I've set aside some "quality time" to spend w...

March 31, 2004 by Adam in Family

I've set aside some "quality time" to spend with Seraph's cake. I've been eating it for lunch and after dinner for the last couple days, an experience that lifts me blissfully from the rest of life's cares. Sadly, it probably won't last the day.

The week seems to move along. My huge piles of things to do at work are slowly fading. Sadie and my mom came over to visit before she left, which was very nice. The next day Sam made up a little letter to send to her.

I'm hoping for a quiet weekend, possibly even spending time with Jamie. The weather's supposed to be nice as well, so some outside time with the kids would be welcome.

Well, the weekend is over and I'm back to the...

March 29, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, the weekend is over and I'm back to the daily grind. The weekend seemed a string of events amidst a backdrop of playing with kids. Saturday Sam and I went to see my friend Chris where we exchanged some computer games. Sunday I took both kids hiking, which ended in everyone crying and me carrying them both out. They perked back up when we rented movies and Sam watched Swiss Family Robinson for most of the weekend. Jamie did a bunch of scrap booking, something she's been wanting to do for a long while. I avoided doing taxes for yet another weekend.

Last night was a big Easter gathering. Sadie looked tired, cooking far too much. An armada of children were running about swinging sticks at each other. Fortunately no one's eyes were poked out. Seraph made my absolutely favorite cake ever, which is still in my refrigerator as I haven't found time to eat it. Such is life.

Well, the new web server is in place

March 27, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, the new web server is in place. I must be getting pretty good with this sort of thing as it took me less than an hour to fiddle with everything.

Dave and Kirsten watched the kids tonight while Jamie and I went out to Ambrosia. It was nice to have a conversation with her without being interrupted by anyone. Quiet moments together are a rarity.

My mom and Sadie came over last night for dinner

March 26, 2004 by Adam in Family

My mom and Sadie came over last night for dinner. It was great seeeing Sadie again, who seems her usual young and witty self. She had a great time playing with Sam, encouraging him to make a sign that said "Sadie and Sam are Super Bad". It's probably a good thing she lives on the East coast, otherwise she'd be busy getting Sam into all sorts of trouble.

It's Mocha Friday, which I'm thankful for. I'm very much looking forward to the weekend in hopes that I get a few moments to rest. The reality is that it seems to already be filling up with plans, most of them fun things.

As I type away, I have four big bandages on m...

March 25, 2004 by Adam in Family

As I type away, I have four big bandages on my chest. I had a couple moles that I wanted to remove, so I did the deed today. I'm a little hesitant moving around, but otherwise okay. It didn't hurt much at all, except for the shots of anesthetic. Sam sat with me the whole time, making sure I was okay. He had been proudly announcing to everyone that I'd be getting "surgery" today.

Sadie is back in town, though I have to take Jamie's word for it. I've yet to see her and probably won't until tomorrow. Sniff.

Other tidbits: work's very busy, though I managed to unload some projects to my teammate. The computer I ordered for a web server replacement has arrived. I'll be getting things ready and plugging it in later this weekend.

Well, the weekend's over

March 22, 2004 by Adam in Family

Well, the weekend's over. It was a pretty good one, as weekends go, seeming to last for three days because I ended up working at one o'clock in the morning Friday. Mostly we hung out as a family, ferrying the kids about.

Emma discovered the power of a zerbert, making funny noises on Jamie's stomach by blowing. She'd try it out, look up at Jamie and laugh, then do it again. Pretty soon Sam wandered in to join the festivities. I was downstairs hearing it all on the baby monitor, deciding that my family had gone crazy.

Sam and I watched a bunch of old movies, including 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and the Magnificent Seven. It's a breath of fresh air after the typical new Disney releases. I'm looking forward to Master and Commander with him, which comes out on DVD in April.

We did a park trip yesterday as well as a visit to the library. Sam and I played library as well, pretending he was the librarian and I would ask for a particular book. The hammock got strung up for the first time this year, becoming a pirate ship for Sam the moment it left the ground.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all! It's been ...

March 17, 2004 by Adam in Family

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all! It's been a fairly uneventful week, as life with two kids often is. Sam went to the dentist yesterday and got a clean bill of health. Unfortunately both he and Jamie forgot to mention that one of his teeth has been hurting where Josh wacked it with a plastic golf club (accidentally, they assure me). I guess he'll be getting a new one anyway when his baby teeth come out.

Emma's cold is a bit better, though she's still being a bit clingy towards Jamie. I gave her and Sam a bath last night and it was all we could do to keep her from crying. Warm water and toys to splash with work miracles.

It was a funny little day though I seemed alm...

March 14, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a funny little day though I seemed almost unnaturally exuberant through most of it. It started out with Jamie and the kids summoning me upstairs by calling "Dado McBado" over the monitor. I ran upstairs to hear Sam's dreams and play with giggly Emma.

