Sunday Morning Crepes

January 30, 2011 by Adam in Family

I'm making crepes, while the kids play on the computers and Joanna sleeps.  Amazingly, no one is playing Minecraft at the moment, which is a mainstay in our household.  I used a dungeon generator to create a dungeon in our communal world and Sam, Joanna, and I were busy delving instead of watching Chuck or Doctor Who.

I had Friday off, so I missed my mocha Friday update.  It was just Sam, Emma, and I for the day.  We hung out, taking a trip to campus to explore during the middle of the day.  Sam and I played a multiplayer game until we were both giggling.  Emma and I made challa bread.  Sam got picked up by Jamie for the evening.  Amber watched kids while Joanna and I went to listen to music at Cosmic Pizza.  There were clowns and ukulele.

I used the previously baked challa bread to make a delicious french toast and eggs breakfast.  Joanna took Duncan to a birthday party, leaving the girls and I to fend for ourselves.  The weather was beautiful, so we took our bikes to the park.  Emma can now get on, ride, and get off.  Berry spent over a half hour riding her bike in circles.

Returning home, we had a snack and the girls played in Emma's room for a long while.  I hear there was considerable reading involved.  I fiddled with my robot, getting it to the point where it can nicely transport the laptop around.  The next tasks are programming ones.

Sam spent the afternoon in grandma Sue's care, returning with a haircut and new shirt.  Eventually Joanna arrived as well.  Emma and I nearly finished her math, and then the two of us went out to get groceries and pizza.  I think I impressed the girl with the vast quantities of food required to feed a household of six.  The evening was wrapped up with a nature documentary and the previously mentioned Minecraft.

As for today, I'm hoping we can fit in a trip to the library and swimming.  If the weather continues to be gorgeous, perhaps some puttering in the garden can occur.  It's been a lovely weekend.

Another Quiet Weekend

January 24, 2011 by Adam in Family

We had a pleasant, quiet weekend.  Sam, Emma, and Berry all were under the weather on Friday night, but we abandoned them with Amber and a Toy Story movie.  Sam slept through it all, emerging after we returned.  Joanna and I went to the Granary to listen to music and eat pizza.  Unfortunately the pizza never came after an hour, so we gave up and went home.

Saturday was Joanna's birthday.  When I woke up, everyone immediately started in on Minecraft and went to work making birthday cakes.  It was funny watching them all harvest grain, gather sugar, and follow chickens about for eggs.  We had a hardy breakfast of crepes and bacon, then headed to the library while Joanna had a pedicure. 

The afternoon involved getting ready for a birthday dinner.  I picked up a carrot cake at Sweet Life, and picked up Tasty Thai.  Dinner was great, but Sweet Life screwed up the cake by putting on dairy-free icing.  I took the cake back, and the next day got a very apoligetic call and gift certificates.

Sunday was additionally lazy.  Joanna, Berry, and Duncan went to church.  Sam, Emma, and I worked on homework.  Emma played with neighborhood girls for awhile.  The kids, including Sam, played Just Dance 2 until their bodies ached.  I managed to work in some gardening and removed the stain from a side table.  For dinner we ate pizza and watched Babies, which was cute and interesting.

As for this week, we've got another four-day weekend ahead.  I'm taking Friday off to hang out with kiddos.  It's strange that it's nearly February already.

I Do Exist

January 24, 2011 by Sue in Wielesek

Somehow or another, January has nearly disappeared. My personal opinion is that the big cosmic change with the year 2000 is that time began to go faster. I'm at that sad point when the Christmas goodies are gone, no matter how I try to stretch them out. Hanni's bottle of Liebfraumilch is nearly gone, and Bob polished off the last of Colette's good chocolates. I have about one more pot of the wonderful coffee that Sadie and Greg brought. I've been interspersing it with some of the ten pounds of coffee I frantically bought a couple of months ago at Canned Food Warehouse when I heard that coffee prices were going to rise dramatically.

Jenny and I went to church last week at the Faith Center in Springfield. Good time for me to review my prejudices - the minister gave a very thoughtful, non political, non evangelical sermon. No Black people there, but Jenny said she was used to that.

Happy birthday to Joanna, and Hppy B'day (that's Duncan's half birthday) to Duncan. And Happy Birthday to Isa, who is ten!

We went to a Memorial on Saturday for Pat Helmers, the woman who catered Dick's and my wedding. And to a wedding reception at Kell's, in Portland, on Saturday night.

