the U of O. Emma went up and down the long spiral stairs, laughing as she went. They're both great kids and I appreciate them endlessly.

I need to retire

August 05, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

I need to retire. And just when, after 26 years, I'm kinda getting the hang of it. Last week I was involved in a case where a little boy, son of young,separated parents, was killed in a car accident. I found myself at a meeting of attorneys and social workers holding and rocking the other client while he sobbed uncontrollably. So very sad. I once realized that I would give anything if God would guarantee that my kids would grow up healthy.
On a cheerier note, I had a nice long call from Sadie. The squirrels are running rampant, and I told her to look for another place.

Well, I'm completly bogged down with school a...

August 05, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Well, I'm completly bogged down with school and life right now. I'm again posting from my computer class (actually before, not during). It looks like my midterms are going to be starting next week, and will stretch for three weeks (right up until finals). So, although I will be in Eugene later this month, don't expect me to do much more then quiver and twitch with nervousness and lack of sleep.
Life for Isa and Robiie is chugging along. The days and weeks are flying past. We found a nice little church near our house. We attended last weekend, and went to their National Night Out block party on Tuesday.
We also went bludberry picking last Saterday and to the Zoo last Friday.
The only bad thing that's happened is that I lost my mother and child pendant some time on friday. Although I don't usually place much value on amterial objects, this loss feels very foreboding.

Is it already Tuesday? Today was spent emaili...

August 03, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Is it already Tuesday? Today was spent emailing like a fiend. The president of the student community service board (called the Lehman Council and henceforth called Lehman) and I have had non-stop email madness. Because we do similar jobs and can help each other out, but also need to respect each other's opinions and spheres of power, we must continually check in. Additionally, we're both high-energy, go-to people who want to get a hold of the next semester (by next week). It's a like trying to be two people with the same brain- a little ticklish at first, but so much more efficient in the end.

Emma managed to bump her lip on the table yes...

August 03, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma managed to bump her lip on the table yesterday. If only Sam had waited to heal, they'd have matched.

She was wide awake last night, up until close to ten o'clock. We couldn't figure out if she didn't feel well or just wasn't into that whole sleep thing. Jamie took the brunt of it, but I did my share of carrying her in circles and patting her back.

I just got e-mailed that Doom 3 is being ship...

August 03, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I just got e-mailed that Doom 3 is being shipped to me. Hopefully the gaming madness can begin soon.

My NWN game is being fairly well received, though there's been some exciting bugs along the way.

I'm feeling exhausted today

August 02, 2004 by Adam in Adam

I'm feeling exhausted today. I'm not sure it's aftermath of the party, lack of sleep (Emma was up a lot last night), or answering e-mails about my NWN module.

I'd love to be able to go home and relax a bit, though I suspect I'll be kid wrangling until bedtime, then testing bug fixes for my game until I go to sleep. Such is the life of a father/game designer/superhero. Well, maybe just those first two.

The weekend has come and gone, and an interes...

August 02, 2004 by Adam in Family

The weekend has come and gone, and an interesting one at that. Having Jim and Judy around was very nice and relaxing. They'd play with one kid or the other, leaving Jamie to leisurely go about our day. We went out to dinner with some of Jamie's clan, along with getting ready for the great party Sunday night.

The party was a pretty big get together, with an assortment of neighbors showing up. Virtually all our neighbors are professionals of one sort or another - doctors, engineers, or scientists. A bunch of them have kids as well - some very close in age to our kids. Plus they all seem like really nice folks, if a bit busy with work and children.

I just posted my Neverwinter Nights module af...

July 31, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I just posted my Neverwinter Nights module after over a year of development. I've been feeling nervous and giddy all day. Hopefully things will go smoothly, though I dread the bugs I know will surface.


July 30, 2004 by Yayoe in Yayoe


HI There,
Please save Saturday, August 21 for the family photo shoot. I'll confirm the time. The photographer, Julie Coburn, needs to check out Jenny's house to determine when the light is best for a photo. So I'll be in touch about the time. Remember, I'll buy pizza for after the photo shoot. You folks can bring the rest. I also bought a foldable little house/tent for the kids today at a garage sale. It's a wonderful little house that will keep them out of the sun!

Another mocha Friday, and a beautiful one at ...

July 30, 2004 by Adam in Family

Another mocha Friday, and a beautiful one at that too. There's a certain anticipation one gets at the end of the work day on Friday with the sky a lovely shade of blue.

Emma actually cried when I left for work this morning. Jamie was even holding her, so it was quite unusual. It's probably wrong to feel a sense of joy in my child's suffering, though it's good to know I'm loved.

No big weekend plans other than our block party. Even though we've lived here a couple years, we don't know our neighbors all that well. Jim and Judy are coming down to help organize things and hopefully everything will go nicely Sunday night for the big event.

Sam seems to heal just as fast as he collects...

July 30, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Sam seems to heal just as fast as he collects scrapes and bruises. It seems hard to keep up with him these days, both mentally and physically. He's always scurrying off to work on some project or another. The stories he comes up with and wants me to play along with are fascinating at times. The other night we were woolly mammoths, brought back from the dead after being frozen in the ice for ages.

Only a couple more months until he starts kindergarden. Tomorrow he's going to visit his preschool teacher's farm, which is usually a fun adventure.

I spent today at community organizations, mee...

July 29, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I spent today at community organizations, meeting their directors and getting a feel for what they do, and what we do with/to them. I also met with the VISTA at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, and she and I got excited about collaborative work. She's such an inspiration!

Anna also made a suprise visit last night. I haven't seen her in two weeks due to various weddings on her part, which is a long time after a whole summer together. On Friday, Casey, Jess, Anna Lev and I are going to Jess' grandparent's house in the adarondacks! A whole weekend of adventure!

For now, you can call the office if you'd like to chat- it's not particularly busy, and we can always reschedule in the evening. As my house in only a block away, if anyone wants to call later in the pm, I can return to the office and wait for the ring.

We had a bit of a long night

July 29, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

We had a bit of a long night. Isa has been tramatized by bugs and kept having bad dreams. I spent a good part of the night snuggled up with her reasuring her that there were no insects in her room. This all stemmed from leaving her dinner plate on the grass last night while she was playing with her friend, only to return and have it covered with ants. Sigh... not quite sure what to do with an obsesive cumpulsive child.
Mom will be up today. she's picking Isa up at school, and then heading downtown to play with me between classes. I'm hoping I actually have all of my homework done by then!

Emma was taking a bath tonight and she bumped...

July 29, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma was taking a bath tonight and she bumped her open mouth on the enamel side pretty hard. Blood came out and you could see that the teeth that were about to come out seemed much more visible. I did a minor freak out, but within a few minutes she was calmly sitting on Jamie's lap feeling much better.

Thirty minutes later she was running around buck naked in the back yard with Sam and Jamie, who was squirting the hose at the flowers and occasionally the kids. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. It was one of those moments I hoped to fix in my memory for the rest of my days.

I had a most delicious day at the coast today

July 29, 2004 by Yayoe in Yayoe

I had a most delicious day at the coast today. Two of my women friends and I ate at the delightful Alpha Bit restaurant/collective in Mapleton and then went to Heceta Head beach. We also took the free tour to the light house. They will be giving the tours throughout the summer. I've never been in a light house. The interior is so interesting and spooky just like in those scary movies where terrible things happen to people who enter them. You can climb to the top and see the beautiful lenses that reflect the light. The Coast Guard tried to decomission it a few years ago but the residents of Florence/Yachats decided to save it. It now belong to the Parks and Recreaction department.This is must see so put it on your list for a free day of fun and exploration!

Well, I'm done with Thief

July 28, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

Well, I'm done with Thief. No really big flashy ending, just the satisfaction that the game is over with. Time to move on.

These days I'm waiting impatiently for Doom 3 to be released. There's also the matter of a NWN module I'm trying to finish. I was up late bug fixing last night. There were only a few minor changes today. Perhaps I'll shoot for a Friday release?

Well, the exploding popcicles weren't nearly ...

