It's good to be home

April 28, 2006 by Adam in Family

It's good to be home.

It's mocha Friday and theoretically I'm going to work today. Since I've been running about, I'm wanting to be a bit lazier than usual. I'll probably wait until the kids are up before I head in for coffee and catching up.

My final day at work was okay, with slow but real progress made on a few different fronts. We worked our way back to the Seattle airport, got a quick bite to eat, and flew back.

When I arrived home, the kids were very happy to see me. I helped tuck them into bed, with long conversations before they drifted off from sheer exhaustion. I'm happy that tomorrow is the weekend and we can do our normal routines.

The plane touched down an hour or so ago and ...

April 25, 2006 by Adam in Family

The plane touched down an hour or so ago and I'm cozy in my hotel room, wondering how I'm going to eat the cereal I got from a super market without any spoons. I imagine I can steal some from the break room at work.

It was a pleasant morning, with the kids slowly waking up before I left. I had time to make espresso before David came to drive us to the airport. The flight up was quiet and I mostly read a book.

Now I have to unpack, eat a bit of food, and wander over for a day of meetings with my coworkers. Funny how the first thing I did in my hotel room was hook up the laptop and make sure I had Internet access. Ah, such is the life of a world traveler like myself.

I'm beat

April 24, 2006 by Adam in Family

I'm beat. I just finished reading The Spiderwick Chronicles to Sam. Emma collapsed asleep moments before. My allergies have me sneezing away, Claritin be damned.

After breakfast, we went to a plant store to get some goodies for our home. The kids played in the fountains, ran through paths, and generally carried on. After pausing for lunch and planting, we headed to Sam's soccer game where it was quite sunny.

We arrived late to Easter dinner at my mom's. As usual, it was full of food, conversation, and small children running about. I loved having a chance to talk with my sisters, whose lives are always interesting. Seraph is hoping for an internship at Fred Meyer's. Jenny was laid off and is hoping for another job with an oral surgeon.

As for me, my belly is full of Seraph's potato chocolate cake, I'm exhausted, and I'm ready to wind down and go to sleep.

It was a great day

April 23, 2006 by Adam in Family

It was a great day.

It began, as great days often do, with a hearty breakfast and a cappuccino with real espresso beans (not the usual decaf stuff). After playing with the kids for awhile, we headed off to Sam's soccer game. He was in usual form, falling to the ground more often than not after every kick. Fortunately he seemed to enjoy himself doing it. Mostly I carried Emma about and played on the playground until it was time to go.

Jamie took Sam and his friend Gavin for the afternoon while I headed to the library with Emma. I had her in the backpack and a block away from the library she conked right out. I had a leisurely time browsing the bookshelves while she napped. Eventually she woke up, we ate bagels, and headed home.

After a bit, Sam was returned and Jamie went off to help my mom and Anna with preparations for tomorrow's festivities. Jamie returned after dinner, somewhat exhausted, and the kids and I went across the street to play with the neighbors.

Eventually the bedtime routine kicked in, Jamie took over tucking the kids in at eight o'clock sharp, and I decended into the nerd cave to watch a little Doctor Who. Good times.

I'm getting this posting in a bit late, hours...

April 21, 2006 by Adam in Family

I'm getting this posting in a bit late, hours after my normal morning mocha. I'm enjoying the Friday workday, with a slightly slower pace than the last few days.

Last night I took the kids to soccer practice as usual, not checking the schedule. It turns out we had team photos that day, so no one showed up. In the meantime, the kids had a great time playing in the stream, catching tadpoles. Sam in particular got very muddy and had to strip down quite a bit before going home.

Tonight will be a little unusual, as there's no swimming due to pool work. Instead we're having Dave and Kirsten over for dinner and kid play time. That should be lovely.

The weekend itself promises to be busy. We have Easter at my mom's, soccer games, and hopefully working in a library trip. Hopefully I can get any last minute things done before my work trip, which I'm not looking forward to particularly.

My stomach has continued to grumble and rumbl...

