Happy Halloween to all! I'm dressed like a p...

October 31, 2006 by Adam in Family

Happy Halloween to all! I'm dressed like a pirate here at work today, getting a fair number of comments from my more boring coworkers. Last night the kids and I dressed up and went to a neighborhood Halloween party. It was fairly entertaining and somehow Sam managed to get me to walk through the haunted house they'd set up in the basement. Sam and I went as pirates and I hauled along the old family flintlock rifle. Needless to say, a bunch of kids and a few adults wanted to caress it adoringly.

The week has been fairly uneventful so far. Sam's getting readusted to school. Emma's having a hard time going to school again, crying even the night before and asking if it's the weekend or not. This morning, though, she was excited to dress up and head out, so it may just be that she's tired from the time change.

In a couple weekends, it's looking like I'll be taking the kids to Portland myself. There's a Star Wars exhibit at OMSI that Sam's been wanting to see. Maybe we can do a zoo trip too, if Seraph and Robbie are up for it. We'll see how it goes.

Greetings from Meadville! Happy Halloween and...

October 30, 2006 by Danica in Danica Miller

Greetings from Meadville! Happy Halloween and kandy korn daze to all!

Checking in briefly in order to refresh Dorothy's memory about how to post in the web site. I'm visiting Meadville on my way to and from Pittsburgh where I linked up after 30+ years with several good friends and former classmates from my Carnegie Mellon theatre program days. What a hoot! non-stop reminiscing for 2 days!

Things are fine in Meadville. Mother is busy as usual with friends, clubs and of course has her Christmas cards already addressed!

The Rochester group (me, Ben, Andy) are also doing well. Just checked the Bard web site in hopes of finding out about Ben's varsity cross country meet on Sat. They had their conference championships and it seems came in second place! Don't know if that means Ben will be heading to Williamstown next week for another round of championships or not. If he does, I'll be sure to let Sadie know.

Love to all -

Danica & Grandma Dorothy

Well, I'm back at work, slowly adjusting to b...

October 30, 2006 by Adam in Family

Well, I'm back at work, slowly adjusting to both the weather and time change. I was up at 4:30 in the morning and rode to work through chilly fog. November's just around the corner.

The beach was beautiful, warm and sunny when we arrived Friday. It was just our family and Sam's friend John. The two of them played non-stop, mostly huddling around The Movies on the computer, building up their imaginary studios. Emma alternated playing with her parents and exploring every nook and cranny of the beach house. On Saturday, Jamie took everyone to Newport for crab and visiting the aquarium. Emma continues to tell everyone she meets about the sea urchin that "hugged" her finger.

We left for home Sunday morning, as the rain had started. The ride back was gorgeous with the leaves turning colors. Sunday was spent mostly at home, though Emma and I went to a tea party that all the neighbors were invited to. Sam and Emma both start school today. Sam's been gone for a week, so I expect he'll return with piles of homework. Since I was out Friday, I have oodles of e-mails to catch up on. I'm trying hard not to get in frantic mode.

Hi Everyone

October 28, 2006 by Yayoe in Yayoe

Hi Everyone...
Aloha and good news! Josh and Jody are expecting a baby in late April! Needless to say, I'll be in Honolulu right after the delivery! Jody is starting her 2nd trimester! So I'm a very very happy Jewpanese mother! I won't try to force chicken soup yet...but I'm plotting.....

Sayer's baby, Jackson...is doing great. He now weighs 13 pounds and growing so quickly. I spent the day in Portland yesterday hanging out with him and Sasha, who seems to be a natural, calm and loving mother. Sayer was in Seattle working in his accountant job. Seems hard to believe that he's a CPA type! He's quite amazing! Their dog Oliver is playing second fiddle to the baby but very protective of him! He's been demoted to being a dog but still very much loved by his masters!

Lohring has been spending his weekends preparing for yet another speed trial in California. He and his buddy Mike will be at Legg Lake from November 10-17th...trying to break another world speed record..He's also very busy working on the LCC/River Stone Clinic/HIV Alliance grant! For a retired person he's really very busy but enjoying all his activities. He still finds time to work downstairs in his metal working nerd cave!

