Well, "Peanut" is wearing out her mommy

October 24, 2002 by Jamie in Emma

Well, "Peanut" is wearing out her mommy. I fortunately have a son and husband who are very good and healthy right now, and who enjoy playing computer games together for indecent amounts of time.

Well, we've decided to tell everyone

October 17, 2002 by Adam in Emma

Well, we've decided to tell everyone. Jamie's pregnant. Her morning sickness was getting harder to conceal, and she was running out of excuses as to why she was so tired and didn't feel well. So, we decided it was easier to simply make the announcement.

We went in for an ultrasound last week, just to make sure everything was looking okay. So far, so good. We even got to see the tiny heart beating away. Of course, there's no possible way to tell the gender, so we're still calling it "peanut" for the moment.

Jamie has morning sickness pretty bad this time, with non-stop nausea for the last few weeks. I think it has taken its toll, so everyone please be extra nice to her.

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