Sadie, rethink your position

February 27, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Sadie, rethink your position. It's time for your mother to draw a line in the sand. I'll be darned if I want you to grow up and marry a penguin. Also, I don't want to try to buy baby clothes for a rock.

Mocha Friday

February 27, 2004 by Adam in Adam

Mocha Friday. Mmm.

I'm taking a brief step away from the piles of work to mention the fact that I've got huge piles of work to do. I was out for awhile in the middle of the week and so I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Home has been hard as well, with the kids sick and Jamie frazzled. Hopefully we can all shoot for a quiet weekend. I'd love to get out hiking with Sam and Emma, though we'll see if I'm really able.

New York flips as penguins come out in Centra...

February 27, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

New York flips as penguins come out in Central Park

Robin McKie, science editor
Sunday February 8, 2004
The Observer

As gays go, Roy and Silo are not unusual. They cohabit, are affectionate in public and have been inseparable for years. Only their species marks them out. The New York pair are chinstrap penguins.
Every day at Manhattan's Central Park Zoo the two males entwine necks, vocalise to each other and have, er, sex. When offered female companionship, they decline.

Roy and Silo have even displayed urges to procreate, and once tried to hatch a rock. Finally their keeper, Rob Gramzay, gave them a fertile egg from another brood. Tango, their chick, was born later. The pair raised it lovingly. 'They did a great job,' admits Gramzay.

According to a study of the penguins released this weekend in the New York Times, Milou and Squawk - another pair of Central Park's male chinstraps - have started hanging out together, billing and bowing. At the New York Aquarium on Coney Island, Wendell and Cass - male blackfoot penguins - are a devoted couple.

But being gay is not just a New York penguin thing. In fact, scientists are discovering homosexuality everywhere they look. The lessons for humans are profound, say scientists.

Bruce Bagemihl, author of Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity, says homosexual behaviour has been noted in more than 450 species and more often in wild animals than captive ones. The question is: why? Some researchers say it helps a species' survival. By not producing offspring, homosexuals can help to support relatives' young. 'That's a contribution to the gene pool,' says Professor Marlene Zuk of University of California, Riverside.

Sexuality means more than just procreation, says Zuk. 'In animals like the bonobo, you see expressions of sex outside the period when females are fertile. It means more than making babies.

'And why should we be surprised? People are animals.'

It's been a wacky week so far

February 26, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's been a wacky week so far. Yesterday I headed home around noon, a splitting headache keeping me from concentrating on anything. I felt somewhat better in a couple hours, though the bike ride home through the hail was not fun. The headache continued this morning, though coffee and Advil cleared it up in time for me to help out at the preschool co-op. Like I told Jamie after I returned, I no longer need to read the Lord of the Flies.

I'm hoping for some quiet time tonight, but I suspect I'll have to wait until 8 pm or so. Everyone's in bed by then and it's my quiet cereal time.

Thank you Sadie

February 25, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Thank you Sadie.

I saw Dennis Kucinich tonight in a packed aud...

February 25, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I saw Dennis Kucinich tonight in a packed auditorium at Smith, and have found myself a political leader who speaks truth to power and counters it with retoric of peace and democracy. Not only is he an internationalist who would sign the Kyoto Climate Treaty, the Small Arms Treaty, join the International Criminal Court and reinstate the Anti-Ballistic Missle Treaty, he would withdraw from the WTO and NAFTA! social justice issues of affirmative action, civil rights, and reproductive rights are central in his agenda, as are the economic justice issues of education, full social security benefits and universal health care. He stands alone among all the Democratic candidates as a proponant of gay marriage. Now can any of you, knowing that I ache to grow old with one person and share my life with them, no matter their gender, say to me that you approve of institutionalized bigotry and homophobia? Can you vote for a candidate who can offer a group of citizens seperate and unequal benefits under the law? I thought not. So do it now, in the primaries, for the good of your soul.

