Sam plays Far Cry more than I do these days a...

April 30, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

Sam plays Far Cry more than I do these days as my free time is miniscule compared to a five-year-old's. He'll turn on God mode so he doesn't have to worry about dying and work his way through the game. Unfortunately this means he's way ahead of me which causes problems if I don't want to avoid spoilers. Last night I was trying to get him to bed when he announced, "But I just got to the future!"

With that cryptic comment, I swore him to secrecy and packed him off to bed.

It's Friday, the work day slowly winding down

April 30, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's Friday, the work day slowly winding down. I had a visit this morning from Jamie and Emma. We got some coffee and walked about campus. Emma was quite friendly and curious, pointing and saying "What's that?" at every person and thing that caught her interest. One of these days I'll have to arrange some time just hanging out with Jamie. She's pretty cool, after all.

I'm not sure how the weekend will shape up. I've got a bunch of projects I'd like to get done. I could enjoy a little goofing off as well, though that's a rare and special thing these days. I can't remember the last time I was bored.

Yo, fam, how about a Mother's Day Bar-B-Que o...

April 30, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Yo, fam, how about a Mother's Day Bar-B-Que on my deck Sunday next (the 9th)? It would be a good time to have a little birthday soiree for Yayoe, too. I had talked with Seraph about trying to do something this Sunday. However, my tenant from the farm came in yesterday and said her business deal (starting up the Friendly Deli again) had fallen through and she was going back to Vancouver. So I'm planning a great weekend dealing with potential renters. Yucko-bunnies. Many hugs.

With our basement remodel a distant memory, J...

April 29, 2004 by Adam in Family

With our basement remodel a distant memory, Jamie is starting to rev up her home improvement engines. The current thought is to get some sort of shade-providing structure to go over our patio where the roof once stood (and was torn down as it was rotting away). With the neighbor putting up a new fence, the thought is now to enclose our entire back yard. We had one person come by last night to throw out some bids, and someone else arriving today. Hopefully it's much less disruptive than the last big remodel.

The weekend is sneaking up on us faster than I thought it might. I think I have some dump runs and bark-o-mulch spreading to do. Hopefully we can do some fun stuff in between the usual home upkeep tasks.

I saw Pillow Talk for the first time last nig...

April 28, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I saw Pillow Talk for the first time last night, and it was just wonderful. Everyone says Northampton is best in the summer, with excessive downtown loitering by people, babies and puppies.

Anna isn't sleeping much this week, and I'm afraid finals week will be just as bad. She's secured an internship with the renewable energy center at umass doing cogeneration (reusing biproducts from the production of energy to fuel part of the process) and stuff. Sounds like a good plan.

Marshall, his special friend McKenna, Morgan, Kyle Lamb, Connor Reidy, and God knows who else are going on a big camping trip in late May, which should be a crazy good time. Just a weekend. With the anniversary of Dick's death creeping up, I want a little bright possibility on the horizon. I see quite a few. Things are looking up.

Well, the beach is behind us and we're slowly...

April 28, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, the beach is behind us and we're slowly adjusting to civilian life. Work wasn't as bad as I thought it would be after being gone for essentially four days. Sure, I had 200 e-mails, but the vast majority of it was spam. By the end of the day I had cleaned up most of the issues with the exception of a semi-large project that I should finish this morning.

The beautiful weather had everyone in good spirits. Jamie and I alternated watching kids while we did outdoor things. The fence was mended, a crack in the masonry repaired, and the new vegitables got in the ground. We took one small step back with Josh breaking a branch off the tree the hammock was tied to, though we managed to repair it for the time being.

Though watching Emma is like watching a puppy...

April 27, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Though watching Emma is like watching a puppy furiously grow for the first few months, Sam does indeed continue to get bigger himself. His command of the English language is most remarkable, using all sorts of phrases and expressions in his daily conversations. Sam also tries quite hard to be funny and will often leave Jamie and I in stitches. In only a few short more months, he'll be off to kingergarden and the house will be a bit quieter during the day.

