Bob Whitman, our realtor, just got off the ph...

May 31, 2001 by Adam in Family

Bob Whitman, our realtor, just got off the phone with me. We'd been in a situation where there were a lot of repairs to be done on the new house, and we'd asked for the full amount to do all the repairs. We got a counter offer by the sellers that was very far off of what we were asking. We cut a third off of our request, and I just found out that they accepted.

So, it looks like the last big hurdle is over. Next steps are getting our loan finalized. The interest rates have gone up over the last few days, so we're crossing our fingers. We have another 15 days to lock it in, so we're hoping it goes down a bit. Great fun.

We all saw Sadie Monday night at my mom's house

May 30, 2001 by Adam in Family

We all saw Sadie Monday night at my mom's house. She's doing well, though her allergies are in full swing and she looked pretty tired. We're trying to arrange a play date between her and Sam, as Sam was wanting to build secret tunnels together (that's what they did the last time she was here).

House things are progressing along. We're still waiting to hear about the repair negotiation. Not sure what we'll do if we don't get the full amount. I suppose we can live out of all these cardboard boxes I'm getting from work.

The offers we got yesterday were very good, w...

May 28, 2001 by Adam in Family

The offers we got yesterday were very good, with most exceeding the asking price of the house. So, we accepted one and we're on our way to getting this move accomplished. We're still waiting on the repairs. There's quite a bit that needs to be done, so I'm hoping they accept without too much difficulty. Lots of stress.

Also, we heard that Dave, Josh, and some friends overturned in the rapids yesterday. Dave had to go to Urgent Care to get a big splinter removed. They also lost a bunch of their equipment. Don't know many details, but we're glad they're okay.

Sadie's coming in tonight. I'm hoping we can see her. Well, we're off to Dave's to check up on him. Time to get everything organized.

Very exciting day today

May 28, 2001 by Adam in Family

Very exciting day today. I helped Seraph and Robbie haul yard debris, we did some last minute cleaning here at home, then we left the house for four hours for the open house. Sam was extra cranky and I was practically falling asleep from working so hard today. The good news was then when we returned, we were told we had three offers on the house. We're going over them formally tomorrow, but it looks good so far.

We're also in the process of negotiating with the sellers of the house we made an offer on. Unfortunately, there's quite a few repairs that need to be made. We're hoping to get some of the closing fees paid by the seller in order to get ready cash for repairs.

Hopefully this will all be over in a month or so. Lots of change, lots of stress, but we'll make it through. Great fun.

Seraph and Isabell have been coming by in the...

May 26, 2001 by Adam in Family

Seraph and Isabell have been coming by in the afternoons to help watch Sam while we get the house ready. It's looking pretty good, with only a little bit of yardwork left. Today Ray is down to assist as well. Nice to get all this help. Hopefully things will go well on Sunday and we'll get this house sold!

Pretty soon, we're going to head off and get some flowers to pretty up the front entrance. I got the task of hauling yard debris, while Jamie gets the fun work. Well, that's the price of being so manly I suppose.

The house preparation madness continues

May 24, 2001 by Adam in Family

The house preparation madness continues. I'm taking the next five days off to get the house ready. Last night I was sweating in the hot weather, paiting the front hall and door. Today it's the rest of the living room and dining room. I've got to mow sometime today as well. Also, more to pack and move.

We're discovering more about the house we're moving in to. It's an historical home, owned by the Dot Dotsons at one point. The inspections are in. While the house does have a few problems, it's in surprisingly good shape for being almost a century old.

Jamie's grandmother isn't doing well, so Judy is off to Nebraska. Jamie and Sam changed their plans and are staying in Eugene as well. While it's nice to have their coompany, I wish the reasons were different.

Our family went to Amazon park last night for...

May 21, 2001 by Adam in Family

Our family went to Amazon park last night for a bit of R&R after a tiring day. I spent the day beginning the move preparations. Items were packed into boxes. Weird out of the way areas were cleaned. Walls were spackled. Paint was touched up. Gardens were weeded. All very exhausting.