The moments that got me were when, quite naturally, as he spoke of fighting the mass fear that fuels war, he said, "since reality is socially constructed and culturally affirmed..." Wow. What a guy. Secondly, when a woman asked him about gay marriage, which he didn't speak of in his speach, he stepped down from stage and embraced her, sending the crowd to tears. He returned to stage, stood in silence, and then spoke of moments in time when democracy has the chance to expand for all of us, and this moment, when all people will have the right to marry under the law, as one of those moments. I quivered at the thought that a candidate actually beleives that I should have equal rights under the law as my straight bother and sisters. He also built the crowd, slowly, intentionally, using poetry and Jung, into a fervor about peace. Peace! International cooperation! Love! I was reminded of the Emmy Lou Harris Song "Jerusalem Tomarrow" about a con-artist who gets overshadowed when Jesus comes to town. He says "Instead of calling out for fire from above, he just gets real quiet and talks about love/ and I'll tell you something funny, he didn't want nobody's money/ now I'm not exactly sure what this all means/ but it's the damndest thing I swear I've ever seen." I feel honored to have the opportunity to vote for someone that represents me, but also represents 'we', and a vision beyond unilateralism and 'us' vs. 'them.'

But that's all I have to say about that. and that he's a vegan. And that's it.

I haven't posted for ages! I finish up work ...

February 24, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

I haven't posted for ages!
I finish up work this week, but had to promise to stay on call for awhile! I plan on spending the first few weeks cleaning the house and yard. I think we'll plan a garage sale shortly.
Unfortunatly we had someone smash out the back window of Mom's Honda last week. I was luckly able to get it in and repaired over night. A bit frusterating though.
We're looking forward to warmer days, even though it's all rain right now.
Love to all!
(P.S. Hey Adam - what's this I hear about the computers at the hospital being down? In need of a Mocha yet?)

What a truly boring weekend, carrying furni...

February 23, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

What a truly boring weekend, carrying furniture and Sadie's stuff down to her room in the basement. A bright spot was going to see the original (1980) PBS version of The Lathe of Heaven at McDonald Theater on Saturday. (This book has been Eugene's Reading in the Rain choice this year.)They didn't leave out the aliens, like the recent version. There's a costume party next weekend - anyone want to go?
I need a bumper sticker which says, "This is no place for a Hobbit" and one which says, "To go is to return", my favorite line from TLOH...Adam, what is the name of the author of that book I just gave you?

Adam: His name's Ray Vukcevich

Much of Jamie's family was over last night to...

February 23, 2004 by Adam in Family

Much of Jamie's family was over last night to celebrate Dave's birthday. Everyone seemed in a good mood and Dave was suitably goofy to keep up the festive mood. Even Emma seemed to enjoy the large number of new people about once she got used to it.

As for the rest of the day, it mostly involved me hanging out with a sniffly Sam. I managed to get him outside once, for a lengthy play time involving hitting balloons, aliens, and picking up thorny clippings. We also made a bunch of paper knights and ogres who did battle upon our kitchen table.

We managed to rally the troops and get to the...

February 22, 2004 by Adam in Family

We managed to rally the troops and get to the library in the morning, but otherwise hung out at home yesterday. Sam and I finished watching the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which while not Shakespeare was still somewhat fun. There's something special about combining Captain Nemo, the invisible man, Dr. Jeckle, and a number of Victorian characters whose copyrights have run out.

We had my dad and Yayoe over for dinner as well. As usual, my dad and I jabbered on and he promised sailing expertise for my next Neverwinter Nights game.

As for today, we'll probably take it easy as well. Sam's got a full-blown cold (no pun intended), and my throat's a bit sore. Dave's birthday party is tonight, so we're gearing up for that as well.

The sun is shining and my daffodils are start...

February 20, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

The sun is shining and my daffodils are starting to bloom.
I'm going to Russia in June. How exciting!

Yikes! February is almost over! Seems like th...

February 20, 2004 by Yayoe in Yayoe

Yikes! February is almost over! Seems like the time is passing by so quickly that I decided to post some tidbits before it turns into 2005. Lohring spent 3 days in bed with the flu and is now better. This is the 3rd time in our 17 years together that he got sick. What a shock! He cured himself almost overnight just thinking about testing his boats at the pond! Did you know he rented a small studio in Grants Pass! We now have a country home! He describes it as sleazy on the outside but nice and small on the inside. He bought a futon bed/couch, TV set and seems happy with his new digs. He's going to California in March to help his friend Michael Bontoft break another world's speed record in his boat class! Now that he is a contract employee he can't take off as often as before so he's curtailing a lot of his out of town boat trips.