Birthday parties

January 23, 2011 by Seraph in Cortez

We're slowly recovering from Isa's birthday mystery/slumber party!  A night of 6 hyper girls is enough to wear me out, but everyone had fun.  Wow - 10 years old!!!

Mocha Friday

January 21, 2011 by Adam in Family

It's mocha friday, somewhat frantic and complicated as it often is.  Sam stayed home from school due to a cough.  Our Internet go-live at work went really well, but there are still assorted issues and crises to resolve.  Tonight Joanna and I are going out somewhere, destination unknown.  Tomorrow is her birthday.  Hopefully I can get everything ready to go.

Wednesday night Joanna and I tried out Holy Cow, which just opened on Willamette.  They're still getting ready, training people.  It has a fast food vibe, but with pretty good food.  I'd go there again sometime.

Last night was Duncan's half birthday, so we picked up a gluten-free cake on the way home and had a nice little celebration after a salmon dinner.  Emma had a really hard time going to sleep last night, and was up until past ten o'clock.  This morning she was really sleepy.

It'll be good to get through today and settle into a more normal weekend routine.  A little downtime after a rough week sounds lovely.  Just for fun, I'm attaching a video of us playing Just Dance 2, which is a surprisingly good workout.

I Love Boobie bracelets

January 21, 2011 by Robbie in Cortez

I had an interesting conversation with my sixth graders today about "I Love Boobie" bracelets. One of the boys was wearing one, and I asked him if he was wearing it because he was supporting breast cancer awareness. He smiled shyly and I didn't even have to decipher that smile. My other student, with a serious face, said, "No, I just love boobies." I did tell them that buying this bracelet supported a good cause. Afterwards, I thought back to my grade school days, and probably would of said the same thing. Boys are just boys!

Long Weekends

January 18, 2011 by Adam in Family

I had a mostly lovely four-day weekend.  Friday I hung out with Sam and Emma as they were out of school.  We did little of importance all day, walking to Metropol for goodies and picking up grass seed at Down to Earth.  Of course, we all played Minecraft together, working on extracting minerals and shaping the world to our mutual benefit.  I made Emma a virtual birthday cake.  Later in the afternoon I spread grass seed while enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.  That night was pizza and Mythbusters.  Delicious in many ways.

Saturday was a little rough, as Joanna's new medication made her feel pretty terrible.  We all played Minecraft in the morning, virtually every computer dedicated towards that endeavor, then went off to the Glenwood for breakfast.  Jamie picked up Sam afterward.  Emma and I worked on homework for awhile.  We made a scene from her book out of Legos.  There was lots of reading homework, with me feeding orange slices after each correct answer.  I also sang an "Emma is great" song after each one.

Sunday was pleasantly low-key. I took Berry, Duncan, and Emma to the library where we returned with two bags of loot.  We tried to go swimming after that, but it was completely full.  We played Just Dance 2 and the kids ran about.  As the evening approached, I took Emma to her moms for a rare night without both kids.  Amber arrived to babysit and Joanna and I went out for sushi.

Since it was Martin Luthor King's day today, Berry and Duncan stayed home.  I kept an eye on them, setting up art projects and reading a bit, but they generally did fine playing by themselves.  Collette arrived early afternoon and I worked away in earnest.  For dinner I made meatloaf, which everyone complimented.  Strange doings for a vegetarian like me.

Mocha Thursday

January 13, 2011 by Adam in Family

Okay, it's a little early in the week, but I'm taking tomorrow off, so I indulged myself with a mocha.

Work has been lovely this week, with the last of the go-live issues sorted out.  I've finally been able to relax a little and work on things at a more leisurely pace.

I got a letter from Emma on Tuesday, evidently they write a number of letters at school.  She asked how I liked my magical pony present and which episode of Glee I last watched.  It was pretty sweet.

Sam's been working away at homework this week, and little else.  I've been having stair-step in between the geneology project research and math homework.  We tried out an episode of Farscape the other night, but Joanna was unimpressed.  I have both kids tomorrow and it's a no-school day.  I'm looking forward to lots of hang-out time, along with homework and maybe a small adventure out.

There was another interesting school proposal last night.  It's possible that Emma's school stays open and instead Berry and Duncan's school moves to the closer Adams Elementary building.  We'll find out the conclusion in early February.

Joanna and I went swing dancing again last night, which was lots of fun.  I'm thinking of having Emma and I make the trip out for Sadie's wedding.  It looks like Berry and Duncan won't be going to Rochester until December due to their dad's work/school schedule.  I continue to work on the post-divorce finances, parenting classes, and other loose ends.  Life continues to be complicated but good.

