All is well in frigid Williamstown! I've full...

February 28, 2006 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

All is well in frigid Williamstown! I've fully moved in to 45 Hall St, and while my room is smaller than any Smith dorm room and the apartment is as big as my attic room in high school, my flat mates more than make up for the place's petite size. Purdy, the volunteer firefighter and recorder for the blind and dyslexic, has infinitely helpful roomie skills- carpentry skills, lifting skills, and the skill of having a truck, which runs on vegetable oil! Janet is quiet but wonderfully generous. It's not quite like having Anna around, but there's always something interesting to come home to.

And Anna loves her new job! She feels valued and important and supported in new challenges, which is great to hear. She also loves living with her aunt, uncle, and two cousins. I love living vicariously through their urban antics. These are her feet and some cloudless perfect view. Very San Francisco.

News from Aunt Meg is that Grandpa Bill is ge...

February 28, 2006 by Betsy in Betsy

News from Aunt Meg is that Grandpa Bill is getting better and wants out!! They are keeping him in the ICU for now until they can run some more tests. Apparently the muscle tissue in his esophagus is very loose and his food sits in there and ends up in his lungs causing the pnemonia. The fix for this may entail inserting a feeding tube, of course Grandpa Bill is not going for this. We'll just have to see what he decides. But its looking good that he will be back at Megs in the next week if he continues to improve.

Yesterday was indeed, all about the Harlem Gl...

February 27, 2006 by Adam in Family

Yesterday was indeed, all about the Harlem Globetrotters. It was fun, full of the expected zany hijinks. The poor New York Nationals once again lost horribly, despite my cheers. It was also neat to hang out with the family and do the wave once or twice. Maybe we'll do it the next time we get together for dinner.

I had the kids to myself towards the end of the day, playing in the basement, cooking the pizza Jamie made, and working on Sam's homework. I read more Spiderwick Chronicles to the kids during their bath, up until the point where Emma discovered her ability to annoy Sam with her bubbling noises. It was pleasant end to the weekend, though I was pretty bushed by the end of the day.

The rains have returned to Eugene. Emma helped me work on my bike on Saturday, replacing the seat and cleaning things up. She had a great time squirting assorted bolts with cleaning fluid.

It is Sunday afternoon

February 26, 2006 by Dick in Lytton

It is Sunday afternoon. I have just openned our internet access for the first time in a couple of days.

As Betsy has posted, Bill has been in the hospital since Friday mornign. He experienced a significant decline on Thursday afternoon and into the evening-- congested coughing from his lungs, uncontrolled tremors, sweats and chills but not apparent fever, etc. Perhaps, we thought, related to the radiation treatments on Monday through Thursday. As I think you know, he has a tumor in his chest that has grown and inteferes with his right lung's ability to inflate. (This is my understanding.. which is no guarantee that it is a medically accurate description). We wondered if the condition was related to the radiaton.

Thursday evening and just after Meg started to prepare to take him to the ER around 10:30 PM, he had a miraculous recovery-- able to use the walker to get to the bathroom (previously he could not walk with the walker from the couch to a chair 2 feet away); being hungry and having two cans of Ensure; watching the 11:00 News and the Letterman show-- and falling asleep again shortly after midnight. On Friday morning, he awoke again with tremors, sweats, difficulty breathing, etc. and Meg took him to the hospital. He spent Friday in the ER because of a full-house in the ICU with a diagnosis of pneumonia. By Saturday afternoon (and in the ICU), he was much, much better-- and even had a great sense of humor. Meg stayed with him for the entire visiting hours (11AM - 8PM) on Saturday and has been there since 11 today (Sunday). Saturday evening, he had a relapse into the pneumonia behaviors. I don't know that any causes have been tested yet, although we suspect that the cause may be aspiration while eating/drinking. Thicken liquids and pureed foods have been recommended for him several times before but he is not interested. (This may change his mind.)

Julie came home today and spent about 4 hours with Bill and Meg in the ICU-- which brought joy to Bill and to Meg. Callie is occupied this weekend in DC with her boyfriend's family and a memorial service for his grandfather but Bill asks about her constantly too. Mikayla has been tied up all weekend getting her school's light and sound system ready for the school musical next week-- but has been a big help too.

We hope that Bill will move out of the ICU tomorrow and back home soon after that. But we have already learned not to try to predict too far ahead!
Love to everybody who reads this and-- on Bill's and Meg's behalf-- thank you for your interest, your thoughts, and your love.
(BTW, he loves receiving mail which "feels" more personally addressed to him than the e-mail we print for him.)

