Only nine more trials

January 30, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Only nine more trials. I have a custody trial tomorrow, two days of me providing free legal services. I hope they let me into heaven on the basis of my billing records. The spring peepers are peepering already, and my snowdrops and crocus are blooming.

Jamie made it back from the coast

January 29, 2004 by Adam in Family

Jamie made it back from the coast. Late morning on Sunday, we discovered that Jamie had hidden a "To Do" list on the refrigerator. Sam and I cleaned up, did the dishes, vaccuumed, and by the time she was came home we had started in on the gourmet dinner (the last item on the list). I tried making ravioli from scratch, which I'd never tried before. The pasta ended up a bit on the thick side - now I know why people buy machines to do it or simply buy the ravioli itself.

The week has been fairly quiet. I go to work each day and play with the kids in the evening. We might have a touch of a cold being passed around, but it doesn't seem too bad.

This Saturday Jim and Judy come down to help with the final painting jobs in the basement. It'll be nice to have it completely done at last.

I had a wonderful time at the coast with Jami...

January 29, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

I had a wonderful time at the coast with Jamie and "the girls" last weekend, and now we're gearing up for another fun filled weekend!
The week has been chugging along in high gear at work. Mom's case load is slowly tapering off, but only because half of them are going to trial between January and mid-March!
We're excited about Destin's birthday on Saterday afternoon, and then we're powering up to Portland to celebrate Raven's birthday. Back to Eugene early on Sunday so Robbie can teach Sunday School.
We're talking to a neighbor about fixing our road. The city does little to help out, so last weekend he got some gravel and filled in pot holes. I think we'll try to organize another weekend "road crew" to finish up the large (lake sized) ones!

The newspaper said it was 5 degrees in Hartfo...

January 27, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

The newspaper said it was 5 degrees in Hartford yesterday. What is Sadie doing there?

I made veggie pot pie from scratch and it was...

January 27, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I made veggie pot pie from scratch and it was good.

More unsure about the VISTA job now, because the 5-college group wants a VISTA person but every college wants to have their own candidate. I was never very good at competitive sports. Freeze up. Sigh.

Betsy, Hi, I can't find your e-mail address;I...

January 27, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Betsy, Hi, I can't find your e-mail address;Ihave it somewhere. This is a really tacky, but very public, thank you for the basket o' gifts for the kids. Isa and I had a great time with them this weekend. The only problem was those little Star War Lego starfighter things, one of which I put together and the other ones of which I took to Sam to assemble. Have you noticed how smart you have to be just to survive these days? I have great pix from Florida, which I will send on.

Remember that old adage that you don't ever g...

January 26, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

Remember that old adage that you don't ever go on vacation cause you can't stand the mess when you get back!!!!!

:( Sorry about the delay I will have the flor...

January 26, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

:( Sorry about the delay I will have the florda pictures on-line in a cople of weeks.I have lots of time because it's a snow day at our school:)

Will &

Now is the winter of our discontent

January 26, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Now is the winter of our discontent...Actually, I had a delightful weekend, having got to have Isa over night on Saturday while Seraph went to the beach with Jamie and Emma and Robbie sat quietly in a house without other people. She and I met Jenny, Sam and Adam for breakfast on Sunday morning at IHOP, along with at least half of the square dance aficionadas at the Fairgrounds this weekend.
Only 11 more trials on my calendar, but who's counting.

Sam and I have been hanging out just ourselve...

January 25, 2004 by Adam in Family

Sam and I have been hanging out just ourselves this weekend after sending Jamie, Emma, and the girls off for the coast. We went to the library to stock up on I Spy and Halloween books, then later rented some movies and made pizza. Sam was dead tired at the end of the day as he was up at five in the morning. Hopefully he'll sleep in today.

Mocha Friday

January 23, 2004 by Adam in Family

Mocha Friday. Ahhh.

Jamie and Emma are off to the beach with friends and family tomorrow, leaving Sam and I to fend for ourselves. Hopefully we won't get in too much trouble or play computer games until our eyes pop out.