July 28, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, the exploding popcicles weren't nearly as exciting as Jamie led on. They merely bubbled over a bit but it was cleaned up in fifteen seconds while holding Emma. No biggie.

Jamie went off last night to hang out with a fellow mom. The kids were in pretty good form and I had Dave and Kirsten for the dinner portion. Sam got the idea to make an ice cream sundae. Even though he wasn't allowed further sweets that day, he compromised and it's now waiting for dessert tonight.

We all wandered over to campus this morning to watch the U of O students put on Alice in Wonderland. Even Emma seemed to enjoy watching it, mesmerized by all those adults acting silly.

So, instead of calling Verizon to fix my phon...

July 28, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

So, instead of calling Verizon to fix my phone, I decided to shut it off and go cellular. I haven't picked up a plan yet, but I shall do it soonish. Sweet Jacqui Shine called yesterday, and reminded me of the power human kindness has on one's mood. I a meeting this morning with a volunteer at a local org that reminded me (again!) of the power of human kindness. Can you imagine organizing a five-hour clothing sale once a year that makes $18,000?! That, my friends, is dedication. It's nice to know that I don't have to go far to find inspiration.

I discovered a handy tidbit the other day

July 27, 2004 by Adam in Family

I discovered a handy tidbit the other day. When making popsicles out of carbonated pop, it explodes all over the freezer. Though Jamie had told Sam earler that they couldn't do it, there was never any explaination as to why. Never daunted by Jamie's protocols, I decided to take matters into my own hands. This morning I received a call from her, explaining the rather messy results. Oops.

I had the kids for awhile this morning while Jamie worked out in the basement gym. We wandered about campus, exploring the geology building and visiting the fish in the EMU. Both kids were cheerful and happy, which makes the adventure even more fun.

Wow, I haven't posted for a month

July 27, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Wow, I haven't posted for a month. I think I've been in mourning for mi roja trucka, may it rest in peace. How I'm going to replace all my travel bumper stickers I don't know. I pretty much think I'll wait until the 2K4 model prices are low at the end of December and get a new truck; the insurance company is supposed to give me about $6,000,which I suppose is not bad for a 10 year old truck.
I had a very fun weekend; I do love to get fussed over.
Thank you, everyone. Yayoe and Hanni, though I always try to remember that we're a family and not a support group, I thought our discussion about our disparate experiences during the war was interesting. Maybe we all try to be tolerant because we saw at first hand what happens when people aren't.
Good news bad news; I stepped on a rusty nail but I had a
tetanus shot when we went to Africa, so I don't have to get another. (I got it a little confused with rabies, and I wasn't sure whether or not I was supposed to shoot the nail and freeze it - or is that a dog frothing at the mouth..)Also, I took one of those sleep apnea tests and have to go see some specialist - the good news is that you kids can't keep giving me grief about snoring)

It was a great and busy weekend for evey one ...

July 26, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

It was a great and busy weekend for evey one in the family. Robbie, Seraph and Isabell came Friday, spent one night at my house, then moved to Grandma Susi's house for the next night. Robbie and I entertained Isabell while Serraph spent hours doing her homework. But we did get some conversation time in over dinner and big breakfast with Seraph. Of course the highlight was Sunday at Jenny's house for Sue's and Adam's Birthday party. Jenny really knows how to barbeque, It was delicious!!!

It was another exciting day Sunday

July 26, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was another exciting day Sunday. Everyone got together for a combined birthday for mom and I. Sam came along to and the two of us spent a bunch of time in Jenny's swimming pool. In between was snacking, chatting, and playing with the massive amounts of toys at Jenny's house.

Jamie went off and had dinner with Angie. Sam unwound by watching television. Emma and I wandered around the house playing, getting sandy, and taking baths.

Hopefully I can get some rest at work today.

Happy (belated) Birthday, mum! Once my phone ...

July 26, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Happy (belated) Birthday, mum! Once my phone starts working (squirrel damage, perhaps?), I'll give a call. The weekend was absolute bliss, and I return renewed and full of lovin' from my friends.

It was quite the exciting day yesterday

July 25, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was quite the exciting day yesterday. It began with our traditional hearty breakfast, a trip to the store to get an umbrella for the patio table, and watching Starsky and Hutch in the afternoon. After that, Sam wrote and Jamie filmed a movie that we all worked on. You can find Return of the Sith on the movies page.

Later on, we went to my mom's for dinner, which was great except for the intense heat. Sam had a great time playing with Isabell. I had a good time catching up with Seraph and Robbie, who both seem to be doing quite well.

Today has been fairly low-key. The whole wheat waffles I made for breakfast were a bit too "healthy" tasting. I finished editing Sam's movie, put it on a DVD, and Sam made a case for it. Jamie's given me a whole hour to myself this morning. I managed to finish my computer game, clean the basement, and do all this Internet posting stuff.

It's Friday and there's only a few more minut...

July 23, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's Friday and there's only a few more minutes left in the day. It sounds like I'm going to get the kids for a few hours to myself tonight. I'll have to come up with some interesting plan so I don't go mad.

The week has gone reasonably well, mostly just chugging along day after day. Emma managed to use her little potty, though I think it was a bit of a fluke. Sam's mouth is slowly healing up, though I think it's still uncomfortable.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, especially Sunday afternoon for a little birthday get-together. It's always nice seeing my extended family members.

Finally Friday, and I'm blowing this popsicle...

July 23, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Finally Friday, and I'm blowing this popsicle stand for the Cape. I've got a ride down, not with the band, but with a sympathetic fan named Zach who has kept me company when I'm not quite ready to go home and face the stench of death. He's organizing the basement of siskind (my office) for the outing club. I sit on the stairs and listen to his stories about going abroad at Oxford and life in rural New Hampshire... you know, the east coast things I came here to learn about. Anyway, he's driving down to a battle of the bands in noho, and I'm getting a ride. Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Too bad Anna's in L.A. for yet another wedding, sniff. But clearly I'll enjoy spending quality time with Casey, Jess, and Anna Mo solo.

Fourth day on the job

July 22, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Fourth day on the job. I feel cut adrift with my supervisor gone. Just a few phone numbers, a few pages of insider's notes on community organizations and two weeks to find my own way. The squirrels make me want to cry... I'm afraid it smells like a morgue in July, without air conditioning. The live squirrel scratching in the wall is less and less distrurbing, but still disheartening. Karma for all the squirrels I used to chase around Smith. Hopefully I'll be able to get to the Cape this weekend with Anna Mo, Casey and Jess. If I can work it, I'm going to get a ride into Noho with some Williams punk band on Friday night. Ah, creative transport. Thinking of all of you.

I'm slowly wrapping up Thief

July 22, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I'm slowly wrapping up Thief. It's been good, though not great. I've enjoyed skulking around damp hallways and stealing away trinkets. Doom 3 is coming out in a couple weeks, which I've already preordered. Supposedly it will be 20 hours of terrifying fun.

Much of my gaming time is spent wrapping up my Neverwinter Nights game, which is in final testing. I've been working on it for over a year, so it's nice to finally approach that magical state of doneness.

Emma had a funny thing happen last night

July 22, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma had a funny thing happen last night. She's slowly starting to figure out how her body works and last night she was running around naked on the kitchen floor. As fate would have it, she peed on the floor.

This was a strange and mysterious event to her, which she pondered for awhile. After we cleaned it up, she stood there trying to replicate the event. Sure enough, there was soon another little puddle for us to clean up. She then ran into the living room, perhaps to share the good news with Sam, and promptly peed on the rug.

I think after that Jamie got wise to her ways and threw some diapers on the girl.

Sam's been feeling lousy for the last few days

July 22, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Sam's been feeling lousy for the last few days. He hurt the inside of his mouth last weekend while doing "cool moves" and bonking his face on the couch. Unfortunately it means that it's hard to eat solid food, brush his teeth, and the like.

We're keeping an eye on it, but hopefully it'll heal up by itself. He just seems so skinny that I worry when he doesn't eat much for a few days.

It's Wednesday already, with not too much exc...

