We went over to my mom's Sunday night and wer...

March 31, 2009 by Adam in Family

We went over to my mom's Sunday night and were stuffed full of good middle eastern food. Jamie made chocolate cookies, which the kids couldn't get enough of.

Yesterday I headed back to work, though the kids had one final day of vacation. Emma went to her first Karate class, which she loved. Jamie's planning on signing her up for ongoing classes.

Other than that, it was a fairly uneventful afternoon. We played on the computer, ate dinner, and did our normal bath and bedtime routine. With school starting today, it's good to get everyone ready for the schedule.

It's the final day of four luxurious days awa...

March 29, 2009 by Adam in Family

It's the final day of four luxurious days away from work. The first couple were quite productive, taking advantage of the warm and sunny weather. I painted the two sides of the shed you can normally see, though I think Jamie may eventually make me paint the other sides. I still haven't decided what to do with the interior. So far, it's been fine as-is, with the kids using it as a play house.

Yesterday was wet and lazy. We stayed inside and did very little. The highlights were watching Mythbusters, playing Pretty, Pretty Princess with Emma, and doing art projects.

I talked to Betsy yesterday afternoon

March 28, 2009 by Sue in Wielesek

I talked to Betsy yesterday afternoon. After talking with Meggie, and getting some good referrals, she decided to take Bob to the ER (he'd lost ten pounds in as many days).
She said they sat in the ER for six hours, but when Bob finally got medical attention, the decision was made to hospitalize him immediately. The medical staff felt that
his airways were too obstructed to do a broncoscopy, but they were going to try to do a biopsy, and give Betsy and
Bob clearer information. Our thoughts are all going out to them, and I'll keep you all posted.

The midterm crunch has passed

March 27, 2009 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

The midterm crunch has passed. I'm starting to dig into final papers and projects and think about summer work. Through my commitment to streamlining my paper topics, I've become a little tired of writing about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education policy. Hopefully, I'll find a refreshing, insightful study on federal NSF grants this weekend.

My dad gave me some of his old speakers, whic...

March 26, 2009 by Adam in Adam's Projects

My dad gave me some of his old speakers, which were destined for Sam's Steampunk computer. It was fun spray painting them, and they have an added bonus of not hissing horribly when the computer is off.

At this point, I'm feeling done with Sam's computer. Everything looks great, especially the keyboard which took forever to make. It goes nicely with the rest of the computer desk, which lies below the old civil war rifle. Very cool.

And look what character the little nippers al...

March 25, 2009 by Sue in Wielesek

And look what character the little nippers all have. Or maybe what characters they turned in to. Not quite sure on that one...

It's a Mocha Wednesday for me today, as I'm t...

March 25, 2009 by Adam in Family

It's a Mocha Wednesday for me today, as I'm taking the last two days of Spring Break off. It was great having my family back Monday night, as I was missing everyone terribly. The kids were like wild puppies, leaping all over me when I came home from work.

Everyone is settling into vacation, though I think it's been harder for Jamie. Her favorite aerobics instructor stopped teaching classes due to job reductions at the hospital, and she's been spending a lot of time with the kids lately. Hopefully I can give her some time to herself tomorrow.

I'm hoping we get a little sun tomorrow and I can recruit the kids into painting the shed. As my mother taught me, there's nothing like some honest hard work to build character.

Hi, I've got a young computer geek from Peru ...

March 23, 2009 by Sue in Wielesek

Hi, I've got a young computer geek from Peru fixing up my computer

News update from primative squalor! I had my...

March 23, 2009 by Seraph in Cortez

News update from primative squalor!
I had my first day off on Sat after 11 consecutive working days. We went to Santa Fe for a spring party at Robbie's school. The weather was spring/summer like, and we all can home a little pink. I was back at work yesterday, and Robbie and Isa came out to ski in the afternoon. Isa made her first chairlift run, and her instructor announced that she has great potential. We were all worried that ski season would end early due to the warm temp's, but a cold front came in last night, and there was fresh snow on the ground this morning.
The snow is strange, considering last Thursday Isa and I were picnicing by the river in tee shirts! I went to Isa's parent/teach conference last week, and she continues to excell at school. Her class has started doing "show and do" where each kids shows & teachs something to the class. Isa did some of her Irish dancing with the class, and was consequently asked to dance for Culture Week in May. Adam - I'd love to work out something where the kids in her class could play with Robot on-line! The kids also have a field trip to the Santa Fe art museam in April, and Robbie & I should both be able to go along.
It looks like Isa & I will try to fly into PDX the Tuesday before Easter, and stay until the next Tuesday. Robbie is still trying to work out if he can fly in just for the weekend. I can't wait to see everyone. I've been having dreams about cooking kulich and chocolate torte!