I'll be retiring from my consulting job at PeaceHealth and my pro bono job at the Alzheimer's Association at the end of December. It's been a wonderful experience and I've loved the work. Just when I thought I was through working another part-time counseling job appeared on the horizon so I'm preparing to start on November 7th..more about that later.

We're about 1.5 years away from Medicare and looking forward to being an offical old fart cared for by the federal government! Hurrah! I never thought I would want to be 65 but now it's an exciting event on the horizon.Instead of celebrating our birthdays we're gonna have a Medicare party! I want Lohring to buy me a 14 K Medicare card holder that I can wear around my neck to show off! I like the status of being on the government dole!

I picked up a couple games cheaply over at go...

October 27, 2006 by Adam in Adam's Games

I picked up a couple games cheaply over at gogamer.com, Company of Heroes and The Movies. Sam was really fascinated by The Movies and so in a burst of energy last night, earned enough checks to play it when it arrived yesterday.

So far we haven't got into the movie making part at all. Instead, we're just building up our little 1920's movie studio. We just bought a western-themed lot, so I presume that'll be our next movie. Maybe once we make it through the tutorial we'll be able to play around a bit more.

Yesterday turned out better than I'd hoped

October 27, 2006 by Adam in Family

Yesterday turned out better than I'd hoped. Sam seems to be on the mend, though he has a non-itching rash over most of his body now. Emma was extremely tired and cranky at dinner, though later was very pleasant and I lay down next to her while she fell asleep. Jamie's tired, as usual, though I think the kids going to sleep at eight o'clock is helping somewhat.

Now I'm getting packed and ready for the beach trip today. The weather is supposedly going to be cool but sunny, which is the best we can hope for in October.

It's been an odd week, with Sam sick and out ...

October 26, 2006 by Adam in Family

It's been an odd week, with Sam sick and out of school. Emma's back to normal, though she's been incredibly tired at night. During dinner last night, she almost fell asleep in her burrito. I was called in to keep her awake until a reasonable hour, and ate dinner while giving her a bath. Yesterday I was called in by Jamie to watch Sam while she took Emma to her school's pumpkin patch adventure. It made for a lot of bike riding.

It also sounds like we're heading off to the beach tomorrow, bringing along Sam's friend John. I think Jamie's parents may stop by for part of it, but otherwise we'll be hanging out by ourselves. Hopefully it'll be somewhat relaxing, though I'm a little uncertain about all the kids running about.

Work was crazy yesterday, with endless interruptions and doing work remotely. I still got quite a bit done, and hopefully this big project of mine can move along smoothly. I'll probably treat myself to a mocha today since I'm out tomorrow.

Emma and I had a great time in Portland, shop...

October 23, 2006 by Jamie in Jamie

Emma and I had a great time in Portland, shopping at Bridgeport Village, playing out in the Autumn sunshine, cooking a fancy dinner on the irreplacable Czechoslovokian china, and admiring all the latest remodelling. Their house has always been my favorite place to be, so I will be sad to see it sold, but happy that it has been such a great investment for them.
Sam is home sick today with the virus that has been passed through the house. Emma is loath to hand over her special designation and so is inventing symptoms to regain some sympathy. She will be going to school today regardless.
We have planned to eke out the last (hopefully) nice days at the beach this weekend, and it will be a treat to fire up the gas inserts and boil some crab in butter.

While culling through my morning emails, I re...

October 23, 2006 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

While culling through my morning emails, I received a beautiful spam poem. This is my favorite bit:

And Mr. Sikes was right. By dint of alternate threats, promises, and bribes, the lady in question was ultimately prevailed upon to undertake the commission. She was not, indeed, withheld by the same considerations as her agreeable friend; for, having recently removed into the neighborhood of Field Lane from the remote but genteel suburb of Ratcliffe, she was not under the same apprehension of being recognised by any of her numerous acquaintance.

A little morning Zen.

It's Sunday afternoon, and Jamie and Emma are...

October 22, 2006 by Adam in Family

It's Sunday afternoon, and Jamie and Emma are here safe and sound. Emma's in high spirits, but Jamie is tired and feeling sick. Sam is too, it seems, and they're both resting as best they can.

Last night Sam tried out his Halloween outfit, dressing up like a pirate. I must have been tired because I slept for nine hours last night, something unheard of. This morning we had the best breakfast ever - cafe mocha (for me), pancakes with blueberries, and sausage. It was heavenly.