Sunday already

February 26, 2006 by Adam in Family

Sunday already. Sam's watching over my shoulder as I type away, waiting for me to get off the computer so he can work on his game. Jamie's making waffles and Emma's watching a show.

Today's big event is Sam and I's trip to see the Harlem Globetrotters. I don't think I've ever been to a basket ball game, though I'm not sure this really counts. Hopefully it'll be fun and I'm looking forward to hanging out with my family.

We've had a couple nights to get used to the new bed. Jamie loves it, sleeping well and feeling refreshed. I'm a little more hesitant, but I think I'm getting used to it. It's a lot firmer than what I was expected, but have slept well enough.

We did our normal routine Friday night and Saturday morning, full of swimming, library trips, and a visit to Humble Bagel. I took the kids to the park where they got cold and sandy, and made a few friends. Jamie made an interesting dessert made out of yogurt and gelatin. The kids didn't eat much, but they thought it was a grand thing to play with.

I talked to Granpa Bill this afternoon

February 25, 2006 by Betsy in Betsy

I talked to Granpa Bill this afternoon. They have kept him in the hospital. He has pnemonia and because the flu is running its course through Philly the only bed they could put him in was in the ICU. He sounds much better and is getting his oxygen stepped down to normal. No other word.

Emma came to work yesterday and we had a nice...

February 24, 2006 by Adam in Family

Emma came to work yesterday and we had a nice little time simply exploring and carrying on. We ran around at a nearby park, rode the elevator, and chatted with "the ladies" at our front desk.

There's this funny thing that Jamie and I do sometimes. She'll buy something or start a house project, and I'll grumble about the cost and whether or not I like it. Afterwards, though, I end up praising her brilliance and wondering how I could have ever lived without it. Anyway, we're getting a new bed today, which has a fairly different style than what I was expected. I'm fretting about it a little, but hopeful the same pattern continues.

Sam and I are going to see the Harlem Globetrotters along with Jenny and her kids and my dad. I haven't seen a basketball game for a long while, though this is more of performance art than anything else. I think it'll be fun.

Other than that, I think it'll be swimming tonight and the library in the morning. Should be fun.

Grandpa Bill is in the hospital at Bryn Mawr

February 24, 2006 by Betsy in Betsy

Grandpa Bill is in the hospital at Bryn Mawr. He had trouble breathing this morning and Meg took him in. They increased his oxygen and he seems to be doing better. They probably will keep him today and unless something else changes he'll go home tonight. I'll keep you posted. Say some prayers. Love, Bets

I told Jamie that she should never buy me cho...

February 23, 2006 by Adam in Family

I told Jamie that she should never buy me chocolate covered espresso beans again. I got some for Valentine's Day and proceeded to eat a good portion of the bag yesterday. Sure enough, I soon developed superhuman strength, a dashing wit, and the ability to see things not meant for mortal eyes. Amazingly, I somehow got to sleep at a normal hour.

My mom was over to watch the kids while Jamie and I went for a walk and then later watched an old Doris Day movie. I think Jamie has been saving up all her adult conversation as I could barely get a word in edgewise.

I spent a fair amount of time with Emma, who is a very neat little girl. I'm still amazed she's only two, as her vocabulary and height make me think she's lots older. She ended up painting my toes and fingernails last night, fortunately with washable pen. Anything for a few moments of peace.

18 YEARS AGO TODAY, Will Kohr entered this world

February 23, 2006 by Betsy in Betsy

18 YEARS AGO TODAY, Will Kohr entered this world. A little unexpected but definitely a blessing to all that he meets. Happy Birthday Will!
Love your mom and Family

Sam's still working on drawing? Awesome! I ch...

February 22, 2006 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Sam's still working on drawing? Awesome! I checked out some local continuing ed courses, and I bet he could take drawing at LCC. Most of the classes are from 7-9pm, which may be a little late for a six year-old, and you and Jamie will have to have that "nudity as art" discussion if he takes a live model course, but I say it's never too early to start drawing from life. Either that or you could sneak him into a gentleman's club. Though the models don't keep still for very long. But seriously folks, life drawing changed my life, and certainly my appreciation of the female form.

I was pretty much dead to the world yesterday...

February 22, 2006 by Adam in Family

I was pretty much dead to the world yesterday, though I managed to shuffle in to work and put on a good show. It helped that most of my team was off to a conference. I feel better today, though still pretty sniffly. At least my headache has faded.

Otherwise, it was a pretty quiet day yesterday. Jamie worked out. Emma and I played with magnets and modeling clay. Sam's been working hard at his drawing skills.

