It was a quiet Saturday

June 30, 2002 by Adam in Family

It was a quiet Saturday. Mostly, Sam and I hung out in the "nerd cave" playing with Legos. We headed over to our neighbors for a surprise birthday party. It was a fun little gathering, and Sam enjoyed playing with their kids. I've also been taping shows for Sam onto our camcorder. There's a tiny screen where you can watch tapes, so we'll be well prepared for our trip north.

Well, Jamie just called - the electrician jus...

June 26, 2002 by Adam in Family

Well, Jamie just called - the electrician just left. I had been having computer problems and came the conclusion that an ungrounded outlet in the basement was giving me problem. So, that's fixed now, along with a light switch that was broken and some outlets upstairs. He also cleaned up a bunch of extraneous old wires down in the basement. Even though I haven't seen a bill yet, I'm pretty sure I'll be happy about it.

It's been a pleasant week so far, though admi...

June 25, 2002 by Adam in Family

It's been a pleasant week so far, though admittedly it's only Tuesday. When I arrived home, Jamie was squirting Sam repeatedly with a squirt gun. The look on both their faces was priceless. Whenever Jamie stopped, Sam would ask her to squirt him again. I took over and gave Jamie a break. Sam seemed satisfied, as long as someone was hosing him down.

The weekend comes to a close

June 24, 2002 by Adam in Family

The weekend comes to a close. It's been quite wonderful, with jam making Saturday morning, and lots of family time. Sam and I played Legos until our eyes popped out. We also went for a hike this morning up at Hendrick's park. We must have ran through the paths for nearly two hours. Great fun.

Pretty soon, mom, Dick, and Sadie are visiting for dinner. Jamie's enjoyed setting an ambiance and preparing a yummy meal.

The only really frustrating parts of the weekend revolved around my computer. I've been having strange error messages and reboots. I think I figured it out, however, when I opened up my computer. I touched the case and was suddenly shocked. So, I've got a hot lead connected to the case somehow. I'm borrowing a power supply from a friend - hopefully that's all I need to fix it. Sigh.

For some reason, I was really happy last night

June 21, 2002 by Adam in Family

For some reason, I was really happy last night. It had been a busy day at work, non-stop coding and meetings. When I got home, all I wanted to do was hang out with my family. Everyone seemed in a good mood. Jamie and Sam picked strawberries. I'm hoping to make some jam this weekend. I may even try jelly, in the hopes that Sam would try it.

Another week zips along

June 19, 2002 by Adam in Family

Another week zips along. It's Wednesday already, and I'm doing a quick update from work. Monday night was a little tough, with Sam showing his three-year-oldness. We tried to do a timeout, which resulted in screaming and crying. Eventually we put him in the guest bedroom until he came out sniffling and saying, "I'm ready to be a big boy now." I suppose all kids need to go through this phase.

Last night, Jamie was off working out then out to dinner with her Tiny Tots group. Sam was great, and we played a ton with Legos. We did have an issue putting him to bed. He bit through the second to the last of his binkies. His remaining one was designated his "holding binkie". Sam was quite distraught, crying for a half an hour until he finally went to sleep. I think that once this last binkie is gone, he's officially weaned off pacifiers.

Happy Father's Day to all

June 16, 2002 by Adam in Family

Happy Father's Day to all. We had a great day yesterday. Sam slept in, so I spent a leisurely time waking up and puttering around. We all gathered together for a hearty breakfast, then sent Sam off to my mom's for a bit. In the afternoon, we had the neighbors over for tea. Sam's favorite part was having Ben chase him around with a squirt gun, soaking him through. We also spent a considerable amount of time playing with Legos. Great fun.

I can't believe how hot it's getting these days

June 13, 2002 by Adam in Family

I can't believe how hot it's getting these days. I walked to my car from work, about six blocks, and by the time I got there my shirt was soaked through. Bleah.