I did a bit more work on my long project list...

March 23, 2009 by Adam in Family

I did a bit more work on my long project list yesterday, despite the rain. The kid's beds are all made, I folded laundry, and filled in some holes in the front yard. Still, I was a little lazier than planned, and never did find the right paint for the shed. It was probably best that I avoided it, though, as hail and freezing weather doesn't help paint dry much.

It was fun going over to Jenny and Dad's for dinner. Mostly I helped get all their computers running smoothly and set Sadie up so everyone could talk to her via webcam. I remember how we used to all get together for dinner and miss Sadie. Now we all get together and miss Seraph. Hopefully some of that stimulus money will get Internet access to her house so she doesn't have to live in primitive squalor.

It's been very strange being by myself these ...

March 22, 2009 by Adam in Family

It's been very strange being by myself these last couple days. Fortunately it seems that everyone in my family wants to hang out with me. Friday night I chatted via webcam with Sadie, yesterday I watched a movie with dad, tonight I'm going to Jenny's for dinner, and tomorrow I'm having dinner with mom. Somewhere in there I'm trying to manage to get my long list of projects finished, though the dreary weather isn't helping much. I was thinking about painting the shed, but the weather isn't cooperating.

I got to talk to Emma on the phone last night. I miss the kids already.

A quick good morning, after a busy couple of days

March 22, 2009 by Sue in Wielesek

A quick good morning, after a busy couple of days. We've been trying to help Aric make some decisions about his return to college, fun but time consuming. Life is, in many ways, sure harder for you young folks than it was for my generation. Much love, Mom

A bright note on this gray spring day

March 20, 2009 by Sue in Wielesek

A bright note on this gray spring day. Bob and I took Emma to school, stopping first at our favorite pastry shop. She hopped out of the car, adopted a casual pose, then explained that Sam had been giving her lessons in being cool. One of the first ones was hiding your booster seat so people wouldn't think you were a baby. (I explained the look she was aiming at to a couple of sweet slackers watching her with some bemusement; they assured her she looked very cool, to her blushing delight). Later, when they left, on their way to look cool themselves, one told her to "..stay cool." I do love this goofy town.

Sorry for the long blogging absence

March 20, 2009 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Sorry for the long blogging absence. I have a memo due for my work on Monday, which (as mom would say) I haven't the foggiest how to write. I'm buckling down at a local coffee shop. I thought all this education would make me a faster writer, but all it's taught me is how to qualify everything I say. Curse thee, analysis paralysis!

It's Mocha Friday

March 20, 2009 by Adam in Family

It's Mocha Friday. Emma came downstairs to help get me ready for work and give me a goodbye kiss. Jamie and the kids are off to the beach after school, so I won't see them until their return. The kids have been lots of fun lately, and Emma has been especially sweet.

It's supposed to rain the next couple days, but perhaps I can get supplies and work on the interior of the shed. I already have a couple social events set up this weekend, including seeing Dad and Jenny's new house. Mostly, though, my hope is to hunker down and get a lot of projects done around the house.

Work is crazy busy, mostly through my own doing. We're down a staff person, so I offered to help get through our backlog of work. That's added to my normal work, so I'm frantically busy most of the time. Still, it's nice being busy and gainfully employeed. Can't beat that.

Oh, and the robot is briefly on and active, though I doubt the batteries will hold out very long. Maybe I can find a solution to that pressing issue as well.

This is a tough time for Betsy and her family

March 20, 2009 by Sue in Wielesek

This is a tough time for Betsy and her family. Her long time boyfriend, Bob, has a large mass on his lung, and the strong indication is that it's lung cancer. They still have to go in for a bronchoscopy, but if I understand correctly, that really will just tell them how long treatment can postpone what seems to be inevitable. Bob is quite young, I think in his early 50's, so this is a terrible thing. I'll keep the website posted as they have more information. Our thoughts are certainly with them.

Sam had a very good day yesterday

March 19, 2009 by Adam in Sam

Sam had a very good day yesterday. He was feeling a little anxious about his multiplication facts, and was behind on his testing. Yesterday he passed the test for his fours and fives, and started in on his sixes. He also did his homework, chore, played outside, and helped Jamie invent a new type of meal (Sam's Ravioli).

Hopefully today goes as well as yesterday.

The weekend was pleasant and lazy, and we're ...