I'm still doing parent/elder care consultations for PeaceHealth, volunteering at the Alzheimer's Association, and spending the rest of the time at home moving furniture around, practicing music, and getting rid of more stuff. I've even joined a Simplicity Circle and love meeting with other women who also want to simplify their lives both literally and metaphorically. I also updated my passport hoping that I can find a cheap trip to England or Japan before the year ends! One never knows about these things. Lohring will also apply for a passport! That's progress huh! Maybe I can lure him into going to Japan or Canada before we got on Medicare.

Don't forget about the Asian Festival this weekend at the fairgrounds. I'll be selling Mochi in the morning and then eating my fill of Hawaiian and Japanese foods!

Last but not least, our little Japanese style rock garden may be featured in the RG. Gordon Kader, the designer and garden mastermind just called and said they want to talk to me about a future article. He's coming over and spiffing up the garden (like extreme garden make-over) in preparation for the photos. Let's see if this really happens. I'll keep you posted and/or you can read about it in the paper!

The week chugs along

February 19, 2004 by Adam in Family

The week chugs along. Sam, Jamie, and Emma went to McKenzie-Willamette hospital yesterday as Sam's preschool went on a tour. He said it was boring, so I think it was a bit of a bust.

The kids have been doing kid-things this week. Lots of playing in the basement. Jamie got to get out of the house last night for a wee bit, but that's about it.

The weekend looks to be busy, with things happening every day. Birthdays and parents visiting and Jamie going out for a night. Hopefully I can go back to work afterwards and rest up.

A published academician in our midst! Wow! ...

February 19, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

A published academician in our midst! Wow! Kudo's Sadie. Today I am going to try to email some great pictures of Sue and Grandpa Bill that Patrick took in Florida. We'll see if I can do it. Watch this link!
The electrician goes to Bill's tommorrow to update the electric box and put in a 220 line for an electric stove. I'll order the stove today and it should be there next week. Hugs to all. P and the boys

So professor Donna Riley and I wrote a paper ...

February 19, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

So professor Donna Riley and I wrote a paper together a few months ago, except I didn't actually write it, but that is neither here nor there, as the Journal of Engineering Education accepted it and it's going to be published. So that's a little exciting.

With all the press that Emma gets these days,...

February 18, 2004 by Adam in Sam

With all the press that Emma gets these days, I thought I'd drop a quick note about Sam. Quite subtly, he continues to pick up all sorts of funny words and phrases, trying them out in conversations with me. I forget that he's only five sometimes, so I'll talk to him like an adult. Only after he comes back with questions like "What does traipsing about mean?" do I realize his age.

It's also pretty clear that he really likes playing with me. Last weekend we were at a place with a fountain and he threw in a nickel. Later on he told me in confidence that he wished that he could play with me all the time. I love that boy.

Happy birthday, Dick

February 18, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Happy birthday, Dick. Having Valentines Day and Dick's birthday close together has been sad, but all the kids checked in over the weekend and fed and cared for me. It was fun to see Emma; she is all pink and white, like a little pink spun sugar confection. I had Isa over night on Sunday evening. I've been trying to clean out the attic, and I dug out all Sadie's Barbies and Barbie clothes, as well as the old Cabbage Patch Kids. Isa had a grand time, and named the Cabbie Sadie and asked if she could borrow her.

Sadie, I have searched my archives for the ph...

February 16, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

Sadie, I have searched my archives for the photo of G.W. in his early presidency promoting literacy. He's "reading" to a group of elementary kids and the book is upside down. The moral of the story is clear to me-- If he doesn't care about what kids think then he isn't worth being president. Hugs to all, The registered Independent

The weekend is over and I'm slowly gearing up...

February 16, 2004 by Adam in Family

The weekend is over and I'm slowly gearing up for the day ahead. We didn't do anything particularly exciting over the two days, mostly just playing with kids and doing housework. It was beautiful Sunday and I managed to get Sam outside after convincing him he wouldn't be cold. I fiddled about in the garden while he played with Legos.