Adam and I should be sniffling some great duet

February 21, 2006 by Sue in Wielesek

Adam and I should be sniffling some great duet. For some reason I hab the same code, and it is a nasty little nipper.
I've been playing catch-up in all the areas of my life; finally took the car in to Mr. Kim today, am catching up on
bill paying, and clearing junk out of my office. I talked to
Sadie yesterday, and she did sound busy. Also, Arik is going in to talk to Ernie Kent (the U of O basketball coach, for you intellectuals) about practicing with the team
for the rest of the season. Wish him luck; that boy does love basketball.

Now that Anna has left for Detroit en-route t...

February 21, 2006 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Now that Anna has left for Detroit en-route to San Francisco, I have all the time in the world to commit to my job. I was at a meeting until 10:30 last night and then got into work an hour before the rest of the office to get out some fliers for a children's hurricane relief party. My friends are also doing their best to keep me busy with various cultural endeavors, though I don't think I can stand to see another Dukes of Hazard rerun.

This is a picture from the website Found- I believe it was found on a playground. If you can't read it, it says "Crossing the Delaware/ Snakes/ Wolves/Space/The Century." Obviously the beginning of one awesome story.

I'm sniffly again today

February 21, 2006 by Adam in Family

I'm sniffly again today. The hardest part is feeling so tired. My endless cups of tea seem to do nothing.

Last night was a bit tough. Jamie was around for long enough to make me a cup of tea and then went off to dinner. I watched the kids and did their evening routine. They ended up having more screen time than normal simply because I was so darn' beat. The evening wrapped up with me reading books "wrong" to the kids and Jamie coming in to put them to sleep.

Another weekend has come and gone

February 20, 2006 by Adam in Family

Another weekend has come and gone. I'm a bit sick this morning, sniffling away with whatever the kids passed along to me. It's not too bad, though I'm sure I'm annoying my cubicle neighbors with sneezing.

I did the usual routine with the kids, taking them swimming Friday night and to the library Saturday morning. Jamie went shopping with Angie, picking up a bunch of things at Meyer and Frank's going out of business sale. Towards the evening, Ray and Darrel arrived, along with Dave and Kirsten and my mom for Dave's birthday party. Emma was in her princess outfit, being a social butterfly.

Sunday was fairly low-key. Jamie took the kids hiking while I took it easy, though I ended up doing a lot of cleaning and laundry. The rest of the day was quiet, with Jamie's folks coming over briefly, but otherwise just puttering about.

In the office today for a few hours and catch...

February 18, 2006 by Betsy in Betsy

In the office today for a few hours and catch up and thought that I would send on some brief notes regarding our visit to Philly. Dad seemed in good spirits and mentally sharp. His biggest pain complaint seems to be from his back and it is unclear on whether this is a result of the fall or the accident.
Dick has reported all the medical particulars but in general Dad is just very weak. It is rather difficult for him to have visitors for more than a short period but
I am sure he would enjoy cards, letters etc..
The place in Florida is not actually closed and I think that if anyone would like to do some vacation time there you are more than welcome.

Best wishes, Betsy and the boys

It has been a fine week for Bill-- and for th...

February 18, 2006 by Dick in Lytton

It has been a fine week for Bill-- and for the Lyttons. Sue was a wonderful addition to the household but left for her home on Tuesday morning. Betsy arrived on Thursday morning early-- without Will & Patrick who slept a bit later at a nearby motel. All three were here for dinner on Thursday--including making dinner for us all! Betsy returned on Friday morning (perhaps with Will, but I was off to work before they arrived-- so I'm not really sure :-) before heading home.

Dee is a young woman who works for a Companion service and has beeen spending the days with Bill while Meg & Dick work and Mikayla goes to school. She is delightful. She and Bill generally charm each other. The only friction between them seems to be that they have exact opposite interests in television stations: one prefers the Food Channel and one prefers the NASCAR channel (and neither one likes the other!). We will leave it for you to guess who prefers which....
One doctor who they saw together described Bill as "charming" and Dee as "wonderful and competent".
Naturally, this all puts our minds at ease a bit.

Bill has been to a couple of doctor appointments this week. The first to an Oncologist and the second to a Radiologist who will be directing Bill's coming radiaton treatment. He wants to do one more CT Scan of Bill's chest and lungs on Monday before starting some low-level radiation treatments.

Bill is doing nicely with short walks around the house with his walker, helping with all of his daily routines, sleeping better through the night, etc. One of today's errands for me will be a visit to the library to pick up Tom Clancy's Sum of All Fears for him!