March 17, 2009 by Adam in Family

The weekend was pleasant and lazy, and we're already up to Tuesday. I was a bit cranky and had a headache yesterday, even yelling at Sam, which I almost never do. Today I took the occasional Advil, but still managed a four mile run at lunch today. Sam was sick yesterday, but hopefully everyone's on the mend today.

I find myself in awe of Jamie's ability to whip up interesting and tasty meals. Last night was asian themed, with everyone eating chopsticks. It's one of the few times where I slow down at meals. Getting those individual peanuts tends to take some concentration.

Sam's been having us help him practice his multiplication facts. Today he's tackling his fours and fives. I think he's been feeling behind in math and some successes would do him good.

Emma's magically learning how to read, sounding things out better each day. I love watching the kids figure things out and get excited about learning something new. Emma's always asking me about the science news of the day during dinner time.

Feels like this is a busy time for everyone

March 17, 2009 by Sue in Wielesek

Feels like this is a busy time for everyone. Remodeling plans move on at a glacial pace. The guy who owns the slum next door came over in response to my request to review a document which needs to be signed for the Planning Department. Hopefully, once that's signed, we can move ahead with the remodel.
I got to be a judge at the law school first year Legal Research and writing last night - something I've done for several years, and which is always fun.
Way too much rain...

A really quick note of appology to everyone f...

March 17, 2009 by Seraph in Cortez

A really quick note of appology to everyone for not being in touch lately. We're swamped at work, and I've been covering for a co-worker who was in a car accident. With spring break skiing on, I've been working the last 5 days, and will be going strong for the next 6. Happily, this will help us get home for Easter! Yeah!

Another Mocha Friday

March 13, 2009 by Adam in Family

Another Mocha Friday.

It's been an odd week, mostly at work where the general stress levels have been fairly high. It looks like we'll be asked to cut our budget, but fortunately I think our team will be okay in terms of layoffs. There are also hints of a new system office being built, either in Seattle or Portland. There's no hint yet of whether or not they'll try to move the 300+ people in our department to the new location. I think it's unlikely, especially any time soon, but these times are more uncertain than I'd like.

Sam had fencing yesterday, and I entertained Emma while he dueled away. Afterwards it was so nice and sunny that the kids ran around in the yard while I enjoyed feeling sunlight on my skin. I tried to run outside at lunch on Tuesday and nearly froze.

Jamie's preparing a pioneer dinner this weekend, and it looks like all sorts of interesting folks might drop by. Her dad in particular is coming down, I think. Otherwise this is the last weekend with the kids before spring break. Next weekend I'll be working on the shed non-stop.

I've decided to leave the robot activated this morning, warning Jamie that strangers may be controlling a webcam in our basement. Feel free to give my quirky experiment a try. Robot gets lonely.

We now have internet access, land phone, and ...

March 12, 2009 by Lohring in Lohring

We now have internet access, land phone, and cable tv. I still have a few things at my apartment, but officially live at the new house. Both papers come here and I hope to get keys to the mailbox by Friday. Darren built me a closet and is working hard on the bathroom. It's starting to feel like home.

I'm in the process of getting Sam's Mindstorm...

March 11, 2009 by Adam in Adam's Projects

I'm in the process of getting Sam's Mindstorm robot fully operational. At the moment, you can control it from a web page, drive it around, move the webcam, and post logs. It's still off most of the time, but it's very fun to play with.

There are some obvious tricky parts around privacy when you let total strangers drive a webcam-enabled robot around your house. Fortunately it's tethered by a webcam cable, so it can't get far. I think I'll also turn it off periodically and review the logs to make sure nothing inappropriate is posted.

If you're wanting to take a look at my experiments, feel free to visit robot's blog.

Emma called me nearly in tears the other day

March 11, 2009 by Adam in Emma

Emma called me nearly in tears the other day. She told me that "the keyboard was undetected" and she couldn't play her new favorite game, Wizard 101.

Fortunately I was able to swap out the cool-but-cheap wood keyboard and put in a standard one. Now she's back to playing her online game as much as we'll let her.

I can't believe it's Wednesday already

March 11, 2009 by Adam in Family

I can't believe it's Wednesday already.

The weekend was a blur. I helped dad move Saturday morning and then headed back to manage kids. Jamie was off for most of the day, so we puttered around and I did my usual entertainment. Sunday was much of the same, though we managed a long trip to the playground in the morning before the weather turned completely miserable.

We're starting to see some layoffs at work and other cost-cutting measures. I'm pretty sure my job is safe, specially since the stimulus package specifically has money for IT healthcare spending. Still, Jamie was not happy when she came back from the gym and discovered that her aerobics instructor was cut from teaching her classes.

