It's Monday morning and I'm off to work soon

April 27, 2009 by Adam in Family

It's Monday morning and I'm off to work soon. Jamie made it back safe and sound.

Sunday started with crepes this time, and we hung around the house until it was time to go off exploring in the swamps of Alton Baker Park. Sam had a great time, to the point where I had him change his clothes in the car. He had a good time wading through the millrace and exploring tributaries. Emma thought the baby Canada geese were cool.

We've had a very exciting day, making lots of...

April 26, 2009 by Adam in Family

We've had a very exciting day, making lots of things. At the moment, the kids are upstairs, threading spaghetti noodles through hot dogs. I mentioned that someone invented such a thing recently and they begged me to try it. I'll report how it went later.

Emma had a really bad ear ache last night, which seems completely better today. Otherwise we've been having a good time. I made pancakes, bacon, and grapefruit for breakfast, which everyone loved. After that we went to the library, ate bagels, and returned with treasures. On the way home we stopped by Jerry's and picked up some flooring for the shed. Fortunately the instructions say to wait, so I won't be able to work until next weekend.

I best run back upstairs, as I'm not sure how long they'll last on their noodle and hot dog project without me.

Update: They loved the noodles and hot dogs.

I'm finishing up my Friday Mocha, after makin...

April 24, 2009 by Adam in Family

I'm finishing up my Friday Mocha, after making some changes to my work's home page.

It's been a generally good week, though we had a few moments here and there. Emma had a bad cold or allergies during the beginning of the week. I came home and found her in the bath, looking sad. She informed me she was sick and "bleeding internally," holding up her finger to show off a blood blister.

Jamie's off to Portland tonight. After dinner yesterday, the kids and I were making a master plan of everything we wanted to do. Jamie was a little sad that we were having so much fun without her. Sam reassured her that it's all things we'd normally do, but since my memory is so bad, we have to make a list. Always the diplomat.

For tonight, it's pizza and Mythbusters. After that, I want to get the kids outside and do a few projects. I suggested to Sam that we put in flooring for the shed. "Hey, I can use area! We're doing area in math," he informed me.

The house project is also in full swing. Earlier this week they poured concrete and yesterday they took down the existing balcony. Before too long, I expect we'll have a new balcony ready to go. We opted not to do the stairs down to the back yard, which I think is a wise decision the cost and room it would take were a bit much.

Happy Earth Day to all

April 22, 2009 by Adam in Family

Happy Earth Day to all. As I was leaving the house this morning, Jamie suggested that the kids go kiss a tree or something. She's always so helpful.

Poor Emma is sick, I think with more than simple allergies. Jamie was over at a friend's last night, so the kids were stuck with me. I did my usual chick patties and mashed potato dinner, and distracted them all with an episode of Mythbusters.

I had a touch of a headache as well, probably from running outside on the concrete. Fortunately it was pretty mild and some quiet and a bowl of cereal hit the spot. I ended up incredibly warm last night, tossing off the covers and throwing open the window. It's so weird that last week it was snowing in town.

It's been a wild weekend, with endless partie...

April 20, 2009 by Adam in Family

It's been a wild weekend, with endless parties and family events. Friday night was the grand Firefly party. Poor Emma was nearly in tears on the way over, tired from a busy week. Fortunately she perked right up when we got there and all the kids had a great time playing on the trampoline. It was a rare treat to hang out with my sisters, combined with the fact that I got to play Mal Reynolds, the captain of the Serenity. Any party with nerd references is a success in my book.

Saturday was more low-key. Jamie and Sam went over to my mom's to cook. Sam and Isa built a fort in the backyard while Jamie made perogies. Emma and I went to the library and played in the backyard as the weather was so nice. Eventually we all returned home and had a quiet evening.

Today began with Jamie's fine crepes and fresh fruit. Once fortified, I headed to the back yard to mow and paint. After that, we stayed outside in the sun as much as possible before heading to Easter dinner. There was endless food and chatting. In particular, I felt quite happy getting the grand England trip sorted out.

Hopefully the memories of a fun-filled weekend will get us through the week ahead.

It's another of those wonderful Mocha Fridays...

April 17, 2009 by Adam in Family

It's another of those wonderful Mocha Fridays, though I've yet to head into work and partake of that delicious ambrosia.