Sam continues to have a love of playing pretend. More often than I can count I've been pressed into the role of a starship captain or swashbuckler. The hammock in our back yard does double duty as a pirate ship and a space ship. Legos are occasionally played with as well, though not as much as of late. He's also fond of computer games and movies. Surprisingly enough, Sam and Emma get along pretty well and he'll often seek her out to play with her. Hopefully that'll continue in the future.

Back from the beach, a beautiful laid-back we...

April 27, 2004 by Adam in Family

Back from the beach, a beautiful laid-back weekend that I'll sorely miss. Sam especially had a wonderful time playing with relatives and trips to the beach. He could not get enough of the sand and waves. Virtually every trip to the water ended up with Sam stripping naked and taking a shower to get out the sand. With Jim, Judy, Dave, Kirsten, and Josh, there were enough bodies to go around to give Jamie and I some actual breaks. I managed to see Master and Commander, read a bit, and even have a few moments of puttering around.

The trip back was a bit lengthy, with Emma having a minor melt down for the last twenty minutes. It took forever to unpack and we had just enough time to mow the lawn before heading into our usual evening routine. Tomorrow it's back to work for me, sifting through e-mail and trying to take care of the assorted crises.

Ah, how I'll miss the sound of surf.

We survied the weekend, and it was back to wo...

April 26, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

We survied the weekend, and it was back to work this morning. Unfortunatly (fortunatly?) it was so hot in the attic that my paint kept drying out on me and I had to call it an early day. The nice weather is supposed to stay nice all week so I may actually enjoy a little outside gardening time - yippy!

But I would be SO happy if you came and visited

April 26, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

But I would be SO happy if you came and visited.

It's nice to know that mom always has room fo...

April 25, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

It's nice to know that mom always has room for another kid in her heart, but I think she'll have to work it out with her own mom. Anyway, that weekend is going to be absolute madness. my roomate Lindsey, her g.f. Rachael, Alexis, and Kelly, among many others, are graduating. Lindsey hired Anna's quartet to play for her and Rachael's (large) families at a brunch at our apartment, which I hope won't be too insane. Then Anna is off to Trinidad with the college orchestra for a week. All four (Linds, Rachael, Anna and I) are living together this summer, so I'd love to get anyone's space-saving tips as we squeeze two more people into a one bedroom. Mom, will you send those great decorating books?

It's beach day

April 24, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's beach day. Jamie, Emma, and I didn't get much sleep last night. Emma cried and cried until I entertained her for about an hour in the middle of the night. I also had a really dry throat that kept waking me up. Sam, fortunately, can sleep through anything and seems quite energized this morning.

Time to make a Metropol run, eat a hearty breakfast, and pack up the car. Yippie!

Today was a day of mucus and kids, blended to...

April 24, 2004 by Adam in Family

Today was a day of mucus and kids, blended together in a rather unsavory mess. It started early, around 1 am to be honest. I went in to work to help with some network stuff. Fortunately it worked this time, as it didn't work the last 1 am downtime we did. I crawled back into bed and slept as best I could.

Mostly I watched kids and tried to do a little work. I went shopping with Jamie and Emma while Sam was at school, as well as picking up movies for the weekend. After lunch, I played with Sam quite a bit. While he was having his quiet time, I went and picked up a ton of books from the library. The evening slowly wound down, with a brief appearance from Angie and my mom.

Tomorrow we're getting ready for the beach trip. Should be fun.

Sadie, does your friend need a substitute mom...

April 23, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Sadie, does your friend need a substitute mom at graduation? (unless it's May 15th, 16th, when I need to be at a League of Women Voters thing)? It would give me an excuse to come and visit you!

I know that you've all been waiting in antici...

