It's the last day of 2006

December 31, 2006 by Adam in Family

It's the last day of 2006. Sure enough, we're all sick. Emma still has her cough, I'm sniffly, and Sam is still in bed at 10:30 this morning. This seems to happen every Winter, so I suppose I should just get used to it.

We did have a nice day yesterday. The whole family piled in the car and we drove out Highway 58 until we found snow. There was snowball fights, snow angels, and snow men. Emma got very cold, but some hot chocolate and the activated charcoal hand warmers hit the spot. We drove back home, happy and warm, and took it easy for the rest of the day.

Mocha Friday, in name anyway

December 29, 2006 by Adam in Family

Mocha Friday, in name anyway. The college students at Starbucks evidently couldn't figure out how to get the espresso shot into the cup, so I had an expensive cup of hot chocolate this morning. Ah, well. My gift certificate is done and it's back to the hospital PRN from here on out.

It's been an uneventful week, with both kids out of school. They've had lots of play dates each day and have seemed pretty tired each night. Jamie's feeling better these days, getting ready for Mexico next week. As for this weekend, we might do a short "play in the snow" run, depending on how everyone feels. Next week, it's just the kids and I. Hopefully it'll be fun.

I'm back to work again today

December 27, 2006 by Adam in Family

I'm back to work again today. It's a bit strange after so much time off, but fortunately it's been pretty quiet after the weeks of go-live madness.

Jamie continues to be sick and not talking much. Last night Sam went off to Dave's to spend the night, leaving the three of us alone in the house. It was awfully quiet, especially when Emma conked right out to sleep an hour early. It's strange thinking our big house might be sans children some day.

I'm mentally gearing up for next week when I have both kids. Should be interesting.

Merry Christmas to all

December 25, 2006 by Adam in Family

Merry Christmas to all.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activities. In the morning we took the kids to see Jamie's old roommate, Tina, and her family. Her husband Noah is exactly as I remembered him, quirky, funny, and full of energy. Soon enough we were playing with the air-zooka and setting paper airplanes on fire. Sam loved it. Tina seems the same as usual, and her kids are cute. It was fun, all around.

In the afternoon, Jamie's family began to filter in. Jackson is now huge and he and Emma played a bunch. It was fun seeing Josh again, and we're hoping to get him together with the kids before he heads back to Tennesee. Presents were exchanged and I got even more chocolate covered espresso beans. All my vices wrapped into a single package.

We're heading back home today. Jamie's feeling sick again and I'm heading to work tomorrow. Busy, busy.

Happy Christmas Eve to all

December 24, 2006 by Adam in Family

Happy Christmas Eve to all. We made it to Portland, safe and sound. The kids and I got way too muddy at the park, played about the house, and generally had a good time. Jamie went off to see her dad, and we all gathered for a traditional holidy Thai dinner. Today we're eating a hearty breakfast, playing at the park with Jamie's college roommate and her kids, and having the big Christmas party this afternoon. We should be back in town by tomorrow.

It looks like we're heading up to Portland to...

December 23, 2006 by Adam in Family

It looks like we're heading up to Portland today instead of yesterday. Judy reported sick, so we're minimizing exposure, even though I think we already had what she has.

We had our little family Christmas already, after Emma's French school on Thursday. Emma liked her kitchen set and pink Nintendo DS. Ironically it was Sam who kept sneaking it away to play Nintendogs. He's training a puppy named Emma, so we'd keep hearing him call for Emma from his bedroom. I was pretty excited about my new electric razor and chocolate covered espresso beans. Jamie liked her sweater and new cookware. The cycle of consumerism is complete.

We just heard that Robbie went to the hospital last night to have his appendix out. I can think of better ways to spend Christmas, but it sounds like everything's okay. Best wishes to him and the rest of the family.

Merry almost Christmas

December 21, 2006 by Adam in Family

Merry almost Christmas. I think our family is doing a gift-exchange today, the first day of a rolling Christmas that continues as we bounce from family to family. It's hard to maintain the illusion of a jolly Saint Nick when there's multiple filled stockings on different days. This is probably the last year Emma will believe. Ah, youth.

Yesterday was fun, having breakfast with Sadie and my mom. We continue to lure Sadie back to Oregon, which looks increasingly promising. I still have an old birthday card from her where she gave me various gift options. Needless to say, I picked "Return to Oregon" and hope to collect next year.

We also made two big batches of jam, a pear marmalade and some apple butter. There was the usual hijinks and last minute purchases, but we ended up with jam in the end, which is what matters most.

We had a very low-key day yesterday, ditching...

December 17, 2006 by Adam in Family

We had a very low-key day yesterday, ditching our normal routine and instead going on a walking expedition over to Flicks and Pics to grab some movies. It was a cool, brisk, day, though strangely Sam found a salamander in our yard. Emma came in the backpack and we chatted away on the long walk.

Since only Sam and I share movie watching interests, everyone got their own thing and then went to different screens in the house to see their show. Later on, the kids and I played and hung out while Jamie went to the store. I stocked up on jam-making items for Sadie's arrival this week. Very exciting.

Sweet Mocha Friday

December 15, 2006 by Adam in Family

Sweet Mocha Friday. Only a few minutes until I head into work to partake of that wonderful elixir.

Emma's French school gave us a little Christmas present, including ornaments they made and some pictures and videos they took in class. The latter is pretty cool and I put together a quick video of Emma at school, a perspective I rarely see. This is also a photo of her at school, making pizza for some occasion. It's neat that she's actually learning things at school. Last night she was talking about Kwanzaa to me.