April 19, 2006 by Adam in Family

My stomach has continued to grumble and rumble, probably due to some viral thing. To add to the fun, allergy season has started up with the break in the weather. At Sam's soccer practice last night, I was sniffling non-stop and hid in the car whenever Emma would let me. Fortunately Claritin does a pretty good job of making me feel normal.

The week continues to move along. The kids were busy playing in the sand box when I got home. They actually got along together relatively well, letting me sit on the swing and read next to them for a wee bit. They're really loving the nice weather and didn't want to go inside for a long time.

Later we all went to soccer practice where Sam ran around and Emma and I looked at the creatures in the stream. It was full of tadpoles, water skippers, water beetles, and spiders. Great stuff.

Monday during work was fairly frantic and crazy

April 18, 2006 by Adam in Family

Monday during work was fairly frantic and crazy. I sat through a bunch of meetings and realized how much work is coming down the pipe the next six months or so.

I tried to be nice to everyone last night and largely succeded. Jamie made my absolutely favorite meal, tamale pie, and I had to relate to the kids the epic story from my childhood. When I was a kid, I fell off my bike and had to be taken to the emergency room. Before we left, I sniffed the air and realize we were having tamale pie for dinner. I pitifully asked my dad if I could eat dinner first. He agreed, so I had a pleasantly full stomach while I got a finger splint and stitches.

I've apparently been fighting a stomach bug these last few days. It's been paining me, and Jamie gave me the news that it's been going around. It's not debilitating, but it's quite annoying.

I woke up around 4:30 to Emma snoring away. Jamie had moved to the couch and couldn't sleep, so we chatted for a long while until we heard, "Mom . . . where are you." Then Jamie went back to bed and I went downstairs to get ready for work.

Colin Morgan dropped me a note the other day, mentioning that he's an architect on a 25-story building in Chicago. His wife makes jewelry and is showing her work in various boutiques. It's strange thinking that we used to drive out to Fall Creek with shirts on our heads.

Easter weekend has come and gone

April 17, 2006 by Adam in Family

Easter weekend has come and gone. It all seems a blur to my still-waking up brain this Monday morning. I did my normal routine with the kids Friday night through Saturday at lunch. Sam picked out books on World War II. In the afternoon we went off to Willard school for Sam's soccer game. It was fortunately dry just for that half hour, so Sam didn't get too muddy. Mom and Bob came down to watch as well.

Sunday was Easter and the kids had a great time finding eggs. Sam was especially sweet to Emma, giving her hints and showing her the ropes. After breakfast, they watched Emma's new Barbie™ Fairytopia™ Mermadia™ movie (no kidding on the trademark symbols). I painted the rest of the kids' room in a blue color to contrast with the pink that Emma picked out.

Towards the end of the day, we all got in grumpy moods. We took a nice walk through the wet streets and had a nice time, got the kids to bed, and unwound for bedtime.


April 14, 2006 by Adam in Family

Mmm . . . mocha Friday. Sadly I'm still at home, mocha-free, though I should be hopping in the shower momentarily.

Sam continues to have a good time at his soccer practices. Strangely enough, I think this is the last of them as the first soccer game is this Saturday. Emma and I took him last night and the big excitement was that the boys had caught a frog. Sam also didn't get quite as muddy as last time. Upon arriving at home, Jamie stripped him down to his underpants and knee pads just to be sure.

This weekend should be pretty busy. It's already started for the kids, who have this Good Friday off. We've got soccer games, Easter, and hopefully a bit of bedroom painting going on. Busy, busy.

Work has been strangely fun these last few days. I've been making a movie of the webcam that shows our new hospital being built. Today I get to tweak it some more and it'll get shown in a loop at various monitors in the hospital. Ah, the things people do for PR.

Last night Emma wanted to play outside. Sam followed a few minutes later and wanted me to open up the door to my old car. Soon enough, the kids were playing inside, discovering all sorts of hidden treasures. It hasn't been driven in months, and I really should sell it, but I found myself considering all that would be needed to fix it up again. I might take it for a spin when I have my next work trip, though I worry about leaving it sitting at the airport for a long time. The battery doesn't really hold a charge any more.