July 21, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's Wednesday already, with not too much excitement happening this week. Emma's been staying up late, so I'm usually watching her before bedtime. So much for my quiet time in the evenings.

Sam's mouth injury is slowly healing, though it still bugs him. His appetite was pretty low the first couple days as eating hurt. Brushing his teeth isn't much fun either. Hopefully it'll be a lesson against the "cool moves" he feels compelled to perform at every chance.

Jamie's shopping for chairs for the kitchen table, in hopes that we don't feel quite so packed each night during dinner.

Well, I had my first bout of procrastination

July 21, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Well, I had my first bout of procrastination. I was up until 1:30 a.m. tuesday morning finishing up a project for my 8:00 a.m. art class. I think I had been putting it off because of all the right brain requirements! Anyway, it was the only class I had that day, so I came back and took a nap! I'm now determined to keep up a bit more.
I can't wait to see everyone this weekend for the many birthday parties!!

Oh, my, and I didn't even call to say happy b...

July 20, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Oh, my, and I didn't even call to say happy birthday. Adam, I hope you love me anyway. Through my many meetings today, I've given the love of my family all the credit. Missing all of you.

I haven't dropped a note in my personal area ...

July 20, 2004 by Adam in Adam

I haven't dropped a note in my personal area for awhile. My birthday was yesterday, a mostly low-key event. Sam made me a book mark, which was really sweet. Yayoe dropped off a birthday card. Jamie's present was the beach trip of the previous weekend. Rumor has it there will be a larger gathering this upcoming weekend.

Thirty-five seems fairly old these days, though mostly because of kids, work, and various responsibilities. Life is jammy-packed from sunrise to sunset. It'll be nice when Emma can take care of herself a bit more, though I'll miss her these very cute days. I'm also looking forward to Jamie being less exhausted - lack of sleep is no fun.

My home phone number is (413) 458-9064 and my...

July 19, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

My home phone number is (413) 458-9064 and my office number is (413) 597-2139. first day: overwhelming, surrounded by love and support, and only one dead squirrel in the wall.

All went well Friday at Jenny's house

July 19, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

All went well Friday at Jenny's house. When I arrived at nine Yayoe was reading a book to Jordan, while Destin was in his room playing video games, and the cat was jumping merrily all over the house, just waiting for some thing to move so she can jump on it. A very quiet atmosphere. I kept Jordan occupied for a while with a wooden train puzzle I got for Isabell a long time ago. I was pleasantly surprised how well he did on his own without any help from me. He instantly reckonized where the shapes belonged. When I mentioned to Jenny later how smart I thought he was, she said:" I know, but he don't talk." Doesn't that remind you of a cereal advertisement ? When Destin got hungry for lunch he wanted chicken noodle soup. So, I hunted for a can of soup and found it. Even Jordan liked it. As you can see all went well, I didn't have to use my stick.Ha,ha !

Emma is most certainly a walker

July 19, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma is most certainly a walker. When we went to the beach, she spent a good chunk of it moving around from place to place. Most trips would end with her getting too cold and having to return home, otherwise she'd just happily play in the sand and water forever.

Her pronunciation improves daily. She was saying "blueberries" reasonably well over the weekend, a new favorite of hers. She's also figured out the word "baby", applying it to any small humanoid object she comes across. Emma's also improved on her kisses, no longer trying to eat people's lips off like some sort of giant leech.

We went camping Sat night with Raven, Cheikh ...

July 19, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

We went camping Sat night with Raven, Cheikh and another friend near Hood River. It was a nice little get away before the rigors of the week. Unfortunately I got a tade burned on my sholders so I'm a bit uncomfortable today. Isa spent yesterday evening lecturing me on the importance of sun loation!
Looks like we'll be down next weekend. We've got to give everyone their birthday hugs!

We're just back from the coast, happy to be home

July 18, 2004 by Adam in Family

We're just back from the coast, happy to be home. It was beautiful weather and we all enjoyed the surf and sand to the utmost. Sam in particular had a great time jumping over waves and generally getting both wet and encrusted in sand. Emma ran around on the beach, walking a surprising amount of time. She thought the waves were both cool and scary, making a surprised face every time the water came in.

It was nice having my mom around to watch the kids a little. Jamie and I had a few moments to ourselves, though it's never as much as I'd like. We lazed about the house a fair bit as well, watching movies and playing games. Good times.

Sam managed to bonk himself pretty good on his lip while doing "cool moves" on the couch. The kids also had a minor breakdown on the way home (I wasn't the model of calm either). Still, we're back safe and sound, slowly getting back into the swing of things.

Well, we're off on our great coast trip today

July 16, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, we're off on our great coast trip today. We've got last minute packing to do and then we pick up my mom before heading west. Everyone's pretty excited to do something a little different this weekend. Hopefully Emma can enjoy the beach a bit more than she has in the past. I suspect there will be many baths this weekend.

It's been a while since you heard from me

July 15, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

It's been a while since you heard from me. Tomorrow, a week ago I came back from Portland, helping to take Isabell to summer camp. While there we found a very nice place for her to stay in the mornings, while Robbie works and Seraph goes to school. Isabell liked the place so well she wanted to stay. But this week she is going to summer camp at Robbie's school. Tomorrow Yayoe and I are taking shifts caring for Destin and Jordan, while Jenny works. That should be fun. Ha,ha!

Well, I'm posting from the middle of my into ...

July 15, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Well, I'm posting from the middle of my into to computers class. Great time to catch up on internet use! My prof. is working at a childrens day camp today, so her husband is working through her lesson plan. At least he's a SOU grad. so he should be supper smart (heehee).
Love all

Well, I'm cheating a little and having a Moch...

July 15, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, I'm cheating a little and having a Mocha Thursday. The justification is that I'm off tomorrow so today is effectively my Friday. I'm very much looking forward to the trip to the coast tomorrow. It seems like most of our weekends as of late have been at home, which can get a little old.

I bought a cheap portable DVD player that I'm wanting to try out. Hopefully it'll make the trip go quicker for Sam. With luck Emma will sleep through the whole thing too. Quietly sitting in the car for a couple hours actually seems somewhat restful.

Still rockin' at Endicott College in Beverly, MA

July 15, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Still rockin' at Endicott College in Beverly, MA. Things are going so well! I do miss you all terribly, but it's clear that I'll be able to come home for Christmas for a week or more, and have 10 personal days that be made into a lovely Northwest vacation.

I am mid-way through VISTA leadership orienta...

July 14, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I am mid-way through VISTA leadership orientation, and reeling from the intensity and information. They prepare us on every level, for all possible administrative issues, positions, challanges, and tasks. While the sessions are very good, I see now that the orientation is primarily to build strong bonds between members of the Corps, so when real problems arise, we can use our collective connections, talents, and problem solving skills. I return home on Friday to move into my new apartment on the weekend and start work on Monday. Unless, of course, the squirrels that are currently living in my place have armed themselves and mutinied. Then I'll stay in Noho for a few more days. Much love.

We are preparing for a vacation in Michigan n...

July 14, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

We are preparing for a vacation in Michigan next week to take Patrick to Camp HayoWentHa. He has gone for the previous two summers and now this summer he will be there for a month. A fact I am not happy about but its his father's idea. Mike, his cousins and their kids have all gone there. Its a YMCA camp on Torch Lake, a beautiful inland lake on the Lake Michigan side of the state. As it is a 500 mile drive the kids and I take a 6 day trip up and camp at the place where Patrick's group went the previous year. This year we will be camping on South MAnitou Island. This will be interesting with Will as they have no transportation on the island. With his limited walking abilities it will be a challenge. But we always have a good time together.