Snow day

January 12, 2011 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

We're in the midst of a big blizzard of 10-14 inches, so even grown-ups get the snow day. Greg shoveled all morning. Then we ate pancakes.


Two Week Recap

January 10, 2011 by Adam in Family

I put together a quick movie that showed off some random moments from the last couple weeks.  I still cringe looking at Emma getting her ears pierced, but at least there's a smile afterward.

Go Ducks!

January 10, 2011 by Seraph in Cortez

Our restaurant manager is a former Oregonian, so we were able to convinced him to keep the bar open late tonight for the BCS game.  I did promise not to wear anything that identified me as an employee - just in case we get obnoxious : )

Lovely Weekend

January 10, 2011 by Adam in Family

After a rough week, we had a great weekend.  Joanna finally figured out her sickness was from medication, and she felt better after stopping.  She took it easy on Friday, and I arrived to tasty soup and a quiet evening.

Saturday morning Joanna slept in while I made crepes and bacon for the kids.  They played together, including quite a bit of Minecraft, and eventually Joanna emerged to grace us with her presence.  Next was our usual library trip, returning with books and movies and puppets.  Jamie picked up Emma for a play date with the Musgroves.  Joanna picked up another Minecraft license and the three of us cheerfully indulged ourselves while Berry watched on.

As the evening rolled around, we managed to pull away for assorted chores.  Chickens were fed, Christmas lights came down, and Amber showed up to watch Berry and Duncan.  Joanna and I went to Adam's Sustainable Table and ate tasty local food, returning to tuck Emma into bed.

Sunday was equally low-key.  This time it was omelettes and sausages, with Sam arriving just in time.  Games were played, and Berry went with her nanny to church.  I worked on homework with Emma and Sam.  After breakfast, I took everyone on a hike up Spencer's Butte, turning around after the younger crew got tired.  In the afternoon there were movies and games and playing.  I went off shopping, returning with pizza for Pizza and Mythbusters.  Emma had a hard time getting to sleep, so I only half-watched the Doctor Who episode that Sam and Joanna enjoyed.  Fortunately I'd already seen it before.

Mocha Friday from the Carnival

January 07, 2011 by Adam in Family

It's been a hard week.

Emma's been sick all week, as has Joanna.  Sam was sick yesterday.  Our big Internet go-live is coming up fast, with a long list of issues to resolve.  I've certainly felt the burden of it all, driving people around and taking care of things.  It hasn't been all bad - Sam, Joanna, and I watched Inception over the last couple nights, which was quite fun.  Earlier in the week Sam and I played Laura Croft: Guardian of Light for some laugh-out-lound entertainment.  Last night we webcammed with Sadie and Greg for game night.  Charades was hysterical, though Emma was sometimes more enthusiastic than skilled.  Even Sam got excited about it.

Emma chatted for a long time yesterday with her friend Morgan, who is clearly her best friend.  Morgan mentioned Crest possibly closing, which was news to Emma.  At some point Jamie and I need to sit down and figure out options, and then fill out school choice forms.  Decisions about school closures happen early February.  Fox Hollow is moving too, so our school routine will be quite different in the fall.

I'm stressing a bit about finances, though I've done the math and I think my bank account won't quite go to zero.  Next month things start improving, as spousal support goes down.  I need to do taxes to figure out how much I owe, if any.  I also have a bunch of one-time bills for lawyers and such that I need to take care of.  Maybe I can replace my car tires too.  In any case, I applied for overdraft protection at the bank and they were impressed with my credit rating.

I think we'll have a typical weekend.  Tonight is potentially swimming if Joanna's up for it.  Library tomorrow morning, and it's possible we'll be entirely kid-free in the afternoon due to play dates with other people.  We're going somewhere for dinner, and then I get at least Emma back in the evening.  Sam's at his mom's tonight.  Mostly I want everyone to feel better.

This morning Jamie came over to take Emma to school.  Jamie dreamed about our household being a carnival.  We all laughed, as it made perfect sense.  Now to work on my clown routine.


Sunny Day!

January 06, 2011 by Sue in Wielesek

We're having a bright shiny day, which of course just makes it obvious that my windows need washed! Nonetheless, this stretch of sunny mid-winter weather is most welcome!