It's been a fairly uneventful week. Work plods along. Emma was up late one night, leaving us extra tired, but we've muddled through. The kids continue to be funny and giggly, which I suppose is their main job these days.

Dear Fam, I'm finally finding my way through ...

January 23, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Dear Fam, I'm finally finding my way through the piles of work on my desk. I need to start with sad news, that Aunt June died last Sunday. She had not been well for the last couple of months, and it was probably a culmination of a lot of things. She and Dad were the last two of the Jones kids and their spouses - a bunch of funny, bright people.
Dad and I had a good trip back to Florida, in spite of the fact that the airport had been closed up until the day before we flew out. Andy was down working on the boat, and
we all got to go sailing at the end of the week. Betsy, Will and Michael arrived late on Friday evening. We went sailing on Saturday and out for a birthday dinner for Dad at the fabled Captain Eddie's, complete with cake and presents. On Sunday Betsy, Patrick and I went into Sarasota to pick up Cousin Judy Jones, and then on to the Salvador Dali museum in Tampa for the afternoon. I had not realized that he had such a range of abilities.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISABELL!!!! She has the funny...

January 22, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

She has the funny habit lately of talking in her sleep, most of it rather usuall giberish. The other night though she started laughing and in a goulish, Galiumish voice said "and they call him Mr. Frodo" over and over. Maybe that should signal an end to Lord of the Rings before bed!

Isabell turns 3 tomorrow

January 21, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Isabell turns 3 tomorrow. Amazing how time flies by. We had a little birthday get together at the pizza place on Sunday and Mom is going over to her school today where they are having cupcakes. I told Mom I'm jealous, as I have yet to visit Isa's school.
Work moves forward though it is very nice to have Mom back at the office. The next few weeks are going to be busy, but that is probably good for all.
This weekend I'm sneaking away to the coast with Jamie and the girls. I'm feeling slightly guilty about leaving the weekend after Isa's birthday, but I'm hoping that that will be something she will have forgotten about by the time she's an adult. If not, well, there's always therapy.
Robbie and I sat down over the weekend and have started to lay out our plans for the next few months. It looks like my job will finish up at the end of February, so we're working out what exactly to do between then and July. I'll keep everyone posted.

Jamie and I had some rare time together last ...

January 20, 2004 by Adam in Family

Jamie and I had some rare time together last night, sitting on the couch and watching Down With Love. It combines two of Jamie's favorite things - old 50's romantic comedies and Ewan McGregor. It was a fun little treat and I think she's wanting to take it along with her to the beach this weekend.

Not much to report otherwise. Emma's extremely mobile, pulling herself up to a standing position. She can even stay upright for a second or so if she lets go. Sam loves playing in the basement, running about like the Prince of Persia or fiddling with Legos.

Anna made wonderful enchaladas this evening

January 20, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Anna made wonderful enchaladas this evening.

Well, Sam and I finished Prince of Persia

January 19, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

Well, Sam and I finished Prince of Persia. The ending was poingnant - funny with a touch of sadness and longing. Well done. I did have a few moments of frustration with some extremely difficult twitch gaming. Fortunatly my teenager's reflexes returned to me and I was able to finish it off.

Now there's a bunch of NWN modules that I'd like to play. I finished one over the weekend, though I think it scared Sam a little. I'll have to remember not to play games with ghosts right before bedtime.

The weekend is winding down to a close

January 19, 2004 by Adam in Family

The weekend is winding down to a close. I was sick for most of it. Nothing terrible, just a bad headache Saturday morning and a stomach ache that lingered until this evening. Now it's time to head back to work.

No exciting events. Jamie's dad and uncle are down, so we had a dinner gathering Saturday night (I mostly hung out in the basement moaning to myself). Sunday we puttered around and took a trip to Amazon Park just to get out of the house. Tonight was Tasty Thai and watching Sinbad. Everyone went to bed early.

I decided to take this Sunday off work, as a ...

