I forgot about the little phone booth! I reme...

March 02, 2006 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

I forgot about the little phone booth! I remember how grandpa would water the lawn from the second story porch as grandma and I would enact scenes from Little Bear Goes to the Moon. The smells of damp green things and the musty basement and grandpa's aftershave in the bottle with the blue ship. And the lady's man red hat he wore when he visited Eugene that always impressed my boyfriends!

I too have been thinking about my grandfather...

March 02, 2006 by Adam in Family

I too have been thinking about my grandfather these past weeks. Most of my memories of him are when I spent time with him in Normalville when I was a kid. Those are some of my favorite times, the smell of the wood paneling, the funny little phone booth between two rooms, catching frogs in the pond, and making mint tea with my grandmother. There was one Christmas when they pulled out all the stops, Jenny and I excitedly hearing "Santa Claus" coming in and talking in the living room, a blanket of snow around the house.

I also remember my trip down the Mississippi, grandpa at the helm. The dark waters would slide by beneath us. The hustle and bustle of the world seemed far away on the distant shore.

Today was bound to be good day because as soo...

March 02, 2006 by Seraph in Cortez

Today was bound to be good day because as soon as I walked into the school, Marsha, the woman who works the front desk, asked if I drank coffee (silly question, really!). It seems her nephew brought her a large mocha, but she didn't have the heart to tell him that she didn't drink coffee, and she offered it to me. So know, half a mocha later, I've been very productive, wizzing through my e-mails and slicing a considerable path through my school work.
School has been going well, although I remain horribly busy. I went to a workshop on leadership last weekend, and was instructed to be more assertive. Sigh... I'm not quite sure how I'll give up the passive gene that runs so deep in our family, but as burn-out is a second only to depression in passive personalities, I fugure it's worth a shot!
My thoughts continue to be with Grandpa. Isa and I were looking through our photos from Belize, as well as some pictures from my summers as a little girl in Normalville. She has been working on a collection of drawings to send back, and perhaps they can add a little light to the day.
Hugs to all.

It's been a fairly intense 2 1/2 weeks, from ...

March 02, 2006 by Meg in Lytton

It's been a fairly intense 2 1/2 weeks, from picking up Dad in Florida with Sue, getting him and his car back to Philadelphia on the auto-train and settled in, with day time companions, equipment, and doctors appointments, while trying to get him buit up. His spirit and temperment remained good and game so he started radiation therapy (15 sessions planeed) last week. It was, alas, interrupted by pneumonia, with a rushed trip to the ER and admission to the ICU 6 days ago. He seemed to improve a little over the weekend and was transferred to a regular floor on Tuesday. However, he worsened that night and needed to go back onto the BiPap machine, the next step before intubation, but which he hates. Without it, when it's removed to suction his secretions, he turns blue and his oxygne level plummets immediately. His chest Xray is actually looking worse. He still interacts, though he can't make his words understandable. I think if there's not some improvement soon, his time will be very limited. I will try to post more as events transpire. As Quakers say, please keep holding us in the Light.

March already

March 01, 2006 by Adam in Family

March already. This week seems to have flashed by in a blur. Jamie and I have our date night tonight, though I'm not sure exactly what we'll do. A walk to Metropol to pick up some bread sounds about the extent of my romantic thoughts for the day.

I'm mostly recovered from my illness. Sam was complaining about a slight headache, but otherwise seems good. He's doing quite well with reading and writing these days, which is a treat to watch. Emma is her normal princess self, with tea parties and dress-up the norm for playtime.

Jamie's going to be away at the beach this weekend, so I'm trying to think of things I can do with the kids for fun. I suspect we'll go swimming, visit the library, and watch our fair share of movies.

What is it about doctors and having the affec...

March 01, 2006 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

What is it about doctors and having the affect of refrigerators? What year do dentists receive the course in fascist bedside manner? I just got my teeth cleaned and checked today, which consisted of the nicest lady hygienist molesting my mouth for 45 minutes, which I promised her, as I tongued my swelling gums, was a "meditative experience," only to be psychically battered by the old prune, Dr. Ross! He told me I had two cavities, due not to the fact that I hadn't had my teeth cleaned for two plus years, but because I had never properly learned to floss. I floss daily! He proceeded to show me the proper flossing technique by sawing my tender gums and pounding my chest with both fists for emphasis, while holding the floss between his fingers accusingly. No introductions, no "thank you for padding my nest egg, you poor, stupid, uninsured girl". If I were still in Northampton, I would have spit in his withered eye and demanded my $175 dollars back. But all I can do is talk bad about him online and come home to get my chops fixed.

Well scratch that, Granpa Bill left ICU to a ...

March 01, 2006 by Betsy in Betsy

Well scratch that, Granpa Bill left ICU to a room in hopes of getting out in the next few days and has had some relatively major set backs. After radiation yesterday he had some heart problems and was moved to the cardiac floor. Last night he had some breathing problems and is now back on the oxygen mask. Meg is sounding very concerened and has indicated that it may be time to change his resesitation orders. Please pray for him no matter what way things happen. Love, Bets

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