Nothing too exciting yesterday, though we sti...

July 29, 2003 by Adam in Family

Nothing too exciting yesterday, though we still managed to tire ourselves out at the end of the day. Emma was a bit fussy, requiring some jiggling and funny noise making to get her to settle down. Sam was running around like a maniac before we set him in front of a movie we had rented for such an emergency.

Emma's fungal infection has basically cleared up, though we're continuing the medicine just in case. The tricky part is keeping all her various fatty folds dry in this heat.

I'm looking forward to August. It looks like we have a possible trip to the beach planned, as well as Emma and Jamie visiting her mom, leaving us boys alone in the house for the weekend. No dates yet.

The weekend was quiet, as quiet as it gets th...

July 28, 2003 by Adam in Family

The weekend was quiet, as quiet as it gets these days anyway. We deliberately tried not to do anything exciting, as the last few weekends were a bit too frantic.

Emma's fungal infection is much improved. She's smiling and laughing more often these days. It's clear she's trying really hard to communicate with us. She'll stare when we talk to her and she'll put so much effort into making the same noises as us. A few times, she's managed a passable "Hi" as well as making a noise vaguely like "B" (accompanied by general bubbling and foaming).

On Saturday, Sam and I mostly hung out and watched movies and ran around outside. Yesterday we went to the mall looking for a frivilous toy to spend my money on. Sam and I settled on a "spy" motion detector, coming up with various sneaking games where we tried to avoid crossing the invisible beam. Great fun.

Ah - mocha Friday

July 25, 2003 by Adam in Family

Ah - mocha Friday. Not sure what I'd do without them. I woke up this morning with a bad headache, which the Advil and coffee seem to be working on. Yesterday was fairly typical - chasing after children and collapsing to sleep late at night. When Emma cries for a long time, she gets all sweaty. I spent a lot of time walking around and jiggling her into unconsciousness.

We made a slight change to our exciting rec room plans. Jamie came up with the idea of a sliding door between the current bedroom and the rec room. That way we could open it all up to make it into a huge downstairs area. Also, I can easily watch Sam from the room. Plus, if things will be thrown about, we can close the door to protect everything in the bedroom.

I don't think we're trying for anything too exciting this weekend. I'd really like to take it easy and perhaps even have some quiet time to myself. The thought of having an hour or so to read a book sounds blissful.

It was quite the whirlwind day

July 23, 2003 by Adam in Family

It was quite the whirlwind day. I took the day "off", which means I worked keeping the kids in line rather than typing code. It was pretty fun, however, and quite full.

The day began with a hearty breakfast and a treasure map for Sam. I was trying to get him out hiking, which has been a challenge to do lately. He keeps complaining that his feet don't feel right in his shoes, so we ended up with sandals. Sadie came along with us, which was lots of fun too. She was even willing to have a few sword fights with him, which made Sam's day.

Later on, we ended up seeing Pirates of the Carribbean, which was lots of fun. It had all the elements that make a pirate movie great, with an intelligent story and fun action. The only down side was that Jamie waited an hour in the car to pick us up, as I had grossly underestimated the length of the show.

Hopefully we can get everyone settled down, as the day was a bit exciting for all.

The work week meanders along

July 22, 2003 by Adam in Family

The work week meanders along. Sunday was a bit hectic, with me running on reduced sleep from the night before. I tried hard to keep the kids mellow all day, though there were occasional breakdowns. We watched some movies and tried to beat the heat.

I had both kids for an hour in the evening, somehow managing to keep them both from exploding. Jamie went off to Yoga with her friend Victoria, returning refreshed to tuck the kids in bed.

It was nice just hanging out with her for an hour or so as the sun set. It's a rare thing for us these days, making those moments even sweeter.

I had the best birthday ever yesterday

July 20, 2003 by Adam in Family

I had the best birthday ever yesterday. I can't put my finger on what exactly made is so good. For breakfast, Jamie made me just want I wanted and Sam brought me a present he had wrapped himself. Both kids were being sweet and cute, for the most part.

Later on, we went over to my mom's house where Seraph and Sadie had prepared this elaborate tea party. Cool decorations were everywhere - multicolored hanging paper circles, some saying "Hapy Birthday". Seraph made my favorite cake, potato chocolate cake (trust me). Each person got their own and I managed to smuggle a couple home afterwards. Plus there was excellent tea, cold coffee, scones, and french bread from Metropol.

Sam got pretty tuckered out near the end, having some minor wackiness. For dinner, one of Jamie's friends made dolmas and spanikopita, which were fabulous. Sadie and my mom came over to help us eat it, as there was way too much. Plus brownies to die for.

The coffee I had at my party blew sleep completely away, so I was up until 11:30 working on my Neverwinter Nights game, having fun with my fun little card game within the game. Of course, I'm pretty groggy this morning, but it was all worth it.

Ah, Friday

July 18, 2003 by Adam in Family

Ah, Friday. After a shower and a quick bike ride to work, that mocha will be mine.

The week has been fairly uneventful. Jamie was looking into having people wash our windows and it turns out it would cost hundreds of dollars (mostly to unstick painted windows and remove storm windows). I think we're going to deal with slightly dirty windows for awhile.