January 18, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I decided to take this Sunday off work, as a coworker needed the hours to get essential's medical benefits and Anna is still on her january break. We are going to go to the Smith College Muesum to see (again) an amazing exhibit called Undomesticated Interiors, and then to a Grease Movie sing-along at the Academy of Music, put on by the Noho Council on the Arts. The singin is lead by Northampton high school chorus students, and you get a dollar off if you go in costume. We are most certainly going in costume. Anna has been occupying herself with j-term classes and various documentaries from the library.
The weather is not quite as intense as earlier in the week, when local schools were closed due to the cold. No snow, just a bit chilly. Chillier than Antarctica.

Prince of Persia seems to have somehow worked...

January 16, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

Prince of Persia seems to have somehow worked it's way into Sam and I's regular life. We'll make jokes about wall running and we try to get a half hour or so of the game under our belts before he goes to bed. I think we're getting down to the very end, with only a couple hours to go. It's sort of sad, like getting to the last few pages of a great book.

As an aside, my Neverwinter Nights modules are up for a vote for module of the year. It looks pretty likely that I'll win too, which is sort of neat. I'm racking up those bonus nerd points.

The last couple days at work have been fully ...

January 16, 2004 by Adam in Adam

The last couple days at work have been fully wacky. Thursday, one of the Exchange admins (working with a Microsoft rep) managed to rename 2,000 e-mail addresses. It took me most of the day using some fairly creative methods to restore them to normal. Today, the latest SQL patch managed to screw up one of the key servers, so I've spent most of the day trying to fix it. Still broken.

Fortunately, I have no problems walking away and having a wonderful weekend. It's not directly my area of responsibility, so others have to take the brunt of the work.

I've been biking into work the last couple days. I had to fix a spare tire, twice, as it blew up when putting it on the first time. I also replaced my bike light with an LED one. Finally, the brakes were in horrible need of replacing as they were down to bare metal. All seems good now.

Last night Sam and I were hanging out in the ...

January 15, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Last night Sam and I were hanging out in the play room, talking about math and my previous career as a teacher. Somehow he ended up running to fetch a paper and pen and we ended up doing math problems together. I'd draw a story problem about something and he'd end up figuring it out. We ended up doing addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and a couple measurement problems and riddles to boot.

Sam's favorite was the "Adventurer Bob" story problems. Questions would go something like this. "Adventurer Bob faces five orcs. He's a great shot with his bow, hitting every time, but can only take on two orcs at once with his sword." I'd then draw three arrows in his quiver. "Will Adventurer Bob make it?"

Another one involved Bob returning home with six gold coins to give to his three children, with the question of how many each child got. Sam loved it and I finally had to make him stop doing math.

I had Emma for an hour or so at work this morning

January 14, 2004 by Adam in Emma

I had Emma for an hour or so at work this morning. I strapped her to my chest and wandered around campus doing a little bike equipment shopping. Later on, Jamie returned from the dentist espousing the benefits of nitrous.

Emma's been pretty happy as of late, smiling at all who wander by. As might be expected, she also had a great time chewing on a rubber chicken key chain I had at my office. I know the full-sized rubber chicken was a hit at home.

It's been a bit of a week so far

January 14, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

It's been a bit of a week so far.
Isa had been wetting the bed the last two weeks and we were not sure if we should worry or if it was just post holiday regression. Robbie finally took her into the doctor last Friday and she has a urinary tract infection. Luckily the med's are starting to kick in, so we're not changing the sheets as often!
Ducky also has a tumor. Although it's not uncommon for dogs to get them we now have to decide if we should spend the hundreds of dollars to have it removed or wait and hope it's benign. Sigh...
I talked to Mom briefly on Monday and it sounded like they were having a nice time in the sun and under the palms. The office continues to be chaotic, but so far we've made it to Wednesday ok.
Well, I need to sneak back to work before anyone notices that I'm slacking off for a minute!

The week seems a whirlwind of work and family

January 14, 2004 by Adam in Family

The week seems a whirlwind of work and family. I've been having bike problems, so I've been driving to work. It seems strange after so long biking in. I finally got my flat tire fixed (the first replacement tube blew up when installing it) and hopefully I'll get new brakes and a bike light today.