I dragged a tuckered Sam along several errands - the gas station, video store, and library, and then we dropped off my mom's car. We then settled down in front of the the television and watched X-Men 3.

Now Emma's leaping around the play room and I can't stay away for long. C'est la vie.

Good Sunday to all, I'm just doing a little h...

October 22, 2006 by Jenny in Jenny

Good Sunday to all, I'm just doing a little house work, thought i would take a break to post. Well Jordan finished up soccer yeasterday, and got the worlds coolest trophy. He has been taking it every were. Now Jordan wants to do swimming. We all went to spash last night for a very cold night swim. The boys had a great time, and feel asleep shortly after arriving home. Well Destin has his 4th basketball game today at the YMCA. So we are just laying low til then. Destin is now a very buzy boy, He's doing acting classes, once a week. Joined the school band, and is playing the bass. Well i'm still looking for a job, i signed on with a fill in place and did work last week, it was nice to be back in the really world. Well Darren is off to Mexico again in 9 days, part work, part play. So anyone wants to have a play date give us a gingle.

It's been a fun weekend with just Sam and I

October 21, 2006 by Adam in Family

It's been a fun weekend with just Sam and I. Last night we hiked over to my mom's house and borrowed the car, with flashbacks to high school. Sam was complaining about sore arms and neck, so we passed on swimming and instead went to rent a movie. We wandered around for seemingly forever, finally settling on The Corpse Bride and The Bourne Supremacy. We watched half of the latter, then did the normal shower and bed routine.

This morning we finished the movie and then made a hearty breakfast. Sam announced that he missed Emma and mom (in that order), and asked me what I liked about them the most. It was very cute.

We then cleaned the basement, played with balloons, and headed off to his soccer game. It was the last game of the season, so we had pizza and awards afterwards. The coaches, as is our fine tradition, headed home with beer. Next was a lengthy shopping trip where we snagged all sorts of things: food, shoes, Halloween costumes, and a DVD as a treat. Every time I go to Fred Meyers, I wonder if Seraph had a hand in the clothes around me.

Now Sam's watching The Corpse Bride, I'm finishing the laundry, and taking it easy before I go into dad mode again. Maybe we can practice riding bikes or just putter around for awhile. I'm a bit tuckered.

Mocha Friday

October 20, 2006 by Adam in Family

Mocha Friday. I'm waiting for my coffee buddy Jim to arrive before I partake of that magical elixir.

It promises to be a somewhat exciting weekend. Jamie and Emma go to Portland today, with Sam being dropped off at home in the afternoon. It'll be interesting to be carless, especially with a soccer game on Saturday. I'm working on borrowing a car, though we may take the 25 minute trek over to the field if necessary.

Emma's still sick, though with proper use of Tylenol, she mostly seems her normal self. I took her and Sam to Sam's last soccer practice last night. The big excitement was the parents versus the kids game, which is a tradition for final practices for the last few years. It was fun lumbering about with a giggling Emma on my shoulders. At one point she said, "I love you dad! I don't want you to die from the crazy ball."

Well, Jamie just called from the doctor

October 19, 2006 by Adam in Emma

Well, Jamie just called from the doctor. Emma has hand, foot, and mouth disease. It was going around at school and it looks like it worked its way to her. Poor girl. The only solution is to keep the Tylenol flowing, treating the symptoms until she's feeling better.

I'm not sure what this means about Jamie's trip to Portland. I guess we'll play it by ear.

I'm a big silly-head

October 19, 2006 by Adam in Adam

I'm a big silly-head.

A couple days ago, Emma and I went to the park in the evening. She remarked on the beautiful sunset, pointing out that it was pink, her favorite color. I noticed the chestnuts scattered around. As it grew dark, it turned into a treasure hunt of sorts. We went around finding chestnuts and putting them in the stroller. Eventually we had quite a haul.

Emma was excited to roast them and eat them. Since we don't have an open fire, like the song goes, I tossed them in the oven and cranked up the heat to 425. Part of me thought I should actually read directions on how to do this, but I figured the worst that could happen is that they get a bit toasty.

As it turns out, you can do worse than that. Soon Sam and I were called upstairs to a shouting Jamie. Smoke filled the house and I opened the oven to find the chestnuts had exploded and charred. Two remained mostly intact, having oozed out the nutty interior into a thin paste of goo.