I got together with Meg, Dick, Callie, her boyfriend Will, Julie, her boyfriend Brad and Mikayla last weekend in Ohiopyle. I had to work on Saturday so I drove over after work and met them for dinner at the Stonehouse restaurant down the road from the Summit Hotel. There were 2 wedding parties at the Summit so we weren't able to get in there. As I drove by I looked up to see the "old lady" resplendent in her white balconies and colonades, with big planters of geraniums. The picnic tables are still set up on the hillside where we had that lovely picnic one afternoon. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. Dick held Patrick asleep in his arms for hours.
We met again for breakfast as they were going Whitewater rafting and Meg wanted to stop at the house in Normalville and take pictures after their trip which just sent me over the edge as I haven't been able to get over and do any cleaning since before I started working every Saturday in February of 2003. So I scurried back to the house and did some serious cleaning for 6 hours as the mold had taken over and the walls, ceilings and floors were covered. I slogged home to finish out a birthday dinner that I had to cater for 40 people. Fortunately everything went well as I had it all prepared in advance. Now I'm trying to get ready for next weeks trip. I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing!!!! Love to all, Bets and the boys
Current Prayer requests: Will Willer, Will Kohr, travelling mercies, PEACE

Tuesday already

July 13, 2004 by Adam in Family

Tuesday already. I cheated and picked up a cafe mocha this morning, for medicinal purposes of course. I woke up last night with a nasty headache. I think it was because of allergies, though I'm not quite sure. The coffee and Advil haven't completely stomped it out, but I feel much better.

Dave and Kirsten came over Sunday and took the kids to the park. Jamie and I spent a romantic hour and a half . . . rearranging furniture. The latest bed arrangement involves Jamie and I in our bed with a mattress on the floor for Emma. It seems to be working pretty good so far, yet another tiny step to getting Emma in her own bed at night.

Yesterday was somewhat frantic managing the kids, though it was offset by the birthday goodies starting to arrive. I got a nice birthday card from Dorothy. Jamie bought me a "fruit of the month" subscription from Harry and David. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm turning 35 in a week or so. Time seems to go by more quickly every year.

Emma's walking abilities have improved remarkably

July 13, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma's walking abilities have improved remarkably. Last night she was carrying a small watering can around outside, pouring water on whichever patch of concrete needed it the most. She's also gotten quite good at understanding words and I can often explain to her what I want her to do and she'll dutifully obey.

The pronunciation isn't quite there yet. Last night she was in her chair saying "Da. Da." I thought she meant me, but Jamie explained that she really just wanted down.

Well it has been a strange last day of freedom

July 12, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Well it has been a strange last day of freedom. Itstarted off with Robbie breaking his glasses. Luckily we were planning a trip to Loyd Center, where he was able to find new frames that fit his old lenses perfectly. We had fun watching the ice scaters and going to the Disney Store.
When we got home I set to work cleaning the fish tank. Unfortunately, our two gold fish (these are the ones that Sadie brought home from Jason's wedding last summer) have been looking a little "peeky" lately and went into major shock with the tank cleaning. They are currently floating on their backs in a bowl of water, and we're not yet sure if we should tell Isa or not.
We did get Isa into a great day care Mon-Thur mornings. She doesn't start until the week after next, so next week she will be going to Robbie's summer camp.
Adam, your games are alive and well in the gaming community. I was at school orientation and ate lunch with several computer gaming majors (I some how fit in better with them then those in my own feild), and most of them had heard of you. Gaming Nerds Rule!

Sorry I haven't posted for so long

July 11, 2004 by Dorothy in Danica Miller

Sorry I haven't posted for so long. I enjoy reading everything you all post every week.
I went to Rochester for a few days last week. Ben and his piano teacher have composed a two piano number - worked on it since December. They had a concert in Eastman School of Music Hall - two concert grand Steinways on stage and Ben played one of them! I really had to go hear it, and it was wonderful. Ben is really good a improvising and harmonising. He loves this teacher.

Ben and a friend left yesterday for Colorado to mountain climb. They will do two peaks up to 14,000 ft. I worry a bit, but the ranger is looking out for them, and there will be alot of people there. They will stay in a hostel at first and then campt on the trail.

That is about all the news for now. I will be home the rest of the summer - taking out a couple days for more surgery on my face. Had 5 biopsied and, of course, all basal cells.

I just finished a two-hour marathon of Thief

July 11, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I just finished a two-hour marathon of Thief. There's a level in the game called the "Cradle" level. It was probably the most creeped out in a computer game I've been in years. Excellent use of noises and shadows.

There's one scene where you slowly creep up the stairs to the attic, a strange thumping sound getting louder as you go. By the time I got to the door, my heart was racing but I was compelled to see what was on the other side. Creepy stuff.

Emma's teeth continue to sprout in

July 11, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma's teeth continue to sprout in. There's two fully in and another four or five popping in quickly. Unfortunately, she's picked up a couple bad habits already. I've caught her grinding her teeth. She's also bitten me a couple times, and I've strongly expressed my unhappiness with it.

Sam and I occasionally have strange, funny co...

July 11, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Sam and I occasionally have strange, funny conversations. We were talking about a show where a little girl had to drive the dad's truck to go for help after he broke his legs. I was explaining how kids usually thought that having something happen to their parents was the worst thing that could happen.

"Well," said Sam. "I think ghosts are scarier." "Oh really?" I responded. "Would you rather have a ghost say Boo or have me dissolved in a vat of acid?" "I'd rather see you dissolved in acid," Sam replied.

After I complained, he told me "Well, I'd still have mom!" After I laughed even harder he added kindly, "Anyway, I'd take your brain and stick it in a robot body."

Well, it was another exciting day in the Mill...

July 11, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, it was another exciting day in the Miller-Mellor household. Emma woke up a bit on the early side, so it was shuffling kids, showers, and cooking breakfast until mid morning. The big project of the day was to get the patio furnature out of the garage under our newly finished pergola. With Emma in one hand and the cast iron chairs in the other, I proceeded to carry up most of it. After Jamie took Emma, I carried the really heavy table up.

Later in the day, Sam got to pretend he was Spiderman while I lifted him and swung him about. Now my arms and back are really sore. Ah, the weekend workouts.

Dave and Kirsten came over for dinner, which was nice. I think I had a whole 30 minutes to myself to relax. By bedtime, I was pretty much wiped out. Sam really wanted to play with Legos in the bath, but I needed a time out. He sat quietly in the tub and I read a little Harry Potter. After a few minutes, it was back to Peter Parker and MJ, star crossed lovers.

Field Trip Discovery! Hi There

July 11, 2004 by Yayoe in Yayoe

Field Trip Discovery! Hi There...I was on a field trip today with a psychologist/historian, who studies Asian history in Oregon. Five of us explored the town of Maple Oregon, which is located in the Marcola area. The town was previously called Donna and Ping Yang! The reason for the field trip was to look at the place where there was a Japanese colony of laborers from 1915-1925, who help build a 200x800 feet railroad tressel. Logging was the main industry at the time and the town of Maple was said to be one of the most racially diverse communities because of all the different laborers (Sikhs, Hawaii, Tahiti, etc.) who came to work in the lumber mills and in the forests. We also found two unmarked graves of Japanese workers. The graves have been recently identified by the historian, who has been caring for the graves.

We also met a very interesting photographer/historian, Curtis Irish, who has compliled thousands of photographs of people in the Mohawk Valley.He invited us in to his house so we could see the actual black and white photos of the Japanese and other laborers. For more information about this historial find you can go to Asianoregon.org.


July 10, 2004 by Jenny in Jenny

HELLO TO ALL.well I find myself once again without children and time on my hands to say hello. Well im still on vacation, gettin really good at sleeping in til 9:00. When my foot doesent keep me up. To all who do not know GOD sent me a message to stop carring jordan, he's message was sent in the form of a great fall in which i super mom managed not to fall on him, but my foot moved in ways i never knew that it could. The bad part is no dance class now for a few weeks, which will throw off my dance and singing with opra!Well the coast trip was great. Jordan and Isabell were great puppies. Darren and Destin were great crab hunters.Well this morning was an early one with Darren getting a boat and Destin and Noel and Joran and I out on blueriver lake, and four fishpoles all with really sharp hocks that was a whole different fun with in its self. Thank goodness no one lost an eye it was really crazey. But I think this is what being a true man is all about, im not sure i don't get it. Three hours on the lake and no bites, i just enjoyed sitting in the sun and tring to enjoy the sun while yealing at all children to sit down and not tip the boat was really relaxing. After all children had had enought and us as parents were really ready to go i got to drive the big truck out of the water with the boat in tow, which was preaty cool as Destin didn't think his mom could do it, I am the man on some days, i didn't hit one thing or drop the boat back in the water. Well the topper of the trip was on the way home yelling at Noel and Destin to stop picking on Jordan, Jordan responding to the boys by barfing all over the place and that made them stop talking, the road trip home with that smeel was great. Well now being home with no fish is not so great but to all fisher men out thier with children to help you fish dont do it.it was fun but no fish for dinner is sad.hope everyone is doing well.