Finally, I just asked Bill what he would like me to type here for him:
He says that he is going as well as can be expected. Florida is all closed up and he wishes he could visit more with EVERYBODY in Oregon! Bill also commented that "we don't know yet what is going to happen" but he was very happy with the doctors he saw here this week.
And now it is back to the Speed Channel and NASCAR news and races for him!

On his behalf, thanks for everybody's concern, caring, and messages!

Congratulations, Brant and best wishes, Wendy...

February 17, 2006 by Sue in Wielesek

Congratulations, Brant and best wishes, Wendy! What a lovely
thing to have happen; you will be a great couple. And ignore what Adam says, Wendy, you're both way too smart for Brant to forget Valentines Day or you to be fooled by a mere proposal without chocolates, flowers, or frilly things. At any rate, as the Russians say, "We wish you many years." And, Kirsten, I'll bet David would say yes. Hmmm, just a thought....

It's Friday morning, with my mocha ETA in abo...

February 17, 2006 by Adam in Family

It's Friday morning, with my mocha ETA in about two hours. I've been waking up early this week, having switched my bedtime to 9 o'clock. It means I'm getting up at 4:30 instead of 5:30, which is a bit odd.

Emma decided I was her horse last night, riding me about the playroom and putting me in the "barn" (which was actually the play tent). Well, okay, it was actually worse than that. She called me a pony and kept putting a silk flower behind my ear. Ah, the things they don't tell you about fatherhood.

The big family news is that Jamie's brother Brant finally proposed to Wendy. I assume she said yes, though we're hearing this all third hand. As a plus, this means we'll have a vet in the family. Maybe we can even take the kids in to her periodically, have them checked for worms or something.

Jamie claims he did it due to her prompting to "Do something nice for Valentine's Day." My theory is that he forgot to get Wendy a card, panicked, and asked her to marry him.

Anna and I just got our Valentine's day/4th y...

February 16, 2006 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Anna and I just got our Valentine's day/4th year anniversary presents in the mail today: Anna's delicious fair trade chocolate for me, and two matching pairs of chocolate brown low top sweatshop-free sneakers. We're enjoying some bizarrely wonderful springlike weather. It's lovely.

Yesterday seems like a bit of a blur

February 16, 2006 by Adam in Family

Yesterday seems like a bit of a blur. Since I was out of work on Tuesday, it felt like a Monday, and I spent the day answering e-mails and fixing things that broke.

When I returned home, Sam and Emma had an elaborate game going on, involving princesses and orcs and pirates. I think Sam was quite proud of the layers of disguises placed upon his younger sister.

Afterwards, it was off to my dad and Yayoe's house for a lovely dinner. The kids played with their box of toys and we adults chatted about grown up things. We returned home to try and wind down the kids and get them into bed.

Soon it's off to work and hopefully feeling like I'm accomplishing some things. I have a rather complicated project awaiting my return, so I'll likely fill my veins full of caffiene and put on my thinking cap.

Oh, Seraph! I'm sorry you're feeling overwhelmed

February 15, 2006 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Oh, Seraph! I'm sorry you're feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you can find something in the Whitaker neighborhood, so when I finally convince Anna that Eugene is the best place in the world, we'll knock off your next door neighbor and make that bridge we always dreamed of.

I'm afraid that I was sick through Valentine's Day, but Anna and I had our favorite person, Annamo, visit and make us a delicious dinner. Anna is saying her final goodbyes to Northampton and its lovely citizens today, and is flying west on Monday.

WCFM, the radio station I'm a dj for, now archives its shows, so you'll be able to listen to me online!

I had lunch with Danny Siegel, who founded the Ziv Tzedakah Fund- its all about Mitzvahs- fixing the world- with small projects. I think that's all nice and good, as long as charity and community-building don't obscure people's entitlement to fair wages, health care, education, and social security. As exciting as giving part of your Shabbat dinner to the poor, paying taxes and supporting workers gives people the dignity and income to buy their own Shabbat dinner. But I obviously couldn't say this to a revered figure while he was endowing us with his stories of Mitzvah heroes. I had to send emails to my own Mitzvah heroes. Ack, I'm already missing the students I work with, and I have four more months with them!

Home safe, stalwart Robbie picked me up at th...

February 15, 2006 by Sue in Wielesek

Home safe, stalwart Robbie picked me up at the airport, and I was home by 6 or 6:30. Meggie called to say the oncologist
thought low dose radiation might be helpful to dad. Bob had a nice Valentine Day dinner for me. What a good life.

I'm starting to feel the crushing overwellmin...