Sunday night we had Jamie's brothers and my mom over for dinner. Sam mostly wanted to hang out in the basement, so I followed him around pretending our guests were orcs who had captured a tiny baby. We captured Emma back, then couldn't decide what to do with her, so we eventually returned her.

I got Jamie a funny little Valentine's Day card that seemed different than the rest. All it had was this Cleopatra quote:
Fool! Don't you see now that I could have poisoned you a hundred times, had I been able to live without you!

I'm coming home March 23rd-31st! Yeeeaaahhhh!...

February 16, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I'm coming home March 23rd-31st! Yeeeaaahhhh!

This is a picture of the first gay couple to be married in San Fransico. Double yeah!

Happy Valentine's Day to all

February 14, 2004 by Adam in Family

Happy Valentine's Day to all. I think we're shooting for a quiet day today, resting up from our week of sickness. There's a bunch of house keeping and shopping we should do, but I think we'll try to take it easy as best we can.

Emma has become a voracious eater. She muches on just about anything we have at the table. The other night, she ate most of a bannanna. I think it's her favorite food, as Jamie claims she said the word last night (she's quite good with "ba" and "na" sounds).

Sam and I finished reading a comic book together, this one mostly focused on Wonder Woman. Last night, Jamie had to take it out of his hands after he fell asleep reading it. That's my boy.

It was a beautiful morning riding in to work,...

February 13, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a beautiful morning riding in to work, the sky on fire with a stunning sunrise. Then I got to down a warm cafe mocha, making it a lovely morning. Work is super busy, but I'm slowly getting the most critical things dealt with. At least I get to go away from it all for a couple days this weekend.

Jamie's slowly getting better, but this cold has seriously dampened her spirits. Her usual bleary-eyed look when I come home had somehow become even blearier.

The kids are great. Sam's his usual bundle of energy and Emma spends her evenings cruising around the house making funny noises. It helps that she's usually so smiley.

Sadie, first explore the depth of her committ...

February 13, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Sadie, first explore the depth of her committment to Bush. I've tried never to interfere with you kids' friendships, but in this case....need I say more?

This is my cry for help

February 13, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

This is my cry for help. I have a friend who is seriously considering voting for Bush, and I need a set of really good reasons for her not to. Send 'em along.

Everyday for the past 15 years, 11 months and...

February 12, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

Everyday for the past 15 years, 11 months and 10 days has been a challenge to walk, talk and function. Will is not the only one facing a milestone in 10 days. Although I worry constantly about his future and what his life will be like as an adult, I also worry about how it has affected Patrick to have a handicapped brother. Patrick has his own demons to slay in his constant battle with ADD. All we can do is put one foot in front ot the other.....

I feel like I'm winning the pre-Valentine's D...

February 12, 2004 by Adam in Family

I feel like I'm winning the pre-Valentine's Day challenge. With two little critters in the house, I'm certainly feeling the love. Not to mention the drool, grumpy faces, and maniacal kids running about. I think the colds that passed over our family this weekend have mostly settled down. Jamie's not quite as zombie-like as she's been the last couple days. I took Tuesday off to watch the kids while she recovered, though I think she secretly spent most of the day cleaning.

I was up late a third or fourth day in the row, this time watching t.v. after days of computer game playing. My body finally rebelled and I slept in late, scurrying through my morning routine to get to work at a reasonable time. I'm feeling very busy these days, trying to find that balance between work, family, and play.

i dig it, ma

February 12, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

i dig it, ma. i'm doing my best to walk, talk, and do the things that would make Dick proud- just being alive and passionate about, as Cornelius Eady would say, my small graffiti dance.

Staying up late for the third night in a row,...

February 11, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

Staying up late for the third night in a row, I finished Max Payne 2. Though quite short, the production quality of the game was simply astounding. When the game ended and the credits started to roll, I just stared at the screen and let it all sink in.

Love and bullets.

The picture posted on the right is one of my ...

February 10, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

The picture posted on the right is one of my favorites. Go to Album, Three Generations, for a larger version. This has been a hard time for missing Dick; it was about a year ago that he started to be visibly ill. But I'm still walking and talking, and sometimes that's about all we need to do.