We had a huge storm last night, with Sam watching it all from the bedroom window. At first I thought the big black shapes flying off a nearby tree was birds, but it was actually branches being ripped away by the wind. It might be a bumpy ride on the way to work.

I still need to get in touch with everyone about Christmas plans. I'm tentatively taking next Wednesday through the following Monday off, and then more time while Jamie goes to Mexico and I have to watch the kids. I'm very much hoping for some relaxation and family time. Apple butter awaits!

Tonight is the Christmas party at Emma's Fren...

December 13, 2006 by Adam in Family

Tonight is the Christmas party at Emma's French school. I'm horribly excited to hear a dozen three year-olds singing assorted French songs. There's a catchy tune I learned in school about plucking a bird (Alouette, Je Te Plumerai), that they've turned into carving a pumpkin. Emma's been singing parts of it for ages.

I'm also eager to take time off work starting next week. I may go in Monday and/or Tuesday, but take the rest of the week off. I have a tentative breakfast with my mom and making apple butter with Sadie. Fun, fun.

As for the rest of the Miller-Mellor household, all goes well. I still have my lingering cough, but everyone else seems okay. Jamie has her assorted concoctions that I jokingly refer to as her "ju-ju", but she somehow managed to miss the bulk of the illness. Chalk one up for Emergen-C or whatever it's called.

Sam's up to chapter 6 of the first Harry Potter book. Emma can spell her name (as long as you don't mind tilted letters). Plus they're both so cute and funny.

I'm watching a very sick little girl, sleepin...

December 09, 2006 by Adam in Family

I'm watching a very sick little girl, sleeping away on the couch while Jamie takes a shower. Supposedly Jamie and I were going to have a whole night to ourselves while Emma and Sam stayed over at a friend's house. Unfortunately around 9:30, Sharon called and Emma was returned to us. A couple weekends ago Sam ended up getting really sick at their house, and I guess it was Emma's turn. Either that or Sharon is secretly poisoning our children.

Anyway, Emma spent most of the night throwing up while Jamie earned her keep as super mom. I was mostly useless, as I ended up taking cough syrup for my annoying cough and zonked out even more than usual. At this point, it looks like I can be most useful washing the four loads of laundry generated by Emma's illness.

I imagine I'll go get Sam shortly. Perhaps he and I will go on an adventure to the tree farm and pick up a Christmas tree for decorating. Emma looks like she's going to sleep until next year. Poor girl.

Sweet, sweet Mocha Friday

December 08, 2006 by Adam in Family

Sweet, sweet Mocha Friday. Oh, how I missed you.

I was in a bit of a grumpy mood last night, the accumulated effects of a busy work week, occasionally wacky children, and my lingering illness. I think I'm going to throw caution to the wind and take a good chunk of time off this holiday season. For those of you wanting to hang out with me, the week of the 18th is looking like a fine time for a life of leisure.

Not much is happening in the Miller-Mellor household. Jamie's evidently feeling better, going to the gym last night. We got the garage door opener fixed after the ancient one finally stopped working. Such are the mundane aspects of our lives.

Jamie and I had our date night last night, ta...

December 07, 2006 by Adam in Family

Jamie and I had our date night last night, taking the kids to Dave's house for an hour or so. Unfortunately Jamie's so sick that our special alone time consisted of sipping tea at the breakfast table. Ah, life.

We've got a ton of exciting things happening over the weekend. Sam and Emma are spending the night at John and Natalie's house. This is the first time Emma's spent the night at a friend's house, though she seems to be somewhat excited about it. The tricky part will likely be the last 30 minutes of the day when she's exhausted and wants her mom. Hopefully it'll go well and I'm glad Sam will be along too.

On Saturday we're going to pick up a Christmas tree and decorate it. It's one of my favorite holiday rituals and hopefully we can accompany it with hot chocolate and appropriately themed music. There's an ice show happening in the afternoon if we're up for it. On Sunday we're having my dad and Yayoe over for dinner, who I haven't seen for awhile.

Should be pretty exciting all around. Just a sneak peek at the exciting Christmas schedule ahead.

The days just fly by

December 06, 2006 by Adam in Family

The days just fly by. I was greeted by a smiling Emma this morning, looking quite dapper in her bright red pajamas. Both kids are doing well these days. Emma's learning French songs for a Christmas party at her school next Wednesday. Sam continues to read the first Harry Potter book and loves playing his new Zelda game on his Wii. It looks like Jamie has whatever the rest of us had, and is popping pills for the headaches. Poor girl.

I'm getting excited for Christmas, as is Emma. She keeps asking how many days until the big day.

Mocha Friday, though I have a few minutes lef...

December 01, 2006 by Adam in Family

Mocha Friday, though I have a few minutes left before I head to work and enjoy that delicious elixir.

Emma has been kooky lately. Last night we broke out Jamie's Christmas present, the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. Needless to say, things didn't go as planned. Emma simply wouldn't let the robot clean the floor. Instead, Emma decided it was her new best friend, cuddling with it and imbuing it with human emotions. I made a little movie of it, which was fun to put together.

She also called me up and asked me to smell. After laughing and explaining I couldn't smell anything through the phone, she replied, "Let me hold it to my bottom." Later that evening I discovered she had a full diaper and wanted to share the news in her usual witty way.

Today I have a sore throat and a touch of a sniffle, though my headache has passed. I'll be doing the usual kid stuff tonight and tomorrow morning. It'll be nice to have a normal weekend or two before the Christmas madness begins.

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