Another fine Mocha Friday

July 09, 2004 by Adam in Family

Another fine Mocha Friday. It's been pretty busy at work with lots of things to do from my day off yesterday. Fortunately the sun is shining and we don't have any too exciting plans for the weekend.

My morning anniversary was very nice. Jamie was quite surprised that I was staying home and we had a very pleasant breakfast together. The kids were with us most of the day. We took a fussy Emma to dinner and took shifts eating and walking her around.

Hi There, Lohring is at Leg Lake in Californ...

July 09, 2004 by Lohring in Lohring

Hi There,
Lohring is at Leg Lake in California for the NAMBA Nationals. He called tonight to say that he made it there and is hanging out with his boathead buddies, chewing the fat and getting ready to race his boats all next week. He won't be back until July 23! When he leaves California he'll go straight to work and then home to Eugene.

I had an amazing and wonderful time at the Tule Lake pilgrimage this last weekend, where we visited the infamous internment camp in northern California that previously housed up to 16,000+ people during the war!

There were 330+ pilgrimage attendees but they were not all Japanese nor were they all internees. Family members, friends, and others, e.g.,film makers, psychologists, a Eugene judge, etc. came along to learn more about what happened during the internment of 120,000 Japanese from the west coast who were placed in 10 concentration camps throughout the United States.

Attendees came from Japan, the east and west coast and other states. We traveled together in deluxe chartered buses and stayed at the Oregon Institue of Technology dorms in Klamath Falls. The weekend was filled with activities, speakers, group and panel discussions, documentaries on the internment experience, a visit to the internment camp and a wonderful evening of entertainment. The master of ceremony of the entertainment program was Mr. Sulu from Star Trek! Honest! His real name is George Takei, who was interned in Arkansas. During the day he was wearing a purple Star Trek baseball cap that said,"beam me up Scotty."

Next week Monday and Tuesday I'll be in Lincoln City hiking with a friend and exploring the outlet stores! Sorry I missed the fourth of July bash at Jennys...Hope we can get together for more family stuff!

It's Jamie's and my anniversary

July 08, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's Jamie's and my anniversary. I surprised her by not going to work today. Instead, I'm staying home, helping entertain children, and go out to dinner tonight. I might sneak off with Sam to see Spiderman 2, but we'll just have to see if that works out.

Emma continues to be as cute as a button. She loves to floss and brush her teeth, perhaps as a result of all those new teeth popping in. She's also a big walker now and you'll find her toddling from place to place more often than not.

I have a few more anniversary surprises, mostly just trying to arrange an hour or two for Jamie and I to hang out. In some ways, I'm looking forward even more to my birthday as it looks like my mom, Jamie, the kids, and I are all going to the coast for a few days.

Emma's sleep schedules have been out of kilte...

July 07, 2004 by Adam in Family

Emma's sleep schedules have been out of kilter for awhile. This morning I was woken up by Emma crawling over my sleeping body. Evidently she was up at 4:30 am and by 6:00 am she's still going strong. She did go down pretty well last night, so maybe it's some sort of weird compensation on the other end.

The kids were pretty good last night. I took them to the park where they laughed, ran around, and got far too sandy. Emma somehow got a bunch of sand in her ear, but a patient Jamie plucked it out (I was busy doing Google searches looking for Internet advice).

I just dropped Isa off at her first day of su...

July 06, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

I just dropped Isa off at her first day of summer camp. She's in with younger kids, so I hope she does ok.
We're settling back in after a fun filled weekend. The coast was beautiful, and we tried to leave the house really clean in hopes of future trips!
Jenny had a nice BBQ on Sunday and the kids had a great time running around and swimming.

I went home a little early yesterday, as it w...

July 06, 2004 by Adam in Family

I went home a little early yesterday, as it was the Monday after the 4th and pretty dead at work. Jamie was exhausted as usual and the kids were pretty wild. I managed to get Sam working on river construction project in the front yard that incidentally watered the plants. Emma had great fun splashing in puddles. Both kids got very muddy and wet.

I had a funny moment with Sam when I explained that I didn't want to be outside much longer and that I needed to clean up before we were done. He looked at me seriously and said, "That's understandable."

Emma was up really late again. We're giving her chewing tablets with coffee in them for her new teeth, so perhaps there's a link. Toddlers wired on caffiene are a sight to see, buzzing around the playroom and getting into everything.

It's Monday morning and I've got to get going...

July 05, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's Monday morning and I've got to get going to work in a few minutes. My head's plugged up, hopefully a result of allergies and not some new cold that's passing through our family. I felt a little marginal on occasion this weekend, so it's a possibility.

We didn't do all that much this weekend. I took the kids out for a Sunday morning walk. Unfortunately it turned out with Sam tired and Emma crying all the way back. Plus I burned my finger setting off fireworks for Sam. Sniff.

It wasn't all bad. I had a couple great breakfasts tucked in there. The kids were really funny much of the weekend. I'm looking forward to our anniversary plans this week, though they're a bit loose.

Emma's been sick the last few days, very plug...

July 05, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma's been sick the last few days, very plugged up and coughing on occasion. We're not sure if it's related to the new teeth that seem to be sprouting in left and right, or if it's something like a cold or allergies. Poor girl.

Emma's getting pretty good at walking around. She really likes her walker and she'll grab it and start hauling it around in circles in the basement. More often she'll just walk to get where she's going, though there's only a fifty percent chance that she'll actually make it.

Her tastes in playing seem to be getting more refined. She'll play in the sand box for a good long while, and loves baths as well. She and Sam will also play with Legos seemingly forever. Emma will remove then reattach hats over and over. She also has a funny habit of sitting in the Lego containers as if it were a tiny sandbox.

I came home yesterday to find Jamie and Sam p...

July 02, 2004 by Adam in Sam

I came home yesterday to find Jamie and Sam playing with Dominoes. Sam had made up a brand new game dubbed "Sam-inoes". It was actually pretty good and Sam and I played a few rounds, adding rules as we went. Jamie was extremely proud of him, having offered no help in his game-making endeavor.

He keeps getting taller every week. He can now walk around the shallow end of the pool with his head completely out of the water. It's always amazing to watch them sprout up so quickly.

We pick up Mom tonight

July 02, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

We pick up Mom tonight. Isa's very excited to see her grandma again. We've been watching all of our movies that take place in England to set the mood.
We head out to the coast tomorrow, and then down to Eugene Sunday night. Isa's also excited to see all of her cousins. I think it will be nice for her when summer camp starts next week. She's been missing all of her Eugene friend's and family, and I think new activities with other kids will help.
We went to the zoo yesterday afternoon. During the summer the mornings are full of girl/boy scout groups and summer camps. So, we've learned hat the best time to go is later in the afternoon, and then just hit half the animals. Everyone needs to plan a trip up in mid or late July. The zoo is opening the Trillium Creek Farm!

Mocha Friday

July 02, 2004 by Adam in Family

Mocha Friday. Mmm.

Everyone was up late last night. There was a family down the block setting off fireworks, which attracted all the kids in earshot. Pretty soon we had an impromptu fireworks display while all the adults were introducing themselves. There's a ton of new young couples in the neighborhood, typically professionals with kids. There seems to be a big change as of late. Residents like the 105 year-old woman up the street are becoming a rarity.