I was chastized by both Jamie and myself, promising to clean it up the next day. Jamie beat me to it, and I was left doing some minor scrubbing last night.

Stupid, stupid, Christmas song.

I'm getting ready to head home for the night

October 19, 2006 by Seraph in Cortez

I'm getting ready to head home for the night. We've been getting our Fall '07 collections finished up, so I'm swamped with last minute changes.
Today Isa had her school pictures. Hopefully I can post a cute shot soon.
Robbie has been planning a Halloween block party. We don't live in the best trick-or-treat neighborhood, so we want this to make it up to the kids.
The office should settle down mid-November. Maybe we can come see everyone then. Hogs and quiches.

Sam is a reading maniac

October 18, 2006 by Adam in Sam

Sam is a reading maniac. Last night he read an entire book. The days before, he read through three "Magic Tree House" books. Evidently he's inherited his parents' reading genes.

Emma's been sick off and on the last few days

October 18, 2006 by Adam in Emma

Emma's been sick off and on the last few days. Yesterday I got called home early to watch a feverish Emma languishing in bed. A little Tylenol later she was perky again and playing like her normal self.

This morning was much of the same. She was acting miserable, got some Tylenol, and was fine once again. I hung around until Jamie arrived home right before noon.

Hopefully this is just a passing thing. Poor kid.

I'm self-medicating with a Mocha this morning...

October 17, 2006 by Adam in Adam

I'm self-medicating with a Mocha this morning, driving away the winter blues. The transition to Fall has been odd, riding my bike to work in the dark and the kids going to bed earlier. Work has been a bit overwhelming as of late. I finished up my last big coding push, which was good, and now I have endless little things nipping at my heels. No rest for the weary.

It's been nice reading posts from Sadie as of late. She's been on my mind, the wayward sister on the East coast. I'm looking forward to a hopeful Christmasy trip home.

Any weekend when I get to see all five (yep, ...

October 16, 2006 by Sue in Wielesek

Any weekend when I get to see all five (yep, count 'em, five) grandkids, is a good weekend. Bob and I drove up to Ptland on Thursday to pick up Anna, back from a month in Europe, suntanned and pretty, as always. Then I drove up on Friday to Portland, picked up Isa from a friend's parents' cafe where the two girls were hanging out (no school day) and drove down to Seraph's job. They were having pizza for someone's birthday, and Seraph snuck us in to meet her co-workers. Very fun. Then Isa and I hit Eugene, and went with Bob to The Mission for dinner.

On Saturday, Isa and I puttered and giggled, then I took her to Jenny's while Bob and I went to the game. Bob fixed hot dogs for dinner, and then home to bed. On Sunday, Emma and Sam came over, and they had a delightful time. Bob drove us back to Portland, and we got to visit with Seraph and Robbie. Lots of rain coming and going.

Love to all, om

The weekend is wrapping up

October 16, 2006 by Adam in Family

The weekend is wrapping up. I made soup and salad for dinner, along with chocolate chip muffins for dessert. It's a bit of a treat for me to make dinner on Sunday evenings, harking back to the days when I was a second cook around the house. Now Emma's puttering around with me in the basement. She's seemingly absorbed with her pirate hat and little people.

Yesterday was fairly low-key, just hanging out with the family. Sam and I went to the library and Humble Bagel. Today Emma, Sam, and Jamie went over to my mom's to visit with Isabell. My coworker John came over to record piratey voices for my game. After that, we went to Sam's soccer game in the rain, and generally took it easy. Good times.

Quote of the day: "Emma, please don't handle ...

October 15, 2006 by Adam in Family

Quote of the day: "Emma, please don't handle the eyeballs."

Ok well

October 13, 2006 by Jenny in Jenny

Ok well..HELLO to all. First off i want to say concrats to miss seraph, for a most amazing job, with school. Well done, im sad that we missed your graduation. So now that you are a real, working girl. How are things going? I believe that we get the presents off your lovely daughter for the game. We miss you, so it should be a pleasure to have at least part of you both with us. Hope that you both have a great weekend.Well life has got really buzy for me. Jordan is now in soccer, and destin is now in basketball. I'm trying to find a job and be a soccer mom. I know now that going to work is much more relaxing!!!!!!!!All is well here, I miss everyone and just wanted to say hello. Sadie its time to come home and visit. We have a new miller/banks family member, his name is odie.No I didn't have a kid, he's a puppy and he's a good boy. 12 weeks old. I'll get a pic on tomorrow.