In a rare moment of forgetfulness, Jamie wandered down at 6:30 this morning asking me to watch Emma around 10:45 so that she could go to the dentist. I'm looking forward to wandering around campus with a baby strapped to my chest. I end up getting way more looks than the college kids with wacky hair or odd piercings.

Sam continues to be a joy to be around. We played a bunch last night, putting together an elaborate Lego parrot. There were also ball throwing games in the basement and assorted bath adventures (he kept pretending the Lego parrot was being attacked by jungle animals). Of course, I was pretty exhausted at the end of the day.

Sam can be a really sweet kid sometimes

January 13, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Sam can be a really sweet kid sometimes. Last night, in an effort to get our address memorized, I suggested a little game. We'd coach him on it until he could repeat it. When it was time for dessert, we'd ask him and if he got it right he could eat it. If he got it wrong, we'd try again in ten minutes. Sam though it was a great idea and we spent a bunch of time preparing for the test.

He got it right the first time and asked if he could have one of his chocolate coins from Christmas. He decided to split it with us, then after some discussion ended up splitting it into three pieces. One I ate, one he ate, and another he saved for later.

Emma's been learning new tricks lately

January 13, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma's been learning new tricks lately. She woke up clapping this morning, something she figured out how to do a couple days ago. We're coaxing her to say "Yeah!" at the same time, which she's getting better at.

She's also getting really good at eating solid foods. We were giving her some soft bread crumbs, which she'd carefully pinch between thumb and forefinger, then stuff into her mouth. That's my girl!

A rather unexpected fate has presented itself

January 12, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

A rather unexpected fate has presented itself. After years of being earth bound the boys, dog and I are flying to Florida on Friday. Please send all aerial thoughts upward.
The boys and I had a great Christmas with lots of relaxing, watching fun DVD's, holding and caring for Red Dog and just being together. Mike's new girlfriend is time consumming so I had the kids much more. Her name is Missy and the kids refer to their dad's present state as being "Missyfied"! I am glad my kids and I have a close and funny relationship.
I feel for all you east and west coasters. After a truly record breaking winter last year things have been relatively moderate this winter. I had one water hydrant freeze and burst this weekend at the farm. Fairly quiet elsewhere.
Try all to stay warm and loving!

The weekend is coming to a close, with the fa...

January 12, 2004 by Adam in Family

The weekend is coming to a close, with the family tucked in their beds and I soon to follow. It was a pretty good weekend, with a Saturday hike and later having Dave and Kirsten over for some kid playing and impromptu dinner. Sunday had lots of time entertaining Sam and Emma, with a shopping and swimming trip for Jamie while the kids and I ran to the park.

I was pretty happy getting my computer panel all finished up. Sam and I continue to marvel at the Prince of Persia game. There were also plenty of Lego playing for both Sam and Emma, though she gets the big Duplos. I did hear the sad news that Lego would stop making Mindstorms and the movie tie-ins (such as Harry Potter and Star Wars). They evidently had a huge loss last year. Sniff.

Emma's mobility is taking on a whole new dime...

January 12, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma's mobility is taking on a whole new dimension. Today our family was hanging out in the basement when Emma decided to make a break for it. Over a period of a couple minutes, she worked her way up the stairs, finally making it to the top. It's a sign that we're going to have to watch her extremely closely from here on out.

She's also developing distinct food preferences. Virtually every baby food we've fed her from a jar has put a horrid look on her face. The green beans practically gagged her tonight. She loves eating saltine crackers and these long pretzels. Rice cakes are also a hit. Jamie's theory is that any time she can eat like everyone else, she's happy.

It is so cold that all moisture once floating...

January 12, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

It is so cold that all moisture once floating about in the air, making life bearable, has frozen. My skin, once a friendly and flexible organ, is taught and cracking open, pore by pore. Every inch of my body itches. If I didn't thank Santa for all the lotion, I'm thanking Santa now. I have to go and fill the tub with it.

I finally got the dials hooked up

January 11, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Projects

I finally got the dials hooked up. It looks exceptionally cool.

The volume indicator moves about, which is probably the neatest part. Completely for style reasons, but neat anyway.

As you can imagine, Dad is looking forward to...