Also, I took all the pictures from our Saturday house tour and posted them. Take a gander here.

Well, we all headed over to the new house

May 19, 2001 by Adam in Family

Well, we all headed over to the new house. Our family all came over with us, checking out our home-to-be. It was the first time we'd seen it in several days, and it was even cooler than we remember. Jamie was sketching out the floorplan so we can figure out where to put everything. The cousins played with each other, finding all the good hiding places.

It's going to be a great house to raise our kids. We're getting very excited.

It was hard to sleep last night, we were so e...

May 17, 2001 by Adam in Family

It was hard to sleep last night, we were so excited. We kept going over all the various rooms, mentally picturing what will be in each place. Work was frantic, which was fortunate as it kept my mind off things.

This Saturday at 10 am, we're going through the house again with the whole family. Give us a call if you need directions.

Well, it's official

May 17, 2001 by Adam in Family

Well, it's official. The offer was accepted and we will soon own our new house. We'll probably have the keys in about a month. Until then, we'll try to drive by and have some pictures. The place is great and I'm sure we'll have everyone over for a house warming party.

It's three stories, has four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. It was built in 1923 and has been completely restored/updated. The first floor is spacious, with hardwood floors. There's a kitchen, dining room, large living room, bedroom, bathroom. Upstairs are two bedrooms, one of which is huge, and two baths. Downstairs is another bedroom, bathroom, and sauna.

Well, we made an offer on a house today

May 17, 2001 by Adam in Family

Well, we made an offer on a house today. It's the perfect house, so we really hope we get it. It's at about 20th and Charnelton on the southwest edge of College Hill. Walking distance to parks, schools, and work. The house itself is large, beautiful, and is in a great neighborhood. We'll keep you posted as we find out more.

We had a jolly time for Mother's Day

May 14, 2001 by Adam in Family

We had a jolly time for Mother's Day. The whole crew showed up at Seraph's house to eat good food, exchange gifts, and socialize. Jenny's looking more and more pregant these days. Seraph and Robbie are planning extensive renovation to their house. Isabell is growing quite a bit and smiles at silly faces. Sadie sent lots of presents, as she's evidently homesick. Our family seems to be doing quite well these days.

Sam took one of his rare naps yesterday

May 09, 2001 by Adam in Family

Sam took one of his rare naps yesterday. The boy is like a light switch - either off or on. When he woke up, he ran around frantically, periodically falling and bumping himself. "Why do I keep falling down?" he'd ask.

Jamie's looking at houses again today. Slow going. The week is moving along slowly. I may end up going to Portland with Jamie and Sam for Memorial day. There's tons of house projects to do, but I'd rather spend time with my family.

I took Sam down to Cinco de Mayo yesterday an...

May 06, 2001 by Adam in Family

I took Sam down to Cinco de Mayo yesterday and met up with Jenny, Dez, Seraph, Robbie, and Isabell. It was quite exciting, with lots of music, food, petting animals, and a huge playground. We even ran into Sam's friends Johanna and Mattie.

Jamie was off with her friend, so I took Sam home, fed him, played a bit of his new Pajama Sam game, gave him a bath, and put him to bed. All by myself - what a dad I am.

It's a beautiful Cinco de Mayo here in Eugene

May 05, 2001 by Adam in Family

It's a beautiful Cinco de Mayo here in Eugene. Jamie's cooking up some yummy breakfast and Sam's helping her out. We're still slowly looking at houses. It's difficult, as many of the houses we're seeing aren't really better than our own. Still, I'm sure the perfect house is out there somewhere.

Sam and I are going to spend a bunch of time together today, as Jamie's off with a friend this afternoon. Fortunately, there's a new Pajama Sam game that we've been hiding for emergencies. I may just have to break it out.

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