April 23, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I know that you've all been waiting in anticipation for my birthday list, and I've decided to give you a month to prepare for the Big Day. I would like, other than your undying love and attention, a Sunday subscription to the New York Times, magazing subscriptions (as examples: Budget Living, GQ), frames, a black stamp pad, cds (Donovan, Elton John, The Rolling Stones -Hot Rocks, Jurrasic 5, and other burned favorites), and the third season of 24. I am also partial to things that have days of the week on them (K Mart dishtowels, etc.), the Wall Mart John Deer dish line, and black and white photos of the family.

Does anyone know what Jenny wants? And Yayoe?

I have a friend at school who's mom isn't coming to her graduation because she came out. My thoughts: don't they have tv in Cincinnati? The gays are funny, well-dressed, always helpful- why wouldn't you want one in the family? I am at a total loss.

I'm sick today, as is Jamie and the rest of t...

April 22, 2004 by Adam in Adam

I'm sick today, as is Jamie and the rest of the kids. It certainly makes life more difficult than normal. Plus tomorrow morning I'm doing a 1 am firewall move at work. Hopefully I'll get enough sleep before and after the big event (our second try too).

I'm very much looking forward to this weekend at the coast. The weather is supposed to be nice and there'll be plenty of babysitters to entertain children. Maybe I can read a book and vege out. Such luxury.

Sounds good mom, but just make sure you spell...

April 22, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Sounds good mom, but just make sure you spell Molly's name correctly. Also, if you have her address or anyone else that I was in highschool with I'd love to get them! We're trying to put together a reunion this summer, and if anyone runs into someone I went to school with send them on to yahoo reunions, or pass on my e-mail! Thanks!!

Lots of news about Seraph's high school buds ...

April 22, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Lots of news about Seraph's high school buds - dear Kai and her husband are coming back to Portland for a year while they prepare for missionary work in China, and Mollie and her partner Terry were married during the time slot Multnomah County was issuing same sex marriage liscenses. Seraph, I thought I'd send Mollie the usual friend of the family $100 check and a card. Let me know if that seems politically incorrect or way too dorky. Love to all, the old
politically incorrect mom.

This weekend is working out to be quite busy

April 22, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

This weekend is working out to be quite busy. We are making an impromptu trip to Portland on Saturday to look at more places and to visit the school and have lunch with Raven and Cheikh. The school finally sent me an official acceptance letter. We have to hurry back to have dinner with our friends Mike and Tara.
On Sunday we may be going up to Salem with Jenny, the boys and anyone else she wrangles up. There is a 4H farm event that sounds cool.
Through all of this we are taking advantage of the nice weather and having our house painted. We picked up the paint this morning, but other then adding a trim color, it's staying the same boring tan for now.

It was a day away from my official work

April 21, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a day away from my official work. Instead, I helped out at Sam's preschool and watched kids for most of the afternoon. Preschool was pretty fun, as we had a field trip to a music store. The guy who was showing off the instruments was a born performer and was both funny and interesting. The kids had a great time. Sam especially liked the drums and the electric guitar, suggesting noisy teenage years ahead.

Jamie went to Costco while I watched the kids. We made impromptu musical instruments, created a marble rolling track, fiddled with Legos, and watched a bit of the Two Towers.

My new sound system arrived yesterday and I got it all hooked up. I'm still going through my long list of broken things and getting it fixed. The last remaining part is getting Jamie's computer hooked up to the Internet again. Unfortunately it's turning out to be trickier than I had hoped.

Sadie, what did I ever do to make you love me...

April 21, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Sadie, what did I ever do to make you love me enough to make me such a wonderful CD - sort of a "Songs to Say Good-bye" - China, Let It Be, Iowa, Enya...Was this in trade for "The Bridge of San Luis Rey"?

This has been a weeping time; I think because the weather has been like last spring, with the sky that luminescent gray which makes the newly-green trees shine. It's funny the commoness of things I miss about Dick - holding hands as I drifted into sleep, the softness of his earlobes, or that he remembered everything and always had a pen in his shirt pocket. Hope that someday, in some life, he and I do get back from China at the same time.

