Axe Throwing

July 31, 2018 by Adam in Family

Today we talked about software development and threw axes around.

Play ball

July 31, 2018 by Adam in Family

Made it to Salt Lake City. Ate burgers with coworkers. Now at a ball game. We'll work eventually.

Off Again

July 30, 2018 by Adam in Family

I'm boarding a plane to Salt Lake City in a couple hours.  We'll be getting the team together to chat about how things are going, plan for the future, and do some social axe throwing.  I gave my teammates $1 each of Motivosity money, along with the message that I was worth more to them alive.

I was deathly ill from Saturday night through Monday morning, full of vomiting and headaches.  I'm mostly functional today, though maybe running a little slow.  Joanna and Emma were great at taking care of me.  I finally ate some dinner after not eating much all day and it was the best tofu and carrots I'd ever eaten.

I continue to fret about Sam, though it sounds like there's not much that has to happen right away.  We moved the van into the driveway to get it off the street.  Sam was over for dinner Saturday night and has otherwise been working for mom or staying over at Skye's house.

Dad wanted Emma to work today, so I dropped her off at the office this morning.  She's been really enjoying joining the working world, making noises about getting a driver's permit next.  I think she doesn't like sitting around all summer doing nothing, so work feels meaningful.  She even made a comment about looking forward to school again.

Joanna's been great these last couple weeks.  She's had a ton of energy lately, working away in the gardens and accomplishing various house projects.  She leaves for a writer's conference right around when I come back.  Hopefully I see her a little before she goes.  I'm missing her already.

We haven't heard much from Duncan and Benny.  I think their camps all went well and they're doing okay.

Time to start packing up and getting ready to go.  My weird eye bump returned after sleeping in a smoky cabin and hiking dusty trails, so Tim Arbow sent me off with a bunch of prescriptions to fill.  It looks like an allergic reaction and nothing too serious.  It still adds a stop at RiteAid before I head to the airport.

See you all in a few days!

Coming home

July 27, 2018 by Adam in Family

We had a great day of hiking and rafting yesterday. One of the raft passengers was a teacher with Jamie's brother Brant. Small world.

We're heading home, helping sort out some excitement with Sam and getting ready for my work trip next week.

McKenzie River Adventures

July 26, 2018 by Adam in Family

We're here at Belknap hot springs, briefly at the lodge to check the outside world. Yesterday was our first full day, filled with kayaking at Clear Lake and hiking around the falls. We returned home to cook dinner and work on a puzzle. 

Today we hike some more and read down the river. Should be a fun adventure.

Into The Woods

July 24, 2018 by Adam in Family

Joanna and I are heading out into the woods for a few days, leaving the house in Sam's hands.  The plan is to stay in a cabin at Belknap, then go for day hikes and kayak trips around the area.  Should be lovely.

The weekend was hot, but generally pleasant.  Saturday we wore ourselves out fixing the fence.  A tree root had pushed a post an inch in one direction.  After removing the root a few weeks ago, we slowly dug, hammered, and wiggled it mostly back into place.  After screwing the broken parts back together we painted it.  The end result was quite lovely.

Saturday night mom came over for dinner, followed by a concert at the Cuthbert ampitheater.  I was worn out and a little grumpy at myself for bringing the wrong chairs, but the music was good and it was fun seeing half of Eugene out on a summer night.

Sunday was more subdued.  Joanna went to church.  Emma and I went for a haircut.  We threw mom a little birthday.  I finished my Mechwarrior game.  Joanna, Emma, and I finished watching Thor: Ragnarok.  It was quite pleasant.

Monday Emma returned to work, which she's slowly getting used to.  I did a bit of work, chatting with security auditors and writing tests.  We were assigned some reading before our Salt Lake City meeting next week, which I strangely enjoyed and am eager to talk about.  Funny how things like DevOps becomes interesting over a few decades at my career.

Happy Birthday Mom!

July 23, 2018 by Adam in Wielesek

It's officially mom's birthday today.  We had her over last night where I stuck a candle in a slice of my birthday cake.  Happy Birthday was sung.  I found a book on neandertals and wrapped it up, thus completing the birthday experience.

Birthday Boy

July 20, 2018 by Adam in Adam

I turned a bit older than the kids today.  There was a moon landing involved when I was born - you can do the math.

My mom, Sam, and Emma showed up for dinner - I requested soup, salad, and bread, which Joanna made wonderfully for me.  Prezzies appeared - gift certificates, cell phone case, plants, kayak stuff, board games, and more.  Emma pained me a ship on the sea.  Even Jamie game me some pickles that she and Emma worked on.  It was all very nice, topped off by my favorite chocolate coffee potato cake that I get once a year.

Happy Birthday, Moon Boy!

July 19, 2018 by Sadie in Sadie & Greg

You're still my favorite brother. Have a super day!

Quiet House

July 18, 2018 by Adam in Family

It was a whirlwind weekend, followed by a very quiet start of the week. 

I went with a bunch of people to Jordan's Star Wars themed performance.  It was pretty funny at times, with the little kids in Yoda hats and a nearly all-female cast playing all the male characters, coupled with male voiceover.  Still, it worked and we were generally entertained.

The next morning I was up before dawn to send Duncan and Benny to Rochester.  I was mostly worried about Benny, who had some reservations, but they've generally been doing okay.  I remember going back east as a kid and it always took a bit of adjustment.