Breakfast was a bit rushed as Jamie had to leave early to set things up for the play. The coffee maker also decided it had had enough and set fire to itself. It managed to get as far as seeping out some thick black smelling smoke when I tossed it outside and salvaged the one cup of coffee it had managed. You'd think that a machine's last few drops of coffee would taste either blissfully sweet or most foul, but it seemed about the same to me.

After Jamie set up for the play, I spent late morning and early afternoon selling raffle tickets and fending away kids from the castle that was one of the prizes. It was pretty funny, with long quiet stretches mixed with fifteen minute bursts of people when the play got out.

Now I'm hoping for a fairly quiet evening. Jamie's parents are here, entertaining the kids. Pizza's on its way. Life's pretty good.

The week is almost over, strangely enough

March 11, 2004 by Adam in Family

The week is almost over, strangely enough. I've loved the sunny days, springtime creeping up on us again. We've been hanging out in the yard most evenings, watching the world go by.

Last night Sam and I went swimming for the first time in a long while. He had a great time, semi-swimming for short stretches and playing lots of games. We've been going for such a long time that I recognized a lot of the regulars, kids that have grown up in the last few years.

I'm working at the Vet's Club tomorrow, strangely enough. We have a work meeting in one of the dance halls. Over the weekend Jamie's mom is coming over and Saturday is the second round of the play.

I'm tired, ready to go home.

It was a much more restful night last night

March 08, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a much more restful night last night. Emma was only up once or twice. I barely noticed she was there in the huge new bed.

Yesterday was pretty fun. The weather was gorgeous and most people were in t-shirts and shorts. We did a little shopping in the morning, buying some food, books, and house supplies. After that, we opened our doors and let the fresh air in, playing with the kids inside and out. Only later did I realize that the early spring meant early allergies. Gotta get the Claritin prescription filled.

Dave, Kirsten, and Josh came over to watch the kids for a bit, leaving Jamie and I with a rare hour to ourselves. Much of it was spent on the bench in our front porch, watching the world go by. Very relaxing.

Friday was great fun with everyone descending...

March 07, 2004 by Adam in Family

Friday was great fun with everyone descending on my dad and Yayoe's house for his birthday. Seraph's hair was brilliant red and Jenny's kids seem to have grown like puppies since I saw them last. The only one missing was Sadie, so I had to be content sending her happy thoughts across the continent.

I survived my day of kid watching yesterday while Jamie was off at the play. It was surprisingly fun, with both Emma and Sam being in pretty good moods. Jamie fixed us up a hearty breakfast then the kids and I retired to the basement for a couple hours of play. Emma got cranky so I put her to sleep without much problem. Once she was up, I packed her and the library books up, then went to the play.

Jamie evidently decided to come home, so we missed her for awhile, but she returned before we left. Sam and I went to the library to stock up on assorted kid, adult, and comic books. We also paid a fine on a book that was on Jamie's card, so they couldn't tell me what the book was. Oh, and we had to pretend we were chased by orcs the entire time.

Jamie eventually returned home, and we puttered around for the rest of the day. One monumentous thing was a bed shuffle. For most of the last year, I've been relegated to the guest bedroom, first for Jamie's late pregnancy and later because of Emma. We hooked Sam's two single beds together to make a king sized bed for our room, then moved the Queen sized bed to Sam's room. I finally get to sleep in the same bed as my wife again, albeit with a grumpy baby between us.

As for our first night together, it was a bit less than marital bliss. Emma was up every 45 minutes crying, driving Jamie a bit mad. I faded in and out of sleep, dreaming that our valley was filled with smokestacks. Around 4:30 I got up and wandered down to work on my computer. Since then, it's been very quiet.

The week has puttered along, with tonight pro...

March 03, 2004 by Adam in Family

The week has puttered along, with tonight promising to be somewhat busy. We've been doing a better job getting the kids wound down for the night, with baths and quiet time before bed each night. It seems to help get them to sleep more easily.

Yesterday Jamie and the kids fed the ducks at the duck pond, but otherwise had a quiet day. Sam and I played a bit on the computer, then took Emma and played outside until bedtime. Lots of running up and down the front hill and playing pretend (why do I always have to be the evil robot?).

It was a fairly low-key and cheerful weekend

March 01, 2004 by Adam in Family

It was a fairly low-key and cheerful weekend. I watched the kids Saturday morning while Jamie got some preschool work done. We all went to the planetarium which Sam greatly enjoyed, then ran around the nearby park afterwards. Sam and I filled in the holes in the craft room floor where Jamie got a spliter in her toe the week before. Yesterday Sam went over to grandma Sue's house while Jamie and I finished watch an old Cary Grant movie.

The weeks ahead look busy. Wednesday night is preschool play rehersal night, with Saturday the play itself. It runs for two Saturdays, so I'll have to manage the kids for most of the day. I'm not too worried about Sam, but I don't always have the proper equipment to take care of Emma. Hopefully we can muddle through.

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