Christmas approaches quickly

December 21, 1999 by Adam in Family

Christmas approaches quickly. I'm in the middle of a two week vacation, spending a lot of time with Sam. At the moment, Jamie's off at the coast with Seraph, enjoying her first full day away from Sam (a mini-Christmas present of mine).

Sam's still growing. He walks very well, and is able to do a bunch of new things (feed himself with a spoon, go up/down stairs, climb up on couches, etc.). He's also getting very verbal. He learned the word "onion" this morning. He also has a new game where he'll hide something, come up to me and shrug saying "ein" (short for "I don't know"), then go back and find it again.

It's been nice to take the time off work, though it's a very different schedule indeed. Instead of assisting customers with computer problems, I've been assisting Sam with his diapers. Still, he's a great boy and it's fun to be around him.

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