Saturday was pretty quiet, with Emma declaring herself our only child.  My mom and Isa came over for pizza and Mythbusters, a final hurrah before Isa headed home.  Sunday morning Emma went to her mom's house to pickle things.  Joanna and I went to the country fair, which seems increasingly well managed as the years go on, a hippie Disneyland of sorts.  We saw a few old guys in thongs - Duncan said he was glad he missed it.  After people watching and listening to music, we headed back to beat the heat.

The rest of the week has been pretty quiet, watering the garden, watching shows, and Joanna playing Beat Saber on occasion.  Sam stepped on a nail, which he says is fine.  He's been working pretty hard for my mom apparently.  Sam showed off his guitar playing skills, which are getting pretty good these days.

Work is doing okay, though I'm sad my work BFF Cory is leaving for another job.  I continue to feel like a real developer more and more these days.

Mocha Friday

July 13, 2018 by Adam in Family

Summer seems to be full of non-stop changes.  Already I miss the routine of school days.

Sam's been working for my mom some, and off and away most nights.  He says he's been learning guitar and playing music, hanging out with friends.  There's also some tentative move out plans, though they're not quite ready to go.  He seems happy and well, which is the most important thing for me.

Emma's been working away for my dad, which I think she enjoys.  She's been cheerful and funny, hanging around our house quite a bit.  Tomorrow we're playing D&D with the usual crowd.  I met up with Jamie this morning to get Emma a new passport.  Soon I'd like to get her driver's permit too.  With Duncan and Benny heading out tomorrow and Sam rarely around, she's going to be our lone kid soon.  Hopefully she's okay with extra hugs.

Duncan has been computing and hanging out with friends quite a bit.  Benny's been mostly doing the same.  There was a brief moment at dinner last night where Chloe's mom came and we couldn't find them.  I started driving around and eventually we discovered they'd walked to Hiron's where I picked them up.  Needless to say, we had a chat about communication.  Benny's also been binge watching Star Trek and learning Klingon, both things which I can support.

Kevin is coming to hang out with the kids in an an hour or so.  After a quick dinner, Emma and I are going to watch Jordan's dance performance.  Tomorrow has Duncan and Benny leaving at the crack of dawn, followed by D&D. Sunday Joanna and I are going to the country fair.  Busy, busy.


July 13, 2018 by Adam in Duncan

Duncan technically doesn't turn 13 for another week, but as he's heading out to Rochester tomorrow, we've been throwing various celebrations for him this last week.  First up was a gathering of other teenage boys.  They went to VR, played a ton of Jackbox games, ran around the park and ate pizza, and eventually got to sleep sometime after 1 a.m. in the morning.  I think he had a great time.

Last night we had a family gathering, with Sam coming over for dinner.  Duncan got some computer and video related goodies - a green screen holder and custom filters, a copy of Jackbox to play with his Rochester crowd, and Emma swapped her new monitor with Duncan's.

Duncan's been really great this year and I try to tell him how much I appreciate how good natured and funny he's become.

Working Girl

July 12, 2018 by Adam in Emma

Emma went to her first day on the job today, working as a sterilization tech for my dad.  She said she spent the day mostly watching procedures, but did some cleanup as well.  At one point she went and got Pepsi from the store.

Her feet got a little sore, so we'll need to get some better shoes.  She did manage to get some scrubs after work.

Next up is getting a new passport on Friday and hopefully getting a driver's permit soon too.  All these kids are growing up.

Driving Man

July 10, 2018 by Adam in Sam

Sam is officially a driver. 

He's been off in the woods for a week, measuring trees and taking pictures of wildlife.  He returned ready for a shower and some sleep, along with knowing how to play the guitar a bit more.  This morning he got up early and we practiced driving around the DMV.  Somehow I managed to remember the course from when I took my driver's test thirty years ago.  I think it helped immensely as he passed with a higher score than mine.

Sam's moving out plans keep shifting, though it may be sooner rather than later.  I think he's going to do some work for my mom relatively soon, fixing up the 4th street house.  

Home Again, Home Again

July 10, 2018 by Adam in Family

We're back home, with Isa hanging out another week and Sam returned from the woods yesterday.  Duncan and Benny are off to their dad's on Saturday.  Duncan has his friend birthday party today.  We'll briefly have 3 teenagers in the house.  Life is pretty busy.

The trip was good, especially hanging out with my sisters and their families.  The kids were all great, funny and mellow.  I'll never forget Duncan's newfound spelling abilities.  I'll write more later, as I've got to get ready for a driver's test with Sam and a shopping spree for Isa and Emma today.

Family Reunion

July 02, 2018 by Adam in Family

I dropped Sam off at his friend's house and presumably he's up in Washington today.  Everyone else trickled in Saturday and Sunday we moved into the massive villa where we're staying.  It's the usual family chaos, though we did a pretty good job feeding everyone last night.  All other meals are loosely coordinated at best.  Seraph, Isa, and Sadie went to Hendrick's Park.  Later I took Isa and Emma over to Allan Brother's Coffee to hang out.  Later I think we'll head to 5th Street Market.

It's been fun watching everyone hang out.  Isa went around and gave everyone Sharpie tattoos,  which turned out pretty well.

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