The new baby seems to be doing fine, though t...

December 31, 2001 by Adam in Emma

The new baby seems to be doing fine, though taking quite the toll on Jamie. Poor Jamie was exhausted yesterday, in addition to the typical morning sickness. I don't remember Jamie being quite so tired from carrying Sam.

I thought I'd start a new section for the new...

December 20, 2001 by Adam in Emma

I thought I'd start a new section for the new baby. When we actually find out if it's a boy or a girl, I'll switch the title to Emma or Max (or possibly both if Jamie's feeling that we're having twins is correct).

At the moment, Jamie's eight weeks along in her pregnancy, making August the 4th the official due date. Since the baby's a Leo, here's its horoscope for the (assumed) date of conception:

The element of surprise definitely works to your advantage right now, Leo. Under the Aquarius Moon, the Lion is the only wild card in the deck. Whether you're drifting aimlessly or following a carefully-charted and clever course, few can guess your next move. Find a way to capitalize on your opportunities while they are still within your grasp. The only way you'll get a good night's rest is if you make sure that your head doesn't hit the pillow still full of longing and regret.

Jamie still has occasional nausea, but it seems better than last time around. She's started working out regularly again, now that we figured out a schedule. Even Sam's excited for the new baby's arrival.

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