February 15, 2006 by Seraph in Cortez

I'm starting to feel the crushing overwellmingness that begins about this time of the quarter. It has been compounded by the difficulty of the classes I'm taking, as well as a number of other issues.
We've had a problem come up with the city regarding our house in Eugene. After months of contemplation we're thinking about selling. Even though Isa may find this unforgivable, the hassel of owning it is mounting, and if we move back to Eugene we've talked about being closer to downtown.
Sigh... I'm not sure why I can't make the rest of life pause while I finish school.

Happy Valentine's Day to all

February 14, 2006 by Adam in Family

Happy Valentine's Day to all. I stayed home today in honor of the occasion, ending up hanging out with the entire family as Sam was sick and stayed home as well. I handed over my horde of gifts, an iPod for Jamie and Mermaid and Dragon Megablocks for the kids. Jamie seemed excited about her little present, which I'm hoping ends up being a nice addition to her workouts.

Mostly I hung out with Emma today. We got about fifteen minutes of real snow, though it was too warm to stick. We went outside anyway and Emma laughed and giggled as expected. I taught her how to eat snow from the sky, toungue sticking out, and avoid that on the ground.

The rest of the afternoon has been fairly quiet. Jamie rested a bunch. Sam watched the Zathura movie. Emma and I blew bubbles outside and ran about. All-in-all it was a very pleasant day.

Stupid FedEx guy

February 13, 2006 by Adam in Adam

Stupid FedEx guy.

My Valentine's Day present for Jamie arrived today, with Jamie waiting there to pick it up. The FedEx guy said "Looks like an iPod."

I asked Jamie for his name so that I might track him down and administer a beating.

Sunday was a little slower

February 13, 2006 by Adam in Family

Sunday was a little slower. Emma and I hung out a lot, going to the library and walking around outside. Jamie took Sam to the park to play with a friend. By the end of the day, it was pretty clear that the two of them were getting sick.

Emma made it off to school this morning, but Sam ended up staying home. Sadly Jamie missed delivery of my Valentine's Day present, though hopefully I can snag it tomorrow as I'm wanting to take the day off. I secretly have little presents for everyone in our family.

Rumor has it that we might get some snow at the end of the week. We'll let Sadie and everyone else on the East coast mock us as we frolic in an inch or two of soggy snow. Even if it's just a dusting, Emma will be terribly excited.

Bill did beautifully yesterday afternoon and ...

February 13, 2006 by Dick in Lytton

Bill did beautifully yesterday afternoon and last evening after the long car-train-and-car trip from Florida. About 4:00 PM, he even wanted to go over to the grocery store to get a PowerBall ticket with "his numbers". He was even impatient to go since it had already started to snow. So before the roads got slippery, we bundled him up and used a wheelchair to get him from the house to the car (faster and easier through the snow than the walker) and around the store for a little legalized gambling and a few breakfast foods-- and back home. The portable oxygen machine that accompanied him in the car and train from Florida went along with us-- and he seemed to be in good shape. Dinner went well as did his walking around the house with the walker a little for exercise and his learning to operate the stair glide. The night was rough-- punctuated by his discomfort and pain from lying in one position in bed too long, by apparently poor oxygenation until Meg hooked up the noisier larger oxygen machine. Meg was up with him most of the night-- but he has now been sleeping well for most of two hours (it is now 8AM our time).

It really is wonderful having Susie here-- not just for her help and kindness with Bill, not just for her organizational expertise with Bill's affairs (that would be the paperwork affairs, not the "other kind of affairs"), but particularly for her company that we have missed for so long!

I've completely lost track of time

February 12, 2006 by Sue in Wielesek

I've completely lost track of time. I slept until 1 pm today. I had a dream about all the fam; it made me realize why I love you all. Many hugs. Dad seems to feel a little better today.Dad's address is c/o Lytton, 638 Sussex Road,
Philadelphia, 19096 if you can send him a card, and his cell
number 1-941-391-2281.

For whatever reason, yesterday was a great day

February 12, 2006 by Adam in Family

For whatever reason, yesterday was a great day. As the kids were waking up, I was out the door, heading to Jerry's Home Improvement. I picked up compost and trellises, returning to unload them on the patio. I then Shanghaied Sam, grabbed some power tools, and we attached the trellises on top of a retaining wail in our garden. It turned out quite well and there was only minor blood loss on my part during the construction process.

The kids and I went off to Humble bagel where they proceeded to ingest way too much cocoa and cream cheese, along with three bagels. We swung by a game store and nearby bought a zombie-themed game. Fortunately I restrained myself and averted Jamie's piercing glare, returning to find her having spread compost all about the garden beds.