I'm going to continue my "cute girls poking a...

April 12, 2006 by Adam in Family

I'm going to continue my "cute girls poking at the mud" series today with this lovely picture of Emma at Sam's soccer practice. It truly felt like Spring soccer last night as it was raining and the field was muddy. Sam returned home completely covered in mud. Fortunately we had a blanket to wrap him in, otherwise we would have had to strip him naked and bathe in the nearby stream.

The week is chugging along. Now that my coworkers have returned, the pace of things seems frantic again. I'll be heading to work in a few minutes to dive into the fray once again.

I'm looking forward to Easter this weekend. I'm a fan of dieing eggs and getting creative with them. With the kids around, I don't even feel too silly doing it.

The day is slowly coming to a close

April 09, 2006 by Adam in Family

The day is slowly coming to a close. I've parked the kids in front of a movie, as they're exhausted and I have a bunch of house chores to finish up. Jamie should be returning from Portland in an hour or so.

We had a pretty exciting day, starting with our usual hearty breakfast. In this case, it was pink heart-shaped pancakes especially for Emma. Aftwards I had everyone put on grungy clothes and we began painting the kids' room. They were both very excited and Sam was actually helpful. Emma tried really hard to be useful, though she eventually lost interest and I encouraged her to watch her Rudolph movie for the fourth time. Sam and I finished up about a quarter of the room and stopped to clean up.

Next was a walk around the block and a trip to Humble Bagel. We then swung by Amazon park where the kids got way too wet and muddy. There's a pond that has become the finale of their play time there. Soon enough I was transporting filthy children back home for a shower.

A quick lunch later, we went to the planetarium. Emma was scared of the dark initially, but eventually peeked out from my coat and exclaimed "It wasn't scary!" We then wandered about the Science Factory with a dozen other kids. That was our final excitement for the day and I figure we'll take it easy until bedtime.

The kids are asleep and I'm headed to bed myself

April 09, 2006 by Adam in Family

The kids are asleep and I'm headed to bed myself. It was a very full day, and I'm a bit tuckered.

We had a hearty breakfast and we sent Jamie on her way to Portland. The kids and I did our usual trip to the library, Humble Bagel, and worked our way to Hendrick's Park. Sam really didn't want to get out of the car, promising he'd have no fun. Within a minute he was laughing hysterically and we played a game of hide and seek like no other. Emma was in the backpack and kept giving our position away by giggling like a maniac every time Sam approached. After awhile it started to sprinkle and we headed home.

Sam really wanted to watch his James Bond movie, so he did that and Emma watched old cartoons while I did laundry, did the dishes, and generally got the house in order. We puttered around, playing outside, doing science experiments in the kitchen, and generally frittering away the afternoon. There was another round of baths, shows and bednight snacks, reading books, and getting everyone to bed. Emma was out in a couple minutes as she hadn't had a nap.

Depending on how tomorrow goes, we might go to the Planetarium. I'm learning to keep my plans flexible, as few things are certain while watching Sam and Emma.

It's Friday and my weekly cafe mocha is settl...

April 07, 2006 by Adam in Family

It's Friday and my weekly cafe mocha is settling in my belly. Yesterday was a beautiful spring morning and the kids were busy playing with ants by the time I returned from work. It was pretty funny to hear Emma tell Sam "stay away from my colony!"

I took Sam to soccer practice while a no-nap Emma stayed home with Jamie. Sam did pretty well, scoring the single goal during free-play. He was pretty proud about it, though he was quick to say that he did it in combination with an excellent pass from another kid.

I'm actually getting a little excited to push Jamie out the door and have the kids to myself for much of the weekend. My tentative plan involves trips to the planetarium, nature walks, and the always popular pizza and movie. We'll see how much we actually end up doing. I suspect the kids will be too tired and cranky for everything.

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