The pergola (a.k.a. patio cover) should be finished today. All the boards are stained in our back yard, waiting to be put up. The guys we have working on this latest project are really fast, which makes Jamie really happy. She's planning a block party next month, so I think she wants to pretty things up a bit.

It took a long while to get the kids to sleep. It's been really hot and the sun sets late. They were still up after 9 o'clock. I went down and watched Bubba Ho-Tep, a quirky, funny horror movie. Can't wait until the weekend begins.

The kids came over for lunch while Jamie work...

July 01, 2004 by Adam in Family

The kids came over for lunch while Jamie worked out. We've gotten in the habit of exploring campus, poking around in old buildings and seeing the sights. Today we visited the library, wandering the mostly empty halls and looking at a collection of children's illustrations they had out in the hallway. I can't wait for the Natural History Museum and Art Museum to reopen. Those should keep us occupied for days.

Work continues at our house. Brant painted the front steps, which are now so clean that the rest of the house looks dirty. I'm not sure when the porch cover goes up, but that's the next thing on the list.

I'm still working my way through Thief

July 01, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I'm still working my way through Thief. It's fun and I wish I had more time with it. There's some suitably creepy elements that I appreciate. I'm lurking around in the underworld in some lair that belongs to fish-like people.

Most of my time is spent working on my NeverwinterNights module, which after a year is finally approaching completion. It's been a long haul and I'm happy to finally see the end.

A bunch of work got done around the house yes...

June 30, 2004 by Adam in Family

A bunch of work got done around the house yesterday. Fortunately none of it was done by me.

The fence went up, making our back yard fully enclosed. I'm looking forward to playing soccer with Sam and not worrying about fetching balls from the neighbor's yard. They still need to stain it, though that should happen soon. The next project is to put up a pergola (also known as a patio cover).

Jamie's brother Brant was here as well, power washing the front porch in preparation for painting. That, unfortunately, I might get suckered into.

Mom - I'm sad to report the passing of an era

June 29, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Mom - I'm sad to report the passing of an era. Judge Allen died. I saw his obituary in the Oregonian today. Services are planned for Wednesday. Would you like me to contact Reta so that you schedule is free?

It was fun having Robbie and Isabell here ove...

June 28, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

It was fun having Robbie and Isabell here over the weekend.
Isabell had so much fun camping out with her Daddy and old
friends at the Harry Potter outing at the Harrisburg church
ground. But they were glad to sleep in a real bed the next night.Both of them slept until nine Sunday morning. We finally took Isabell to the new playground by me. They have some amazing structures to climb on. After playing there we built up a real appetite and went to eat. Then it
was time for them to go back to Portland to see'Mommy'.

Sunday came and went like a blur

June 28, 2004 by Adam in Family

Sunday came and went like a blur. Weekend mornings are my favorite, with some time to myself before the kids get up, followed by a hearty breakfast and a day full of promise. Sam and I went on a crazy path hike in the woods at Hendrick's Park, going to places I'd never been. We returned scratched, smelly, and tired, but had a great time.

There was much playing with kids for the rest of the day. Jamie invited all our neighbors to a block party in a month or so. We're also hoping to get our fence finished up this week, along with a patio cover soon after that.

Now I'm back at work slaving away. Hopefully it'll be a quiet work week.

Robbie and Isa returned safe and sound from t...

June 28, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Robbie and Isa returned safe and sound from their Harry Potter weekend. Isa tried, but didn't make it to the movie, but still had a great time camping out with Robbie and the church kids. I think getting to see old Eugene friends is nice for her until she gets a group of new friends here.

Will and I are going to Erie on Thursday for ...

June 28, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

Will and I are going to Erie on Thursday for a gait lab study at the Shriners Hospital there. They closed the gait lab in Columbus and there are only two in the U.S., Erie and St. Paul, Minn. Thankfully they got us in at Erie.

Any thoughts and prayers will be appreciated. It will be a long haul. Love to all, safe travels. Bets

Well, Sadie and I hit a new low in hotels

June 27, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Well, Sadie and I hit a new low in hotels. We got into a very soggy Cambridge train station yesterday afternoon, and set out to find a bread and breakfast. Sadie, being of a more artistic sensibility, can fill you in, but let's just say it wasn't pretty. We had fun though, going to Harry Potter last evening. It was a bit disconcerting after the screen credits to hear the british accents continue. When you eventually watch this on video, watch the footsteps in the final credits, particularly Emma Thompson. If she doesn't get an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, it's rigged. Cambridge is a pretty town, with lots of row housing built in the 1800's, now all slightly shabby B and B's. There is not much support for George Bush here, and the support for Tony Blair is getting spotty. Much love to all, and Jenny, your posting was hilarous. Do whatever you think best about the white car. Seraph, we will look for a paper.

It was an amazing day - one of those where ev...

June 27, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was an amazing day - one of those where everyone in the family seems to be healthy, happy, and enjoying each other's company. It began with a hearty breakfast, amazing blueberry pancakes that Jamie whipped up. We puttered around, just us and the kids playing together. It was nice not to have anything we had to do for a change.

I watched The Last Samurai and enjoyed it. Sam watched Secondhand Lions and thought it was pretty good too. Emma had a great time playing in the water, the sand, and the bath. Somewhere in the middle the kids and I went to the mall and Toys R Us, buying some presents and goodies for ourselves.

As the day wound down, we ate some amazing spaghetti that Jamie cooked up and hung out in the back yard on the freshly mowed grass eating popsicles (Jamie's work again). Hopefully tomorrow will be as equally relaxing.

hello to all, I'm sitting here with no childr...

June 26, 2004 by Jenny in Jenny

hello to all, I'm sitting here with no children all weekend and thought that i would see if my new password works. I find that i can only clean house so much, i started at 7:30 this morning due to the house being so quiet. The new cat has made up for the children being goon by jumping on my head wanting to play at 6:00 this morning thought i might kill her. Well i got up this morning had a good work out on my workout machin then have had way too much coffee, but damm the house looks good. Worked in the yard for about an hour and now have no idea what to do with my self. Well to all you out thier i started my dance class on thusday and am loving it, after a half an hour tring to find the place because it has moved, everything went well. My feet hurt so had to bye some really cool dance shoes, plus they look really cute. If i get really good at this dance thing, when i send my letter to opra I will be able to sing and dance, next step will be hollywood, so soon i can fly you all out to my big house in the hills above the hollywood sign on my private jet, well its really good to have big dreams, it could happen, but not til edd Mcman bring me my big check, i'm still waiting he must have my old address.well just wanted to say high to all. Mom and sadie i hope you are haveing a great time. Mom i will take the white car in and get the oil change for you does it need anything else let me know.

Sadie and Mom: Could you please bring me a n...

June 26, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Sadie and Mom: Could you please bring me a newspaper with the Prince of Wales speech at the opening of the second Summer School. Preferably from a reputable newspaper! Sadie let me know what you think about what he has to say.

If there's anything that makes me want to sta...

June 26, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

If there's anything that makes me want to stay in the states (and stay a sociologist), it is the impossibility of contacting graduate planning schools successfully. I think mum is tiring of my petulance and surly approach to travel, and it's getting to the point where looking at schools (the proposed point of this week) is ruining our stay here in lovely London. Oh, we've looked at the schools. The buildings, that is. Sometimes we can find maps and find the buildings that planning departments may be in. But little more than that. Up to Cambridge today, which may or may not be a similar disaster. Reading an interesting collection of essays on Conspiracy Theory and the Social Sciences, though. Now that's something I can understand.

I had my job interview this afternoon at The ...

June 26, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

I had my job interview this afternoon at The Govenor Hotel. It went well, with the only problem being that the store is not opening until August. It was nice to go down to Jake's after and have a Cosmo, just to feel momentarily trendy.
Mom - I got your package in the mail. I will e-mail you with information about the coast trip.
Love to all!

Emma was fully wacky last night

June 25, 2004 by Adam in Family

Emma was fully wacky last night. She's been skipping her second nap lately, which causes her to get overly tired and cranky as the evening progresses. I ended up putting her to sleep with AC/DC and Winamp visualizations, something I haven't had to do in awhile.