The next few hours were spent outside, puttering around. I couldn't help but gaze lovingly at all the newly growing plants. It seems that all our plants are taking advantage of the sunshine, popping up flowers and growing like mad.

As the day wore on, we made Valentine's for the kids' classmates. Emma took a nap. Jamie went to the store. Sam and I played. As the evening approached, the kids grew crankier and we eventually tossed them into bed. I ended up staying up too late watching the finale of Arrested Development and hopefully not waking anyone up with my howls of laughter.

I'm sitting in Meg's and Dick's TV room takin...

February 12, 2006 by Sue in Wielesek

I'm sitting in Meg's and Dick's TV room taking a minute to
write to you all. I don't know that I'm tired as much as
I feel as though a lot has happened in the last three weeks,
and that I've made a lot of Arrangements - for medical care, for car repairs, for travel. etc. I'm anxious to return to my old mom slightly ditzy self. I got into Venice about 9 pm Thursday. Friday was spent doing a last bunch of
laundry, wiping down counters, cleaning food out of the fridge, and packing the stuff for Meg and Dad's clothing.
I met the nice lady Betsy had hired for the four days
he was "alone". I asked that I be able to take out Dad to say good-bye to his friends, and they said okay. We went back to Country Club Estates and stopped to say goodbye to the neighbors. We went to Captain Eddie's, his and mom's old stomping grounds, for a rock shrimp dinner. The staff there all fussed over him and he was in generally good spirits. I then zipped up to Sarasota to pick up Meg. Friday
morning we headed back to to pick up Dad and drive up to
the station where the auto train starts. We had a roomette
with a twin bed and double bed. Travelling was hard on Dad
but he hung in there. We had a three hour drive after the
car train ended, and got in about noon. Dick made a good dinner and we got Dad to bed early. Now, I can hardly keep my eyes open. At least 10,000 hugs to all. om

Anna and I are in New York with her brother Noah

February 11, 2006 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Anna and I are in New York with her brother Noah. We get to see Marshall this evening! As nice as vacations may be, we've had a little too much adventure for our country-bumpkin taste. We popped a tire in a pothole last night in the Bronx, were nearly conned out of a load of cash from a freelance tow truck impersonating our AAA service, and spent today getting a new tire. I can only hope that we don't get smashed by the blizzard on the way home. Whew! We can only hope that San Francisco is a bit warmer and friendlier.

I'm so glad grandpa is safe in PA. Huge hugs!

Talked to Granpa Bill this p

February 11, 2006 by Betsy in Betsy

Talked to Granpa Bill this p.m. and they were almost to Meg's house. The train ride was apparently rough and he was coughing blood this morning. Not a good sign. He meets with the oncologist on Thursday. We'll see what happens. I know you guys miss her but I it is a great comfort to have your mom there. Hopefully she doesn't get stuck in the blizzard!

Well, I'm still waiting on my mocha

February 10, 2006 by Adam in Family

Well, I'm still waiting on my mocha. I typically head over to get coffee with Jim, but alas he's scurrying off somewhere moving computers about. At this point, I think I'll take the law into my own hands and just get one by myself.

Emma was up later than usual last night as well, so Jamie and I chatted and tried to be boring in hopes of lulling Emma back to sleep. Lately it seems that whenever Jamie and I chat, we spend our time lamenting how little time we get to spend together. Eventually everyone got to sleep, giving me time to catch up on episodes of Lost and Veronica Mars.

If the weather holds, I think we're going to try and do some gardening this weekend. Maybe we can even put the kids to good use, pulling weeds or something. I'd like to get my bike cleaned up and the seat replaced. Time for spring cleaning.

FYI Talked to Sue in Fla

February 09, 2006 by Betsy in Betsy

FYI Talked to Sue in Fla. this afternoon and she made it in O.K., she and Meg plan to take Grandpa to Philly by train tommorrow.Please say some prayers for them. Love Aunt B.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I got M...

February 09, 2006 by Seraph in Cortez

Just wanted to let everyone know that I got Mom off to the airport this morning. I haven't yet heard yet that she made it there, but I assume all is well.

Bedtime was like a game of musical chairs las...

February 08, 2006 by Adam in Family

Bedtime was like a game of musical chairs last night. Emma wouldn't sleep again, so I kept her up until after nine. She still wouldn't go to sleep in her own bed, so I laid down next to her in the guest bed until she got sleepy. Then I went moved her back to her bed upstairs. Awhile later, Sam came to our bed, complaining that the back of his knees hurt. Jamie switched places with him, I gave him some Tylenol and he went back to sleep.