January 09, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

As you can imagine, Dad is looking forward to warm weather, but I think he will miss all the family in Oregon. Baby Emma
charmed him into a state of doting which is unusual for him with babies. We are driving to Portland on Saturday afternoon and flying out early on Sunday.

Emma continues to develop a new assortment of...

January 09, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma continues to develop a new assortment of tricks. She can lift herself up to a standing position and has decided she wants to climb nearly every object in the house. She's also begun waving to people, which makes for dramatic goodbyes to people who visit.

It's pretty clear that she loves Sam and wants to do whatever he's doing. Sam can get her to smile and giggle quite easily. Emma also tries hard to snatch away any toys that he might be playing with. Legos are a considerable hazard in the play room, so we have to watch her quite carefully these days.

Life seems to be returning to its normal busy...

January 09, 2004 by Adam in Family

Life seems to be returning to its normal busy self. Last night we had my mom and grandfather over for dinner. I switched between entertaining guests and my own children back and forth, finally collapsing once everyone was gone or in bed. It looks like sometime this weekend, Jim and Judy are coming down from Portland. Jamie somehow convinced Jim to finish painting the last few things in the basement.

Well, all is well in Noho, at an expected fri...

January 08, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Well, all is well in Noho, at an expected frigid negative four degrees this evening. I finally (phew) finished up at the planning office, and am so ready to take my new toolbox of know-how into the streets. Anna has a month break, so it's nice to have a bit more leasure time to spend with her. We're doing quite a bit of cooking, and if anyone knows how to make curries taste good, send me a recipe. My potato curry from the essential vegetarian cookbook was terrible. The Trader Joe's gift certificate (thank you yayoe!) has translated into yummy frozen pad thai, veggies, and fresh coffee, among other things nessesary for a well-stocked pantry. I now have internet at home, so feel free to send emails knowing my replies will not be sent clandestinely from the planning office. Many hugs!

We woke up yesterday morning to frozen pipes

January 07, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

We woke up yesterday morning to frozen pipes. Although we've been sliping and sliding a bit we've managed to make it everywhere we needed to be. I was mostly glad that I got caught up on the laundry just in time!
We stayed with Hanni last night so that we wouldn't begin to smell to badly, and Robbie called me this morning at the office to let me know that the water was starting to come back on. Now the ice is starting to melt away and now we're on to flood warnings

It looks like the worst of the winter storm i...

January 07, 2004 by Adam in Adam

It looks like the worst of the winter storm is over, the snow and ice being replace by typical rain. It was fun for a day or two, but now I'm quite grateful that it's warming up. Of course, now they're talking about flooding, but at least we're on a hill.

I still try to fit my various hobbies and projects in amongst work and family, though it gets increasingly tricky. I had the Fossil computer opened up, guts exposed, because the CD-ROM drive was failing. Of course, the new one isn't quite lined up right, so I've got some more tweaking to do.

Ah, the indulgent joy of taking a shower in t...

January 07, 2004 by Adam in Family

Ah, the indulgent joy of taking a shower in the morning. Never again shall I take it for granted.

I think we're trying to return to normal today. In theory it's supposed to warm up and simply rain. Sam's school is today and the plan is to get him there. I'm planning on getting to work, though it may be a little late.

You folks back east would think of this as a ...

January 06, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

You folks back east would think of this as a skiff of snow, but we are totally unprepared for snow here. I had to clean off the windshield of the car with the top of a cake carrier. (Jenny's ex-husband made a cake and sent it along for Christmas dinner; I'm finally getting around to returning it.)
Had a wonderful time with Sadie, and I was so sad to send her back.


January 06, 2004 by Adam in Family

Great. No hot water this morning.

(later . . .)
Well, I managed to take a "shower" by standing between the sink and the microwave, heating up a damp cloth then washing myself. My hair was the most challenging and required a couple cereal bowls filled with microwaved water with a freezing rinse from the faucet in between. I'm feeling slightly more awake, though I'll probably need to down a couple more cups of coffee before I look at the natural gas water heater outside our house. I'm not sure what I can do about it, perhaps poke at it in a manly way with a wrench or something.

