It's the last day in April, and looking a bit...

April 30, 2002 by Adam in Family

It's the last day in April, and looking a bit on the soggy side outside my window. Jamie was out last night, so Sam and I ate "guy food", watched cartoons, and walked over to play at the park. Fortunately, Jamie returned in time to watch the momentous Blue's Clues episode where Steve goes to college, leaving the show forever. Jamie almost seemed more excited than Sam, who practially fell asleep.

I'm still using my stair stepper. I was up at 5 am, watching television and sweating. All great fun.

I picked up an exercise machine today

April 29, 2002 by Adam in Family

I picked up an exercise machine today. It's a stair stepper, on sale at Sears. We rearranged the "nerd cave", moving out the couch and putting the rear computer speakers on the ceiling. The exercise machine is now positioned so someone can watch t.v. or fiddle with the computer while exercising. Very cool.

The day itself was good. Sam played with Sue and Guidu while Jamie and I shopped, set up the exercise machine, and hung out at the house. Sam's now watching Justice League and should go to bed soon. Great fun.

Sam's sitting on my lap, and we just finished...

April 28, 2002 by Adam in Family

Sam's sitting on my lap, and we just finished a hearty breakfast, my favorite part of the week. Yesterday was a Spring cleaning morning, and this time we cleaned the main floor bathroom. As always, Sam danced to music while he dusted. In the afternoon, we hung up Jamie's new blinds. They ended up being far more complicated than the woman at the store promised. The directions were mostly meaningless, but we managed to stick it together.

Today we may look for a new chair for Jamie's sitting area. I'm also interested in stair stepper machines. We'll see how much time we have and what's really open today. (Sam wants me to write, "and my toy fell", since he's playing and listening to me type). Sam's going to grandma Sue's sometime today too. Hopefully it'll give Jamie and I a chance to visit.

Now Sam wants me to write, "and I slipped and fell." Talk about a ham.

It was a beautiful day yesterday

April 26, 2002 by Adam in Family

It was a beautiful day yesterday. Jamie and Sam picked me up for lunch, and we headed to Hendrick's Park for an impromptu picinic. Sam and I pretended to be spies, peeking through the bushes at Jamie and running about. All great fun.

Brant and Wendy came over, as a mini-birthday for Brant. Jamie made lasagna and cake from scratch while teacher Phyllis watched Sam in the afternoon. It was a fun, low-key evening.

I think allergy season is upon us. I had a mild headache this morning (though nothing that coffee can't cure). Jamie's been a bit more achey, however. I keep trying to push Claratin on her, but she usually refuses, denying the realities of living in the valley.

It was more gardening for me this morning, fr...

April 22, 2002 by Adam in Family

It was more gardening for me this morning, frantically weeding and cleaning before Jamie came home. It looks quite beautiful, and I'm pretty proud of myself.

Jamie and Sam had a good time at the beach. They mostly hung out, visited the sea lion cave, and played at the beach. As soon as he arrived, he wanted to get in his dad playtime. We were building Legos and flying them around the yard in no time.

Tomorrow I'm heading back to work, hopefully cleaning more of the various projects up. It'll be good to give my hands some time to heal. I've lost track of the various cuts and splinters.

What a day

April 21, 2002 by Adam in Family

What a day. I woke up early, made myself pancakes at the crack of dawn, then started in on weeding. Since I already had the truck, I began the bark-o-mulch runs. By eleven, I had moved and spread three truck loads. I then had a brief interlude of launching rockets and eating lunch with my dad, Hanni, Jenny, Seraph, and their respective offspring. Quite the crowd. Then it was a final bark-o-mulch trip, then trade back to my car. Oh, and somewhere in there I managed to finish the laundry and unload the dish washer.

For a treat, I made a trip to Johnson Brothers' in Coburg. Excellent plant selection, and I managed to come back with a few nice treats. There's still some outside cleanup to do, and the plants to put in the ground. Since it's still only seven o'clock, I may try a bit of that before I collapse to bed.

Sam just called to let me know that he and Ja...

April 19, 2002 by Adam in Family

Sam just called to let me know that he and Jamie loved me, and that they were heading out for the coast. I'm hoping for a productive weekend, with lots of yardwork so I don't miss them too much. I'm hoping tonight that I can pick up my mom's truck in preparation for the activities.