I got Jamie a Valentine's Day present that I hope is really cool. It's a bit unusual, so I'm a little nervous. Hopefully she'll like it or at least lie convincingly. I'm not sure it beats the power washer I gave her in years past.

I'm so glad you and Sam like the Spiderwick C...

February 08, 2006 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I'm so glad you and Sam like the Spiderwick Chronicles! Squee! The artist is from Amherst, and would always come in to Essentials and sign our store copies of the series. I think the tale is classic and the drawings burst with energy.

Safe journey to mum and grandpa!

Isa seems to be coming down with a cold, an...

February 07, 2006 by Seraph in Cortez

Isa seems to be coming down with a cold, and is sounding like there is a large toad stuck in her throut. I'm not quite sure how this always happens when I'm entering midterms or finals, but so it goes.
As for school, I told Mom that I am either managing to keep up, or I've simply forgotten most of the things I need to do. This has left me decididly with a looming sense of dread as I begin to realize the large amount of things to do in a very small amount of time. Is it blasphamis to praise Starbucks daily, and worship my coffee pot?
Robbie has been leaning more towards taking the summer off, especially if I'm working full time. I think the year has been a bit wearing on him, and he is now being pitted against the mother from hell at school.
While we have all of this going on in our own lives, it is really hard for us not to be thinking about Grandpa right now. I keep trying to think of some way to make it back east, but haven't learned to bend time just yet. When you head back again Mom, remember to take all of our love with you.

The week is slowly chugging along

February 07, 2006 by Adam in Family

The week is slowly chugging along. Last night was a little rough. Emma had a long afternoon nap, which caused her to stay up until 9:30. Jamie was exhausted, and so I ended up watching her until my bedtime rolled around. I'm hoping she's over her illness at this point.

Sadie mailed us the first book in the Spiderwick Chronicles. Sam and I loved it so much that I promptly went out to Borders the next day and bought the entire series. It's a pretty cool story and the illustrations are very neat.

On my way out to work this morning, there was a thin frost on everything. I scratched messages of love to Sam and Jamie, which unfortunately left Emma heartbroken. I'll have to do one just for her tomorrow.

This morning it finally hit that Anna will be...

February 07, 2006 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

This morning it finally hit that Anna will be leaving in a week and a half. We have to throw out or move most of our belongings in a week and a half! All of our friends are coming to claim our furniture and oddities for their own at the end of the week and hopefully the rest can be donated away. I'm moving into a tiny bedroom in a second floor apartment about the size of my high school bedroom, but with two other people. It should be an exciting change- discarding the inessential and living as most recent college grads do. I don't plan to eat on paper plates for the next five months, though.

The new semester is speeding past, and tutor placement is consuming my brain. Actually, a big clump of my brain just came off- either that or my scalp is dry. I hope everyone is getting excited for candy hearts and frilly things!

I actually have news, though not about myself

February 06, 2006 by Jamie in Jamie

I actually have news, though not about myself. My reliably unencumbered friends are getting themselves tied down. Angie is now two months preggers, and Adam (Walp, not Miller) and Victoria are getting married. Strangely, both changes of life will be launched around the end of August, along with Mom's 60th birthday. This will be an auspicious Autumn...Who will I call on for spontaneous excitement? I guess I'll just have to hold out for Mom and Jim's retirement and hope they still have a little giddyup in 'em ;-)

Well, I was home with Sam last week, and toda...

February 06, 2006 by Jamie in Emma

Well, I was home with Sam last week, and today Emma has a fever and feels awful. The worst part was when I told her she could not go to school today. She said, "But teacher Carolyn will miss me!"

It turned out that Dad was not okay physicall...

February 06, 2006 by Sue in Wielesek

It turned out that Dad was not okay physically, but has lung
cancer. I'll post more about our time there, but right now I'm back for a few days stress relief before I leave again
for Florida. Meggie and I will take Dad north on the train this weekend. I'm so grateful to the fam for being so together, in all senses of the word.

The weekend is coming to a close

February 06, 2006 by Adam in Family

The weekend is coming to a close. Emma's sick and Sam's watching Spy Kids. I've finished the last load of laundry and have a few minutes to myself.

Saturday was a good day and I was in a fine mood. I took the kids to the library and then Humble Bagel, as is often our Saturday routine. I returned with a good haul of books and proceeded to read all of Emma's princess books soon after we returned home. Sam poured over his treasure map book and worked on his fort in the back yard (a little area behind the butterfly bush in the corner).

In the afternoon, Jamie went to get a pedicure with my sister Jenny as reward for hitting the gym on a regular basis the last few weeks. I hung out with the kids and generally had a pleasant time.

