Sad news

January 16, 2002 by Adam in Emma

Sad news. We went to the doctor's office today for the appointment to hear the heartbeat. Unfortunately, there was none, and an ultrasound confirmed it. There's a small chance that things just aren't as far along as we thought, so Jamie has a follow-up ultrasound next week. Still, it's likely that this pregnancy is over.

We're still a bit in shock. Last time, we waited quite a ways before telling anyone. I think we weren't expecting problems this time around, so we're having to communicate both the good and the bad news. We still haven't sat down with Sam yet.

I think Jamie would like a little bit of space for awhile. Neither of us have really had time to think about things. I'll keep posting to the best of my ability.

The new baby keeps growing every day

January 11, 2002 by Adam in Emma

The new baby keeps growing every day. Jamie's got a noticeable bump, so she's wearing maternity clothes most of the time. I think the nausea is finally tapering off, though she's still tired from time to time. I'm excited for next week, as we have an appointment to hear the heartbeat.

We're also working on having Sam become as independent as we can. Dressing, potty training, and being generally helpful are high on our list. We also do playacting with Sam's doll Emma. Of course, he did try to run over one of his little babies with the monster truck. I had to tickle him a lot for that one.

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