I had Emma for an hour or so at work this morning

January 14, 2004 by Adam in Emma

I had Emma for an hour or so at work this morning. I strapped her to my chest and wandered around campus doing a little bike equipment shopping. Later on, Jamie returned from the dentist espousing the benefits of nitrous.

Emma's been pretty happy as of late, smiling at all who wander by. As might be expected, she also had a great time chewing on a rubber chicken key chain I had at my office. I know the full-sized rubber chicken was a hit at home.

Emma's been learning new tricks lately

January 13, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma's been learning new tricks lately. She woke up clapping this morning, something she figured out how to do a couple days ago. We're coaxing her to say "Yeah!" at the same time, which she's getting better at.

She's also getting really good at eating solid foods. We were giving her some soft bread crumbs, which she'd carefully pinch between thumb and forefinger, then stuff into her mouth. That's my girl!

Emma's mobility is taking on a whole new dime...

January 12, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma's mobility is taking on a whole new dimension. Today our family was hanging out in the basement when Emma decided to make a break for it. Over a period of a couple minutes, she worked her way up the stairs, finally making it to the top. It's a sign that we're going to have to watch her extremely closely from here on out.

She's also developing distinct food preferences. Virtually every baby food we've fed her from a jar has put a horrid look on her face. The green beans practically gagged her tonight. She loves eating saltine crackers and these long pretzels. Rice cakes are also a hit. Jamie's theory is that any time she can eat like everyone else, she's happy.

Emma continues to develop a new assortment of...

January 09, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma continues to develop a new assortment of tricks. She can lift herself up to a standing position and has decided she wants to climb nearly every object in the house. She's also begun waving to people, which makes for dramatic goodbyes to people who visit.

It's pretty clear that she loves Sam and wants to do whatever he's doing. Sam can get her to smile and giggle quite easily. Emma also tries hard to snatch away any toys that he might be playing with. Legos are a considerable hazard in the play room, so we have to watch her quite carefully these days.

Emma grows increasingly mobile

January 05, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Emma grows increasingly mobile. She's getting really good at standing up, with just a hand on something to hold herself up. She's also getting faster at crawling, to the point where we need to really watch where she's going at all times.

We keep trying to introduce new foods for her. So far, no luck with peaches or carrots, though she seems to like saltine crackers and rice cakes quite well. Anything where she gets to feel like she's really eating goes over well.

Yesterday morning Emma seemed to be playing "...

January 01, 2004 by Adam in Emma

Yesterday morning Emma seemed to be playing "Where's the baby? Peek!" with me. She'd cover up her own head and I'd say "Where's the baby?" Next she'd pull it down and I'd say "Peek!" Good fun.

Emma's been growing like a bean sprout. She's sort of crawling these days, an inchworm-like movement that eventually gets her to where she wants to go. Already we've started baby proofing various parts of the house.

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