(much later . . .)
I never did make it to work today. Instead I worked from home as best I can. It's funny that I've been complaining about no hot water when I've got electricity, a gas fireplace, and a fast Internet connection. I'm a wimp.

I did manage to fix the hot water heater. It turns out that while the heater itself has "frost protection", that does nothing for the exterior pipes going into and out of the unit. I spent a half hour heating things with a blow dryer, which seemed to do the trick. I managed to slip and bruise my knee on the way back. Maybe I can convince Jamie to let me have a long hot bath as spoils of my victory.

The light through the cherry tree looks beautiful. All the plants are covered in ice, so they sparkle like Christmas trees.

Happy belated New Year! We woke this morning...

January 05, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Happy belated New Year!
We woke this morning to another dusting of snow. The funniest part is that our car door locks freeze up and Robbie usually ends up crawling through the back hatch to open the doors from the inside.
Isa got new tap shoes and ballet slippers yesterday, and has been dancing around to the Nutcracker all weekend. I managed to pry her out of her fairy tutu this morning (as she had slept in it).
Isa starts back at school today and we are back to normal weeks at work. Hopefully we'll be able to get back on track after the usual holiday time warp!

It was very icy and cold this morning

January 05, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was very icy and cold this morning. I gave up trying to drive to work when my key wouldn't even turn in the car's lock, so I dressed as warmly as possible and walked in to work. My coworkers over the river were reporting 45 to 60 minute travel times due to extremely slow traffic. Black ice is everywhere it seems.

The weekend was good if uneventful. Sam and I built a snow fort in our back yard with the slushy snow. I tossed a bunch of icy snowballs at it, breaking huge chunks off of it. Eventually it was reduced to a pile of misshapen snow, with a giggling Sam trying to hide behind it.

Emma grows increasingly mobile

January 05, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma grows increasingly mobile. She's getting really good at standing up, with just a hand on something to hold herself up. She's also getting faster at crawling, to the point where we need to really watch where she's going at all times.

We keep trying to introduce new foods for her. So far, no luck with peaches or carrots, though she seems to like saltine crackers and rice cakes quite well. Anything where she gets to feel like she's really eating goes over well.

Well, it's up and running

January 05, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Projects

Well, it's up and running. The panel looks quite cool, though there's a mess of wires running through the wall. I also worry a bit about the temperature in the sauna. Putting two computers in a well-insulated room may get me in trouble when summer rolls around.

Still, it's quite cool and most especially silent. No longer do I have to put up with noisy fans.

Sam seemed especially mesmerized by the way it looked, spending some time on the Lego site painting pictures.

My dad has been working hard on getting the c...

January 02, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Projects

My dad has been working hard on getting the control panel together for me. It's mostly assembled, with only some soldering and mounting remaining. I plugged it in and tested it out just to make sure the monitor was at least working. I'm pretty excited getting it in place and hopefully my dad can come over to finish it up this weekend.

Once it's working, I'll need to move computers around and snake cables through the wall. We should have a few different holes with covers (like the ones you see on desks) to run network cables, power strips, and the like.

My hope is that it quiets down this room considerably, as the server fans are pretty noisy. There's a constant low-level hum that I could do without.

What a day

January 02, 2004 by Adam in Family

What a day. It started snowing sometime in the middle of the night, and didn't let up until late in the morning. Everyone seemed excited and soon enough Sam and I were out the door, a piece of vinyl left over from the remodel to use as a sled.

We weren't at the park for more than a few minutes when Sam started to feel cold. We headed home but within seconds he started really complaining and crying hard. I think his hands and feet got wet and he wasn't really well prepared for the weather (he was outside before I got ready). Once he got home, there was another fifteen minutes of crying until the circulation returned to his hands and feet. I think he now has a healthy dose of respect for cold weather now.

Jamie braved the weather to go to the grocery store, but otherwise we just hung out at home. Sam and I played Prince of Persia a bunch, with lots of breaks for science experiments in the kitchen, tag in the rec room, and entertaining Emma.