I forgot to mention that Sadie and I went Goodwill shopping with Yayoe a couple of weeks ago. I am definitely a convert at the feet of the Goodwill Hunting-meister!

Far Cry arrived Friday afternoon and I've bee...

April 19, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

Far Cry arrived Friday afternoon and I've been happily playing it now that I've finished Call of Duty. It's quite a bit of fun. There's no single thing that makes it stand out from the traditional shooters, but there's a number of things it does really well. The physics model is great, allowing you to take out enemies via the traditional methods, or instead do things like knock over the tower they're standing on. Rolling barrels down hills becomes its own mini-game, watching them bounce about.

I had one moment where I had jumped into a boat hung by two chains at the front and back. I was supposed to drive it away, but it was hanging dozens of feet over the water. Not thinking clearly, I shot the front chain which tipped the boat and toppled me into the water. Feeling dumb, I took careful aim and shot the other chain, getting my prize to where I could reach it.

The graphics are also quite good. Running around a tropical paradise with my red Hawaiian shirt makes me feel a bit like Magnum P.I., but the effect is hard to beat. Some of the locations, such as a rusted out WWII aircraft carrier and a tree top research lab, made me stop and take in the scenery once I came across them.

The story seems a bit traditional at the moment, but it's shaping up. Some of the acting is hokey, but not too bad. I think it was a stylistic decision to go with some vaguely campy lines. I would have prefered it be played a little straighter. Still, lots of fun overall.

Continued stories from the Library Book Sale

April 19, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Continued stories from the Library Book Sale...
Robbie's big find of the sale was Edward Gibbon's "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire." Volumes 1 - 6. He already had volumes 1 and 3.
When he got to the sale he found a few of the vol.'s. Another man came up and grabbed two of them from under his nose. Robbie was disapointed, but looked instead to another old book. The man then decided he wanted the book Robbie now had (yes, these are grown men!) and said he would trade the two volumes for the book Robbie had. Robbie agreed (the man realized a minute later that his new item was fairly worthless).
Robbie found out that a lot of the early birds at the sale are people who buy up books cheap and then re-sell them on eBay.
Robbie still did not have all of the volumes, and kept asking around it anyone had seen them. Later in the morning he had all but one, when a young woman came running across the arena calling for him. But, before you get excited about my husband's faithfullness, remember this is a love story about books. She had found the final volume for him!
He did come back with some other good finds, but he has proudly be retelling this story for us, and the new volumes are now stuffed into our ever buldging case of old books.

Anna loved Robbie's library antics

April 19, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Anna loved Robbie's library antics. She just can't imagine a community so in love with their public library. You'll have to tell us more about it.

I woke up this morning to the radio talk show host, also local video clerk and city councellor, raving up a storm about how some justices of the peace aren't giving marriage licenses to gay couples who want to get married. Anywhere else I'd freeze up, not knowing what would come next, but by God, Bill was ranting for me! He said he'd go marry people himself. I thought, Northampton sure looks nice in the springtime. And it does.

NPR had an interesting story on No Child Left Behind this morning. listen to it when it comes your way.

Sadly, the lovely two days of the weekend hav...

April 19, 2004 by Adam in Family

Sadly, the lovely two days of the weekend have come to a close. My mom came over to watch the kids for a bit, giving Jamie and I a few moments of leisure. Mostly we stayed inside as the weather was lousy, entertaining kids as best we can.

Sam and I made pizza last night. When he got to eat it, he started exclaimining "this is the best pizza ever!" By the time he was down to a few scraps, he was convinced it was horrible. Oh fickle boy.

It's looking to be an odd week for me. This Friday I'm working at 1 am again, then heading out to the coast for a three day weekend.

Robbie was up before the crack of dawn yester...