Work has improved. It's been great to actually get things done, as I start feeling fidgety when the work piles up. Combined with a mocha and some good tunes on my headphones, it's all good.

Jim and Judy were in town last night, going t...

April 16, 2002 by Adam in Family

Jim and Judy were in town last night, going to a concert by someone who sang a song about "cigarettes and red vines." I suspect something in the country venue, but I can't really remember. Anyway, Jamie worked out, had dinner with them, and then off to a meeting. Sam and I had a boys night, watching an X-Men cartoon, having a bath, then going to bed. He's a neat kid, and funny too. Tonight it's off to Glen Campbell, my boss' house, for a dinner with my team. I get to show off my family too, which should be fun.

Another weekend come and gone

April 15, 2002 by Adam in Family

Another weekend come and gone. Saturday morning was a Spring cleaning day. We cranked up the music, gave Sam a duster, and watched him dance around waving it about. Eventually, we cleaned the guest bedroom too. The rest of the weekend was fairly lazy. Lots of hanging out and playing with Sam.

It turns out that I'll be by myself next weekend. Jamie and Sam are going to the coast with Judy. I've got a ton of yard work I'd like to do. Time to butter up my mom and ask her for the truck. The bark-o-mulch calls to me.

Work is wrapping up and a pleasant weekend lo...

April 12, 2002 by Adam in Family

Work is wrapping up and a pleasant weekend looms ahead. It's been a busy week here, and promises to be busy next week again. Fortunately, that all goes away when I head home. I'm sure I'll get an excited "Dado!" from Sam as he runs up to me. The joys of fatherhood.

No big plans for the weekend. I'd like to get out with Jamie a bit and spend a little time together. I'm sure Sam and I will play a bit on the computer. I'd also like to do another bike trip along the river - Sam had a great time last weekend. Time will tell.

The week is slowly moving along

April 10, 2002 by Adam in Family

The week is slowly moving along. Since the weather has been dreary, we've moved back inside for most of our play time. Sam and I suited up in our rain gear last night, then ran around the house, just to get some exercise. I've noticed the pollen quite a bit these days. Lots of early morning headaches, even with the Claritin.

We're still in pretty good spirits, though. No exciting projects or plans these days. I'll usually come home and play with Sam while Jamie is either out and about, or hanging out relaxing. It's all good.

Back at work, after another good weekend

April 08, 2002 by Adam in Family

Back at work, after another good weekend. That makes three great weekends in a row - a sure sign that Spring is here and no one is sick. Sam and I played on the computer Sunday morning, then went off with Jamie to the river trail. There, Sam amazed us by riding his bike for an hour as we struggled at times to keep up. We stopped by the mall, where I picked up a new shirt and jeans. I was amazed by the various fit and treatment options for blue jeans these days. I ended up with "standard fit" jeans with an "antiqued" finish. Too many choices these days.

When I arrived at home last night, Jamie had ...

April 06, 2002 by Adam in Family

When I arrived at home last night, Jamie had prepared a relaxing faux bed-and-breakfast surprise. Sam greeted me at the door in his new fancy Hawaiian shirt. I had quiet reading time, snack and drinks. Then Sam went off with grandma and guidu while Jamie and I had a lovely dinner.

This morning, Sam woke up early, and came down to play the Star Wars game with me. Then it was yummy breakfast, and now we're off to play firefighter games in the back yard, putting out the steam from the dryer. Looks like a great beginning to another weekend.

It's been a beautiful week here in sunny Eugene

April 04, 2002 by Adam in Family

It's been a beautiful week here in sunny Eugene. Jamie stole me away from work today to have lunch at the 5th Street Market. Very nice.

Jamie's mom bought a house on the beach - Waldport, I think. I suspect we'll be making the periodic visits to the coast whenever the sale is final. Should be fun for all.

A very good Easter Sunday was had by all

April 01, 2002 by Adam in Family

A very good Easter Sunday was had by all. Sam and I were invited over to the neighbor's Easter egg hunt. I think Sam's favorite part was picking up the balloons that had popped and collecting them in his bag.

We picked up Josh around noon, then did a short trip to a playground. That didn't last long, as everyone was hungry, and we ate egg salad sandwiches as fast as Jamie could make them. I entertained Josh and Sam with the various toys obtained through Easter activities. Then it was down to the nerd cave where Josh and Sam played the Star Wars game for several hours.

Sam went to bed early and Jamie and I visited for a bit. Life is good.

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