Our whole family tromped over the hill to my mom's house, trying to solve the mystery of the missing pickup truck. We haven't found any messages on the answering machine, the truck wasn't there, and calling Caesar's house has been fruitless. So, make of it what you will.

It's Friday, mocha day, and I'm enjoying the morning so far. I've got a fairly big work project that I've decided to do. It's one of those things that could be really useful but no one's quite sure how to get started. Ah, the joys of web development.

We found each other in the airport, stayed fo...

June 25, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

We found each other in the airport, stayed for a few billion hours, then found a nice b and b in Bloomsbury, near UCL. all is well.

Jamie reported that Emma was able to point to...

June 24, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Jamie reported that Emma was able to point to the refrigerator and say "more cheese". Sniff. My little girl is growing up.

Cheese does seem to be her favorite new food. She's also getting a new upper tooth, so she'll hopefully be able to enjoy a wider range of goodies soon.

I took her and Sam swimming last night. She loves the water and splashing about.

Seraph, it's noon Thursday in London

June 24, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Seraph, it's noon Thursday in London. I'll call at 7:30 or 8 am your time. I will check my e-mail as well. Love, Mom
Sadie got in fine, we will be at the Ridgemont Hotel, near the University of London, tonight. 020-7636-1141

Well, I'm in NYC, about to leave for London

June 23, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Well, I'm in NYC, about to leave for London. Last night Anna, Anna's brother Noah, his girlfriend, her friend and I went to Shakespeare in the Park in Central PArk- Much Ado About Nothing. A very good showing. This afternoon Anna and I caught a few hours of a lecture series on public spaces for a summer design studio at Columbia. A good warm up for planning lingo. Much love!

I'm starting VISTA training July 11th, then begin work at Williams right away. Things will fall into place once I get back, I'm sure, but I don't have any time between jobs to move... hmm.


June 23, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez


I got to go out to dinner with Jamie last nig...

June 23, 2004 by Adam in Family

I got to go out to dinner with Jamie last night, with Yayoe keeping an eye on the kids. Unfortunately the restaraunt we were planning to go to was closed and I was sporting a headache that never seemed to go away. Fortunately the Lucky Noodle was down the block, which had some damn fine good food. Upon returning, the kids were neither cooked nor eaten and Emma was fast asleep.

I did perform a bird rescue last night. I kept hearing a weird thumping noise from outside the basement window. It turned out a bird had gotten stuck in one of the window wells. I donned a long sleeve shirt and gloves then bravely picked up the little bird, who just sat there after I set him on the ground. Hopefully he made it out into the wide world today.

Update: When I checked this morning, the bird had jumped back into the window well, stuck again. I threw on some gloves and this time took him further away into the bushes. We'll see if his tiny bird-brain can figure it out from there.

You fill up my senses, like a night in the f...

June 22, 2004 by Jamie in Wielesek

You fill up my senses, like a night in the forest. Like the mountains in springtime, Like a walk in the rain, Like a storm on the desert, Like a sleepy blue ocean, you fill up my senses, come fill me again...

Generic Heading

June 22, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

MOM: Please call me ASAP (503-286-1056)

It's been hot

June 22, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's been hot. Way too hot.

All Sam wanted to do when I got home last night was to play Harry Potter. We played with Legos. We re-enacted parts of the movie. It never seemed to stop. I finally couldn't do it any more, and Sam looked wistfully sad until I tucked him into bed and read him the latest comic book.

Emma missed an afternoon nap and was wacky most of the night. She alternated between being cute as a button and crying hysterically for most of the night. By bedtime, Jamie and I were pretty exhausted.

Mom - check your work e-mail

June 21, 2004 by Adam in Wielesek

Mom - check your work e-mail. Rita e-mailed you a question.

Generic Heading

June 21, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

Hi, I am on line, Hanni

What's the end of John Denver's song that goe...

June 21, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

What's the end of John Denver's song that goes,"You fill up my senses like..." The problem is that any five syllables fit so nicely (try it -"Like a pig with a head cold") that I can't remember what it's supposed to be. Anyhow, yesterday was a Fill Up the Senses day. The tour group was scheduled for yet another forced march, and I told the guide I wanted to go to church instead. The beginning of the day wasn't auspicious; I told the taxi dispatch lady I wanted to go to church, and the driver took me to yet another church turned into a museum. So I got another taxi, with a driver who spoke enough English (help, they're coming for me...no, no, not more museums... more later)
Later: at any rate, the taxi driver understood enough English to take me to a church (turned out to be the oldest in St. Petersburg)which was having real services. It was a lovely old church with wonderful paintings and, no pun attended, a heavenly choir. It would be interesting to find out when the church service, in its present form, became generally adopted. I had my Liturgy book, with the service in Russian and English, but I can't follow the Russian alphabet well enough to follow along. After the service, I walked a couple of miles along the Nevsky Prospect (Alexander Nevsky is a Russian national hero; Prospect is a word used here for a boulevard)which is the main shopping street; this is a city of about four and a half million people, and Nevsky Prospect runs about four miles through the heart of the city. It was a wonderful way to see the people who live here out with their families. Paul McCartney was scheduled to give a concert in the middle of town last night in one of the down town squares, and the place gradually became more and more crammed. I got caught on the wrong side of a police barricade, but eventually the policeman (a kid all of 18)got distracted by someone else and I just ducked under the tape and headed back to the hotel. In the evening Mary and I went to see Swan Lake in a performance hall built in the early 1700s - gilt and mirrors, wonderful costumes, wonderful dancing - and of course, when we came out of the theater at 11:00 p.m.
it was still day time. The longest day of the year; a good time for all of us who still run on farmer time to take stock. Good grief, that was terrible- I assure you, no pun intended. Love to all from far away. OM

Jamie and Emma made it back safe and sound fr...

June 21, 2004 by Adam in Family

Jamie and Emma made it back safe and sound from Portland. They left a little early, coming back around two in the afternoon. Sam and I had a library visit, some miniature golf, and lots of Lego playing by then. I think Sam wishes he could have spent even more time with me, which was a nice Father's Day present in its own way.

I went to my dad's to wish him a happy Father's day as well, along with Seraph, Robbie, Isabell, Hanni, and Jenny. It sounds like everyone's doing well. Robbie was busy preparing for his new teaching job. Seraph was bemoaning the fact that she looked far too normal to fit in at an art school. Jenny was enjoying a few moments of calm as her kids were with their dad.

After that, Jamie's family descended on our house for an improptu dinner. The kids were pretty wacky by the end of the day so we shuffled them to bed as soon as humanly possible. It's pretty warm tonight, so I've been hiding out in the cool basement. Back to work tomorrow . . .

This is Seraph posting for Hanni

June 20, 2004 by Hanni in Hanni

This is Seraph posting for Hanni. Adam set up a place for her to update you on her life, and we're hoping to hear more from our new computer literate hot grandma!
We'll know we've encroached on her space when she refuses to post in anything but German!

Guy's weekend has begun

June 20, 2004 by Adam in Family

Guy's weekend has begun.

I came home early from work yesterday and got Jamie off to Portland. We proceeded to charge up my dead battery, try out the slip-and-slide in the backyard, and play lots of Legos.

Today was even more filled than the day before. It started with a hearty breakfast, food shopping, washing the car, and seeing the new Harry Potter movie. Sam loved it and couldn't stop talking about it for the rest of the day. As soon as we arrived home, he had to have it be our latest "play pretend" game.

We puttered around for the rest of the day, exploring the hidden parts of the attic, shoveling bark-o-mulch, and breaking out the slip-and-slide once again. I managed to break it but it didn't matter much. Pouring water directly on it worked fine when I'd set it up on our little hill.

We had corn-on-the cob for dinner, chatting at the table as I wondered in amazement at how grown up he seems. During the nightly bath, we waved to grandma Sue in the general direction of Russia. It's a good life.

I'm posting from Hanni's house before we head...