April 18, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

Robbie was up before the crack of dawn yesterday for the Library Book Sale. He had intended to get up at 5:30 a.m. so he could be at the sale at 6:00 a.m., but found that he was unable to sleep by 3:30 and got up and showered. He said he was about 20th in line, as some people had camped out overnight. He said some people were literally running through the doors and down the aisles! He had mapped out the tables and had his list of books prepared the night before!
Isa and I one the other hand slept in and had a fun morning at the Saturday Market and Farmer's market. She mostly enjoyed the juggeler who juggled fire and knives!

Emma got her second tooth last week, which sh...

April 18, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma got her second tooth last week, which she's been using to good effect on everything in her reach. I've got to really watch what odd things pop into her mouth as her main goal in life seems to be to collect as many choking hazards in her tiny cheeks as possible.

Her vocabulary is expanding greatly, though her pronunciation hasn't kept up. She understands all sorts of words now - bird, bee, hi, hair, where's, our names, and many more. She loves pointing and making a "huh?" noise. She says "hi" pretty well and is somewhat understandable with words like "hair" and "bird".

We're also discovering quite a few things about her personality. She loves music and starts clapping and dancing if we start singing. Emma also enjoys various games such as playing with Legos (like her brother) and being pushed around in various impromptu vehicles. Last night I pushed her around on a flattened cereal box. She'd then keep going back to it and sitting down in hopes that it would magically start up and propel her about the room. It did, of course, but only after I placed my hands on it and made a "broooom brooom" noise.

It was a pretty full day yesterday

April 18, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a pretty full day yesterday. I ran off in the morning to pick a bunch of home improvement supplies. Hopefully the raw material will translate into a working network for Jamie's computer and wainscoting for Sam's bathroom. Dave came over later in the morning and took out the lilac bushes to make way for a fence. Hopefully we'll have a fenced backyard to pen the kids in one of these days.

Brant's birthday was yesterday, so Jamie's brothers and respective girlfriends came over for a birthday dinner. Jamie cooked up a tasty treat and everyone was in good spirits. Emma was a bit cranky around bedtime, but I kept her company until she was ready to go to sleep.

Friday is always such a cheerful day here at ...

April 16, 2004 by Adam in Family

Friday is always such a cheerful day here at work, and today is no exception. A mocha warms my belly and the sun is shining through the window. The promise of a weekend is held out as a reward for just sitting in front of my computer all day. Ah, joy.

Jamie came down to the guest bedroom and woke me up, hearing strange noises about the house. I threw on my glasses and came out in full sweatshirt and boxer regalia, prepared to face any foe. It was fairly anticlimactic as the noises had faded by the time I came upstairs. I fell asleep next to a wiggly Emma and woke up to an odd scurrying sound. I'm now convinced that it was either squirrels or raccoons running around on our roof, but it's hard to say. There was a squirrel looking at me funny as I went to coffee this morning, so perhaps it's a vast squirrel conspiracy.

The week is moving along, and I'm actually gl...

April 14, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

The week is moving along, and I'm actually glad to see some rain. We went up to Portland yesterday. I had some school things to take care of and we looked at some rentals. Isa got to put in her two cents this time.
We had a nice Easter in Ka-ne-ta on Sunday - driving over for the day.
I'm helping Mom with the playroom this week. Today I get to go and strip the wallpaper. Then it will be sanding down the floors and painting! We're hoping that when it's all done it will feel like the perfect cozy playroom/guest room!
Isa's school is winding down. They are getting ready for their Cinco De Mayo celebration. Because the local festival moved to September, Isa's teacher is putting on her own festival. I'll let everone know when it will be!

I have a borrowed sewing machine in front of ...

April 13, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I have a borrowed sewing machine in front of me and am preparing to begin my first ever quilting project, made from discontinued furniture scraps from Essentials. I hope the end result will feel like an expensive apolstered embrace.

I finished up one of the possible endings to ...

April 13, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

I finished up one of the possible endings to Deus Ex 2. I think I was disappointed enough that I probably won't try to finish the other ones. I'd like to get to the end of Call of Duty, which I don't think is too far away. There was a great set of Russian scenarios. There's one where you're driving the Germans out of Stalingrad, scores of your comrades dying around you, and you're not given a gun to carry. Instead your job is to act as bait, giving the sniper a chance to do his job. Scary stuff.

