Jamie just finished talking to the genetic co...

December 30, 2002 by Adam in Emma

Jamie just finished talking to the genetic councilor. She confirmed that everything is fine, and that it really was a girl. I guess when you're looking the the chromosomes, it's pretty obvious.

As a bonus, we've asked for a copy of the karyotype which should be arriving in a few weeks. For those of you who aren't big biology people like Jamie and myself, a karyotype is a picture of someone's chromosomes all nicely layed out. It should make a nice addition to the baby album.

Well, we're all breathing a sigh of relief

December 28, 2002 by Adam in Emma

Well, we're all breathing a sigh of relief. A couple of weeks ago, we were notified that Jamie's bloodwork didn't look quite right. So, we went in to see a genetic councilor, thinking this was just an ordinary thing. Evidently, Jamie's hormone levels were indicative of a one in eleven chance of the baby having Down's syndrome. That day, we opted for an amniocentesis, and had it done later that day. It was far from pleasant, though Jamie was a real trooper.

For the next couple weeks, we've been waiting and worrying. I've been sleeping poorly, getting little sleep and being cranky. People have been asking how everything was doing, and I've been trying hard not to answer. There were a few uncomfortable situations, but I think we mostly made it through.

This Friday, we heard that there was good news, though it was only through a phone message, so we don't know the details. Since it's an either/or kind of thing, it looks like things are normal. We've also known for awhile that the baby was a girl, though we haven't really wanted to tell anyone until now. It's not a for sure thing, though the ultrasound we had a couple weeks ago suggested it strongly.

So, hopefully the next five months won't be nearly as exciting. Jamie's feeling better these days, though still tired. I'm just happy to be able to sleep nights again.

We went to the OB this morning

December 05, 2002 by Adam in Emma

We went to the OB this morning. All seems fine. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat and it was chugging away like it's supposed to. Jamie's still pretty tired these days, and the nausea still hasn't let up. Our physician recommended B6 and positive thinking.

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