I ran outside yesterday, the first time in months. It was freezing cold and my lungs hurt when I went back inside to finish on the treadmill. I only managed two miles before it started to rain and get really miserable.

The kids and I are having lots of fun with Sam's robot. Expect some news about it soon.

Dick got obsessed with oatmeal cookies when I...

March 10, 2009 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Dick got obsessed with oatmeal cookies when I was a senior in high school. I'd come home and he'd have another weird, lumpy batch waiting. Being too young to understand how good an oatmeal cookie is (why ruin a buttery sugary vessel with rolled oats and raisins?) I didn't get the draw. But lately I rush home from school to see what would happen if I doubled the cinnamon, added allspice and used leftover molasses. Or replaced chips with broken pieces of a dark chocolate bar. Will today be the perfect oatmeal cookie? Alas, these ones are too dry.

I'm dead

March 08, 2009 by Lohring in Lohring

I'm dead. We got Jenny and the boys moved Friday, and I moved today. We couldn't have done it without the help of two workers from Centro Latino (sp?). Thanks Sue. Thanks to Yayoe and Adam as well nearly all my shop and boats are moved over. It will take tomorrow to get my room setup and then comes the bathroom construction and new shop setup.

Yesterday and today I helped at Bob's, where ...

March 08, 2009 by Sue in Wielesek

Yesterday and today I helped at Bob's, where there's a change of tenants combined with hauling Anna's stuff down from the storage area above the garage, so she could go through it. I also helped a bit with Lohring and Jenny's move, barely keeping up with Yayoe, though my help was pretty much limited to getting worker guys from Centrolatino and schlepping them around. Anna's trying to whittle down her stuff so that, split between her mom's and my house, there will be room in the Martha Stewart for my share of it. I broke it gently to Sadie that her stuff is going from the basement closet to the attic, with barely
a split second rest in the Martha Stewart room. She took it

Another Friday at the MACC office, taking car...

March 06, 2009 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Another Friday at the MACC office, taking care of business.Carly would have silkscreened the Axl homage to my sweater, had we more time between the dance parties. Fortunately, paperclips are ubiquitous in office settings.

Another Mocha Friday

March 06, 2009 by Adam in Family

Another Mocha Friday. Sadly I finished my last sip and I'm munching on carrots. Jamie and the kids are at home today as there's no school. I think Jamie has wisely lined up a morning play date, so hopefully the kids won't go too wild.

Happy birthday, dad. I'm planning on seeing everyone bright and early tomorrow morning for the big move. It'll be fun to see the new house.

I've been doing some experiments with hooking up Sam's Lego robot up to the Internet. It's pretty technically challenging, but I think I figured out the hardest part so far. We'll see if I can make it self-aware and search for Sarah Conner before the end of the weekend.

Tonight is pizza and movie night, at least according to the kids. We'll probably push the couch in front of my computer and watch another Mythbuster's episode. Good times.

An update on your elderly father

March 05, 2009 by Sue in Wielesek

An update on your elderly father...I called him early this am to point out that while i wished him a happy birthday, he should remember that he would be as old as I am, at least for a few months. He sounded okay, and planning to pack up his shop equipment. I'll get a couple of guys from Cenntrolatino tomorrow to help both Jenny and Dad.
Anna is here for a week before she leaves for France. She and Bob are trying to clean up the tons of stuff stored in the loft over the garage, and I suspect that will involve
a certain amount of shuffling stuff around. Tomorrow is supposed to be sorting day for Anna as well as moving day for Jenny. I plan to eat many doughnuts to get my strength up. Incidentally, not taking so much heart medication has been wonderful.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes

March 05, 2009 by Lohring in Lohring

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. This is the year for big presents: a new house, new eyes, and a social security check. Yes, we really are moving in. Jenny will be first on Friday and most of my stuff will follow on Saturday. I probably won't really move in until next week.

Happy Birthday Dad!! We hope you can see mor...

March 05, 2009 by Seraph in Cortez

Happy Birthday Dad!! We hope you can see more clearly now!
We had our first drizzle of rain this year, early yesterday morning. I made Robbie and Isa jump out of bed and go outside to smell the fresh rain sent. It was a small OR moment here in NM.

It's the end of a busy Monday, and I'm tired

March 03, 2009 by Adam in Family

It's the end of a busy Monday, and I'm tired.

Fortunately the weekend was great, filled with library trips, swimming with Emma, and hanging out with the kids. We performed several science experiments, the most exciting being mixing two chemicals that produce carbon dioxide when wet, then covering that with something that turns to gel when wet. It made for some slow-motion bubbles.