Far Cry should hopefully arrive this week. I keep hearing really good things about it. Of course, there's also the comic that the folks at Penny Arcade did. It makes no sense and involves monkeys, making it even funnier.

I started having a nasty headache last night,...

April 13, 2004 by Adam in Family

I started having a nasty headache last night, after playing with Sam outside before dinner. I suspect it's allergy-related, but that didn't help much. This morning I woke up with the aforementioned headache, which only subsided after the 4th Advil and a healthy dose of medicinal cafe mocha. Now, painless and perky, things seem much better.

Some of the things that were broken over the weekend are started to get taken care of. The washing machine is functional again, due to Jamie's quick scheduling of a repair guy. I'm about to buy a new set of speakers for the living room television.

Sam and Emma were so cute last night. We were getting ready to get them to bed, bleary-eyed ourselves. Sam started singing a little song for Emma and she joined in, clapping and wiggling about. Those are the moments that make it all worthwhile.

Thanks, Bets, on their way through the air co...

April 12, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Thanks, Bets, on their way through the air come e-mails in Russian. Who knows, they may be from a couple of working girls, and your cleaning crew will be mortified.
Seraph is at my house this morning scraping wallpaper. The idea is to make the attic bedroom into a suitable play room when all five grandkids are at my house.

We all decided to get out of our funk and hea...

April 12, 2004 by Adam in Family

We all decided to get out of our funk and head out to 5th Street market. It was a beautiful day and we ended up sitting and listening to a Jazz band on the patio for quite awhile. Emma had a great time seeing the sights, pointing and making curious noises. Sam helped me chomp down on a Metropol scone and we had a jolly good time.

We discovered that Emma is getting her second tooth, which explains her somewhat grumpy demenor, drooling, and desire to eat everything. She's also a huge fan of people food, so we give her nearly everything that we're eating at the dinner table.

Happy Easter to all

April 11, 2004 by Adam in Family

Happy Easter to all. Sam got pretty suspicious after the egg hunt, asking poingnant questions. I think he figured out the truth by the afternoon.

Everything I touched broke this weekend. I know everyone will say that I'm just imagining things, but the following items seemed to break this weekend: the t.v.'s speaker system, the washing machine, the plants (which were trampled during the bush removal), the wireless network on Jamie's computer, and the floppy drive on Jamie's computer. I've unfortunately been stressing about them all.

Jamie's been pressing me into painting the bathroom, which we haven't gotten around to after the holiday plumbling issues. It's the same pinkish hue. Hopefully it'll look okay.

Sue, if you get stuck my cleaning crew is fro...

April 09, 2004 by Betsy in Betsy

Sue, if you get stuck my cleaning crew is from Moscow and just returned from visiting Mom and Dad. Happy Easter to all, Much Love Bets and the boys. Patrick is reading the Pastorial prayer at chusch on Sunday for sunrise services!

Does anybody out there in Radioland read and ...

April 09, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

Does anybody out there in Radioland read and write Russian?
I've gotten two e-mails in Russian, and I can't tell if they are from the tour company Mary and I are going with to St. Petersburg or that the tour company sells our names and
Wielesek sounds like I should be able to read e-mails in Russian. My linguistic skills in Russian are pretty much limited to statements appropriate to the consumption of vodka.
Good weekend to all, Sue

It's been a bad week to try to play games

April 09, 2004 by Adam in Adam's Games

It's been a bad week to try to play games. I'm wading my way through Deus Ex, which is something I feel obligated to finish up. Call of Duty is fun, but I usually only play with Sam, so I don't play that often. With the weather so nice, we usually run around outside most evenings. Plus I just ordered Far Cry, which I'm hearing all sorts of good things about. The Demo was pretty amazing, with incredible water effects and a very open free-form environment. Who knows when I'll get a chance to play it all, of course.

