Emma's getting increasingly active

November 30, 2003 by Adam in Emma

Emma's getting increasingly active. She's quite capable of pushing herself around these days, though she rarely exerts for much more than a few inches at a time. She'll scoot over to her latest favorite chew toy - a rubber chicken. She loves to nibble on the toes, occasionally getting one toe in her mouth and another up her nose. I suppose we're bad parents from letting her play with it, but she just loves the darn' thing and I don't have the heart to take it away.

Emma continues to grow like a bean sprout

November 08, 2003 by Adam in Emma

Emma continues to grow like a bean sprout. She finished up her first box of rice cereal and started in on the oatmeal. So far, so good. She gets a frantic face and starts opening her mouth every time the spoon appears.

She also made Jamie's day yesterday. Emma was practicing different sounds and she ended up saying "mama". She also did "baba" and a weird spitting noise.

I've resorted to playing loud music to put Em...

November 02, 2003 by Adam in Emma

I've resorted to playing loud music to put Emma to sleep tonight. She has a cold and the runny nose is bothering her. Fortunately, a little AC/DC put her right to sleep. As a bonus, Sam thought it was such a nice little ditty that he asked me to play it again. Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap.

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