We had a fun walk through the alleys near our house, taking advantage of a short break in the drizzle. Friday and Saturday nights we had a Mythbuster viewing, much to the kids' delight. Sunday night we went to my mom's for dinner.

As for this week, I'm taking my dad to get his second eye fixed early Wednesday. On Saturday morning we're moving him to the new house. Busy, busy.

March brought snow and more economics

March 01, 2009 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

March brought snow and more economics.

In hopes of making stronger ties with people and procrastinating less, I quit Facebook. I'm liberated from posting and trolling witty one-liner updates. Adamandjamie.com is my only bullhorn for the telling of my daily minutia. Adam one, Facebook zero.

Just to catch up on what's going on here in t...

March 01, 2009 by Robbie in Cortez

Just to catch up on what's going on here in the Land of Enchantment. Over Valentine's weekend, Sipapu Ski area had a three day festival. Seraph worked on Saturday, so we went up to participate in the games and fun. They built a huge snow castle that all of the kids and a few unnamed adults climbed and slid down the six snow slides. It was also costume day, so many people dressed up in silly costumes and skied down the mountain. They had costumes inside that one could borrow, so Isabell dressed up in a pink dress, black sequence tank top, and a faux fur vest. She claimed she was Madonna, and won first prize. She won a free kids lift ticket, and gift certificate to Baskin and Robins.

On Sunday Seraph worked again, while we went to church and afterward, the Wise Fools Theater had a shadow puppet making class. Isabell and another girl made puppets for a show that they will present next week.

On Monday, we went back to Sipapu and went skiing. Isabell rented some skis and had private lessons. I went up for the first time in three years and was a bit hesitant, since I twisted my knee pretty badly. However once I was on top of the mountain my nervousness evaporated and I skied without fear. My knee was a little sore, and I took it easy for the few first runs. By the end of the day I wanted to continue skiing. But all good things come to and end.

Last weekend, we drove down to Albuquerque and went to the Zoo. It's not as nice as the Portland Zoo, but have more variety of animals. The cages are a bit smaller, and you feel for the animals. However, it is a beautiful zoo, and we will return soon for they have an Aquariame and Botanical Gardens that you can take a train up from the zoo to there.

It has been a stressful week worrying about the sale of our house, and after talking with Seraph and our realator, we have decided to lower the price of the house considerably. We just want to get rid of it, and have just enough money to put down a down payment and pay off the new windows that we had installed last year. I can't wait until it is over with.

Yesterday, Isabell went to a Birthday party, while Seraph and I went to Dixon and walked around the quiet town. We walked down a dirt road and discovered a small river flowing by us. We wished that we had a small lunch to sit by and enjoy the tranquility of the river. After the party we went to Taos, to go the Wal*Mart and to the library.

Today, Seraph worked up at the mountain, while Isabell and I went to church. This afternoon the Wise Fools Theatre is having a puppet show with life size puppets. Every Sunday from today til April 16 they will present a variety of different puppet shows. I love this community.

Hopefully this week, I will start walking everyday to get in shape. I'm planning to take a pilgrimage to Chimayo on Good Friday. I plan to walk from Nambe to Chimayo, a ten mile walk with beautiful views of arroyos, mesas, and mountains. Chimayo, as I mentioned before is the only church in the United States were people will pilgrimage from all of the way from Albuquerque. Though mine is not as far, I will feel proud to do such a walk.

Quick update of the last 5 months! We had C...

March 01, 2009 by Meg in Lytton

Quick update of the last 5 months!
We had Callie and Will, Julie and Alex, and Kayla here for Thanksgiving and the weekend before Xmas (we celebrated Xmas the Sunday before, causing a weird kind of deja vu all the next week!)and for New Years. Callie and Will went off with Will's extended family for a long Xmas trip in Costa Rico and Julie went to Alex's family's in Toledo.

Mikayla worked in Cleveland for her January break, on a project that one of her professors (who is the Cleveland City Treasurer) set up to try to help people renegotiate mortgages. She is hoping to use this to parry a job at the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank this summer.

Julie finished Anatomy, Biochem and is actually starting to have classes that involve real patient care at this point. She is applying for research jobs in NYC this summer so she can be up there with Alex.

Callie is flying to India, as I write, to spend a week working with Indian nonprofits. She will get to ride a camel and an elephant while there!She and Will want to work in Chicago this summer.

Dick and I just stay busy. My associate is expecting in April so I will be pretty busy while she is on maternity leave. We are considering taking in a 3rd doctor- lots of work and some financial risk but we seem plenty busy....

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