That "clarity" you are experiencing is most l...

October 13, 2006 by Jamie in Sadie & Greg

That "clarity" you are experiencing is most likely dehydration induced hallucination...but we must take what we can get, eh?

Mocha Friday

October 13, 2006 by Adam in Family

Mocha Friday. I was really wanting it too, as I ended up taking cough medicine last night, to get me through the tail end of this annoying cold. My zombie-like fog has mostly lifted and I'm feeling somewhat normal.

There was no soccer practice last night, so the kids and I ended up doing all sorts of wacky things. We did experiments with oil, milk, vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring in the kitchen. We looked through scrap books. There was playing Zelda on the Gamecube. We watched the neighbor chop down a tree. Ah, good times.

Jamie's off to a friend's tonight, while I take the kids swimming. I'm going to see if I can convince at least Sam to go to the library with me. Other than that, we'll probably do our usual running around outside while the weather holds.

Today I am participating in a traditional Ram...

October 12, 2006 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Today I am participating in a traditional Ramadan fast, abstaining from food and water from sunup until sundown. There are 90 minutes left until sundown. I'm doing my best to think about things other than my stomach, unsuccessfully. However, as many people have promised, I have a renewed clarity, despite my sluggish body. A clarity about date ice cream at the end of the tunnel.

At work I've been doing this massive code con...

October 12, 2006 by Adam in Adam

At work I've been doing this massive code conversion, going from Visual Basic to C#. I've been working with variations of Basic since I was eight, so it's a bit of a change. Last night I was actually dreaming about it, watching SqlInt32.Parse and various {} symbols move across my brain. And then I had a dream about talking dolphins. Go figure.

I think I'm in the last stages of my annoying cold. I'm still a little sniffly, but no headache this morning. I slept for eight and a half hours last night, which is pretty unusual for me. Now it's off to shower and head in to work. The C# is calling to me . . .

Happy anniversary, Seraph and Robbie! Have a ...

October 11, 2006 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Happy anniversary, Seraph and Robbie! Have a great time curled up in front of the fire- as they say, families that read together wear tweed together.

I just saw V for Vendetta last night, which was highly enjoyable for several reasons:
1. Natalie Portman
2. Natalie Portman with a British accent
3. Natalie Portman with a shaved head
And, of course, any DC comic turned movie is totally righteous.

Today is our 9th anniversary

October 11, 2006 by Seraph in Cortez

Today is our 9th anniversary. Robbie and I going away to Hood River this weekend while Isa heads down to Eugene with Mom. I think we're both looking forward to getting away. If only to sit in front of a fire and read books for a weekend.
Isa continues to excell at school, frequently amazing us with new knowledge. Robbie is working to organize a Halloween block party with several neighbors, and I'm swamped at work. I hope that we'll all be able to make it down some time soon to see everyone!

Adam, thank you for sharing that fantastic Jo...

October 10, 2006 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Adam, thank you for sharing that fantastic Joan Jett tune, just in time for National Coming Out Day! So, come Wednesday, give a big hand to the brave souls that keep it real across the country. May we all look as good as Joan Jett!

I spent the long weekend in Holyoke, the poorest and most beautiful city in the state. We worked with Community Development Corporation Nueva Esperanza. Spending time at such a grassroots, social-justice oriented community organization really recommitted me to my community work. Western Mass was also in its Sunday best all weekend, which made the trip particularly glorious.

I finally caught the cold that Emma's had for...

October 10, 2006 by Adam in Adam

I finally caught the cold that Emma's had for the last week or so. After being well for so long, it's a bit of a shock. I'm pretty worthless about the house and I keep telling Jamie how much I appreciate her. Today at work I've purchased a medicinal mocha, which I'm about to take orally.

Life's pretty good, otherwise. The kids are in school and we're adjusting to the school routine. The big holiday season is coming up, along with endless computer game releases. The weekend after next Sam and I get to have a father-son weekend as Jamie and Emma go to Portland.

