Emma seemed to have a hard time last night

January 24, 2005 by Adam in Emma

Emma seemed to have a hard time last night. Most of the time she'd be her normal cheerful self, then she'd fly into a tizzy. She's still sick, which could be part of it, as well as having an overly exciting day. Poor kid.

We've been giving her antibiotics, which she completely hates. Plus we hate restraining her and forcing fluids down her throat, so it's pretty much a lose-lose situation (especially for the bacteria, I suppose). The other night we gave it to her, kicking and screaming, then rewarded her with a little candy. "Thanks," she said in a tearful voice afterwards.

Last night we were giving Jamie a foot wash and massage in a big basin and Emma decided she wanted to play with it. We stripped her down, threw her in the tub, and she had a great time. It only lasted a few minutes, though. I think the water was too hot and Sam was impishly bumping it. Soon enough she wanted out and back to mom.

Poor Emma started whining and saying her ear ...

January 22, 2005 by Adam in Emma

Poor Emma started whining and saying her ear hurt last night. Jamie was going to go out with Angie, but decided against it, instead taking Emma to the after hours pediatrician. The doctor was able to ask her where it hurt and she pointed to her ear. Sure enough, that was the one with the infection. She's on antibiotics and we gave her pain killers. Hopefully she'll be on the mend soon.

This morning she seems to be doing much better. We watched some Fantasia and she loved the flying whales. Mostly she seems interested in getting into sword duels with her brother and I.

Emma has the computer down pat

January 19, 2005 by Adam in Emma

Emma has the computer down pat. For the last ten minutes she's been playing the same Jumpstart Toddler's game as Sam once played, deftly moving the mouse around and clicking on things of interest. She'll click on a letter of the alphabet and watch a picture of something interesting pop up. Pretty amazing.

She appears to have discovered the word "Why?", presumably from her brother. Now when we tell her she can't do something, she'll ask "Why?" with a pouty face.

Tonight, for no apparent reason, she was running around with a black mesh bag over her body. She ran up to me, grinned widely, and said "evil". I suspect it's yet another tidbit she picked up from her brother.

Poor Emma's had a bad cold for the last few d...

January 03, 2005 by Adam in Emma

Poor Emma's had a bad cold for the last few days, along with a cough that's lasted a month. She's had a really hard time sleeping, which Jamie seems to get the brunt of. Emma would wake up every half an hour and climb on Jamie saying "Hold you. Hold you."

Fortunately she's better in the day time. This morning Emma removed her poopy diaper and thoughtfully wandered over to hand it to her mom. Such kindly children we have.

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