It's been a very full week, with Sadie, Seraph, and Isa in town. Jamie's been busy in the evenings, which I fortunately covered for with an early Mythbuster's night (the rocket sled part was awesome, especially Adam's reaction).

I took yesterday off and Seraph and I got into all sorts of mischief. After a long breakfast at the Glenwood, talking about politics and long-term plans, we embarked on a grand shopping expedition. It was immensely successful and my wardrobe feels entirely refreshed. I ended up with new shoes, shirts, and pants, all of which I was forced to try on at Old Navy to get Sadie's advice. In the afternoon we hung out at home, entertaining Emma, the robot, and ourselves.

Tonight is the Serenity party which should be mad fun. As for the weekend, there's Easter and vacation planning with Seraph. I know Jamie's headed to help with the cooking madness tomorrow. Hopefully in between all these things we can manage a bit of rest and relaxation.

A big "oops" from me, as the site was down fo...

April 14, 2009 by Adam in Family

A big "oops" from me, as the site was down for several days. I finally got into my router and did the necessary brain surgery. Hopefully all is working again.

It was quite the exciting weekend, extremely ...

April 13, 2009 by Adam in Family

It was quite the exciting weekend, extremely full of events. Friday night was pizza and Mythbusters, with Jamie going out for dinner with friends. Saturday we headed out with Sadie to pick up Firefly-themed outfits from Goodwill. We also ended up dyeing eggs, with Emma being fond of of my candy-corn colored one.

Easter had the kids hunting for eggs around the house, but otherwise just hung out and enjoyed the lazy day. Towards the evening we headed over to my mom's for Easter dinner.

Good times.

Ah, sweet Mocha Friday

April 10, 2009 by Adam in Family

Ah, sweet Mocha Friday. This has quickly become a favorite day for Sam as well, as the day wraps up with pizza and Mythbusters. Both the kids are out of school today, and Jamie has a day of activities lined up. I think Friday is Jamie's favorite day of the week too, as it marks the transition to having a break from the kids for awhile.

The week has gone along fairly well. Sam continues to work on memorizing the multiplication table, doing sevens and eights this weekend. Emma's reading and writing continues to improve. This week she took a picture of her class and colored them all to look like wizards from her favorite game, Wizard 101. At the top she wrote "WIZRD".

I'm horribly excited to see my sisters this weekend. Tomorrow morning the plan is to go out and get costumes for the party and hopefully take Sadie and the kids swimming. I'm trying hard to leave Jamie in a quiet house for a few hours, something she hasn't had much of this week. Once Seraph arrives, I want to get the England trip dates nailed down and get that as planned as possible.

I hope everyone memorizes a few choice Chinese phrases for Sadie's Firefly party. Ai-yah. Tyen-ah.

The weekend has come and gone and I'll soon b...

April 06, 2009 by Adam in Family

The weekend has come and gone and I'll soon be pulled away into a work meeting.

Friday night was our usual pizza and Mythbusters. Saturday I managed to finish our taxes, go to the library, and paint much of the hidden part of the shed. Towards the evening, Jamie went off with Angie and the kids and I had another round of Mythbusters after dinner.

Sunday was mostly spent frolicking about in the sun. In the morning, we power washed the porch and patched concrete. Jamie went over to Angie's in the afternoon and the kids and I made fairy houses out of plant parts. In the evening Jamie and I walked to Turtles for a great dinner while Josh watched the kids. Good times.

It's another Mocha Friday, though that delici...

April 03, 2009 by Adam in Family

It's another Mocha Friday, though that delicious elixir is long gone. I had to switch coffee places this morning as my typical one closed. I ended up going to a Starbucks, which was suitably caffienated.

Friday night has become a new favorite in the household, as that's the day we eat pizza and watch Mythbusters. Both kids are enamored of the combination of cheese and explosions, I suppose.

The week has generally been good. It looks like I'm getting some money back from taxes, so our house project may restart (though perhaps slightly modified in terms of cost). Sam had fun at fencing yesterday and seems to be enjoying school more. Emma is sweet as always, waving goodbye to me from the upstairs window.

I'm not sure if we have any exciting weekend plans. We haven't gone swimming in weeks, which I miss. A library trip is a certainty, especially with Emma starting to read. It's been really exciting seeing her discover the wonders of written language. She's very fond of writing little notes to everyone these days.

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