Jenny had a transformer mostly knocked down by falling trees. We had some branches down, as did my mom, but otherwise it seemed uneventful. I did manage to break a broom knocking snow off of the trees. Ooops.

I managed a little time working on my dad's Christmas present for me - the new control panel/monitor that's going into my office wall. It's quite stylish and I can't wait to finish it. I just need to solder some connections then my dad needs to help me get it mounted and cut some holes in the wall. Should be fun.

I'm thinking of going in to work tomorrow and hopefully take care of some things that I've been waiting to finish up. I'll still work from home a bit in the morning to see if the weather improves. I walked to work on Wednesday and may do it again.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Snow,snow, knee deep snow eve...

January 01, 2004 by Yayoe in Yayoe

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Snow,snow, knee deep snow everwhere and I mean everywhere. We are sitting in our warm house and wondering if the electricity will stay on and if any more trees will fall over the neighbor's houses. Since we our house bound this is a good time to post our latest newz.

Lohring is the NEW dental director for the Siskyou Dental clinic! Yup, he just signed a contract and we'll be getting health benefits! Hurrah. He promises to work not more than 3 days (30 hours!) a week which means 2 nights away and home on the evening of the 3rd day. Let's see if he can pull it off. He's happy with his new promotion but says it's really no big deal. He's so modest huh. When he comes home, he eats a big jar of peanuts and then warms up his workshop and works on his boats and other projects. He'll also be working at the LCC dental clinic on Mondays, supervising students.

By the way, as predicted,he went totally nuts with over eating from the holidays. I've had to hide what is left of the Almond Roca and other delicious but wicked goodies. Of course, I was my usual controlled self and ate only low carbohydrate cardboard and fiber chips with an occasional splash of diet jam.

We just finished our kitchen remodel. The walls are sage green and the cabinet doors are light maple. The new 70" garden window brings more of the outside into the kitchen. Can you belive our last remodel was 10 years ago. Time sure goes by.

As you would predict, I was busy getting ready for the new year by being a cleaning fool and giving stuff away. It sure feels good to lighten our load of stufffff. My big resolution for this year is to get buff with an emphasis on bulging deltoids so I can wear skimpy tank tops by this summer! I joined a gym that has an emphasis on senior exercise and strength training programs. Since my last work out I can hardly bend down to pick up the cardboard cookie I dropped on the floor because I'm so stiff and sore from all the exercise torture. I felt ashamed that I was so out of shape compared to some of the other (older) seniors who were probably in their 70's! So look for the bulging arms in July. And if they aren't there don't say a word!

When I asked Lohring what his near year's resolution is he said, "TO be a bigger ass hole this year." Wow..what a great resolution huh. So enough for now.

Prince of Persia arrived on our doorstep yest...

January 01, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

Prince of Persia arrived on our doorstep yesterday, which Sam and I have been playing. It's a fighting game with strong jumping puzzle elements, which I usually hate. It's done very well, however, so that it's not that frustrating to play. The movement is incredibly fluid and it looks beautiful on the screen.

Emma did manage to crash the game while bouncing up and down on the keyboard. She'd found the Print Screen button which creates a screen shot and generated several hundred of them in a few seconds time. The computer didn't like it.

Sam's been wanting to reinact scenes from the game, running along walls and doing amazing jumps. He learned the hard way that trying to run up a wall sort of hurts (mostly it's running into a wall). We had a very funny moment when I helped him run up the wall and he did a flip to sit on my head.

Yesterday morning Emma seemed to be playing "...

January 01, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Yesterday morning Emma seemed to be playing "Where's the baby? Peek!" with me. She'd cover up her own head and I'd say "Where's the baby?" Next she'd pull it down and I'd say "Peek!" Good fun.

Emma's been growing like a bean sprout. She's sort of crawling these days, an inchworm-like movement that eventually gets her to where she wants to go. Already we've started baby proofing various parts of the house.

Happy New Year's to all of you

January 01, 2004 by Adam in Family

Happy New Year's to all of you. Yesterday was actually fairly quiet at work. A bunch of people watched the Duck game in the break room while I tried hard to get my piles of work done.

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