I keep mentally preparing for my work to be moved out to the Riverbend Annex in Springfield. I'm not too happy about it, but I think I can make due. The big choice is to see if I'm up for a 45ish minute bike ride each morning and afternoon. I haven't nailed down the time entirely, but it would be significant and might involve traveling through high-traffic areas. The other choice is to buy a second car, which is certainly convenient in some ways. Hmm.

Monday already

October 09, 2006 by Adam in Family

Monday already. Emma and I are both goopy and sniffly, catching whatever cold that has been going around. After so many months of being healthy, it's somewhat annoying if not unexpected.

Saturday was quite productive, with Sam and I taking down the rest of the arbor in front of the house. It's very open now, which I sort of like. We do need to put up a railing and we'll probably do some sort of roof cover like the one over the patio. Jamie, as usual, is handling the details.

Speaking of Jamie, she's been a real trooper this weekend. Emma and I were both sick, so she took up the slack and sent me to bed early.

Mocha Friday

October 06, 2006 by Adam in Family

Mocha Friday. I've already downed my cup o' joe and am grinding through the morning e-mail and issues. It's pretty quiet today, with not a single member of my team occupying the nearby cubicles. Perhaps I'll rip off my clothes and code naked.

It's been a longish week, with Jamie and Emma both sick. Sam's so far avoided illness, due to regular hand washing according to him. Last night we had no soccer practice, so we kicked a ball around in the back yard. It was fun, and we both got pretty tired.

Tonight is swimming, as usual. In the morning Sam and I plan on destroying the rest of the arbor, and then head off to soccer practice. I'm not sure when I'll work in a library trip, but I've sunk to reading books from my library that I've already read multiple times.

Other than that, we don't have too many exciting things planned. I'd like to get outside if the weather holds. Jamie's visiting with Victoria on Sunday. That's about it.

Oooo, poor Emma

October 05, 2006 by Sue in Wielesek

Oooo, poor Emma. I hope her leg doesn't break again soon.
I actually remember that Adam took his share of hot baths at 2:00 a.m. when he was in growth spurts.

Emma had a rough night last night

October 04, 2006 by Adam in Emma

Emma had a rough night last night. Both our kids are tall, so they've had growing pain when young. Last night I woke up to her moaning and saying that her leg was broken. Jamie went to comfort her and I went to get Tylenol. Eventually I just rubbed her legs for fifteen minutes until she fell asleep.

Other than that, she seems in good spirits. Last night at dinner she started counting in French. Soon enough, we were all counting and teaching Sam how it goes.

Jamie emphasized that her pronunciation was better than mine, at which point I said something rather rude in French. She corrected it, and added to Emma not to ever say that in class. Soon enough Emma was swearing like a French sailor. I'm hopeful she forgets, but if she's sent home by her teacher, I've only myself to blame.

Most of the grunt work at the office is done

October 03, 2006 by Sue in Wielesek

Most of the grunt work at the office is done. Jamie and I are having lunch today, amazing property manager that she is, and so I'm trying to get my thoughts organized around the financial future of the building. I had so much fun with Jenny and my gfs. at "Chicago". I'm giggling with glee
over the Republican sex scandal. Hoisted on his own petard!
What is a Petard, anyway? Gentle readers? E-mail me! Love to all, mom

What a day

October 02, 2006 by Adam in Family

What a day. I certainly earned my keep today, gardening and ripping down our rotting arbor. Sam helped out and gleefully enjoyed all the destruction. I had him hauling timber, carrying tools, and holding the ladder. It was satisfying in a blister-and-scrape sort of way. We're still deciding what to replace it all with.

Sam's had soccer games today and yesterday. I had Emma yesterday afternoon at the park while Jamie took Sam on a walk to the store. Neither kid seemed excited at the outset, but both were quite cheerful once they were on their way.

Not much else to report. Jamie visited with Angie and it sounds like everyone is doing well with the new baby. Sam picked a dessert of ice cream with whip cream and chocolate sauce for the last couple nights. I was good and stuck to my bowl of cereal as usual.

Sam and I played a fair bit of Defcon yesterday

October 01, 2006 by Adam in Adam's Games

Sam and I played a fair bit of Defcon yesterday. It's a fun little game and Sam is only now starting to get the hang of it.

Of course, I dreamt last night there had been a thermonuclear war. That'll teach me to play Defcon and watch Jericho.

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