I picked up Max Payne 2 yesterday, at Fred Me...

February 09, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I picked up Max Payne 2 yesterday, at Fred Meyers of all places. I usually don't pick up games at retail as they tend to be a bit expensive. I've also been waiting for the price of this one to fall a bit as it's been a tad high for a game that's supposedly only ten or so hours long. I started playing yesterday and I'm glad I did it.

It's very much a genre piece, film noir brought to life. There are some hysterically funny moments, though, as the bad guys you fight have this comical conversations right before you leap in with guns blazing. The "gimmic" of the game is that you can slow down time, which I use often for good effect. The graphics are amazing, of course, finally making use of some of the great features of my video card. It also sports a realistic physics engine, making knocking over barrels and boxes highly entertaining.

The story, while convoluted, has captured me. Images of Mona Sax, the cold hearted and beautiful assassin, haunted me as I fell asleep. I keep wanting to make metaphors about bullets, love, and impending doom.

Sam was exceptionally cool yesterday

February 09, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Sam was exceptionally cool yesterday. I was working on my computer when he kept coming down and asking questions like "What letter makes an 'uh' sound?" then scurrying back upstairs after I told him. We went back and forth like this a few times as he checked the shape of certain letters. I briefly heard screams of frustration as he messed up a letter and had to get help from Jamie. Finally, after much work I ended up with a piece of paper that reads "DAD I LOVE YOU FROM SAM".

It's hanging up in my office now, practically making me cry each time I see it.

Emma is a carb-o-maniac

February 09, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma is a carb-o-maniac. Today she was scarfing down a bagel, working out that new tooth of hers. I had to pry it out of her hands after she started managing to rip off big hunks and I didn't want her to choke on it. She's eat just about any bread-based food. This morning she was happy eating Sam's pancakes even though he wouldn't touch them (they were buckwheat).

Her cold is getting better, though it seems she's passed it on to us. I could tell she was in a better mood when she started wiggling and clapping to the radio as we hung out in the basement tonight.

We went outside a bit today as the weather improved some. She really wanted to walk through the grass, so we managed to get a pair of her socks quite muddy. She also had a good time playing in the grass, though I drew the line at eating dried up leaves.

It was a pretty quiet day yesterday

February 08, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a pretty quiet day yesterday. Emma's doing much better to the point where she seems pretty normal. We made a trip to Amazon park and mostly puttered about as a family. Sam and I played some of his new computer games, including another Putt Putt game that he liked quite a bit.

I think we're going to try to make it to Fred Meyers for some shopping fun. Jamie assures me that we're no longer completely broke after the Christmas remodel so I guess I can buy myself some pants.

Emma was really sick yesterday, so much so th...

February 06, 2004 by Adam in Family

Emma was really sick yesterday, so much so that Jamie called me home early from work. Her little eyes seemed red and teary all day and the mucous flowed like water. By the end of the day, she seemed a little better, though she was still running a temperature. Jamie reported that she tried to give Emma Tylenol, but she threw it up. Of course, I wanted to be a hero, so I tried again with the same result.

We'll probably take it easy this weekend, keeping the excitement to a minimum. Hopefully Emma will start feeling better soon.

Well, Jamie and I tried to have a date last n...

February 05, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, Jamie and I tried to have a date last night, watching the Thin Man while Emma and Sam were entertained by Dave, Kirsten, and Josh in the basement. I think we lasted about 30 minutes before Emma was crying and it was time to wrap things up for the evening. Still, it was nice to get a moment to ourselves.

Emma's a bit sick, and getting her first tooth too. Poor girl.

Emma was sick last night, sleeping poorly and...

February 05, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma was sick last night, sleeping poorly and running a fever. Jamie handed her off to me at five this morning where she slept fitfully, settling down to the music and dancing lights of the computer. I kept her as long as I could, then it was back to Jamie while I got ready for work. She seemed in a better mood when I left, smiling at me as I rode off on my bike.

It also turns out that she's getting her first tooth, one of the lower front ones (I'm sure my dad and Jenny know the real name, but I'll just call it that). It's hard to tell if it's bothering her or not, as she's clearly sick and already likes to chew on everything. Poor girl.

Just going back over my postings and realized...