Today was much of the same, though the kids were a bit unruly in the morning. Emma was given to me early and then Jamie went back to bed. We snuck off to Metropol for a cafe mocha and a chocolate croissant. It reminded me of when I used to take Sam there in his car seat when he was just a wee lad.

Sam has been working on a novel, which was apparently inspired by a book that Sadie sent us in the mail. It's called "The Door" and involves a young boy named Joe who finds a mysterious door in the bedroom of his new house.

Emma started feeling poorly towards the afternoon. We made a short trip to Jenny's for Destin's birthday party. It was a bit of a madhouse, but the kids had a good time with all of their cousins' toys. After that, we took a short trip to a playground where Emma shivered, and then a nearby mall to get a little activity.

Tomorrow it's back to work, and Sam to school. Unless Emma makes a surprise recovery, though, I think she'll skip her school for the day. Poor girl.

Mocha Friday

February 03, 2006 by Adam in Family

Mocha Friday. I'm feeling perky at the moment and just finished reading through all my e-mails at work. Fortunately today is looking like I'll be able to work on some of my bigger projects, which often get pushed to the side for various emergencies.

Today is a bit odd for Jamie and the kids. Sam doesn't have school today, though Emma does. I think Jamie and Sam will go do something special together. Mother son bonding is fairly rare these days, with Emma taking up most of our attention.

Lately Emma has really gotten into the whole princess thing. Most nights this last week the kids and I have played in the basement for awhile and then Sam plays Zelda while Emma plays various princess games on the computer. I go back and forth between the two, helping out.

We have a fairly quiet weekend ahead of us. The only event that I'm aware of is Destin's birthday party this Sunday. Other than that, Jamie wants to seal the grout in the bathroom, but that's about it.

Happy Birthday Destin!! As the groundhog saw...

February 03, 2006 by Seraph in Cortez

Happy Birthday Destin!! As the groundhog saw his shadow this morning, I suggest you ask for a snowboarding trip as a gift ;) Luv Ya Buddy

Anna and I are in the kitchen and I am warmin...

February 02, 2006 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Anna and I are in the kitchen and I am warming my bum on the oven, as we have turned off our heat because it was so warm today. Oh how the night spites us. Anna is spending her days tying up loose ends and bothering me at work, which has finally gotten busy since my colleagues have returned. I found a new apartment with two very special people to share it with, and it's even in the same neighborhood. I'm dreaming of sitting on my porch this summer, eating ice cream and chatting with my neighbors about revolution and the Steeplecats baseball game. I'm moving from Linden Street to Hall Street at the end of the month.

Jamie and I had a lovely time at the art muse...

February 02, 2006 by Adam in Family

Jamie and I had a lovely time at the art museum last night, pretending we were a hip young couple doing cultural things. The modern art was hit or miss, with Jamie heaping grand criticism on pieces like "Fog Dog" which was simply a gray canvas. A couple things were pretty neat, such as the interactive one where you could make rubbings from steel plates. There was a van Gogh that was good, and the asian section always impresses.

On the other hand, the kids weren't doing so hot yesterday. Emma squished her finger in the door and feeling it, though she was mostly recovered by the end of the day. Sam was still feeling marginal, with a lot of time hanging out on the couch. Hopefully he made it to school today.

Update: It's the end of the day and we're killing time before the bath. Sam stuck a balloon in the hood of his jacket and ran about the play room. Emma has changed into her ballerina outfit and talking on her pretend cell phone.

Most of my game time this week has been with ...

February 01, 2006 by Adam in Adam's Games

Most of my game time this week has been with Sam, playing Zelda: Wind Walker. It's a fun little game, with Sam being able to play through most of it. There's a few difficult boss fights that require honed gamer's reflexes, but for the most part it's right at Sam's difficulty level.

I also submitted an entry to the Bioware Writing contest. I'm hoping for the coffee mug and wool hat with Bioware written on them. So far the votes look pretty good, though competition is fierce (over 300 entries).

February already

February 01, 2006 by Adam in Family

February already. Weird.

Sam was sick all day yesterday. I returned home to find him on the couch, where he evidently spent most of the day. He actually fell asleep while Jamie was reading him a story, though he had no memory of it later. We played a little Zelda, which took his mind off things, and I tried to chat with him and keep him company.

Tonight is our normal Wednesday date night, with Jamie and I going to the art museum. It looks like there's a neat photography exhibit on Japanese architecture. Just the idea of getting out with Jamie and chatting about non-child things is highly appealing. Emma's getting old enough where we can sneak away for a couple hours, so we're taking advantage of it as best we can.

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