Borrowing from the wisdom of Gram Jones, I'm keeping busy since Sadie and Greg left on Tuesday. I've been doing a lot of comfort bleaching, counting china, silver, and napkins (in case it's needed at the wedding, not because I think Sadie and Greg pinched any!) and doing errands. My amaryllis are finally putting up buds, the little ingrates.

I need to go figure out how to coordinate the clock on the mantel. Greg got it nicely under control while he was here, so the time was accurate and the time and the chimes matched up, but it's running amok again. A few minutes ago, at 9:30, it chimed four times. God only knows what will happen in 15 minutes.

much love to all, mom

Back in the Bay State

January 05, 2011 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

Thanks to all for keeping and watering us this last two weeks! We're safe and sound at home. 

Pierced Ears

January 04, 2011 by Adam in Emma

Emma got pierced ears yesterday.  They're a little sore today, but she's being diligent about keeping them clean.  She's also had an annoying cough the last four days, though I managed to convince her to go to school since she can show off her earrings.  She put on the hair band that Sadie made for her, nicely exposing her ears.

The funniest part of the whole story is that she had been reading a book on how to be glamorous and one of the sections was titled "How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Pierce Your Ears."  Emma carefully went through the list and got everyone's permission, sensibly using her Christmas money and getting it organized.  It was very cute.

I had a great time hanging out with Emma the last four days, despite her being sick.  We played games together, read books at bedtime, and played at the playground with everyone else.  I really like the person she's turning into, and tell her frequently.


Celebrating Holidays!

January 04, 2011 by Sue in Wielesek

What a holiday season! So many things have happened that I can't remember them all. Lots of friends, family, and a new baby!

Perhaps the first thing in my season was the assistance of friends Ilona and Ghio with decorations. Or perhaps it was Hanni bringing wonderful cookies and an almond cake for Sadie and Greg. Or, I suppose, it could have been the struggle to clean up and put away all my tools, take about $140 of building supplies back to Jerry's, another $45 back to True Value, and a couple of hundred backs worth of stuff to Habitat for Humanity, which earns some money by reselling building supplies, etc.

But it really felt like it started when Sadie, Greg and Greg's brother Josh rolled in on the evening of the 21st, after Josh, now living in P'tland, picked them up at the airport and brought them to Eugene. The days between their arrival and the engagement party were filled with lots of visiting, time with Adam, Joanna, Jenny, and other family. Sadie and Greg brought greens in from the farm, and the house finally had that Sadie touch we all miss. My Christmas presents were pretty, interesting, and fun. Sadie made everyone boutinniers (Ok, Ok, that's not even close to the right spelling.) Christmas dinner at Jenny's house was lovely.

The party on the 26th turned out well; Josh and Greg did yeoman's duty, and Josh earned his chef's stripes, producing a wonderful beef roast and grilled salmon which disappeared in a trice. Lots of Sadie's friends came, and it was very fun for me to see them. Ana came over from the coast, and was welcom company. A "shout out" to Joanna and Yayoe who made up and sent out the invitations for the party. A very large shout out to Destin and Jordan, who were wonderfully helpful at the party.

The week since the party was more leisurely, with Sadie and Greg able to spend a little time together. Josh had to go back to Portland so he could fly back to the East Coast. We certainly enjoyed meeting him, and he was a great guest.

I think everyone has a better sense of the location of the wedding, and has had a chance to begin some tentative transportation planning. Bob and I are the worst planners, since we're trying to figure out when and if Anna will be in Paris this summer.

New Years Eve was very fun; Colette, Hanni, Bob and I went to see La Boheme, which I thought was spectacular. Since I was in charge of getting tickets, they were terrible seats, but we had fun anyhow.

The down side of the holidays was that Jenny was fixing the table and a couple of the leaves fell on her foot, breaking a toe. Ouch, ouch. Another downside was an infection Sam got in his mouth after having a tooth pulled. More ouch! But Berry got her ears pierced and didn't even cry.

Today we drove up to Portland, where Sadie and Greg will fly from at 7:00 am tomorrow morning. We left them around 2, cheerfully planning to take the MAX to Powell's and hang out in downtown Portland, then stay at the Ramada tonight.

So the holiday season is officially over. Safe trip, Sadie and Greg!


New Year Wishes

January 01, 2011 by Seraph in Cortez

Happy New Year!!  Here's hoping that 2011 is even better than 2010!

I got 4 girls (Isa and 3 friends) fed up on crepes and whipping cream (glutten free recp per Adam - Thank You!!), and now their out sleding.  Now a few quiet moments with my own breakfast and coffee.  So far the year is good!

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