February 04, 2004 by Jamie in Jamie

Just going back over my postings and realized I NEVER GOT A SPATULA FOR CHRISTMAS!!! This is the clincher, I'm saving my soul searching for my WRITTEN journal ;-)

Last weekend we celebrated both Destin's birt...

February 04, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Last weekend we celebrated both Destin's birthday and Raven's birthday! Robbie and I can always measure how long we've been dating by Destin's age becuase we met the fall before he was born. Eight years and counting!
I've been running on a strange energy this week. I've been meticulously (sp?) cleaning up after myself, and getting things ready for work the evening before (setting out clothes, putting coffee in the pot, etc.). All those things that magezines always tell you to do to save time - amazingly they actually work!
(I am a bit annoyed today because of the failure of measure 30. Starting to think home schooling may be the way to go, and we'll need a doctor in the local family to take care of us all.)

I'm going to have to start talking to the net...

February 04, 2004 by Adam in Adam

I'm going to have to start talking to the network folks to see if they can start footing the bill for the various rescues I've been performing on their behalf. Today someone came to visit and announce that security had been screwed up on every user in the domain. They had somehow been given the rights to impersonate anyone when sending e-mails. Needless to say, this quickly became a priority to fix.

Fortunately, I was able to work up some code that did the work. Fiddling with the security of every user in the domain was a bit nerve wracking, but it all turned out in the end.

The custody trial settled, so I had an hour o...

February 03, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

The custody trial settled, so I had an hour or so to spend with Jamie, Sam, and Emma. I had to cut Sam's arm off after his wound began giving off poisonous fumes. I told him we could put him out the spaceship portal or run the risk of poisoning me and the rest of the crew. He came up with the idea of arm amputation. So we just jettisoned the silly putty. Love to all, mom

um, and how about the WIFE who makes your lif...

February 02, 2004 by Jamie in Adam's Games

um, and how about the WIFE who makes your life of leisure possible?????????

Well, it looks like my Neverwinter Nights gam...

February 02, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

Well, it looks like my Neverwinter Nights games won Module of the Year. I'd like to thank the academy and my mom . . .

It looks like the weekend has come and gone

February 02, 2004 by Adam in Family

It looks like the weekend has come and gone. We didn't accomplish all that much, it seems, though we managed to feed, clothe, and entertain two children which I suppose should be enough. I did a Costco run early Sunday, stocking up on cereal for the year. Jamie finished staining the banister and railing to the basement.

We did a couple walks about our neighborhood, which was nice. The first time we tromped through the drizzle to the resevoir, pretending it was a treasure hunt for Sam. The second time was to Safeway to pick up ice cream late at night.

Emma had problems getting to sleep so I ended up playing music for her in front of the computer. She especially likes the visualizations that come with Winamp, slowly falling asleep to the pretty lights.

Emma continues to grow, which seems inevitable

February 01, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma continues to grow, which seems inevitable. Her mobility is becoming amazing as she'll race across the room, crawling quite quickly. She also loves to walk though she needs both hands held for that.

Her eating repitoire continues to expand. She's quite fond of Metropol bread, assuring me that she's truly my daughter.

She's also doing funny things like clapping or playing peekaboo. She loves to get into big kid stuff as well. She's currently discovered the baby monitor and is trying to disassemble it.

I'm not sure Jamie likes my baby watching skills as she seems to be making exaspirated noises as I let Emma climb a stack of boxes.

It was a typical whirlwind day at the Miller-...

February 01, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a typical whirlwind day at the Miller-Mellor household. I fiddled about with my computers until the kids woke up, then it was a hearty breakfast to start the day. Jamie had prepared some swedish pancake batter the night before and it was simply divine. Then the kids and I went to the park while Jamie cleaned the house.

Jim and Judy arrived a bit before noon and immediately Jim started painting. I kept an eye on one kid or another while Jamie had a short visit with her mom. They also set up a table for the train as a belated Christmas present, which Sam has greatly enjoyed. Jamie and I even managed a short walk by ourselves just catching up on things.

In a few minutes, we'll wind things down and get ready for bed. Happy birthday to Destin. We'll try to arrange a present when things wind down a bit.

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