Sam didn't want me holding Emma last night when I came home. He likes to play with just me. Fortunately, I incorporated her into our game, turning her into a baby troll who was after the "puny human", namely Sam.

We managed to cram everyone but me into the bath last night. No one lasted very long, but I think they had a good time splashing about.

The week chugs along

July 16, 2003 by Adam in Family

The week chugs along. Margeaux came over yesterday and played with Sam, which he reported as being a fun experience. We had Sadie over for dinner last night, after having a lovely lunch with her earlier in the day. My birthday quickly approaches and fortunately Sadie has taken on responsibility for coordinating things. I think we're shooting for Saturday afternoon.

Other than that, I haven't been up to much. Working away and entertaining children upon my return home.

We're back from a nice little romantic getawa...

July 14, 2003 by Adam in Family

We're back from a nice little romantic getaway, at least as romantic as it gets these days. Jamie booked us a room at the Pheonix Inn, where we took Emma and hung out. Sam, Josh, and a bunch of other people came over to swim in the pool with us. Kirsten and Dave watched Emma while we went out and got great Phad Thai and curry. Then it was a relaxing evening of t.v. watching and going to bed early.

Today I woke up and spent the first hour or so at Starbucks, drinking coffee and writing for my Neverwinter Nights game. Then we headed home and Judy went back to Portland. For the rest of the day, we've just been hanging out. Jamie went to the dentist for a bit. Sam and I went to the park and launched air rockets to an audience of little kids. Good times.

It seemed like a really busy day yesterday, t...

July 13, 2003 by Adam in Family

It seemed like a really busy day yesterday, though we didn't actually do much. Jim and Judy arrived yesterday and helped watch the kids, though mostly it was Judy on Sam duty and I watched Emma. Jamie caught up on a little sleep.

Later on, we went over to David and Brant's house for Josh's birthday. He's headed to California until right before school, so we bid him a fond farewell too.

I think I'm being swept away to an unknown location today. I don't have all the details yet, though Jim and Judy are watching Sam. I keep obliquely asking things like, "so, what kind of clothes should I pack?"

Another work day comes to a close

July 11, 2003 by Adam in Family

Another work day comes to a close. This one has been pretty quiet, as I'm the only person on my team in today. I also got a little mocha this morning, which perked me right up.

I don't think we have any particularly exciting plans for the weekend - that I know about anyway. Supposedly there's a continuation of our anniversary, though Jamie's been quite secretive. I know her mom is showing up tomorrow morning, so perhaps that has something to do with it. Hmm . . .

I'm taking today off from work, helping out a...

July 10, 2003 by Adam in Family

I'm taking today off from work, helping out around the house and giving Jamie a bit of a break. Sam woke up this morning with a stomach ache, though it doesn't seem to be slowing down his play time at all.

Margeaux, one of the neighborhood teenagers, came by this morning to take the tour and plan some babysitting. Basically, Sam needs someone to play with while Jamie's taking care of Emma. By the end of the day, both she and Sam are pretty cranky.

Emma continues to grow, getting far more interactive with the world around her. She'll do a funny open-mouth smile when she first sees you. It's pretty cute.

We had a nice anniversary dinner last night, ...

July 09, 2003 by Adam in Family

We had a nice anniversary dinner last night, going out to Adam's Place for fancy food and conversation. Sadie and my mom watched the kids and were probably far more entertaining that we normally are. Supposedly there are more activities planned for the weekend, though they're shrouded in mystery.

I'm taking tomorrow off to help out Jamie. I have no idea how she does it. Each time I spend a day watching the kids, my respect for her grows.

Eight years ago to the day, Jamie and I were ...

July 08, 2003 by Adam in Family

Eight years ago to the day, Jamie and I were married. This morning she called me up over the baby monitor to wish me a happy anniversary, as well as burping the baby. How times change.

I'm hoping that a newfound sense of purpose, though induced by coffee, will help me tackle the ever growing list of things to do at work. It's getting far too busy.

We continue to prepare for our great rec room in the basement. Last weekend, I cleaned things out and organized things in our garage area. Jamie went out yesterday looking for inspiration in paint chips and countertop samples.

It was a full fourth of July yesterday

July 05, 2003 by Adam in Family

It was a full fourth of July yesterday. Sam and I did a bunch of yardwork yesterday, then played about most of the afternoon.

Danica, Andy, and Ben, along with my dad and Yayoe, came by for dinner last night. I haven't seen my cousin Ben since he was a kid, so it was nice to see what a neat person he's turned into. Thankfully, they entertained Sam quite well, giving Jamie and I a little break.

As for the fireworks themselves, we were all exhausted and headed to bed early. I slept through the fireworks just fine, but the neighbors blaring "Born in the USA" extremely loud, twice, prevented me from drifting into peaceful slumber. I was tempted to hobble over and shake my cane at them, yelling "knock it off you kids!"

Colin came by to visit yesterday

July 02, 2003 by Adam in Family

Colin came by to visit yesterday. He's headed back to Germany today, so it was nice to see him one last time before he flew away. He mostly played with Sam while he was over here, making the evening go by pretty quickly. Jamie was off to yoga, so I had both kids (whew).

I've been sick the last couple days, headache and nauseous. I'm not sure what it is, as no one else seems to have it, but I'm taking it a little easy.

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