Mocha Friday

April 12, 2024 by Adam in Family

It's been a relatively quiet week, with the sun peeking out more and more.  Jo's off at a writing workshop for the next couple days.  I've been wearing shorts and a t-shirt, even when the weather suggests otherwise.  At work I've been playing around with Github Copilot, trying to see how useful it is as a coding assistant.  I think it's good on the whole, though it's occasionally misleading or completely incorrect.  The kitties are fine, with Data's kidney issues seemingly back to normal.

Our wayward son seems to have settled in Albuquerque, getting an apartment is a part of town he likes.  Today is his first day working on a farm.  He's made some friends and gone to various concerts.  It's cool seeing him settle in so quickly.

Jo and I had our date night at Old Nick's, with its fantasy-themed menu.  The open mic was a little loud and the food was just okay, but we went for a walk around the rose gardens and it was surprisingly beautiful.

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Weekend Festivities

April 08, 2024 by Adam in Family

Saturday was the big D&D day with a new campaign kicking off.  It generally went well, though the snail racing competition had some inter-party fighting.  The open nature of things is a little stressful to run, but hopefully the carnival activities were generally fun.  Hopefully they all had a good time - breaking out minis I painted long ago was entertaining to me at least.  Seraph also got me a cool new D&D t-shirt, as clearly I need more of those.

Sunday was filled with gardening, walks to various little free libraries, and some video game playing.  I planted some sunflowers along with the more practical veggies.  The greenhouse is filling up with fun plants too - hopefully we'll have enough room in the beds for everything.

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Sneaking into Spring

April 05, 2024 by Adam in Family

I spent a couple days wearing shorts and t-shirts, feeling like a better version of myself as I frolicked in the sunshine.  I snuck away from work to mow the lawn and clean the porch and patio.  It was all very lovely, though we quickly returned to cool, rainy weather.

I was handed a new wacky project at work, so I'm feeling thrown to the deep end once again.  I'm not really working with other developers, reporting directly to a director, so I'm feeling somewhat disconnected from everyone else.  We'll see how long it lasts.

I've got a new D&D campaign starting tomorrow - The Wild Beyond the Witchlight.  Our brave adventurers are returning to the magical carnival where they each lost something as a child.  I think I'm mostly prepared except for a few minor things.  Plus I've got some popcorn to make to set the carnival mood.

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Three Day Weekend

April 01, 2024 by Adam in Family

It was a nice weekend all around, with Emma coming over early and filling Friday up with various fun things.  I caught up on some correspondence, setup my dad's old 3D printer, Emma and I went to the library, and then we had tea with my mom.  Dad's old printer is bigger than my current one, so I tested it out with a couple prints of an ink stamp holder I'd been wanting to try.  Tea with mom was nice, and it turns out some more logging money finally came in.  Hopefully the loggers will finish up doing what they're doing and we can get on with the business of managing things ourselves.

I read a few graphic novels, played some games, and prepped some D&D.  Emma and I took a few more cherry branches and turned them into spoons and spatulas.  Jeaux and I emptied one of the garden beds that the fig tree had grown roots into.  I think we have a plan to keep them out in the future.

Ben still wanted to do our traditional egg hunt, so we hid eggs and watched our teens scurry about finding them.  Emma abstained, though she did nibble on a chocolate bunny left on her breakfast plate.

It's the first week of the new term for Duncan and Emma.  Emma's classes are starting at 8:30 in the morning.  Duncan's taking a lighter term unless his wait list class works out.  As for me, I love that it's finally starting to feel like spring and the world is born anew.

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