The work day is winding down on a beautiful F...

April 09, 2004 by Adam in Family

The work day is winding down on a beautiful Friday afternoon. The sun is shining and the trees are swaying in the breeze. Can't wait to get home.

We don't have any particular weekend plans. Rumor has it that the fence between us and our neighbor is coming down today, so I suspect we may be doing some cleanup related to that. We'll be dying Easter eggs tomorrow and doing our traditional in-house hunt for eggs and goodies Sunday morning. Other than that, it would be nice to take it easy.

The week's been good, if a bit ordinary. Most days after work I play with the kids outside, breaking for dinner, then getting them to bed. If I'm lucky, I'll have an hour or so to myself at the end of the day.

Here is a poem right back at Sam, if I rememb...

April 08, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Here is a poem right back at Sam, if I remember Shel correctly:
I will not play a tug of war
I'd rather play a hug o war
Where everyone hugs instead of tugs
Where everyone giggles and rolls on the rugs
Where everyone kisses and everyone grins
And everyone cuddles and everyone wins

I'm feeling much better now. :)

A wonderful spring weekend in Southern Oregon

April 06, 2004 by Sue in Wielesek

A wonderful spring weekend in Southern Oregon. We saw Durrenmatt's "The Visit" in Ashland. I'm sure that was written at the beginning of the century, and certainly foreshadowed Hitler chillingly.
I had a phone call from Sadie last night, being quite under the weather.
Happy Passover; eat a lot and give my regards to Elijah.

Emma can't seem to stop growing

April 06, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma can't seem to stop growing. She's not quite walking, but she'll stand up for awhile until she realizes that she's much more mobile on the ground. Emma's also gotten quite good at language, though her understanding far outpaces her ability to speak. You can ask her where people and things are, and she'll understand more often than not. That doesn't necessarily mean she'll do what you ask, as she's clearly a willful child.

Emma's also become fond of the "chicken dance" song. We'll start singing it at the dinner table and her eyes light up and she tries to wiggle and clap along with the rest of us. What a wacky family we are.

Sunday went fast, perhaps in part due to Dayl...

April 05, 2004 by Adam in Family

Sunday went fast, perhaps in part due to Daylight Saving's Time. The kids have not adjusted even a little, so everyone woke up late and went to bed late. Dave and Kirsten watched the kids for a couple hours during the day, which gave Jamie and I some time to ourselves. We also accomplished our lengthy list of things to do, including shopping, a library trip, washing vehicles, and cutting down shrubbery.

Our neighbor is planning on putting in a new fence, so he's clearing out bushes this weekend. Jamie's getting excited about putting in a matching fence on the other side, especially after seeing that we're getting a fair bit back from taxes. I'm advocating for Emma's college education, but Jamie thinks that having her marry a doctor is a better solution.

We spent the weekend in Portland helping Rave...

April 05, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

We spent the weekend in Portland helping Raven and Cheikh move apartments. We also took some time looking at apartments ourselves. We are a bit torn between the nicer places in Beaverton or the neighborhoods we liked in South East.
The appraisal for our refinance happened on Friday morning and now we're waiting to find out what they want us to fix before completing the papers.
I'm hoping to get over to Mom's soon to get the play room fixed up. We've come up with some good ideas, but first I get to remove all of the old wall paper.

Sam made up a poem today: One, and two, and ...

April 04, 2004 by Adam in Sam

Sam made up a poem today:
One, and two, and three, and four,
Five, and six, and seven, and more.

Hope everyone sprung forward an hour successf...

April 04, 2004 by Adam in Family

Hope everyone sprung forward an hour successfully this morning. I'm still trying to adjust to the fact that it's now considered close to 6:30, when it feels like I just got up. Tomorrow I'll be breaking out my bike lights and heading to work in the cold.