It's Thursday already. I'm amazed at how quickly the week has gone by. Father's day is coming up this weekend, and I'm feeling utterly unprepared. Sam has another doctor's appointment in a couple hours. We've been pretty happy with how things have been going so far. I'm looking forward to having a few hours to relax - maybe I'll get a chance this weekend.

It was a pretty nutty day today

June 12, 2002 by Adam in Family

It was a pretty nutty day today. Jamie called around 11 this morning, indicating that Sam was being wild and she wanted me to come home. I finished up with work and made it there around noon. By this point, Sam was doing quite well, so I ended up watching him until a bit after seven. So, it was a long day.

We all went out for Sadie's 21st birthday las...

June 11, 2002 by Adam in Family

We all went out for Sadie's 21st birthday last night. The whole crew was there, with endless small children encircling us in a vortex of chaos. It was nice to see everyone, and Sadie was elegant as always.

The only catastrophe was one I didn't find out until later. When I went to work the next day, I couldn't find the wallet. As the day went on, I got more and more worried. Jamie called our credit card folks and had the cards cancelled. Fortunately, it turns out my wallet had dropped out in Yayoe's car when they took me back home. I'm going to go pick it up pretty soon.

I was in the basement last night and heard mo...

June 09, 2002 by Adam in Family

I was in the basement last night and heard movement upstairs. Suspecting the worse, I hurried up the stairs to see what the matter was. My fears were confirmed: Jamie and Sam had returned home early.

It's actually quite nice having them around, though I never really had much quiet time this weekend. Friday night, I mowed the yard, and got a surprise guest. Jamie's uncle Darryl was heading through town and the boy's house didn't have a spare bedroom. So, I made him breakfast and we talked about computers.

I also accomplished a ton of things around here. I did the simple stuff, like mowing the law, doing the dishes, and the laundry. I had breakfast with my mom, Dick, Sadie and Isabell Saturday morning, then took off with Sadie to Costco, Home Depot, and the library. I weeded the back yard and put in a vegitable bed. It's amazing how productive I can be when I'm not chasing after a three-year-old.

Jamie and Sam are headed East as I type this

June 07, 2002 by Adam in Family

Jamie and Sam are headed East as I type this. It was touch-and-go whether or not they'd go, as John (one of Sharon's kids) was sporting a fever last night. This morning, everyone's fine, so it's solitude and yardwork for me all weekend. Jamie tried to call on her way out, but the reception was terrible and cut out after a few minutes.

I have a couple more hours of work. I may try to do some painting tonight while the weather holds. According to the forecast, it may rain tomorrow.

Sam got a new pair of pajamas today, which he...

June 06, 2002 by Adam in Family

Sam got a new pair of pajamas today, which he proudly wore to the park at lunch today. We played a little game where we couldn't figure out who he was. I'd ask questions like "Uh, are you Aquaman?" And he'd say "No, I can't talk to fish." Sam was also in a much better mood that he's been all week. It makes life easier for all.

Jamie and Sam head out tomorrow. I've got my to do list growing ever longer. Let's hope for a productive weekend.

The week moves along

June 05, 2002 by Adam in Family

The week moves along. Nothing big or exciting happening these days. Sam's getting out of a funk that he's been in for the last few days. We had a good time last night hanging out and playing with Legos.

This weekend, Jamie and Sam head to Sunriver with a friend, leaving me alone at the house. As usual, I have a huge list of things that I'd like to get done. There are painting projects, gardening, yardwork, and maybe even some jam making if blueberries are in season. We'll see.


June 02, 2002 by Adam in Family

Man. June already.

My allergies continue, if a little milder than they've been this last week. Our big Saturday treat was going out with the neighbors, Todd and Victoria, minus the kids. They're both science nerds, so we got to chat about parenthood, life, and research. Plus great food at Cafe Sorias.

Jamie's brothers and their respective attachments come over tonight for dinner. I think Sam will have a good time with Josh. Ah, the joys of Summer.

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