June 19, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

I'm posting from Hanni's house before we head off to Mom's house. We have a full day ahead of us, and I should probably sneek away and get Robbie a Father's Day gift. Glad he nearly forgot Mother's Day first!


June 19, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

St. Petersburg-remember that song I used to bellow as we drove around town, Oh, what a beautiful city!"This really is a beautiful city, built from scratch by Peter the Great
so Russia would have a port city. It was under seige for nearly three years during WW II, with over half a million people dying from the cold and starvation. Because it's so far north, the nights are short to non-existent at summer solstice. Paul McCartney is giving a concert here tomorrow.
More soon, love from Mom

It's mocha Friday, though I haven't gotten my...

June 18, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's mocha Friday, though I haven't gotten my mocha quite yet. It was really hot yesterday. Jamie handed me the kids at lunch yesterday while she went to the gym. We ate our typical bagel then entertained ourselves with the architecture of the new business building at the U of O.

Brant was over for dinner last night. Jamie wanted to pry information from him concerning his upcoming move to Bend, but I think she mostly got a few grunts in typical Brant fashion.

Sam and I's guy weekend starts this evening. I borrowed the neighbor's battery recharger so that we'd be properly mobile. The tickets to Camp Putt are in my bag. I've reviewed Harry Potter showtimes. We should be good to go.

I will miss Jamie and Emma, however. Emma's been staying up later these days, giving us 20-30 minutes each night to putter around with just her. I read books to her and played with blocks last night. She's such a sweet kid.

I broke down and ordered the latest Thief game

June 18, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I broke down and ordered the latest Thief game. I have fond memories of playing the original many years ago. This one has a great feel to it as the previous ones did. Sam and I spent an hour tonight skulking through the hallways of a castle, slipping past guards. Sam also learned the valuable lesson "it's all about the loot."

I had played Deus Ex 2 with high hopes, only to find that it was pretty bad. Thief was made by the same folks using the same engine, so I was pretty nervous about it. Fortunately it so far seems quite good and the reviews have been generally positive.

Sweet Sadie, we leave Heathrow at about 1:30 ...

June 17, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Sweet Sadie, we leave Heathrow at about 1:30 on July 1st, and we will go to the Isle of Wight after I pick you up on the morning of the 24th and come back in on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning (but this depends on your schedule). I thought we'd use Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to see schools, though we can wait and go to Bembridge on Friday if you need to schedule something on Thursday or Friday. You might schedule the London schools before the out of town schools, so I can rent a car if necessary. Incidentally, what job at Williams? We didn't know you had applied for one. I would like to try to take Ashleigh Steane
and Sandie Lenton to lunch while we are here in London, but
we will just call at the last minute.I'll be carrying a ladder and a jar of pickles in the event you have been away that you don't remember what your dear old mum looks like.
I'm now going to go have a gin and tonic at a bar called The Pride of Paddington (clever, these Brits) and watch while the British soccer team tries to save face. Incidentally, I've figured out why it doesn't work very well
to ask people in London for directions. No one actually lives in London. They are all visitors, but they all believe in the myth that the town is peopled by helpful civilized people, so they all try desperately to give directions, even if they are clueless, just so no one will think Londoners rude.
Some young fellow asked me for change, then told me I was the first American
he'd heard for quite awhile. I told him all us tourists were keeping our mouths shut till we were out of Iraq.
Finally, the hotel I booked through hotel.com is the worst place I've ever stayed, and my standards are pretty low. I'm
headed off to a Comfort Inn near the airport tonight, and Russia tomorrow. Hugs to all! Love, om

Took the job

June 17, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Took the job. Quite an interesting turn, eh?

the job at williams is the coordinator of community service. lots of work, didn't apply for it myself, it just dropped in my lap.

We had a wonderful time with everyone last we...

June 17, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

We had a wonderful time with everyone last weekend!
This week has been prety busy with Robbie getting his classroom ready for summer camp next week. I'm still looking for work, but the perfect job at Hanna Andersson's closed before I could apply. Sigh... I'm finding that in order to get the trendy retail jobs I want now, I should have been hanging out and working at the mall in highschool.
We're looking forward to our weekend in Eugene, although it will be full. We have two "parties" (one kid, one grown up/kid) on Saturday, and a visit to the house to help the tenants with the new fridg. Sunday morning. It will be fun to celebrate with all the Dad's on Sunday afternoon!

It's been a fairly quiet week so far

June 16, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's been a fairly quiet week so far. Jamie spent some time with Angie last night and I took the kids to the park. The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days after our week of rain. I'm looking forward to Sam's and my "guy weekend", though Jamie worries that I'm making too big a deal of it. Already Sam has a list of all the exciting things we'll be doing once the girls are out of the house. Good times.

Jamie took Emma to the doctor yesterday morni...

June 16, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Jamie took Emma to the doctor yesterday morning, just to make sure she was okay. She got a clean bill of health, other than slowly getting over this bad cough.

Despite her cough, she seems to be universally pleasant. It's rare to see such a personable toddler and she'll happily smile and chat with everyone around her. She's also fairly comfortable playing by herself. It's pretty clear we've got another Lego fan, even though she finds them frustrating at times too. (Sam and I nicknamed them "tricky Legos" in comparison with the easier Duplos).

I'm looking forward to her getting old enough to start sleeping in her own bed and getting more self-sufficient. It's sometimes a challenge having a baby in the house, though fortunately Emma's a really cute one.

I do hope the meeting point is the arrivals g...

June 16, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I do hope the meeting point is the arrivals gate of the airport. I'm visiting Cambridge, Oxford, London School of Economics, and University College London. I have kept looking for hostels etc. in London, Cambridge, and Oxford, with some success, but am unsure about our schedule, so haven't made arrangements. Tell me when you want to go to the Isle of White so I can make appointments with these darn grad schools. Racheal, Lindsey's grilfriend has a friend that is at grad school in Cambridge, so I'm hopefully going to spend a day there with him as he gives me the run-down.

I'm actually at the Williams Science Library, looking at the school and the town to see if I can do some good here next year. I'm considering taking the job, but have to decide soon, as I'm going to London in a week and training starts July 11th. It wouldn't be easy to leave Anna and my whole fragile, perfect life behind for a new one. But that is what we often must do, to fight the possibilities of a good fight elsewhere.

Did anyone see a movie called the Three Kings

June 16, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Did anyone see a movie called the Three Kings. It was a horrific movie about the Gulf War, but one of the running "jokes" was that no matter which character we saw, or what side they were on, they all had conversations about the new Lexus, with the same question - about its engine, or something, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that no matter what our differences, we all have in common consumerism. Now, everyone in the world looks alike - or at least the teenagers do; styles are completely international.
I'm sitting in a cyber cafe a block away from Paddington Station, with Hotel stories. While I was in New York, I stayed at a Motel 8, a chain which I always like because they are locally franchised and much more personal. I checked out at the check out time, but asked if I could come back and pick up my luggage. I came back around two, and sat in the lobby awhile, eating some sweet potato chips. A cute Latino couple came in while I was there. The woman was very affectionate, which is sort of unusual for
Latinas. While the man was filling out the check in card, he asked her, "Como se llama?" (What is your name?) I didn't appreciate the humor of his dutiful adherence to motel rules until later. It dawned on me, rather slowly, that since they were the only hotel I saw around that there was a business opportunity which those hotel owners had jumped on (no pun intended, I swear) Sure enough, in the next few minutes, a whole troop of working women and their beaus came along, with room rent at $45 for three hours, all in cash.
I had a good flight. Air India serves great food, and my seat mates were a mother and daughter on their way to check out grad schools in London. Sadie, can you post which schools you want to look at here? I fly out of here early Thursday morning; try to do it before I leave. Unless we arrange otherwise, I'll meet you at "The Meeting Point" at
Arrivals on the 24th. (Follow the signs, there is actually a place called The Meeting Point.) Many hugs to all my sweet grandkids.

I am bleary-eyed from looking at graduate web...

June 15, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I am bleary-eyed from looking at graduate websites, trying to dicern the difference between land economy, regeneration, a