I had the kids most of the day yesterday, which began with a hearty breakfast of crepes and vegetarian bacon. Plus coffee. Mmmm . . . coffee. Then it was outside to play until Emma's nap. Sam and I played a bit on the computer, Jamie went off to play croquet at Angie's house. The kids and I did a park run then fiddled around until Jamie's return.

The evening was spent at the Jello Art exhibit at the Maude Kern's gallery, which was great fun. Sam discovered he liked Jello, though thankfully not by eating someone's piece of art. We headed off to Metropol for bread, sandwiches, and chocolate mousse. Great stuff.

It's Friday, in the last few minutes before I...

April 02, 2004 by Adam in Family

It's Friday, in the last few minutes before I leave work for home. The sun is shining and it promises to be a beautiful weekend. It's a good feeling.

I spent this morning at Sam's preschool, helping Jamie out with her duties for the day. I hauled around kids in a wagon, extracted a thorn, helped put on countless helmets, and whipped a group of five-year-olds into an improptu chain gang dedicated to putting away blocks. I couldn't wait to get back to work so I could rest.

I'm going to try hard to fiddle around and kick back this weekend, something I rarely get a chance to do. True, I might have to sweat a bit and strain some muscles to accomplish that degree of lethargy, but I'll do my best.

Amazingly enough, work seems to have eased up...

April 01, 2004 by Adam in Adam

Amazingly enough, work seems to have eased up a bit. I've got a bunch of things to do yet, but that's called "having a job". It's a nice change from having multiple rush projects happen all at once.

I haven't talked much about my various non-work and non-family entertainments. I suppose that's because there's not much of it compared to the rest.

I occasionally watch tv, and have been collecting this season's 24 in hopes of doing a big marathon once the season ends. In the meantime, I find myself watching things like Smallville, Enterprise, and Angel, which I've been watching for some years now. It's what I call my "bowl of cereal" shows, as I typically eat my evening cereal while I watch them. I've also been enjoying Tripping the Rift, which is fairly funny and quite risque. The L Word is sometimes good as well.

I've got my computer games, of course, and I'm slowly working my way through those. My Neverwinter Nights projects seem never ending. I'd love to do some more gardening as well. I perked right up when Jamie let me know that she was buying some vegitables for our little garden. I miss weeding and planting.

In honor of April Fool's Day, I will simply d...

April 01, 2004 by Adam in Family

In honor of April Fool's Day, I will simply direct you to this article. I won't even attempt to top these classics.

It was a beautiful, sunny day when I headed out this morning. I quickly realized it was still quite chilly and froze my fingers off on the way into work. The last of Seraph's cake is gone, nibbled away durning lunch today. I will miss it greatly.

We woke up to a very cold house this morning,...

April 01, 2004 by Seraph in Cortez

We woke up to a very cold house this morning, and the heating guy is out here fixing our furnace right now. We knew he was ok when he mentioned that he was currently playing Diablo 2.
Robbie and I started to make progress on the upstairs and family room. Right now they are mostly piled high with boxes. I'm mostly trying to get through all of the projects that I've put off for the last 4 years.

while we didn't get around to reinacting the ...

April 01, 2004 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

while we didn't get around to reinacting the twelve stations of the cross, sam and i had a great time planning for our big production the next time i'm in town. i also had isa time, which is performative in its own right, down to the glass slippers and pretty pink princess boa. dez has an impeccable sense of physical humor, as so boldly displayed in his little vaudville act on friday. jordan is quite the talker these days too, and emma, with her warmest temperment, is such a blessing. thank you, my most amazing and loving family, for making spectacular babies for me to miss when i'm gone. anna thanks all of you for being so sweet to her, even if she won't transfer to the UofO next week. i miss you already.

so i'm back safe and sound, although i have to go back to hartford tonight to retreive my wallet, which slipped out of my pocket or bag during the flight. another hour and a half in the car won't kill me, and the rest of the travelling was smooth sailing. My roommate Lindsey may have a tropical viral infection, but her fever is down and she wasn't dead when i last checked, so she should pull through.

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